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MY MOM- The Light of My Life

My mother had type 2 diabetes.

My mother had type II Diabetes, the illness started out slow, but

eventually it escalated to where she needed to take insulin. This

was all new to her, having to test her own blood and give herself

just the right amount of insulin. For someone with no medical

bakground and little information on how to administer insulin, in the

wrong hands it could be considered lethal. Well, it happened to my

mother and my point of view is that people are not fully aware of

many of the dangers of diabetes, and that should change. Now what

happened to my mom is this.  She was not able to see the levels on

the needle very well, maybe gave herself to much insulin, went to

bed and her glucose levels droped low, and never woke up. When my

dad found her and called 911 it was to late it had already caused

severe brain damage. Yet they revived her, put her on a respirator,

but that was all they could do. They did everything they could, but

three weeks had gone by with no improvement so we decided to take

off the respirator, and now she's gone. I would like to do this

walk for my mother and someone else's loved one who is living with

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