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Two-Bits for Grandpa

Two-Bits for Grandpa
Two-Bits for Grandpa

As a youngster, Sarah enjoyed receiving two-bits (a quarter) from her grandpa. Years later she rides in memory of her grandpa, who suffered for years from the effects of diabetes.

Grandpa Vallow started a "game" with his young granddaughter, Sarah, as he would ask her to guess what was in his hand. After awhile, she knew if she responded to the question with "two-bits", she would add a quarter to her piggy bank. Over the years, the game became a time to recall the past - a time when her grandpa was not suffering so from the effects of diabetes. Grandpa was able to play with her more, could walk without the aid of a cane or walker, and could spend his time fishing versus making the trips to the dialysis center.

Grandpa Vallow's memory lives on today and forever through the efforts of Sarah and her husband, Tom, riding in the Missouri Tour de Cure Raging Rivers location. The name selected for their effort to help raise money for diabetes: Two-Bits for Robert (Grandpa) Vallow. No other name could be more appropriate.
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