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Running Over Diabetes!

Running Over Diabetes!
Running Over Diabetes!

Diabetes will not control fact, I will control it.

In high school I went on a "diet" losing 15 pounds, then 30, then 45, then 50. I was down to a dangerously low weight and hospitalized for anorexia. The years that followed were consumed with learning the importance of taking care of the temple that God has given me. I had to learn that there was a balance in life. This balance includes eating healthy, exercising, and remaining in control of stressful situations. I began teaching aerobics classes and studying about nutrition. Little did I know that years later, all of this knowledge would be needed even more so when I lay in ICU nearly dying from ketoacidosis.

My beautiful daughter was born in 2003. She was perfect. The pregnancy was perfect. The labor and delivery couldn't have been more perfect. And she continues to bring us so much joy; although, we could really work on the "perfect" part now :-) When my little girl was four months old, I became very ill. I fought it off, claiming that I was just tired, being a working mother and all. I ended up in ICU after I finally convinced my husband to take me to the emergency room. I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes and suddenly tied down to new machines (i.e. glucometer and insulin pump) for life. I was so frustrated at first. I was so mad. I had spent years trying to take care of myself. I felt so defeated.

I lay in bed one night feeling very sorry for myself. I had just experienced a low blood sugar. It had awaken me from a perfectly good sleep. And now I was wet with sweat and very irritable. At that moment, my daughter began to cry. Immediately I snapped to her attention, forgetting about my own misery. I realized that she needed me, and life goes on. Diabetes is something that I control, not the other way around. It does make life interesting. But how interesting is this: I am a certified personal trainer and wellness consultant, still teaching aerobics, and I just ran my first half marathon with plans to complete another February 3rd?! I'm healthy and so is my family. I'd like to see diabetes beat that!!!
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