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Trase's Story

Trase's Story
Trase's Story

Read my Grandson's story and you will see why this cause is a passion of mine. I wish you could get to know our little Trase like I do. He is a brave little boy and we love him.....

Hi, my name is Trase. I am 7 1/2 years old and I have Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. When I was 2 years old I was diagnosed with Autism and when I was 2 1/2 years old I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

WOW...what a life changing experience for me and my family. I have the best Mom and Dad in the world that take AWESOME care of me and my 2 sisters help out too. My friends always ask me why I have to "Check my blood" and get shots all the time? I say, "Because I have special blood and sometimes its REAL sweet." I don't like the pricks or shots, but I do it, "I'm TOUGH." Hopefully very soon they will come up with a cure, so I can just be a "Normal Kid" again and my family won't have to worry about me as much.

My family will be cycling in the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure fundraising event. My Dad will be pulling me in a tyke behind his bicycle and even my NaNa is going to ride her bike!

So...Please help support my family with a donation by selecting the "Click Here to Sponsor Me" button.

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