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Family Truths and Trusts

In my family generally diabetes strikes later in life.

I had 2 aunts on my mother side that was diabetic. In 1982 my brother was informed that his son less than a year old was diabetic. My mother discovered she was diabetic while I was overseas in Germany with my husband and daughter back in 1983 or 1984. I felt something was wrong and it took 2 days for me to finally make contact with my father. My mother lost her life in 1992 not due to her diabetes but because of complications after discovering that she had a Heart Attack. The doctors discovered that sometime in her life she had rumatic fever and never knew it. After I returned from Germany I sat there many times watching my mother take her shot and swore that I would never have to do that. In 2001 I was informed that I was diabetic and that if I was not started on insulin shots immediatly I would end up in the hospital in a coma. My blood sugar was almost 800 and to me I just felt run down. I cryed for 10 minutes before I picked up the needle for the first time. With in a week my blood sugar droped to normal range. I have had to give myself 2 shots a day. In the last year my husband was informed he had what the doctor called pre-diabetes and just a couple of months later my brother who's son I mentioned at the start was diagnosed with diabetes. So you see it runs in families and it can cross the generations without skipping one.
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