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Mt. Olive Baptist Church
Carlos Bernal-Mizrachi
Mari Ruddy
Jeff Kapche
Order of the Amaranth
Richelle Pearce
Billie Jean
Maria Marin - Spanish
Noah Brokmeier
Taken too soon
A rough year, a Ride, and the Future
Trase's Story
Scott Hanselman
For My Dad, Joe Nedza
Lisa Coleman
Lisa Coleman
Riva Greenberg
Sarah Novak
Amy Tenderich
Robyn Webb
Nancy S. Hughes
Karmeen Kulkarni
Jared Milligan
Ashley Dunnam
Mike Carter
Bret Michaels
Dawn-Marie Clark
Caroline Applin
Nikki Lang
David Toyoshim
Herman Kemp
Aaron Arnold
Della Nelson
Sarah Harmotta
Marci Mason
Catherine Blake
Usha Dhiman
Stephanie Sorrell
Debra A. Davila
Waael Abuhijab
Tonya Dibble
Faith A. Thompson
Steve Thurner
J. Anthony Brown
Karen Rowley
Ginny Knoblock
Francena Hockaday
Nichole Leteure
Jackie Roth
Michelle Samaritan
Kathy Murphy
Lillian Bologna
Bonnie Shuck
Timothy Champ
Doug Biere
Orit Osorio
Dianna Avery
Brent Werner
Michelle Davis-Lange
Meg Rozek
Heather Thurner
Rich Hollenberg
Michael Parkes
Nick Tennant
Sarah Anthony
Sara Brodsky Sieman
Lori Stevenson
Jennifer Rosado
Sharon Wattenberg
Barry Bornstein
Bob Greene
Bill MacBride
Joe Redling
Jay Dunigan
Tony Plana
Cade Lott
Karyn and Bonnie Parille
Dena Gauthier
Michelle Galloway
Maria Marin
Eric Church
Kelly A. Tanis
Donnie McClurkin
Kathy Smith
Jeff Caballero
Ralph Jones
Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE
Julia Burgos
Mother Love
Christian Stokes
T. Edwin Stinson, Jr.
David Chavez
Dr. Ajay Chawla
Dottie Powers
Michelle and Julia Balobeck
David (Billy) Cole
Laraine Pritts
R. Paul Robertson, MD
Dana Lewis
Gwen Rodenberger
Denise Konovich
Bethany Bauman
Malika Bey
Rocky Mountain Diabetes & Osteoporosis Center
Frank Timmons
Theresa Garnero, APRN, BC-ADM, MSN, CDE
Zippora Karz
Robin Nwankwo
Advocacy Spotlight: Janel Wright
Advocacy Spotlight - Bertha Garbrandt
Advocacy Spotlight: Taylor Duncan
Advocacy Spotlight: Blazing a Trail
Advocacy Spotlight: Rob and Kayle O'Donnell
George Henninger--Phoenix Tour de Cure
Kaileigh Moore--Stillwater, NY Tour de Cure
Mari Ruddy--Colorado Tour de Cure
Diabetes Awareness
Diabetes and My Family
A Silent Battle
The Heart Of Diabetes
Sam Dellacecca--Brainerd, MN Step Out to Fight Diabetes
Feeling Overwhelmed
Diabetes Type 1 Risk Not Increased by Tonsillectomy
Diabetes Strikes Younger Ages
Diabetes "Coach" May Help Diabetic Teenagers
A Family Affair
Tour - Napa Valley, CA
Tour - Colorado
Tour - Stillwater, NY
Tour - Phoenix, AZ
I ride for my wife...
My Family & Diabetes
Mike Carter--Colorado Tour
Christy Davis--Jacksonville Tour de Cure
Bob Avritt--Colorado Tour
Sara Sklaroff--Wahington, DC Tour
Our "Twin Inspirations"
Children with Diabetes Win Assurance of Legally-Required
Dr Petit, our thoughts are with you
Dad's 40 Years of Diabetes
Dr. Petit, We Thank You
For Me and Mom
Sheffield Elementary - Lynchburg, VA
Columbus Elementary - Edwardsville, IL
My Son, My Hero
Club Colton--Twin Cities, MN Step Out to Fight Diabetes
Saline Twirlettes--Ann Arbor, MI Step Out to Fight Diabetes
Team We CAN Hackett--San Diego, CA Step Out to Fight Diabetes
Making a Difference--Jacksonville, FL Step Out to Fight Diabetes
Union Mortgage Team Marissa--Frederick, MD Step Out to Fight Diabetes
Luke's Chargers--Findlay, OH Step Out to Fight Diabetes
Team Tammy Lobato, Our Family Angel--Colorado Springs, CO Step Out to Fight Diabetes
Jakub's Ladder--Southeast Michigan Step Out to Fight Diabetes
Team Ryder--Denver, CO Step Out to Fight Diabetes
Derek Duman--Eugene, OR Step Out to Fight Diabetes
For My Dad
Ken Baker--Ann Arbor, MI Step Out to Fight Diabetes
First Bank and Trust Team--Lubbock, TX Step Out to Fight Diabetes
I miss my Alan
For My Son Michael
For Life!!
Living with Diabetes
In Reply to "Ryan"
Philadelphia Museum of Art (aka the Rocky Steps)
Wachman Hall Steps
Independence Square
City View Condominium Shops
Lemon Hill
SEPTA Broad Line
City Hall
McGonigle Hall Steps
Union League
Thomas Paine Plaza
Rock Hall Steps
Shops at Liberty Place
St. Augustine Church
Free Library of Philadelphia
Monument Plaza Steps
American Diabetes Association: Diabetes Management in Schools Act Will Help
Love Park Steps
Penn's Landing
Schuylkill River Trail
ADA: Diabetes School Care Act Significant Step in Meeting Medical and Educational Needs of Indiana Students with Diabetes
Keeping Kids With Diabetes Safe at School: Non-Medical Staff Can Do the Job, Study Shows
The Iron Man--Baltimore Step Out to Fight Diabetes
My Story
40 Years and Living Healthy
Crestview Elementary, Lubbock, TX
Faith Academy, Gonzales, LA
A Needless Loss
My Life...
St. Matthew the Apostle School, New Orleans, LA
Herndon Magnet School, Belcher, LA
Bethesda Elementary, Durham, NC
Preston Smith Elementary, Lubbock, TX
Be an Advocate for Diabetes!
I fight to give those without a voice a chance to be heard...
South Carolina school districts competing to benefit School Walk for Diabetes
For Alicia, We Will Win
Running Over Diabetes!
Being Healthy With Diabetes
My Dad
Ridge Street School Newark, NJ
The Sweetest Nurse
For my Uncle Tom Chouffi
I Chose Life!
In Honor of My Best Friend Debby
My Dad
Why we fight so hard
My Coworker
My Husband
My Mother
Our Reason to Fight Diabetes
I Decided Because...
Southview High School Lorain, Ohio
A Gift for Dad
..because I can
For My Dad, Children and Friends
Diabetes and my life...
Hope for all!
Foy my boys.
The Curtain Drops Slowly, With Hope
rollercoaster life
A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.
For My Entire Family
For myself and family
Por Dani (For Dani)
To Honor my Aunt Gerry
My struggle with Diabetes.
Because Diabetes Kills
20 Years and 2 Cats later...
For Dad and Mom
Tammy Lobato-Our Family Angel
My life with Diabetes
Life With Type 1 is Possible!
Why it's important
22 years/Type 1
Family Full
My Mom Lives With Diabetes
Diabetic Discipline
Memories of my Father
Fighting For My Life
In Memory of My Dad Vincent
Keeping Judy's Spirit Alive
Rhonda this is for you
Time to find a cure
Determined to Make a Difference
For a cure in their lifetimes..
I am Walking for...
Mother's Love
I Ride for My Deceased Mom
For the 6 of us and the millions of others
Family Truths and Trusts
My Mom's Story
Trever's Triumph
My Discovery
A Hard Time
The King And I
For the one we lost and the one that is fighting
My Hero
MY Mother Rose
I Will Always Think of You
To my dad with love from your daughter
MY MOM- The Light of My Life
I've Never Been More Alone...
In Memoriam - Bruce A. Weiss
My Little Guy
My History with Diabetes
My Grandma and Grandpa
To Help Others Avoid Our Pain
This does not define me!
My ride....
Team Sydney Jean
Love Will Overcome Anything
Why I Walk for Diabetes
Family Traditions
For all the ones I love.
I'm riding for my Mom
Love For Dante
Rose's Story
The power of love for my children is helping me to fight diabetes!
Lydia's Legacy
Reach for Your Goal
Carey's Hope
We didn't start this fight...
Hannah's Heroes
Two-Bits for Grandpa
Riding for Dad
Ride for a Cure
Teetering on the Edge
For Family and Friends
My fight against diabetes
Helping out!
"I just want to have a peaceful life"
For my dog, Sally.
I ride for my wife
A Wake-Up Call
In Loving Memory of a Great Man - My Grandpa!
For my Aunt Roz and my friends
Rutile Riders
Taking Diabetes Head On
Emma's Emissaries
Mikey's Team
For Grandma!
Hey Dad, look -- No Diabetes!!!
I ride for my boys.
Ride for dad!
I ride...
Unexpected Benefits
Mans Best Friend is Diabetic
On A Moment's Notice
Peter rides with "no limits"
Keep riding and climbing!
Melissa's Story