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More than 200,000 children in America are living with diabetes. Unfortunately, many have no one to help them at school when they need insulin or face a diabetes emergency. As a result, many children are being singled out and even told they cannot attend their neighborhood school simply because they have diabetes.

This needs to stop! Help us stop this unfair treatment by signing the pledge right now — and telling family and friends to do the same using the share links above.

At the American Diabetes Association, we believe that no child should be at risk or face discrimination at school simply because they have diabetes.

We're taking action with our Safe at School campaign, leading the fight to ensure that every child with diabetes can stay healthy and thrive at school. We're advocating for all states to have legislation in place to protect children at school, and we're working with schools across the country to make sure that children with diabetes have the care they need.

Through legislation or regulatory change, we've won the battle in 31 states and provide support to educators, parents and schools nationwide. Our passionate and expert volunteers and staff continue to work hard every day to keep kids safe and eliminate unfair treatment by their schools, since children across the country are still at risk.

We need your voice to stand up for our children to give them the risk-free school day they deserve! By signing up, you are joining with us in our efforts to protect these children and Stop Diabetes!

Show these children and their families that they are not alone in this fight by signing the pledge at right!

Together we can make all schools in America safe for our kids.

We are working on multiple fronts to protect our kids at school. Join our efforts today!

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  • Register today for our free Safe at School Webinar for parents. Our free Back-To-School webinar helps parents protect their kids as we head into a new school year.
  • Get free resources through our Safe At School program.
  • Donate today. Making a secure, tax-deductible donation to the American Diabetes Association helps support our Safe at School initiative as well as fund leading-edge research, education and awareness programs that will improve the lives of millions of people living with diabetes. Help us Stop Diabetes® and give today.

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