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Mans Best Friend is Diabetic

Dogs and cats can contract diabetes..Toby and I tell their story.

Toby is my 6 year old Black Lab...Found in a local park, he's been a friend and companion no amount of money could have ever purchased.
Last December Toby began losing weight and limping badly. The spin arounds he'd vainly attempt wore him out and his increased thirst sent the first signal.
The tests revealed Toby had..diabetes.
I had two choices...put him down or spend the money each month for his insulin...There wasn't a moments hesitation.
Toby's been there for me on my very worst days..the ones when even I didn't like me. The day I discovered I had emphysema and would eventually die from it I came home and contemplated life...Toby brought me every toy from his toy box to lay at my feet..They were precious to him and I guess he felt they would help me over the rough period.
Toby IS why I'm riding the TourdeCure.
Animals can't tell us they have this disease. Often we don't realize untill it's too late.
A cure for mankind could bring a cure for mans best friend as well.

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