What you need to know about diabetes and health care reform

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Myths and Facts about Diabetes and Health Care Reform

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Watch our video and learn why health care reform is important to people with diabetes.

George Huntley, Chair
American Diabetes Association

Dear Friend:

Rumors about health care reform are spreading, many of them with serious implications for people with diabetes.

So we've put together a list of "Myths and Facts about Health Care Reform" which you can read right now.

Our position on health reform is not a political or partisan position. Simply, our position is based on what's best for people living with diabetes. Let me tell you why we are speaking out.

The risks of inaction are too great to ignore. Today, we have the opportunity to stop the diabetes health care crisis by demanding a system that works when we need it the most.

People with diabetes are more than a "pre-existing condition." We are individuals with families and dreams that deserve to have a better quality of life.

We shouldn't have to choose between life-saving care and our life's savings. Right now, people with diabetes pay some of the highest levels of out-of-pocket costs, forcing them to put their lives and finances at risk.

Access to affordable and adequate health care for people with diabetes could be within reach. Don't let the rumors and misinformation get in the way.

Please take a few minutes to read the "Myths and Facts."

If you have additional concerns about the impact of health care reform on the lives of people with diabetes, please send us your questions and comments using the Question Submission Form located at the bottom of the "Myths and Facts" page.

Thank you for your support.


George HuntleyGeorge Huntley
George Huntley, Chair
American Diabetes Association

P.S. I've included the top two myths and facts about diabetes and health care reform below. Be sure to read all the myths and facts on our Web site.

Myths and Facts About Diabetes and Health Care Reform

(You can also click here to view all of the "Myths and Facts" online.)

MYTH: Health care reform will lead to negative changes in diabetes coverage and care.

FACT: Health care reform will protect people with diabetes by requiring all health insurance companies to accept all applicants for health coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Under health care reform, if you are happy with your current health care team and wish to keep your health insurance plan, you can do so. Otherwise, you can purchase health insurance in the individual market without fear of being denied coverage due to your diabetes.

MYTH: Health care reform aims to ration access to health care, including diabetes services and supplies and care for Medicare seniors.

FACT: Health care reform will not lead to rationing access to health care including diabetes services and supplies. Currently the U.S. spends the largest amount (and highest percentage of GDP) on health care in the world, yet we have some of the worst health outcomes. Health care reform does not aim to cut health care costs by rationing care, rather health care reform focuses on ensuring that the money we do spend on health care goes to high quality and appropriate care. Health care reform attempts to redirect spending to high quality care and reducing unnecessary, poor quality expensive sick care. Health care reform will protect Medicare patients' access to their health care providers and reduce the costs of preventive care to help seniors live healthy lives. Health care reform will not cut Medicare benefits, reduce access to Medicare services or give the government the power to make treatment decisions for anyone regardless of age.

Click here to continue reading the "Myths and Facts."