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Diabetes and my life...

Diabetes and my life

I have been a type 1 diabetic for 24 of the 38 years I have been alive and have not always been the best at controlling it. Last august my wife and I found out that we were having our first child and at that point I made the decision I wanted to give her(my daughter Teagan) as great a life as I could and the best way of doing that would be to get control of my diabetes. I started monitoring my blood sugars regularly as well as eating better and getting on a regular regiment of exercising, including biking 10-20 miles 6 days a week.
My A1C readings since making this decision have gone from 7-9 down to 6-6.5, and I have lost almost 20 lbs. I have not felt this good since my teenage years. I am very lucky that nothing serious has happened to me due to my lack of control in the past.
On April 14th, my daughter was born and I am so happy I get to spend this wonderful life with such a beautiful girl.
This summer I have planned on riding 2 100 mile bike rides as well as a 150 mile ride this coming fall. On June 3 I rode the Tour de Cure in Murfreesboro Tn and rode 70 miles. It felt great and am looking forward to more challenges on my bike. I want to finish this story by encouraging more diabetics to challenge themselves and try to improve their control over their diabetes.
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