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My Dad

We all miss him

My dad came from a family of people with diabetes. When he was told that he had diabetes, he didn't take it seriously and didn't take care of himself. By the time he got with the program, I'm afraid the damage had been done. He kept having heart attacks and had terrible neuropathy in his feet. His 7th heart attack took his life.

It's been years since his death. Now I have kids, and I often think about what life would be like with Grandpa around. I think about what my mom's life would be like with her husband still alive. Now I have type 2 diabetes. I try to honor my dads memory by taking care of myself. I think about my kids getting old and having their own children. I really want to be around. I dont want to be just a story like my dad is to my kids.

You see diabetes affects families, not just individuals. It affects GENERATIONS of families.Lets find a cure. I don't ever want my children to have to worry about this disease.


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