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Ride for a Cure

I ride for Vada Maxine Tonkovich and John Michael Paul Tonkovich...

My mother, Vada Maxine, was diagnosed with diabetes in 1990,following more than a decade of "unexplainable" medical events like disorientation and confusion followed by collapse leaving her weak and in a long sleep for a couple of days. When working one day, she once again had some issues and the EMT's found her blood sugar at 450, stroke level. Her case was called a "sleeper".
My father, John Michael Paul, diagnosed after my mother, was Christmas shopping with me and became pale, short of breath, and was sweating profusely; he was diagnosed that afternoon.
Since their diagnosis, my parents have adjusted their lifestyle to diet, exercise, and an outstanding attitude. Each has overcome many battles with the disease and have been mentors as parents and friends, and I admire their courage.
I ride to help all diabetics develop the best possible lifestyle they can achieve, and I put in the miles with the greatest hope for "the cure!" I'll be riding for you~Gail Marie
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