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A Needless Loss

A Needless Loss
A Needless Loss

My father died from complications of diabetes. For some reason, he never took the disease seriously until it was too late.

On May 13, 2005, I loss the best friend I ever had. My precious Daddy went home to be with the Lord on this date. He died from complications of diabetes. He was initially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes while trying to get an additional life insurance policy about 17 years ago. Doctors tried to control his glucose levels with proper diet and oral medications. They sent my Daddy to nutritionists and counseled him repeatedly. He would take the pills and go see whomever, but he continued to eat as he wanted to, not as he was directed to. Soon, he was put on insulin. As the years passed, he would take his insulin as directed, but never got the hang of eating properly no matter how we as his family begged and pleaded. After retirement, he led a very sedentary lifestyle and continued to eat as he pleased. On Christmas Day, 2006, my Daddy suffered a stroke. It was the beginning of the end. Soon thereafter, an ulcer opened on one of his big toes. He couldn't even have an arteriogram his blood vessels were in such bad shape. The toe was amputated, but the foot would not heal. He had hyperbaric treatments, but to no avail. Next his leg had to be amputated. This was the death blow for my poor Daddy. Believe it or not, he had been an athlete (and a very good one) in his younger years. As an adult he coached football, basketball, track, and swimming. Being able to walk and move about meant the world to him, and he could not bear emotionally, mentally, and physically to see his body deteriorate and be amputated away. He gave up and refused to fight for his life and passed away. I only wish that he would have heard the doctors and his family as we urged him to respect the diabetes. How ironic it was that one who knew the body as an athlete could not understand what it meant to care for it. I miss him so very, very much! Now, every chance I get, I uge EVERYONE to get to know the symptoms of diabetes and learn how to BEAT IT. I believe, with effort, it can be done. Thank you.
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