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Stop Diabetes eNews (monthly)
Receive a monthly eNewsletter that provides lifestyle articles, upcoming events and ways to become involved in the Stop Diabetes® movement.

Diabetes Advocate Action Alerts (weekly)
Receive urgent alerts and information about events in your area so you can help stop diabetes through advocacy. These emails are one of the best ways keep on top of issues that affect people with diabetes.

Book News: Consumer (monthly)
Read the latest in cookbooks, meal planning, nutrition, weight control, and self care from the leader in publishing on diabetes. You will find our books easy to read and designed to help you achieve your healthy-living goals.

Book News: Professional (monthly)
Read the latest advances in treatment protocols for the best in patient outcomes. Our authors are drawn from recognized experts: medical researchers, clinicians, educators, registered dietitians and nurses, and other members of the professional community.

Family Link eNews (quarterly)
Learn about other kids and families living with type 1 diabetes through this quarterly eNewsletter. Also, receive news and information, as well as tips and resources to help you manage your child's diabetes.

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