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For My Dad, Joe Nedza

For My Dad, Joe Nedza
For My Dad, Joe Nedza

I'm thankful that I can ride for this cause. It's my Dad, Joe who I think of when I'm riding, even when thousands of miles away, whether doing a time trial in Chicago or climbing mountains in Italy!

I've been riding the TDC for many years now, and while I am an avid cyclist, it's because of the fight my Dad (and his brother Irv, bless his soul) has waged against diabetes that makes me proud to raise funds and awareness for the battle. This year I have decided to ride the TDC as a Time Trial, since only once a year can a cyclist ride on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago with NO CARS!! I know that every time I feel like I'm suffering on the bike it's no comparison to the suffering that diabetes has caused for so many. Likewise, in 2009 I rode 145km thru the mountains of Italy on the same day the TDC was being held back in Chicago, and called it my "Giro di Cura" -- and you can be assured that at the top of one mountain I thought of my Dad while having a quick panini and "un espresso". Then in Rome a few days later it was almost as if the reason I was in Italy was to ride to fight diabetes when I spotted another cyclist, an Italian man, with a "Changing diabetes - Diabete Italia" jersey on. I smiled and felt very good and thought how great it was to be part of something that was much bigger than myself. Thanks Dad, Love, Bill

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