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Mother's Love

Mother's Love
Mother's Love

My 25 year old son Derek was diagnosed July 2004

I have been a nurse for over 25 years and I remember the summer afternoon when my son Derek called me at my work to tell me of some problems he was having. He had been very thirsty for days and urinating alot. He said, "Mom, I just can't get enough to drink! I'm up at night drinking water!" Of course I thought of the remote chance it could be Diabetes, but my advice to him was to go to sick call in the morning. (He is in the US Air Force in Cheyenne, WY.) The next afternoon I received a call from him that I'll never forget -- his voice was breaking as I answered the phone, he was sobbing as he told me that the doctor told him he was diabetic! My heart sank and I tried to be strong for him and I told him I would be on the next plane out of Seattle. I packed in an hour and took off for a two week journey that I had prayed I would never have to experience with any of my kids. As a nurse, I was well aware of how diabetes ravages the body! I was praying that my young 25 year old son could comprehend the serious diagnosis he had received and do everything he could to learn about the disease and keep himself as healthy as possible! Life is hard enough and the challenges that diabetes presents each and every day in the lives of those it affects can be overwhelming! A year has passed and we have all made some progress. Derek is still challenged by his diabetes as it has lately become unstable again. He is on 3 oral medications now for the diabetes and medications for hypertension, hypothyroid and cholesterol as well. He went from being healthy and on zero medications to the present collection he takes everyday! Hopefully, the new one that he is on will control the blood glucose as insulin is a whole new learning curve that I was hoping he would not have to challenge. This is my second year walking in the annual walk at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, WA. I have felt so helpless this past year helping my son face diabetes, but the walk allows me to be proactive in getting the message out and raising money for this worthy cause! Diabetes has taken a personal place in my life now and until it's cured - I won't give up hope!
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