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For my Uncle Tom Chouffi

I lost my uncle this year to diabetes. He had his foot amputated then his leg. He was strong and had his Yankee's baseball cap when he died. I have decided to fight for him to help other people.

I am a dietitics student about to graduate in May 07 from California State University, Long Beach. SInce I lost my uncle to type 1 diabetes this year. I am passionate about learning more and trying to help people. I have a very sick landlord with type 2. I am determined to keep helping her so she will not end up like my uncle. It is not easy as people have their own agenda. They tend to forget that so much support, help, and guidance is out there. I want to be an advocate for this disease and help everyone assess their own risk. I am currently working on a program that I will hopefully be able to implement in the community to assist with prevention and education for this terrible disease. Seeing everyone's story will continue to be an inspiration for me along with my Uncle Tom!


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