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My Discovery

I was 13 and dying of a sickness... Depression?? I don't think so!

I was 13 and I was sick for two weeks and I had no color, barely move and stay awake. And the only thing that tasted right was Sunny D orange juice, I drunk about a gallon to two gallons a day and that was it. So I went to the doctor and he thought I was 'depressed' so was about to send me on my way home with a perscription for depression, but luckily my grandma felt like it was more and asked him to do a urine test. So he said a blood work would show more. So to the hospital I went.  Well I live about 12 to 15 minutes away from the hospital and by the time I got home they have done called and said "Get back here fastly, it is critical" so as soon as we got home we left and returned. Well I got there and they sat me in a room and said "We have to put you in ICU right away you have type I Diabetes and your sugar is 660" Well, I thank god each and every day I wake up now that he gave a signal to my grandma.
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