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We didn't start this fight...

We didn't start this fight...
We didn't start this fight...

...but we plan to finish it.

That's the attitude of every family hit by the news of a diabetes diagnosis. Our 5yr old daughter was diagnosed after a camping trip on Mt. Hood, OR. Not long after we learned of the Summit to Surf event. A chance to fight back? To do it on my bike? What more would a father who hates this disease, who had to restrain his screaming, crying daughter to receive injections, want than to fight back? I ride because I am helpless to make her pancreas work. Because about once a month she cries at bedtime and sobs "I don't want to have diabetes". I ride because God gave me a strong body and a will to get money from people for a good cause. I ride because I want to make others raise more money, and make ride organizers spark a competitive spirit in us. I ride because Cassidy is already in heaven, but Caeli is not. And will not be before her time.
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