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Team Sydney Jean

Team Sydney Jean
Team Sydney Jean

Sydney was diagnosed with Diabetes at age 9.

On October 20, 2003, we had no idea how much our life was about to change. After the shocking news that Sydney was diagnosed with was only the beginning. This was not something that could be treated at the hospital and she would be fine when she we thought would be the case. Instead, it was the beginning of a very different life for Sydney and our family. We are always bragging about how wonderfully she handles everything, but know that there are many times when it gets overbearing. After experiencing a seizure in June of 2004. We really realized the seriousness of this disease. Sydney began on the pump in February of 2005 and has been doing remarkably well. But those bad days still tend to rear their ugly head from time to time. It is heartbreaking when she says she would love just one day of not having to deal with Diabetes. This is why we continue to put such an effort into this walk...with the hope that one day her dreams as well as our will be a reality!
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