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My Coworker

My co worker's son was diagnosed T1 last weekend. A trip to the ER and a hospital stay ensued. Their family was suprised to learn of T1 with a family history of T2.

Monday afternoon I learned that one of my coworkers had to rush her son to the ER after she found him semi-conscious and very ill. The word around work was that he was in diabetic shock. After calling her I found that they had diagnosed Type 1. I offered help and somebody to talk to anytime she wanted. She was very suprised to find he was T1 as there was a family history with Type 2.

We work in a very small town, and everyone knows everyone at their workplace. I thought I was the only Type 1 around. Her plight drove home the fact that whether it's T1 or T2, almost everyone, everywhere is impacted by this disease. We all need to join the fight.


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