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My Dad

My Dad was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes about 20 years ago.

I always thought that he was managing it, however, on October 28th he was rushed in an ambulance because he was vomiting and couldn't breath. On the way to the hospital he suffered a heart attack. He remained in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for a month. Half a week after the heart attack my father had a stroke. This stroke damaged the part of his brain responsible for speech. His muscles in his esophagus were damaged. He was not able to swallow any solids. Later we found out that he had gall stones in his bladder. He was operated on that. His kidneys completely shut down and is now dependening on dialysis. Which in itself had some complications. He keeps retaining water in his lungs. He has high cholesterol, and high blood preassure. He is on a feeding tube and has not had any type of movement for about a month now. He is a completely different person. Totally depressed, refusing to speak, sleeping all day, and constant testing (x-rays, katscans, blood sugar, etc..!!! It has been so hard for my family and myself. We were so used to seeing him so independent. Its almost like he has given up. He will be in the hospital for two months on December 28th, will this ever end? I want to hear that someone has experienced what my dad is going through and that he/she is okay now. It is tearing us up watching him in that hospital bed.
I've seen the worst that Diabetes can be and how its tearing at our family to watch my dad suffer. If I knew then what I know now...I would have pushed for him to managed his diabetes. I would have become educated as to what was a normal sugar range and symptoms. I can not turn back time but I can change the future.
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