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Family Full

Family Full
Family Full

I have several family members coping with diabetes.

I was asked not long ago why was I so intent on participating in your Ride To Live.

After years of not having a bike I bought one and a friend told me about the ride. My family has a history of diabetes. My dad, mom and older brother, all suffer from complications of diabetes. I lost my grandmother from old age of 93 but it ran in the family.

The most devastating loss was that of my Father-in-law. He was a great man who I was glad to call my friend.  The struggles that he fought from complications. At one point he was checked into the hostital and put in a mental ward because of his sugar level. This was devastating to my wife. The thought that you would be told that you could not see someone you love because they might hurt you. All this because of a disease that one day might be just a bad memory.

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