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Riding for Dad

Five years ago, I came across the Tour de Cure event while living in CA and I have been hooked. Since moving back to the east coast, I have continued riding for dad who has had diabetes for the last 24 years.

As a junior in college, Dad noticed that he was having some health issues. Unbeknownst to me or my brothers, we discovered that he was diagnosed with Diabetes (Type II). At first he attempted to manage the disease through the use of food exchange, however, after losing 40 lbs in the course of a year, we knew that medication was the answer. Over the course of that first year, my family soon discovered that Diabetes was inherited. My fathers' mother and two sisters were diabetic as well. We also learned that the pill was not the answer and within 13 months dad was learning how to inject himself with insulin. In the course of the 24 years, Dad now has to test himself three times a day and take two insuling shots a day to regulate the body functions. We have seen him go through some very troubling times as he sometimes forgets to watch the blood sugar levels and will go into diabetic shock. There have been numerous visits to the hospital and paramedic have come to the house quite a number of times. Dad continues to move forward with his life and at 75 the man still amazes me. When I moved to CA, in 1996, I began looking for some things to do. In 1998 I took up cycling and there I began participating in the Tour De Cure (NAPA). After three rides in NAPA, I moved back to the East Coast where I soon learned that the Tour is a nationwide event. Now I ride for Dad, May, Foula, Cheryl and others who are diabetic and I will continue to do so while a cure is being researched. I have been able to involve friends as riders, volunteers and donors to support this effort. Next Year, I look forward to participating in the 7 day NEC. For Dad who has given me so much and for the others who struggle with this disease, there are riders and others who want to find the cure!
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