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Diabetic Discipline

Diabetic Discipline
Diabetic Discipline

After 28 years of being a diabetic and recovering from a massive stroke I am living proof that it is possible to set goals for yourself and attain them. Walking is such a blessing. I look forward to walking for diabetes this weekend.

I've been a diabetic for 28 years. 3 years ago I suffered a massive stroke. Since that time, I have gone from a wheelchair to walking up to 6.2 miles at one time. The doctor told me that I might never walk again, but I was determined. Just a few years ago I was running 5Ks and biking. Following my stroke, I began with small goals and gradually began to see improvement. I began walking short distances in hopes of one day walking a 5K again. I believed that with prayer and perseverance God would help me accomplish that goal.

I work daily to lose the extra weight that I gained from sitting in a wheelchair for several years, and not being able to exercise. Now, I strive to eat carefully, exercise several times a week, and test my blood sugar levels often. I want to walk for Diabetes so that others can be encouraged, and know that diabetics can lead an active and productive life. I want others to realize the importance of exercise and taking care of themselves to prevent problems, as well as the reality of reaching goals as you recover from an illness.
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