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Welcome to the first issue of Diabetes Docket, a place you can turn to for information about your legal rights as a person living with diabetes or caring for a loved one with diabetes. This newsletter will be a great way for you to connect with the American Diabetes Association’s Legal Advocacy department and stay updated on our successes.

Our goal is to provide information about diabetes discrimination—what it is, how to prevent it, what to do if it happens to you. In each issue, we’ll cover topics relating to your rights in the workplace, how to keep children with diabetes safe at school, news about important legal developments, how you can get help and help others, and much more. Diabetes Docket is just the beginning. Information is also available at

Alan Yatvin, Chair, American Diabetes Association Legal Advocacy Subcommittee
Katie Hathaway, Managing Director, Legal Advocacy, American Diabetes Association

New and Noteworthy

Children at School

Victory for California School Children with Diabetes!
Every child has a right to be medically safe at school. In California, there is only one school nurse for every 2,200 students and nearly half of the state’s school districts do not have a single nurse on staff. As a result, children with diabetes were being placed in a dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation when they did not have access to insulin at school and school activities because no one was available to help. Until now.

For nearly eight years, we fought in the courts to make sure children with diabetes in California's public schools could be safe at school. On August 12, 2013, the California Supreme Court issued a ruling that vindicates the rights of these students, holding that California law allows school staff to be trained to help students by administering insulin to those students who cannot self-administer their own insulin.

Read more about the case and what it means for you.

Parents Corner

Safe at School Logo

As you send your son or daughter back to school this fall, you know that parents of children with diabetes have more than school supplies and homeroom assignments to think about. Your son or daughter has a disease that must be managed 24/7, and proper care for diabetes throughout the school day is essential in maintaining their overall health. Are you prepared?

Do you know what a “504 plan” is and whether your child needs one? A “504 plan” is a legal document designed to make sure students with disabilities, such as diabetes, can manage their condition at school and receive the same education as other kids. A 504 plan spells out how your son or daughter’s diabetes care should be provided while he or she is at school and school activities.

Learn more about these plans and how to put one in place for your child. You can also download a sample plan to use as a starting point with your child’s school.

Diabetes on the Job


Whether you’ve worked at the same job for years, or you are job hunting or considering looking for new employment, managing your diabetes at work can be stressful and uncertain. What are your legal rights on the job if you have diabetes? Do you have to tell your employer that you have diabetes? What happens if your blood glucose level drops while you’re working? Can an employer fire you if your A1C is too high?

As a person with diabetes, you have the right to work free of discrimination. Learn about your job and your rights.

How to Get Help

Everyone who has diabetes deserves fair treatment at work, school and in other parts of daily life. But that does not always happen. If something doesn’t feel right, it might not be legal.

Navigating your legal rights can be tricky. Let the Association’s legal advocates help you.

Call 1-800-DIABETES (342-2383) to get help from the American Diabetes Association. Our legal advocates can offer free help and guidance for your problem.

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