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For my SugarMama and my SugarBaby!

I've been reading the stories submitted here and they are so bittersweet and touching. And I can relate. When my mom was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes eleven years ago, I wasn't quite sure what that was. I just knew it had something to do with sugar. I didn't know that it's really so much more than that. She's had a stroke, lost a kidney... I honestly went through a phase of being mad. Not at her, just at the whole thing. Plus I'm selfish, I want to keep her around for...ever. She's always been a positive spirit, a go-getter, and a willing helper to everyone. Plus, I'd like to have another child and I really want him (or her) to know his Grandma. I know my son just adores his Grandma. So I'm walking for the kids who need their grandmas and grandpas. And I'm walking in hopes that others will become more aware that Diabetes is more than just "something to do with sugar."
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