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In Memoriam - Bruce A. Weiss

In Memoriam - Bruce A. Weiss
In Memoriam - Bruce A. Weiss

To honor the legacy and life of a man taken too soon by this disease.

My Uncle Bruce passed away on July 31, 2005 from a heart that was failing over time due to this disease. He told me many times how much of a struggle it seemed to be to control this disease called Diabetes. I guess I didn't understand before the depth of destruction this disease can have on someone's health and life. I sadly do now. I wrote a poem for my uncle this morning and read it today at his funeral. I would like to post it here because I think it sums him up perfectly.

You were a silent giant to me
So big and brave and true
And there were so many times
When I was quite afraid of you.

But I learned to know you
As a gentle loving man
And as one who would do anything
And always lend a hand.

I grew up thinking
How funny and kind you were
And how my fears as a child
Were now just a blur.

You'd laugh at my jokes
And tell me it would be okay
When I came to you with problems
How you saved the day!

I thought of you often
Even if I didn't call
I cherished when we would talk
For to me - you were still 10 feet tall.

Now you are resting
In a place full of love
And soaring in the Heavens
With your family above.

I know you will guide us
In our dreams we have at night
And always watch over us
With your gentle loving light.

So my dearest Uncle Brucie
We will always miss you so
And we will always love you tenderly
Like you could never know.

I love you Uncle Bruce!
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