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For My Dad

For My Dad
For My Dad

For a great man who left us far too soon!

On July 5, 2006, my father past away due to complications from diabetes (Type-2). We said our final goodbyes to him on July 8th, a day before my birthday. The year prior my Dad was once again in the hospital and asked to be released that he had to get home for his baby's birthday (I was turning 33!) Last year he was not able to be with me for my birthday, we had already said goodbye. I had no reason to celebrate my birthday this year until I heard about the ADA's Tour de Cure, which was being held on July 8, 2007, then I realized there was something to celebrate afterall, my Dad. I decided to celebrate all the wonderful things my Dad contributed to life and every person he touched. Over the last year I have heard story after story about how my Dad helped many people in one way or another. I have been told by so many people that I am just like him. I find that to be the greatest honor anyone could bestow upon me. So riding in the Tour de Cure I am tryng to give back something in honor of him, trying to help someone else stricken with diabetes. It's what he would have done if he could have.
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