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03/23/2006  Hi, Don't know where to submit this, so please route to appropriate desk. After reading today's news, I find that Kevin Covais (a 16 year old from Levittown, NY) finally lost on American Idol and that he is a diabetic. Checking on the net, I find that this is an amazing, talented, articulate and genuinely nice young man, a perfect person to be a Youth Advocate. ADA could certainly use his voice (musically and otherwise) among our youth as well as adults because he was one of the most popular youngsters on the show and would be a great role model according to some teachers. Would be great at large conferences and in Diabetes Forecast. Never met Kevin, but it appears that what you see is what you get. Don't know whether he is one of Kristen Driscoll's LI minions. Best regards, Steve Ucko
08/01/2007  In reading about the pharmacist in Chadron Neb who was fired for taking his lunch break- I think that PUBLICALLY WalMart should be responsbile to explain why a person taking insulin should not be allowed a lunch break. For a professional person to be filling medications, providing an example to customers at Wal Mart- What kind of message does this send to others with diabetes? Eating consistent meals is not important? Bonnie Bath RN CDE
03/21/2008  The e-mail notice I received about the meeting on March 25th had the wrong city listed. The meeting is in Montgomery, but the announcement said Birmingham. Thought you would want to know and make that change.
11/14/2005  I was wondering if there will be another Call to Congress in 2006. I attended the one in 2004 and learned alot, and enjoyed it very much. Thank you, Jolynn
09/14/2005  In our Endocrine practice we have a patient with Type 2 diabetes, on oral medications but would be better controlled with insulin. He is refusing insulin since he is a truck driver and would lose his commercial license. We wondered about the use of exenatide (Byetta). Do you have any information as to whether this might be accepted by Dept of Transportation? It is injected...but it is NOT insulin. Appreciate any info...
09/14/2005  In our Endocrine practice we have a patient with Type 2 diabetes, on oral medications but would be better controlled with insulin. He is refusing insulin since he is a truck driver and would lose his commercial license. We wondered about the use of exenatide (Byetta). Do you have any information as to whether this might be accepted by Dept of Transportation? It is injected...but it is NOT insulin. Appreciate any info...
02/17/2006  I am trying to link thru. It tells me to enter e mail and password, I do; it tells me my e mail is alreadt assigned to a user. I believe it means me. So how do I get through? My goal. I want to ask someone in the Advocacy office to give me advice: Can they give me the contact name and number for a person in Ohio who can tell me why the Cost Reducation Act cannot get passed, Who is voting No ? Can I access testimony that was given?; Can your office provide me with Stats pertaining to: increased cost for employer for education meter and supplies per year VS average rise in A1C of a person who does not have education provided. How much will they save by paying for education, meter and supplies vs. how much will they lose in cost of complications. I am looking for Health Care Policy Guidance on how we can get this passed. Please have someone E mail or CAll me Home 419- 626-9290 Wr 419-557-6994 Jean Feick RN CDE Firelands Regional Medical Center Sandusky Ohio 44870
02/18/2006  Regarding the DCRA in Ohio. I am an RN, CDE and cannot believe this has not passed yet. That is my emotional statement. I would like to suggest that the sample letter you have available, has to contain evidence based information. This bill will NOT go through unless we can provide financial statistics to the insurance industry, the Chambers of Commerece and the National Federation of Independent Business. NFIB, showing why they should support this Bill. We must submit evidence that education decreases the A1C, which in turn decreases the cost of complications, reduces loss of productivity to the employer. There must be a proven cost benefit ratio before this will go through. Do you have a compiled list of research studies showing the effectiveness of DSME and use of BG monitoring? Please send it to me. Do you have data on how costs have decreased in the other 46 states? Please send it to me. This information needs to be in all information we, as healthcare professionals, send to the legislators. They are not aware of the information. They are as uneducated about diabetes as any person on the street. Have we asked large groups such as the Teachers Union, AMA/ Ohio Medical Board, the AHRQ, Ohio Nurses Association to come and testify? Respectfully, Jean Feick RN CDE 629 Columbus Ave. SAndusky, OH 44870
05/14/2006  My user name is an email address that is no longer valid. How can I update that? Poul
08/25/2005  I am encouraged by your upcoming symposium for attorneys on discrimination for diabetic people in the workplace and school. Another place where diabetic people are VASTLY discriminated against is in getting insurance. Rates are astronomical, and sometimes policies simply are not available for people who have diabetes...REGARDLESS of their control. With A1c tests available, that should be a marker for decreasing insurance premiums, based on the length of time a person has had an A1c of 7% or less. There are data to back the decreased illnesses in such a population. Please include insurance in your discussions w/ attorneys. Thanks!
03/20/2006  Do you have a simple link to find my state and national senators and representatives? This would be a helpful tool.
04/25/2006  I have a specific question about medicare advantage insurance coverage. I have been on an insulin pump for more than 5 years, but only became eligible for medicare coverage as of 1/1/06. I know that insulin when used in a pump was covered under Part B in the past, but now I am told it was switched to Part D. Can you verify that insulin no longer is covered under Part B, and if so, can something be done to appeal or change this coverage back. I know that in my case It will push me into the donut hole of Part D coverage , and will literally cost me thousands of dollars. I have to believe that this is a common problem. Is there anyone I can write to or petition to have it covered under B. Thank You for your attention to this matter. J. Bass
04/21/2006  Dual Eligible individuals, who are disabled due to mental difficulties, and are also diabetic. were assigned by the State of PA to Keystone 65 Complete. When they go to the drug company for their medications, they must now pay $1.00 or $3.00 for their medication. However, to get Microlet Lancets to enable them to get a drop of blood for glucose readings they have to pay $10.09 for pack of 100. The HMO, when asked states you must go to a Medical Supply firm, and not your drug store. These individuals live on the Social Security & SSI monthly payment of $650.40. and find it difficult to pay minimum amounts for their prescriptions. Paying $10 for the Lancets is likely to have them take 1 or less readings a day to save money. or none at all. They all don"t have a parent willing to take them to a Medical Supply firm. The Drug stores have the Lancets, but do not get reimbursed fully, when sold to HMO covered individual. This needs to be addressed. Many of these individuals need 5 or more prescriptions per month, and can"t manage to pay their bills and eat properly.
02/01/2007  Would like to see more (local) activities.
07/19/2007  I would like to help advocate for insurance coverage of the glucose sensor that goes with Minimed/Medtronic's insulin pump. What can I do to help our Congress people understand the need to cover this piece of medical equipment?
01/05/2006  I need contact numbers regarding Diabetes Discriminatory Acts that my son is experiencing within a Georgia School District.
04/25/2006  I was suprised to see that on your survey asking my "relationship to diabetes", you did not have a space for the seemingly most obvious category of them all - a diabetic. As a Type I diabetic for over 22 years (since age 6), a health care professional, and Diabetes Advocate, I still would consider my strongest relationship to be as an adult with Type I diabetes. Please change your survey to allow diabetics to proudly identify themselves.
08/01/2006  I have been a diabetic for 33 years, I would love to hear more about the advocacy alerts and possibly trying to become more involved. I have always been skeptical about becoming active in groups of any knid of nature, therefore I would like to ease into possibly becoming an active advocate for this dreaded disease. I have written my local gov't officials before regarding diabetes. In writing this e-mail and addressing my interest in our cause can I be rest assured that by submitting my personal information, in which case the ADA has on file already ( I am a current ADA member, and have been) that my personal info. will not be sold to any company for any reason. Looking forward to hearing back. Respectfully submitted, Lori Bohlim
09/26/2006  Can you breakdown the dollar amounts spent on curing diabetes versus caring for diabetes?
07/20/2006  Not all ADA Diabetes Advocates and ADA members disagree with President Bush's decision to veto HR 810 and we're not all liberals who passionately hate President Bush. You seem to have forgotten these facts in sending out your barrage of e-mails containing inappropriate political commentary and emotionally charged rhetoric, e.g., "It is sad to know that President Bush took that hope away from all of us" and "[T]he President's decision to veto H.R. 810 is a devastating setback for Americans who are affected by diabetes . . ."). Some questions are clear-cut and the ADA's answers would be universally supported by ADA members and Diabetes Advocates. Other questions are not so clear-cut, particularly this issue with deep religious, moral, and ethical implications. I want a cure as much as the next person, but do not believe that the ends always justify the means. I am appalled by the ADA's e-mails that blatantly, constantly, and offensively tell me how wrong my and the President's personal beliefs are.
07/08/2007  My son and I met with Representative Walberg's office in Washington D.C. June 19, 2007 as delegates for JDRF's Children's Congress. We have had MANY problems for the past four years in his school and I wish to pursue state legislation protecting children within Michigan. Specifically, I wish to have a law enacted that outlines what must be provided for each child with diabetes within the school system - whether it be a nurse or a trained person by a certified diabetes educator or someone overseen by a nurse. However, I do need some help in pursuing this and I know the ADA has successfully helped others do this for 10 other states, with different provisions outlined. We attended Children's Congress with Hunter Sego, from Indiana who assisted in getting Legislation passed in Indiana ( My son and I are very active on a governmental level and are very serious in doing this, so I really hope someone will contact me to help me pursue this. With all the difficultly my son and I have gone through it is time to put an end to it. When others in my area heard that I was going head-to-head with the school system that begged me to help them. That tells me it cannot be just within my household. My cell phone number is 517-896-8600. I hope to hear from someone at your earliest convenience. Many thanks, Nicolle Reslock
12/21/2005  I received an e-mail to call my senators in MD. You had phone nos. which I did not see when I went back to call. My senators are Paul Sarbanes and Barbara Mikulski. thanks
11/27/2005  My question has to do with the mail order prescription business and whether or not it is legal for the cancelation of a refill of insulin by a company without notification to the recipient or contacting the doctor who wrote the prescription.
01/07/2008  Currently in NYS there is a prohibition in NYS from anybody with Diabetes Mellitus obtaining a Commercial Driver's License. This hearkens back to the dark ages, which dosages of insulin were not as exact and there was little accuracy in blood sugars. Additionally, many people now wear the pump which has alarms, etc. How can we change this to eliminate this discrimination? Anne McPherson
01/20/2006  I pre-registered myself for C2C 2006, but it would not allow me to submit additional pre- registrations for my family - who will also be attending again this year. Is there a way to preregister them as well?
10/07/2005  A friend forwarded me the following information:
01/24/2006  I have submitted advocacy forms before with now problem. I am trying to send the one I just recieved for Florida on bill HB233. It won't let me submit because of my zip code. I can only get my mail delivered to a P.O.Box. I went to the USPS link you provided and tried to get the additional 4 digit code. It say my P.O.Box code is P.O.Box 517-0517. Your form won't except it. When I enter my street address on the USPS link it tells me my address is not deliverable and doesn't give me anything. I've had no problem before submitting these forms....why now?
07/24/2007  Dear ADA, Thank you for making it so easy for me to participate in, and support, your advocacy efforts on behalf of those of us living with diabetes. I really appreciate your advocacy alerts and other efforts. Thanks! Bridget
09/02/2005  ADA CEO'S I'm writing to you as a active volunteer for the ADA for the past 18years and as a parent of a child with diabetes for 18 years his life depends on insulin on a daily basis. I have raised thousands of dollars for this cause over the past years. I am hoping that ADA steps up to the plate to offer the enormous resources they have available. With the high incidence of diabetes along the Gulf Coast. Diabetics are dying because of the lack of insulin, medication, meters etc. As a volunteer I strongly recommend that the ADA comes forward to assist these suffering people. Sincerely Connie L. Tice, R.T. Rapid City South Dakota
02/05/2008  Hello we are searching for a brochure on diabetes and advocacy. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks
11/08/2006  this is regard to a issue with job discrimation, I would appreciate information who I could speak to in the legal team. This has become a very painful few months in our son's life. We need some direction as soon as possible to try to move forward in dealing with this issue. Thanks
06/13/2007  No problem with the website. I just need some questions answered
02/06/2006  What is ADA position on the use of embryonic stem cells?
05/01/2006  I haven't heard about the Call to Congress since I applied in Feb. WHen will you be letting us know so we can make flight plans. I've been to all since '99. I would like to share a room. Can that be arranged? Thanks, Doris Gilbert
08/15/2007  Hi, I live in northern Utah and have a social service worker license in Utah. I also have diabetes. I would love to find a part-time job combining my knowledge of diabetes with my social work experience. Do you have any suggestions? I am also considering further my education and getting a master's degree in social work.
08/10/2006  I saw the article about how an annual flu shot is beneficial to diabetics, and I wanted to comment. I would LOVE to get an annual flu shot, but I run into the same brick wall every year. Before I was diagnosed, I told that there weren't enough shots to go around, and they were saving them for the elderly and those "at risk." Apparently, those of us who go to work every day and pay for the stuff aren't a valuable enough asset to society to warrant protection. But, why should flu shots be any different? Anyway, now that I'm officially a diabetic (Type II), I'm told I'm "at risk," but there are never enough shots to go around, and now they tell me I'm not old enough. I'll be 50 in September. Is it like this all over, or just in Ohio? How old or sickly does one have to be to rate a flu shot? Every year I hear about the dangers of contracting whatever flu is active, and every year I hear that diabetics are in particular danger if they get it. And every year it's the same thing - not old enough, not sick enough. Do I really need to worry about getting a shot, or should I put this off till I'm around 60? Thanks, Jim Eritano
02/06/2006  Would you e-mail me a template letter I can send to my senator to support increased reasearch funding. Please e-mail to
02/08/2006 pagename=AC_Oklahoma The link for the survey below on this page does not work. President Bush has promised to veto H.R. 810 if it reaches his desk. We say, "Don't Veto Hope" Mr. President! You can join the thousands of Advocates who agree by adding your name to our petition!
02/07/2006  My question isnt about the website, its about the President. Whats the best way to get a message to him? I know if you email he dosent see it and I'm sure if you write him someone else reads it. I am furious over all the proposed cuts that the President is thinking of doing because I am a diabetic and have been for the past eleven years. The subject is especially hitting home for me now because I am just now six weeks pregnant with my first child and I am scared out of my mind of the complications I am possibly going to have, not to mention what the risks are to my child. How can I get this message across to Bush that he needs to do something? It no longer is just affecting me, its affecting another helpless life that has no right to bear the burdens this disease brings. Please let me know everything I can do to bring this issue the attention it deserves. Thankyou, Amy Divin
08/19/2006  I have been in contact with my Senator's Specter and Santorum (PA) about HR 810. Senator Santorum did not support this bill and is supporting S 2754. Senator Santorum "snail mailed" this all in a letter to me that I am more than happy to fax or snail mail to you. What is the ADA's position on S 2754? It seems to be a watered down version. FYI, I had a difficult time finding how to contact "Diabetes Advocates" via the site. I thought this letter from Senator Santorum important to bring to your attention. A telephone number would be good to list as well.
04/24/2006  Some nurses also have diabetes. This is ignored in your survey following the action letter re schoolchildren and the ANA proposal. And even more important-not all RNs or LVN/LPTs are well grounded in care of diabetics- adult and children. They would also benefit from back- up consulting while in the field
12/02/2005  Just got this answer back this morning from my representative. Thought you should see it. Dear Ms. Clark, Thank you for taking the time to write. Medicaid services were about a tenth of the budget when I was first elected. They are about one third of the budget now. In the next ten years, some have estimated they will balloon to the point of exceeding the entire amount of the projected budget. If we do not find a solution, at some point people will suffer because there simply will not be funding to pay for services. I am not interested in cutting services to people, except to fraudulent claimants. I am interested in tying to operate the system more efficiently and less expensively. I applaud Governor Bush for taking on such a task and not saying, "I'm out of here in a year; you can worry about the problem down the road." ~ when it will be too late! The plan, as thus far proposed, has generated a lot of general objections, but no specific ones. If you find that any actual provisions of the proposed changes will negatively affect your diabetes treatment, please contact me IMMEDIATELY and I will do whatever is necessary to address the issue. Thank you again for taking the time to write. Sincerely, Bill Posey
07/08/2005  help me...i am lost.
06/01/2006  I am honored to have been choosen to participate in the 2006 C2C. My family and employ are excited as well. I have been asked if there is a press release that could be submitted to the local newspaper in our area with some of the specifics. I did not know if a standard one was available or if we needed permission to write our own. If we write our own, can we include the phone number for people who would like to call on the 8th? Thank you, Judy Pentedemos
01/09/2008  I am a single parent who has a diabetic son age 13. I am also a school teacher. Last year I missed approximately 30 days due to his up and downs, pump issues, sick issues etc. This year my son experience d his first diabetic seizure on Dec. 22nd, 07. Yesterday he wasnt feeling well and I felt compelled to go to work because last year I was somewhat disciplined for missing so many days. Leaving my son alone at home was very hard for me to do. I brought the issue up to the superintendant and didnt get a positive response. My question is there any government program that protects my job? I feel pressure because I do miss a lot of work. My wife died in a car accident in 2002 and it is just myself taking care of my son.I dont have family members close by to help. I am running out of sick days as well. Sincerely, Kevin Van Winkle
08/17/2005  I am a very active Parent Advocate throughout California who has assisted hundreds of diabetes families both in California (and other states across the country) to assist them in protecting their childrens rights under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. I am extremely interested to support your efforts to defeat AB1667 in California. I would greatly appreciate that you contact me at 415/328-3452 (cell) so I can learn how to offer my volunteer support. This is a subject that is extremely important to me and one I have fought for vociferously! I look forward to hearing from a California ADA Advocacy representative as soon as possible. Sincerely, Lisa Shenson Marin County, CA
04/18/2007  Cannot send the latest call to action because your server will not accept my zip code. I received an error message that you were sending the information to the server, but I thought I would add this just in case. If it's happening to me, it's happening elsewhere. Also the remember me box has not worked this year - It did last year. Thanks
04/18/2007  I cannot send the latest call to action because your server will not accept my zip code. I received an error message that you were sending the information to the server, but I thought I would add this just in case. If it's happening to me, it's happening elsewhere. Also the remember me box has not worked this year - It did last year. Thanks
01/11/2007  I receive the Advocacy Alerts, which I always fill out and send, what a great idea! Is there anything more I can do? I live in Maine, just south of Portland and have had Type 1 for nearly 37 years. Thanks! Keep up the good work. Lynn
10/17/2005  My son has a 504 plan at his public high school. I would like the school to allow me to bring containers of basic supplies (water and juice bottles and food) for my son to place in each of his classrooms. Although both my son and the school nurse have supplies, my concern relates to emergency situations like a lockdown where children could be locked in a room for extended periods of time (2 - 6 hours). The Principal has indicated that I may bring these items in but she cannot assure me that they will be safeguarded (locked up). I think that my request is a reasonable accomodation for my son (and for the ten other children at this school who have diabetes). I am also concerned of the repercussions of the school's position in terms of younger children in other schools in our school district who have diabetes. I am scheduling a meeting to amend our son's 504 plan to address this situation. Your thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Susan Craig (203) 438-9174 home (203) 241-7418 mobile
01/09/2006  My daughter and I are currently advocates. We attended the 2003 C2C when my daughter was only 3 years old. She is currently 5 1/2 and has testified at a number of Senate hearings, been featured in an ADA training video, had lots of media coverage due to local stem cell issues, etc. I would like to submit an application for her to be the next NYA...she is extraordinarily well-versed as any number of people can attest to. Would this be possible; or does she really have to be 9 years or older? She has had diabetes for over 4 years, (diagnosed at 15- months, she gave her own shots at 2 1/2 years, and has had an insulin pump since 4 yrs.). Please let me know ASAP so that I may submit the appropriate materials (including one of your own videos) and get the testimonials from her CDE's, her Doctors, her friends that were ADA Mgmt. in LA, etc. Thank you very much for your serious consideration...babies get diabetes too!! Lisa Martin
03/07/2006  I recently had a complaint from a mother of a son with Type I diabetes that her insurance company will not cover the type of insulin (Novolog) that he has used for years without problems. They want him to switch to a brand that is on their drug list. Have they not thought about the risks of changing medications and the possiblities of higher costs due to problems with the new medication or even possiblilty of hospitalization. Diabetes is such a complicated disease, why can't the insurance companies be compliant with what works for the diabetic individuals?
08/15/2007  There are about 21 million diabetics in the US per your statements. I am one of them. This is a terrible desease. It is very important to each of us afflicted with it. I would be interested in contributing to support research, in preference to getting the government controlling it, if the ADA would try to get individuals afflicted to contribute. It doesn't seem it would take a great contribution if we are concerned enough to forvce the government to do it for us. Why can ADA not pursue this approach? RSVP. Jim Johnson
10/04/2005  My attorney is in need of a name and address to copy correspondence to. Please respond with a name and address for him to submit to. Thank you.
09/30/2005  I submitted a complaint well over a week ago (faxed in), regarding the treatment our daughter is receiving at school. She has juvenile diabetes and continues to be harrassed and discriminated against. She is 12. She has not received any assistance and just continues to take the blows. If the ADA cannot assist us, please tell me who can. I have 5 to 6 pages of logged incidents and we simply cannot take anymore. PLEASE HELP! 812-623-4127 (h) or work 812-933-6835. Becky Billman
01/29/2008  I don't know if I am sending this to the correct place, but anyway. My sister is a type 1 diabetic, as am I, she never seems to be able to get her test strips covered and she only knows how much insulin to take if she knows what her blood sugar is. I have told her to have her doctor get involved with this and make it a medical necessity, but she hasn't. I don't know how to have her find out if the insurance company is just doing this or if they are doing something incorrect. Whenever my mom and I bring the subject up she gets mad and yells at us that she can't get them to pay for the strips and while she is really mad at the insurance company she takes it out on us. I would like to get her some help in this matter, she and her husband make very little money and I know if I had to purchase my strips, I would find it very expensive. I have a fairly high co-pay but paying $50 is nothing compared to paying full price. If you can give me some info on what she could try or who she should contact to get some answers, I would greatly appreciate it. Carole Damske
01/09/2006  My seven year old son goes to a small school with 200 children. There is one nurse. There is only one substitute who is not always available if the nurse is sick or needs a personal day. The school is reluctant to advertise for another sub. what is the law regarding having a nurse present in the school at all times for my son. Kathleen Barker
09/07/2005  User Provided No Response
11/11/2005  I have a question about self-funded insurance at work. Is it acceptable to have diabetic supplies subject to a deductable and covered at a different percentage than other pharmacy items which are subject to a copay without the deductable?
10/11/2005  This article is located at under insulin pump. Please help this child and his family deal with this issue. What a shame!!!!!! Thank you, Tina Moyer Diabetic for 32 years. News / Home News / Archive Accu-Weather Sports Investigators Taking Action Links & Info Health Community Programming Dirty Dining Legal Entertainment Live Cams Contests Personalities About Us Student says teacher pulled insulin pump mistaken for cell phone an Associated Press report 10/05/05 CLERMONT - A substitute teacher pulled out a student's insulin pump after mistaking it for a cell phone, officials said. Cliffton Hassam told East Ridge High School officials that his insulin pump began beeping in class Friday. Before he could turn it off, substitute teacher Richard Maline ripped it from his leg, according to the written statement Hassam gave school officials on Tuesday. Hassam, a junior, is diabetic and wears the insulin pump to regulate his blood sugar level. Maline pulled the pump because he thought the beeping came from a cell phone, said Russell Anderson, executive director of human resources for Lake County School District. "It fell to the floor," Hassam wrote in his statement to school officials. "The second time he pulled it the tube came out of my leg." Maline realized his mistake after he grabbed the pump, Anderson said. In his statement, Hassam said his blood sugar levels did not return to normal until after the weekend. Maline has been removed from the school district's substitute teacher pool, Anderson said. Eva Hassam, Cliffton's mother, said she filed a complaint with the Lake County Sheriff's Office, and hopes to file charges against Maline and the school. Now you can get Action News stories, weather and radar images, sports scores, and even movie listings on your cell phone or PDA. Introducing Action News To Go: click here to sign up for free. The E.W. Scripps Co. © Read user agreement
07/31/2007  I recently used your on-line response form to contact my senators concerning "The Americans With Diasabilities Restoration Act (S. 1881)" and I had a problem. The link on your website to Texas Senator John Cornyn's website does not work. I was able to find his website & use his form to send the email but I thought you should know the link to his web-form on your website does not work. I have also found a typo in the generic text you provided for the contact letter. The text reads: "... - - have found they can no challenge unfair ..." I believe it should read "... - - have found they can not challenge unfair ... ".
08/27/2005  I accidently erased the e-mail with the fax # for the Safe at School petition. Please e-mail me so that I can fax in my signatures. Thanks
11/16/2005  When is the next scheduled "Call to Congress"?
08/15/2005  I am not getting the advocacy e-mails & don't know why?
12/05/2005  How can I find out which states mandate coverage of diabetes education. I have a pt at present who has health insurance coverage from colorado. he has coverage while working out of state but we are now told diabetes education is not a covered benefit. Thank you s. krafsig
02/27/2008  Have decisions been made for the Call to Congress delegates....just need to know for SAT schedule for my son. Thanks, Debi Weinstein
02/05/2007  Any agenda or talking points that you can forward to me for the Day in Frankfort, KY. As this is my first time going down there as an advocate I would like to know what I can expect. I believe that I am in a unique position as a type I diabetic who is in the health insurance industry in KY representing over 700 businesses in the NKY and Greater Cincinnati area.
11/21/2005  Will there be an ADA Call to Congress this spring? I have not seen anything about it yet.
06/07/2007  Hi! I have been involved with the ADA since 2002. I am on the local Leadership Council in Nashville. I seem to have lost touch with everyone in Advocacy at HQ since Neil and Jeff have left. Could someone please email me so that I can stay in touch and on top of the latest issues? Thanks!
06/19/2006  I was informed by your group that the recently passed highway legislation included the use of insulin by truckers. when I inquired about it somewhere one knows anything about it. The old law is still in effect. What gives?
03/22/2006  A simple question. Do individuals with Type 1 diabetes meet the legal definition of disabled? Thanks.
07/14/2005  This is a test from Brenda at Convio - whomever gets this message - please let me know. We are testing the autoresponder. Brenda Miele
01/29/2008  I just wanted to comment on the obstacles that Steve Chabot's office has put in place to ward off a high number of emails, which may end up being a deterrent for some people. I understand that our representatives probably receive a very large number of emails each day, but to makes us jump through hoops to merely send an advocacy message seems a bit rude, to say the least. I sent Mr. Chabot a message re diabetes and the ADA, but it wouldn't go through until I copied the message and sent it through his website. Okay, that's fine, but when you get there, we then have to find our extra 4 digits for our zip code, which means a few more steps. Once that is finished, we then have to go back to his website and enter all of our information again, (name, address, etc). I realize we're on a new website and need to give the info again, but it's even more steps to go through to send one message about diabetes. Maybe many of the other representatives are also doing this due to the high volume of emails they are receiving, but considering that they may very well end up with the same number of emails--if we all remain determined to get our message through and not worry about a lot of extra steps--it is obvious that they are merely trying to curtail the number of emails they are receiving. I don't think this is the answer to their "email problem" and will let his office know. I just wanted you to also know that the measures the representaives are taking may indeed stop some people from sending important messages. I'm sure you already know the extra steps needed to send the message because it is your site that lets us know that our message won't go through without going to the representative's site, but I just thought I'd give you one person's opinion on our representatives' tactics.
09/07/2005  User Provided No Response
10/28/2005  I get alerts. Do you have letter templates thanking our elected officials for their efforts on behalf of diabetics.
11/01/2007  Folks, I just received a piece of mail from American Homepatient that they would no longer be honoring any patient's insurance under IBX (the Blues network). They cut off supplies with no direction on where to go to get supplies under the most widely used health Insurance in the Country. Without pump supplies, I'm in a great deal of trouble, and I do not have the money to pay cash (especially since I pay so much for health insurance). There are many pump using diabetics out there who are in trouble. Help!
06/07/2006  A question regarding the the percentage in babies born in the year 2000 prone to getting diabetes. Do we know why? or what it's making them high risk. My 3 year old son has diabetes he was diagnosed @ 13 mos., and many people and books tell me that it could have developed do to an immunization is this in any way true? since there is no history of diabetes in either of my husband or my family. Please answer me with any info. you might have.. thanks
11/13/2007  Rep. Walden is coming to our community for a forum this weekend and I need more information on the President's veto so I can talk somewhat intelligently with him. Can you email some information on this? He will be in Condon/Fossil this Sunday. Thank you Kathryn Greiner
01/29/2008  Please note that I tried to send the HR 3195 message to Greg Walden through his web site link as directed, but it didn't work.
05/02/2006  My 7th grade (DX 2/24/030 rides the bus to and from school. We have provided the glucose gel to the bus driver (through the transportation dept.) each year and never had a problem. Mon., 4/24/06 I got a call from the school nurse saying that the head of our district transportation dept phoned her to say that the gel was being taken off the bus and that it was too much of a liability. I am trying to get answers from the district at this very time; no answer from an email to the transp. head. I need to know what the laws in PA are regarding the administration of such gel to students who have passed out due to hypoglycemia. Nothing is shown on the school district's website under transportation, bus regulations, board policy under transportation (1998 with no recent revisions). Thank you so much for any help you can give me. Julie
07/30/2005  Here goes. This is in response to the strong opposition you posted on the AHP legislation that has been proposed. ALthough I would like to see diabetes converage remain the same, I also have concerns for small business. Keep in mind that small business often means less than 10 or 20 employees, and they are being hit financially by so much legislation that they are unable to offer their employees health coverage at all. I would rather see them able to offer some coverage for employees that will at least offer emergent care than be forced out of business by legislation that is just too expensive for them to continue. Diabetics must accept their situation and seek employment with companies who are big enough to offer them coverage for their disease. My eight year old daughter has had Type 1 diabetes since she was four, and I am trying to teach her to take care of herself and not to rely on those around her to be responsible for her disease. I think this must also be encouraged in the adult population as the government does not owe us anything. ALso, we choose to pay more for our health coverage, out of our pocket, so that we can best provide for our children and ourselves. The basic coverage is fine, but we want the best and thus sacrifice for it. Where is that attitude in our society? The rest of America doesn't owe me anything, and I will take care of myself, thank you. Do we want some health care, or only what is best for the diabetic community? Anita
03/14/2006  Hello, I spoke to a group of people last night about C2C. I have the email address but is there a phone number that I can give to people with questions about C2C? Thanks Amy
06/29/2007  I just read this headline about a Man with diabetes who was kicked off a train because his behavior was thought to be caused by drunkeness. I often travel alone, and this kind of story scares me! Has the ADA Advocacy group had any contact with Amtrak since this story broke and does ADA have any comment on this story at this time?
04/10/2007  When is the ADA "Call on Congress" this year?
03/09/2006  I, and my 13 year old daughter, have submitted a registration packet for the DC Advocacy event in June. When can I expect to hear if our services will be needed? Please contact me me soon.
03/17/2006  Isn't every health insurance plan in most states regulated by the states? So the protections apply to all health insurance, don't they? What protections are provided that would affect the cost of health insurance?
11/09/2005  Hello: My name is Sondra Hardy, and I am also this year's Ms. Black Continental U.S 2005! During the national pageant, I had to do a platform speech. Mine was "The Diabete's Epidemic Among African American and Latino Women", I was wondering how: I can further get the message across to the Latino community? Women in the Native American Comminity? Please Advise & Thanks, Sondra Hardy 617-624-5500 (day phone)
03/07/2007  I have a situation and would like an opinion on how to handle it. I have been a type 1 diabetic for about 3 years. I do not have it properly controlled for various reasons but am doing my best to get it that way. I take multiple shots of insulin a day and usually experience highs more than lows. Because my average sugar is high I am hyper sensitive to lows. One a particular day I was driving as I started to feel the beginnings of a low. Nothing scares me so much as does being in this particular situation. I ran a red light in order to quickly pull over and get some sugar. While running this red light I caught on camera and given a $400 ticket. I was told that these tickets are usually dismissed if they are related to medical emergencies so I decided to go to traffic court (with a note from my physician stating that I was indeed diabetic and that my condition was currently poorly controlled) and explain the situation to the judge. While waiting for my turn to appeal I found there were other people who had also run a red light and after explaining to the judge their situations (for example one mother ran the red light because her baby was crying in the back seat and she had documentation from the doctor that stated the child was indeed colicky or another woman said she was following an ambulance that was transporting her mother) she had dismissed them of their charges. After witnessing this and also my friend was dismissed the same charges because she was on the way back from the hospital after finding out she had an ulcer I thought for sure I would get the same treatment; after all it is a known fact that diabetes and more specifically hypoglycemia cause physical motor skills impairment and judgment problems and have lead to many documented causes of automobile related accidents. This however was not the case. The judge called me a liar and told me that having a sugar problem was not my get out of jail free card. I was discriminated against and my chronic life threatening disease was downplayed, disregarded and the severity disrespected. Luckily I only ran a red light and did not hurt myself or someone else. I have another court date with her on April 2nd. She said that I have to have a doctor state that at that exact moment on that exact day that I ran the red light I was experiencing low blood sugar. I tried to explain to her that the nature of the illness is that I treat my self and do not report my numbers to a physician on a daily basis. Also I was in between doctors at the time as I had just moved out to LA. I am infuriated by the way she treated me (she had the entire court laughing at me at the expense of my serious illness). It is not a matter of the money because I plan on investing more time than the money is worth to fight this out of principle. It is bad enough that the unedacated public believes I should just give up gummy bears and lollypops and I won't be diabetic any longer but to have judges who serve in the courts to uphold the laws in a country where I pay taxes diminish my condition is inexcusable. No wonder it is so hard to get funding for diabetes research when there are clueless people like her who downplay the disease and have the audacity to tell someone who lives in the prison of this disease that it is there "get out of jail free card". I have done some research on diabetes and traffic incidents and found many studies that support my case. I also plan on getting a copy of the transcript from the last hearing, however my question is what else I can do and what help can you provide me with? I look forward to hearing from you and working with you on this issue. Thank you- Marianne Laplante
03/30/2006  Please advise of the current signers of the letter to Sec Leavitt highligting improved glucose sensors.
04/03/2006  I am trying to forward the advocacy mail to friends and family and it keeps coming up as "error"? I don't have a clue why. Can you type out an example of the proper way to do this (what my address and how I am going to send it to others, should appear) and mail it back to me? Thanks, debbie
04/03/2006  Hi, I'd like to know how to find out how my representatives voted on the issues I am concerned over. Can you give me a website where this might be located? Thanks, Debbie Davis
01/15/2008  I'd like to be referred to "knowledgeable" attorney regarding insurance practices that deny benefits to diabetic patients. My brother is a type 1, not 2, his insurance company and Save Rx has established parameters in dispensing insulin that quite frankly are unfair practices, and with a doctors RX he has been denied his insulin. He spent four days trying to get clarification without of course anyone talking responsibility. His Rx is not for vicadin, penicillin, or premarin. How can the insurance company or Save RX establish 30 day or 90 parameters on his metabolic absorption? I'd be happy to take to task or set precedence in the State of Illinois for better care, especially when they are denying care that doesn't fit within their "insurance guidelines" versus cellular metabolism. These document driven "guidelines" cause even compliant diabetics with insurance, health issues due to the delay in care and the anxiety associated with it. As a healthcare professional and taxpayer, I am fully aware of the percent of indigent care and care given to non-documented citizens. I am outraged by this "loophole" or insurance language that once again has no intent to ensure deliverable services but to deny them! Anne Craft, BS, MS,CPM 05N601 Hazelwood Trail St. Charles, IL 60175 w-630-545-7552 cell 847-404-8351
03/22/2006  I am not only concerned about maintaining coverage for diabetes care on existing health plans. My problem is that when my COBRA runs out in September, I am NO LONGER INSURABLE. I have interviewed dozens of health coverage providers, just in an effort to get catastrophic coverage for all other diseases and conditions, and NO ONE will touch me. I am diet- controlled, sugar regulated, no illnesses at all, and they won't even cover me with a pre-existing condition rider. I need coverage for emergencies!
02/06/2008  I have a problem with regards to being a diabetic and having low blood sugars(hypo).My problem is that i just lost my driver's license because DMV considers me high risk and dangerous to operate a vechile. The problem is that i had a hypo while i was at work and was in a building. i was no where near a vechile at the time. There are various witnesses to this event. After fillling out all the paperwork, doctor's letter. I still lost it . What should i do to stop this happening to someone else?
06/09/2006  We live in New Jersey. My daughter has typ 1 diabetes. The doctor wants her on the pump. the pump costs 6200. plus 100 to 300 per month. the insurance co out of california Blue cross and blue shield will only pay for 1000. They accept no appeals. What is the law in New Jersey for diabetes management equipment? We are so upset is there anything we can do Thanks annette Parks
11/09/2005  I would like to know how I can fight for more insurance rights? I don't think it is fair that we can't get insurance like the normal person. I know that almost all diabetics have problems or will have in the future. Some of us don't have a good insurance plan to pay for doctors, tests, etc. I only have major hospitalization and it only pays for diabetes meds, supplies and certain things that my endocrinolist does. That is it. I want to see things changed for diabetics. I would like to know who to contact and if there is anything in legislation to help us. If not, I would like to see a bill passed that would help us. Please contact me by email or by phone after 8 PM EST. Thank you.
02/26/2007  I would like to improve the local hospitals handling of diabetics. They have some really outdated procedures and even some dangerous guide for Diabetics e.g. do not treat blood glucose untill it is greater than 200. Also they are still using so called sliding scales which is an antiquated methode of determing insulin dosages. PS I am a retired university Biomedical professor, and also have attended recent ADA diabetic treatment courses
02/26/2007  I would like to improve the local hospitals handling of diabetics. They have some really outdated procedures and even some dangerous guide for Diabetics e.g. do not treat blood glucose untill it is greater than 200. Also they are still using so called sliding scales which is an antiquated methode of determing insulin dosages. PS I am a retired university Biomedical professor, and also have attended recent ADA diabetic treatment courses
11/27/2007  What is happening with the vetoed bill on increased DM research spending?
03/22/2006  I strongly object to action tree type letters that force me to use a stock first paragraph. It always makes me think the sponsoring organization is more into supporting itself than the cause. Please change your practice.
02/17/2006  Hi! I am a Type II diabetic for approx the last 8 years. I also have in addition to my Type II diabetes numerous other physically disabling medical conditions coupled with Severe Depression and General Anxiety Disorder. I am 58 years old, unable to work for the last three years. March of 2005 I was granted Social Security Disability back to February 2003. For approximately the last 32 years I have maintained my own personal and privately owned by me a Disability Insurance Policy that was not purchased in any way what so ever through my previous employer. This Disability Insurance Policy through Thrivent Financial For Lutherans has a 30 day waiting period. In the past they have paid claims to me for one day 1985, June to October 1997 and March 1998 to July 1998. Theses claims were all paid to me without any problem to me at all. I have two of my doctors indicating on forms to Thrivent Financial For Lutherans that they both consider me to be permantly disabled. Thrivent has continually refused to pay me any benefits back to February 2003 when I became permantly disabled. I have retained my own attorney in regards to this denial. My attorney and Thrivent are currently arranging for this denial to be given to a mediator and if I am not successful with mediation then to a binding arbritation process. Can you offer me any additional help such as in the form of a letter that the American Diabetes Association is aware of this above outlined denial and the association will continue to monitor this mediation and arbritation process with interest. Thank you for your consideration of your help in this matter. This long 3 yrs process so far has had and is continuing to have a determental affect on both my mental and physical health conditions including the control of my diabetis. Sincerely, Donald Sauder Phone 610-929-8188 Home P.S. I am and have been a member and supportor of the American Diabetes Association for a number of years. Thank you for any help that you can offer in the above outlined denied claim.
05/30/2007  need advocacy help ! iaked for this before but was sent a packet of advertisements. thanks but i'm an RN & need help because i was fired soon after i told my boss i was diabetic.please let me talk to someone who can help me with this, thank you
02/17/2008  I am interested in knowing how I can become more involved in diabetes advocacy. Please keep me updated.
11/22/2005  I have nothing to say. I'm pleased with the program.
07/26/2006  I would like to know if diabetes can affect a child's learning ability in school? For instance, when the child is getting ready for a test, is it possible for that to cause stress to the point that the child doesn't fair well & become ill.
09/22/2005  I have a friend of mine, whose 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1. She told me today that a letter was sent home via the children at school to address the 3 children who have diabetes. Parents were ignorant, thought it was contagious, etc. Wasn't a news alert put out by the ADA on teachers and their knowledge of Diabetes? Thank you
05/16/2006  my doctor dropped me because I owe the clinic $1500. Thus I have no insulin of either one that I use. Or the pills I take for my diabetic condition and to prevent kidney damage. Virginia Grey phone 712-260-0075
03/12/2008  Your topic of discrimination only addresses ways that Diabetes has been used to block diabetics from pursuing certain jobs or to alter their work schedules to accommodate diabetes care. Your website hasn't covered the how employers use an employee's Diabetes as the reason behind employee injuries related to ergonomics, injuries from work-related tasks, etc. Everything is blamed on Diabetes and diabetics (at least this one) no longer have workers compensation protection despite how well one's diabetes is controlled!
03/22/2006  You ask for support to defeat the bill - but I can't find anywhere the 46 states it will affect.
03/29/2006  I'm trying to personalize an e-mail to send in support of the Specter-Harkin Amendment but am having trouble making changes to the template you provided. I've highlighted the areas to be changed and tried to insert my thoughts but am unable to make changes. Help...
03/31/2007  I was wondering how to go about getting help for upgrading my 508 mini med insulin pump. Last June the doctor told me I need to up grade and I talked with my pump people and they fixed all the papers for my insurance and they said I need $1900.00 for the new pump. Now I've talked with them again this year cause my husband didn't want another payment last year and my job is doing fund raisers at work for me. So I talked with the pump people again and they said it would cost me $4303.00 for the new one now. I'm so mad my insurance is the problem they have a durable medical equipment clause for $2500 and that is all they will pay. Can You help me!! My pump that I have now is 5-6 years old and starting to alarm alot more now I don't know how long it will last. Before the pump my HA1C was 11.4 and after 6 months on the pump drop to 7.4. I don't know what to do about this problem. Thank You, Pamela Thomason
11/14/2005  I am very interested in becoming involved in educating hospitals in the proper care of their diabetic patients who enter the hospital with other illnesses or problems i.e. stroke, heart, car accident, etc. I am a 62 year old NYC teacher with type I diabetes since I was 38. I've lived thru the death of my mother, sister, grandparents, uncle and others, as a result of improper care of their diabetes in a hospital. I fought for them, but always to no avail. I am ready to become involved. What can I do??????
11/14/2005  I am very interested in becoming involved in educating hospitals in the proper care of their diabetic patients who enter the hospital with other illnesses or problems i.e. stroke, heart, car accident, etc. I am a 62 year old NYC teacher with type I diabetes since I was 38. I've lived thru the death of my mother, sister, grandparents, uncle and others, as a result of improper care of their diabetes in a hospital. I fought for them, but always to no avail. I am ready to become involved. What can I do??????
05/31/2007  I have a question about employment as a Federal Air Marshall and having Type 1 diabetes. If a person is diagnosed after employment, can this diagnosis effect his/her employment?? I don't know if I asking the right source, can you direct me if I'm not??? I'm a diabetes educator.
04/04/2006  A re you aware of the approval of the Dexcom real time blood glucose measuring device. It got F.D.A. approval on Marh 27. Is ADA taking steps to get Insurers such as Blue Cross to cover this device?
11/26/2007  I am a diabetic. I can hardly afford my meds and diabetic supplies. I am disabled with a disability pension and SSDI. I want to get the word to the right people about helping people like me to get what they need to manage their diabetes. I need help in learning the process of what to do, who to contact, how to get the word to other diabetics, and so forth. I want to help others get what they need. How do I get started? Thanks, Steve
01/12/2007  Yesterday the NY Times highlighted the problem of no generic insulin drug and what could be done for it. I cannot find anything on either your website or the JDRF about that issue....and shouldn't that be a priority, along with research, to help the millions of people with diabetes who don't have adequate health care, not to mention how many more dollars would be available for people to donate rather than pay the high powered holders of the patents. I would like to be become more knowledgeable on this issue and find out what I could do about it. Please contact me at or 201 967-5922. THANKS! for everything you do.
02/08/2007  There is a MAJOR problem with the survey just sent out. Question #10 allows users to type a comment. THAT COMMENT IS NOT KEPT PRIVATE. If you view results, and then show all results for question #10, you see EVERYONE'S responses. People have emails, phone numbers and other private information there. There is NOTHING in the survey to indicate that the comments will be published or viewable by everyone else. This is extremely misleading. Please fix this immediately, as it is a massive problem.
05/22/2006  How can I locate local diabetes support groups in my area? If there are none available, what needs to be done to start one? Is there someone at the state office that needs to be contacted to receive this information. Thanks
03/18/2008  I think that when you ask the public to support a bill you should have a copy available online for us to read, also when you ask us to support a position you should provide all pertinent information dealing with the position. Or at least provide sources so we can access the information and make an informed decision as to whether or not we believe the bill or position is something we feel we can support.. thank you for allowing this input..
04/15/2006  OK, why is my local Palm Beach County chapter not keeping me abreast of what is happening here in the local area, and why do I feel like nobody gives a damn about my wanting to be more actively involved in getting this funding passed?
12/04/2007  Hello, I have a teen with Type 1 in HS. the school will not make any accommodations even though they have paperwork with dx and have medical supplies for her to check levels and such for the last 2 years. I am now in the process of getting documentation together for a 504 meeting i requested last week. i have so many questions but i guess i will start with just a few. 1. how long does the school have to set a date for the 504 meeting from when i requested it last Thursday? 2. Can they force her to have to walk down stairs to the nurses office to have a snack if she feels really low, disoriented and shaky, because their policy is no food in class for everyone? that is the excuse they gave me, she was very rude and adamant regardless of her dx. 3. Can teachers be held responsible for providing a student with missed work due to sickness or temporary absence for bathroom breaks? the school is trying to set the reposnsibility on another student rather than the teacher. 4. Can schools be held respomsible for knowing for 2 years that a student has a physical disability and di not follow proper protocol for educating staff and offering a 504 when problems arose last year. I justlearned about 504's from a friend whose daughter is ADHD, if not for her the school would continue to make me run in circles and continue calls begging them to help my daughter rather than punish her for something she has no control over. Please help, Gwen Del Valle (973) 722-7552 or (732)652-7984 Thank you!
03/10/2006  Hi, Just got an email about a very important issue. Would like to email Patty Murray of Washington state in support of medical coverage for people with diabetes, but there was no link on the email to her email, as has been before. Only phone, and I can't afford to call. As the issue is urgent, please reply! Tammy
03/22/2006  Which 4 states do NOT cover diabetes? What are their rationales?
05/02/2006  Dear Sir: I emailed you last week regarding a possible termination of medical coverage from my hmo. HIP of New York because I'm a t2 diabetic. I've paid my premium every month for the last 16 years. I believe they are discriminating against me. Please respond as I haven't heard from you regarding this matter. ThankYou Daniel Byrnes
04/25/2006  Dear Sir: I believe my hmo HIP Health Plan of New York is trying to cancel my policy. If they are successful can you assist? They sent me a new type of late payment notice twice because I paid 4/20 instead of 4/17 indicating if they didn't receive payment by 5/1/06 I would be terminated and unable to be reinstated for 1 year. I believe they're looking for a way to dump me because I'm a t2 diabetic.Please advise. Thanks Daniel Byrnes
01/18/2006  I attended Call to Congress in 2004. I would love to attend again this year. I have changed email addresses and have not heard if you have started or finished the application process. Is it too late to apply? Would appreciate reply as I would combine this with Scientific Sessions only if I can be part of Call to Congress. Thanks, Barbara Thorne Courtney
02/08/2007  I was just wondering if you have any banners that people can put on their personal websites to "advertise" your website? If you don't you should make some. If you go to they have banners there that people can use. I would like to put something related to this site on my page since I am diabetic. Thanks. -Megan Schuler
01/12/2006  I am a third-year law student in DC and wanted to know if there's anything I can do to help advocate for the needs of persons with diabetes. For the past two years, I have raised over $2500 each time for the annual Diabetes Walk, but I am hoping there is also a way that my legal training can be put to use.
02/20/2008  About 4 years ago, ADA was doing some work on schools and childhood obesity. If I remember correctly, legislation to address child health and schools was planned in several states. Can you tell me what the status of that legislation is? and what states, if any, are involved? Thanks!
06/08/2007  I won't be shy in saying that I would LOVE to contribute to the ADA because I have diabetes, my husband has diabetes, and my mother died from diabetes! However, as long as you continue to support embryonic stem cell research, I cannot in good conscience give you one penny. Please try to find a way to give life to diabetics that doesn't involve taking life from a fetus.
05/23/2006  I am a diabetic...and I am totally against HR 810. You dismiss the use of "excess embryos" from IVF as if nobody in their right mind would be against this. Well, I'm perfectly sane and find it reprehensible! I think the ADA does good work for diabetics, but please stop your advocacy of embryonic stem cell research. Until that happens, we will no longer contribute to the ADA. Please reconsider your stand on this. Sincerely, Suzy Finigan
05/26/2007  To Whom This My Concern, My daughter who is diabetic graduated from High School this year. I was told that ADA has grants for kids that want to go to college. Can you tell me if this is true and if so, can you please tell me how to do it. Also, my other daughter is 11 years old, also has diabetes. I was wondering if there is somewhere that I can get help with both of their medications for it is very expensive. I do have insurance on both but out of pocket for the meds are high. Thank you for your time, Mrs. Pat Jones
09/24/2007  Since my husband has been diagnosed with diabetes, it has explained a lot of things. Right now, he is trying to keep his job at a place called Sleep Care Diagnostics. He has trouble with his thinking and also seeing the lines on the monitors for evaluation. Is there any advice you can give me to help him? I would appreciate it, I can also be reached by my cell phone at 513-377-0196. Thank you, Lori Clemens PS: He has had trouble keeping jobs since 2000, which is when I believe that the diabetes came on. He was not diagnosed until 2004. Thanks,
04/10/2007  I am a diabetic that is hoping to in the next few month start using an insulin pump. Is there not a way that we could lobby congress to make insurance companies help alittle bit more with the price of supplies needed for the pump?
04/12/2006  Well, I am discouraged by the response I have received from Senator Johnny Isaakson of Georgia regarding the insurance bill, but at least he responded. I am forwarding his response to me for your review. I had a feeling that this would be his response, and am not sure how to get him to see it differently. Mrs. Lyman Dear Mrs. Lyman : Thank you for contacting me regarding S.1955, the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act. I appreciate your comments and the opportunity to respond. As a former small business owner, I understand that the ability to provide affordable health insurance is one of the most critical issues facing small businesses in Georgia and across this country today. More than 45 million Americans lack health insurance, and 62 percent of those uninsured are either employed by a small business or dependent on someone who is. We must help level the playing field for small businesses so that they can provide health insurance to their workers who desperately need it. While some have raised concerns about state oversight of association health plans, I can assure you that patients will have access to the care they need when they need it the most. Over the last 40 years, state mandated benefits have increased from seven to 1,800, increasing costs to the provider and consumer and putting affordable health insurance out of the reach of small businesses. Through this legislation, we can reduce health care costs and improve access to affordable health insurance coverage for all employers by streamlining state insurance laws and regulations. Under S.1955, if an insurer chooses to offer coverage that does not comply with the mandates of that state, it must also offer a comprehensive alternative containing the same benefits, services and provider categories of a state employee plan in one of the five most populous states - California , New York , Texas , Florida and Illinois . In this way, S.1955 provides consumers with the benefits and services mandated in their state or with comparable coverage under another state's plan. Additionally, association health plans would still have to be licensed in each state in which they operate, preserving the traditional role of the states in protecting the interests of insurance consumers. S. 1955 also provides for the creation of a harmonization board under the Department of Health and Human Services to develop uniform standards for certain areas of health insurance regulation, specifically form and rate filing, market conduct review, prompt payment of claims and internal review. These regulations would still be enforced by the states. S.1955 was recently passed by the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, a committee on which I serve, and has been cleared for consideration by the full Senate. I believe that the committee's action is a good step forward and I urge the full Senate to act soon. Providing affordable health insurance to small businesses - the bedrock of our economy - is critical for our nation, and I look forward to working with my colleagues in achie ving this important objective. Thank you again for contacting me. Please visit my webpage at for more information on the issues important to you and to sign up for my e-newsletter. Sincerely, Johnny Isakson United States Senator For future correspondence with my office, please visit my web site at
07/12/2006  hi. was just trying to update my address. thank you. jewell peters
03/23/2006  I have contacted my senators about S. 1955, but it's really not the support of my own California senators I am worried about. Are there particular senators in other states who are potential "swing" votes and whom I could contact? How can I find out?
05/30/2007  One of my clients is having trouble at her job. She is not allowed to SMBG or eat at her desk. She is required to do both of these things in the bathroom or outdoors. She works as a customer support person, answering phone calls, and is judged by the number of calls she answers. Therefore, each trip to the bathroom means less calls answered. She is trying hard for good BG control, SMBG pre and post meals. She would like to pursue wearing an insulin pump, but was told by her supervisor the company would not like for her to wear one. Do you have any suggestions for helping her? Thank you
11/23/2005  I wanted to forward the information about S.406, but the "Tell a Friend" location seems only to pass along an invitation to be an adovcate. How do I pass along the full message? Also, if I give you a list of e-mail addresses, does everyone receive the whole list of addresses?
03/23/2006  I responded to an email to contact my senator and got this response which I just don't understand: Dear Mr. Swanson : Thank you for taking the time to contact me concerning Association Health Plans ( AHPs ). I support Association Health Plans ( AHPs ) to provide access to quality, affordable health care to millions of Americans at no cost to taxpayers. AHPs empower small business owners, who otherwise cannot afford health insurance, to offer "Fortune 500" company quality health insurance to their employees. AHPs allow national trade and professional associations, from the National Federation of Independent Business to the American Farm Bureau Federation, to respond to the needs of their membership and sponsor health care plans. In other words, AHPs are a solution to a problem that does not discriminate by locale - it helps the small business owner in cities and towns as well as the farmer and rancher. Any small business owner can buy into these plans for themselves, their employees, and their dependents. On February 16, 2005, "The Small Business Health Fairness Act" (S. 406) to create new national-based AHPs , was introduced by Senator Olympia Snowe. I am a cosponsor to this bill to cover the uninsured. This legislation is similar to legislation that was twice passed by the U.S. House of Representatives last Congress on a strong bipartisan basis. Not only does this legislation have bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate, but President Bush has voiced strong support as well. I understand your concerns with respect to preempting state insurance laws. However, preemption of 50 state insurance regulatory regimes under federal the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) has allowed unions and large employers to provide cost-effective health benefits. Also, legislation similar to the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act would still apply to AHPs . This federal mandate ensures health care services, like a mammography, are provided under AHPs . A federal structure for small employers would bring stability, uniformity and lower costs for health care coverage. Currently, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) regulates union and Fortune 500 company health plans. I believe that small business owners should have the same rights as unions and Fortune 500 companies, and am convinced that the DOL will equally enforce the strict standards written into this bill. In addition, I support the right of labor unions, Fortune 500 companies and small businesses to purchase health care coverage on a national scale. Nationwide risk pools will allow small businesses to the opportunity to band together through trade and professional associations to purchase affordable health benefits. By joining together, small employers will enjoy greater bargaining power, economies of scale, and administrative efficiencies. In this way, AHPs will level the playing field and give participating small employers the same advantages as larger employers and employers who provide benefits through Taft-Hartley plans (plans sponsored jointly by a union and two or more employers). AHPs will save small businesses 20 to 30% in the area of administrative costs and allow small business owners to do what they do best - run their businesses. On June 16, 2003, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated the effect on revenues of H.R. 660, the Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2003, which subsequently passed the House on a strong bipartisan basis 262-162. CBO estimated that enacting H.R. 600 would result in a net increase of about 600,000 people with employment- based health insurance coverage by 2008. As a result, they expect that fewer people would need to be covered by Medicaid, and that Medicaid spending would decline. In 2000, CBO issued a flawed report on the effect of Association Health Plans and HealthMarts on the insurance market, as admitted through its testimony during a House Small Business Committee hearing. The most notable flaws in CBO's report include the fact that CBO grouped AHPs with HealthMarts and ignored the benefits of increased competition. Please know that, while we may agree at times and disagree at other times, I always appreciate hearing from you and I value your advice. Thank you once again for contacting me. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I may be of further assistance to you. Sincerely, Norm Coleman United States Senate
07/30/2005  Below is the letter I got from Senator David Vitter in response to the Advocacy e-mail I sent with this aid of this site. Since I've never really e-mail Senators before, I'm a little upset by this response for things like his use of 'I', in sentences such as "I am opposed to." I guess my real question is how do these things work? I thought our senators where suppose to vote the way their people felt, but unless I missed it, which is quiet possible, Louisiana didn't have a general vote on how do you feel about stem cell research. So instead of his letter saying something like such and such percent of my people feel this way about the subject he uses I. And I guess if we really didn't have a vote on it, we must have elected him for HIS feelings. So how do I respond from here? Is he personally opposed? Does he feel the state of Louisiana is opposed? And if he really feels so strongly that "embryonic babies are killed" how do I find out what he is doing to make each and everyone of these babies be born into a healthy environment? I am not very politically savvy. I'm a newly diagnosed diabetic, who finds this all a little overwhelming. Is there an appropriate response here? Do I just get others to keep e-mailing him and try to change his mind? Anna Marie Catoir ---------------------------- Dear Ms. Catoir, Thank you for contacting me in support of government funded embryonic stem cell research. Stem cell research has been a difficult and divisive issue for many, and I appreciate hearing your thoughts on this issue. As you may know, stem cells are versatile cells from which a variety of tissues and organs develop. They are considered prime prospects for effective biomedical research, and they are available from a variety of human sources, including embryos, umbilical cord blood, and placentas. I am opposed to the use of taxpayer funds to experiment on stem cells harvested from embryos. The embryonic babies are killed in the process of extracting these cells, and I simply cannot support this sort of medical research that takes human life. In fact, historically medical ethics have prohibited experimentation on human subjects unless it would benefit the human subject and would pose no risk of injury or death. However, medical research on adult stem cells, such as those obtained from umbilical cord blood for example, do not have the same ethical problems associated with taking human life for research. In addition, it is these same stem cells that have given scientists their most promising biomedical breakthroughs. Compared to embryonic stem cells, these adult stem cells are both more ethical and more effective for research purposes. I have supported legislation that would expand and fund adult stem cell research. Once again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me on this issue. Please feel free to contact me in the future about other issues important to you. Sincerely, Senator David Vitter United States Senator
10/14/2005  I'm seeking some advocacy information about correctional facilities legal responsibilities to diabetic inmates. Who or whom should I contact? Sincerely, Timothy Hill
12/12/2005  Hello: I wanted to sign for the June Call 2 Congress for 2006 and I did not see it on the website. Can you please direct me on how to sign up. Also I will be at the ADA Sugarfree Weekend retreat in Ocean City MD 01/13-15/06. I would like any new issues that are happening in these states: DE,MD,NJ,PA,VA also anything new that is happening in the Federal issues. Thanks
06/15/2006  Hi, I was going to C2C though due to an unexpected hospital visit I was unable to attend this year. Did anybody else go from VA. did anyone meet with congress and senate on June 8? I am going to call all today and I would like to know beofre I call if anyone did meet with them. Also the major points we were talking about this year are they the ones listed that was sent out a while ago. Thanks, Ron DeNunzio ADA SFWR CO Chair Richmond, VA. Day Camp
02/01/2006  How about providing a forum where people can conect for support or to join with a buddy for motivation in areas like exercise,sharing everyday situation in a diabetics life, or even community groups like AA(we can call it DA, Diabetics annonomus). I dont know maybe i'm late and these things already exist. I'm a 5 Yr type 2 diabetic maybe still in denial and waking up!! = )/= ( Julie
12/14/2006  Is it law in Massachusetts that only a school nurse can administer Glucagon? We have tried to put in place a 504 Accommodation for our daughter, in which several other staff members in the school who have contact with our daughter, be trained by the nurse to administer Glucagon in an emergency. The nurse told us that state law forbids anyone but a nurse from doing this. Can you answer this or point me to a resource? Thanks!!!
08/18/2005  Why is it that there are no health programs for yound adults like Medicare?
07/22/2005  I have a question about the school system. The schools that I am around will not let the students that are capable test their blood sugars in school on their own, they must go to the nursing station to do this and miss class and lunch time. If they are having a low blod sugar they must walk to the nursing station to test or just treat it with out knowing the blood sugar. Is this the same at other schools? I do not think this is fair to an independent student, they should be able to carry thie meter with them in school. Deb Stahl RN CDE
05/12/2006  I don't really want or need a response. I just wanted to point something out. When I went to take the "How Did You Hear About the Action Center?" survey, none of the choices applied to me. I first learned about the advocacy center from browsing around the ADA website. I visited the page because I read about it on the message boards when others talked about participating. It's been interesting to see the support for the S.1955 matter the last few weeks on the messages boards. I think that support was as strong as it was because even for those of us who currently have adequate insurers, we hear so often from those who struggle without insurance, so we are aware of the problems that would just increase without adequate insurance. Please don't overlook the power of this group of "invisible friends."
03/10/2006  With the new Medicare Plan D ALL diabetic supplies have to be billed as Part B Medical Equipment. A Medicare Provider will accept what Medicare pays plus I will have pay 20%. Don't any Medicare Suppliers accept Medicare's payment in full?
09/21/2005  I'm writing this because I'm having problems getting Information on getting help for my 11 year old niece that has an Insuiln Pump.She lives in NY State and goes to school there.Since she is a very bad Diabetic how can we have a nurse be with her while she is in school. I know there they have one school nurse for the whole school. And to me that is very scary for me as her Aunt to know. I feel there's got to be some kind of program with the Diabetes Foundation and Schools for Children with Diabetes like her's that is so bad. Just a couple weeks ago she was brought to one Hosptial because her Blood Sugar was sky high and they had to call a Medical Center and have her brought there. The Medical Center came down from Albany NY with there own Medical Personnel to bring her there. I just wanted to see if there's any way that her Parents and I and the foundation can get her a Nurse for her while she is in School? I don't want anything to happen to her and her Parents don't either. I'm Praying you have some kind of answer for us about this.
12/11/2005  My daughter was dx on Febuary 1st of this year with Type 1 diabetes. I work and my husband works and this past summer I enrolled my daughter into School age services on a Military Installation for camp. They kept procrastinating on allowing my daughter to start camp. After 5 weeks of persisting, it came down to me saying..No more maybe's! Can she start on Monday or not? I needed to speek with the health nurse of School Services and she said my daughter could join and I had to sign a letter saying that I would bring my daughter all drinks, food (even though it is included in price of camp for other kids)and Samantha would need to check her own blood sugar (she was 6 at the time) and Samantha or my husband and I would need to come whenever she at to give her the insulin she needed. Samantha did go to camp and had great fun. The staff at the school was very friendldy and nice to Samantha. So if we needed to be to work at 6am and Sam didn't feel like eating when she woke up we needed to drive to the school to give her a shot for breakfast and lunch. Samantha did have a low one day when swimming. The staff informed me that they were instructed by the director of SAS (school age services) that if Samantha fell asleep to just call 911, never to give the glucagon shot. That was the last day my daughter went to camp. The staff that worked at the school with my child was helpful and wanted to learn and one lady was going to school to become a nurse and told me her Mother was type 1 diabetic and said she would know what to do but was instructed to leave my daughter alone and if she was to give a shot of anything she would be fired. I did fill out a comment card saying I wasn't happy with the Head Nurse nor the Director of SAS and the way they discriminated us. I'm not sure who but somebody forwarded a email regarding my comment card. There are parts of the email that are pure lies. One part being that they trained there employees on how to take care of kids with diabetes. My husband and I gave them the training and you can tell by the directors letter that she still hasn't educated herself about diabetes because of the remark about the nurses able to give shots but no insulin or glucagon. I think what she means is that they can help check her blood sugar but not give any medicine. Not one of these people have contacted me by phone and I don't know the person that sent me this email This school is on post at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. My customer comment is on the bottom. The beginning I think is the directors response to my survey I filled out. I copied and pasted the forwarded email here.____> __ From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To: Subject: FW: Response Requested: DISSATISFIED comment card submitted for D MWR School Age Services located at Bldg 2188, Fort Campbell Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 08:31:37 -0600 Just wanted to ensure this loop was closed with you. -----Original Message----- From: Hassler, Julie A Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 8:31 AM To: Eccles, Katy M. Cc: Fees, Kongchu (Josie); Samuels, (Joey) Steven J.; Gorham, Michael D.; Hemington, Manuela Subject: RE: Response Requested: DISSATISFIED comment card submitted for DMWR School Age Services located at Bldg 2188, Fort Campbell Response to comment re: Type I Diabetic Child in SAS Camp This child was the first child admitted into the CYS program with Type I Diabetes. Previous to her admission it was the consensus of Preventive Medicine that we could not provide the training to care for a Type I Diabetic Child. After researching the subject; the SAS Director and Army Community Health Nurse developed a training plan and diabetic care plan to use in the CYS program to care for Type I Diabetic children. The training plan included providing training on Diabetes; training staff to use a glucometer & to read a glucometer; training staff on using the diabetic care plan to record blood glucose readings; meals & snacks given; and interventions done when the blood glucose went above or below the parameters set by the physician. Staff was trained to recognize signs & symptoms of low blood glucose - the primary concern with a diabetic child. In addition, the staff were trained on how to respond when they recognized signs & symptoms of a low blood glucose; these steps were very strait forward: Once staff recognized a child was exhibiting signs of low blood glucose they were taught to do four things: 1) Check the child's blood glucose level with the glucometer 2) If the blood glucose level was below the parameter set by the physician on the child's Diabetes Care Plan, they were to give the child a fast acting carbohydrate such as orange juice 3)Monitor the child & repeat the blood glucose test in 20 minutes 4) Record their actions on the Diabetic Care Plan Log. The above training was the most important training piece in the Diabetic training. Staff could NOT be trained to do two things: 1) Administer a glucagon shot and/or 2) Give insulin. According the Kentucky & Tennessee Nurse Practice Acts (these are the laws set forth to govern the practice of licensed nurses); a Registered Nurse may NOT delegate the administering of Insulin to any non-licensed personnel. In addition; the Registered Nurse may not delegate the administering of an injection if the administering of that injection required that the person mix or draw up any medication prior to giving the injection. This is an important differential; because a Registered Nurse may delegate to a non-licensed caregiver the administering of a pre-loaded syringe - such as an Epi-Pen; if the Glucagon was provided as a preloaded syringe the RN could teach the caregiver to give the injection. This is sometimes difficult for parents to understand because when their child is diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, parents are taught to give insulin and to mix & inject glucagon. This is because the laws that prohibit the RN from delegating these procedures to non-licensed personnel do not apply to the family of the child. Parents are often taught quite complicated medical procedures if the procedures are necessary for them to care for their child at home. This is why the law differentiates between parents and family and non-family members. The Lucas SAS staff was given thorough training on recognizing the signs & symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and with this knowledge they responded appropriately whenever the child's blood glucose was low. They were taught this knowing they could not give the child a glucagon shot & so they knew prevention was the key. The Lucas SAS staff was also taught if the child did become unconscious or have a seizure do to hypoglycemia that they were to call 911 immediately & test the blood sugar so that they could provide the information to the EMS responders. This plan required vigilance by the SAS providers and they were mindful always of the child's behavior and eating patterns to ensure the child did not have a drop in blood sugar so low that she passed out. This plan provided for the safest care for the child. Prevention of hypoglycemia is always the standard. The staff was trained on the possibility that the child may pass out or have a seizure if her blood sugar went too low and that the intervention for this is a glucagon shot. However, we certainly did not want to end up with a situation where EMS could have been at the site providing emergency care for the child while the caregiver fumbled with the directions on mixing and injecting the glucagon shot. So there was a twofold reason for not teaching the staff to mix & inject the glucagon shot; the first and primary being that it is against the law for an RN to delegate this procedure to a non-licensed provider and the second being that having an incompetent person attempt to mix and provide a glucagon injection could actually delay the child receiving emergency care from EMS. I do apologize that the parent was misguided when she was told she had to bring her daughter's food and snacks. What should have been done is the parent should have been given the menu to see what her child was going to be served that day and the Lucas staff should have recorded the food eaten by the child so that the parent could adjust the insulin given to the child based on her diet. It is our goal always to make every attempt with reasonable accomodation to provide care for all children regardless of their special need. We are certainly equipped to care for Type I Diabetic children and successfully admitted two Type I Diabetic children into our Summer SAS Camps for Summer 2005. Unfortunately this is the first I have heard of a complaint concerning the care provided, I offer a belated apology and I would be happy to speak with the parents directly so that I can answer all of their concerns. Kind Regards, Julie Hassler RN LNC CMC CYS Health Specialist ( Katy - not sure who all you wanted this cc'd to - send on to others if I left anyone out. Thanks. Julie) -----Original Message----- From: Eccles, Katy M. Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 8:15 AM To: Fees, Kongchu (Josie); Gorham, Michael D. Cc: Samuels, (Joey) Steven J.; Hassler, Julie A Subject: RE: Response Requested: DISSATISFIED comment card submitted for DMWR School Age Services located at Bldg 2188, Fort Campbell I am passing to Julie for answer. Julie, please Reply to ALL Thanks -----Original Message----- From: Fees, Kongchu (Josie) Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 6:45 AM To: Gorham, Michael D. Cc: Eccles, Katy M.; Samuels, (Joey) Steven J. Subject: FW: Response Requested: DISSATISFIED comment card submitted for DMWR School Age Services located at Bldg 2188, Fort Campbell Importance: High Mike, At the bottom of this comment card is the concern from Mrs. Markee. She wants a response. Her e-mail is included. Please cc Katy. Thanks Josie -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Monday, October 24, 2005 10:15 PM To: Subject: Response Requested: DISSATISFIED comment card submitted for DMWR School Age Services located at Bldg 2188, Fort Campbell Josie Fees, A DISSATISFIED comment card has just been submitted for: DMWR School Age Services Please review the customer feedback below and take appropriate action. If a response to the customer is deemed necessary, please use the customer contact information if provided below. Log any attempt made to contact the customer by using the 'Customer Followup' section in ICE. Do NOT reply directly to this email as a means of contacting the customer who submitted the comment card. Replying directly to this email will NOT cause an email to be sent to the customer. 3 comment cards, including the one indicated in this email, have been submitted for this service provider during the past 90 days (or since this ICE site began accepting comment cards, if less then 90 days). Averages and response counts for individual questions do not include responses of N/A. Ratings: ---DOD Required Questions--- Question Customer's Rating Responses % Satisfied -------- ------------- ---- --------- ----------- Were you satisfied with your experience at this office / facility? No 2 0% Question Customer's Rating Responses % Yes -------- ------------- ---- --------- --------- Did the product or service meet your needs? No 3 0% Question Customer's Rating Responses Average Rating -------- ------------- ---- --------- -------------- Facility Appearance Good 2 4.00 Employee/Staff Attitude Excellent 2 3.00 Timeliness of Service Good 2 2.50 Hours of Service Good 2 3.50 ---Additional Questions--- Question Customer's Rating Responses % of Responses -------- ------------- ---- --------- -------------- What is your status? ---- 2 ---- -- Active Duty ---- 0 0% -- Unit Leader ---- 0 0% -- Reserve Component ---- 0 0% -- Family Member Customer Choice 1 50% -- Retiree ---- 0 0% -- Civilian ---- 1 50% IMPORTANCE: What level of importance is this specific service to you? ---- 2 ---- -- High Customer Choice 2 100% -- Med-High ---- 0 0% -- Medium ---- 0 0% -- Med-Low ---- 0 0% -- Low ---- 0 0% (Note: Ratings are not meaningful until at least 25 responses have been entered for each question.) Customer Comments: My daughter was in Sas camp at the Elementary school last year. It was the biggest pain getting approved to let my daughter go. All because my daughter is type I diabetic. The staff were wonderful when she joined and my daughter loved them. The people that were in charge were never around when I had questions. It took almost 4 weeks to get approval for her to go. One day I was told "If your daughter has any problems, passes out or has a seizure" We are informed not to touch her but just to call 911. What could save her life if she had a low is a glucogon shot. I was told I had to bring my own food and snacks and show up at every meal to give her shots. It's sad to know that you don't care about kids with disabilities. The day I was told the head nurse (Captain ?) and head of CDC told the cdc workers not to do anything in case of emergency is the last day my daughter went. My daughter surely isnt the first type I diabetic and wont be the last
11/13/2007  AS supportive as I am of ADA I strongly oppose organizations i support trying to take political stands. I happen to agree with your positon on this issue, but tomorrow it could be something I strongly disagree with. This caused me to discontinue my support of AARP and now this. Such is life.
08/18/2005  Congratulations on getting the CDL license medical to include insulin dependent diabetics as an approved medical condition. can you now, or continue, working w/ the FAA about private pilot's license medicals. the new sport pilot license is a great start, but severelyn limits the type of airplane, etc. that I (we) can fly. i use Lantus once a day and have pretty good control of my blood sugar. thanks, john hardy
08/23/2005  i got your wristband the red of 10 im trying to get poeple to get on line to get more and show everone help to fight this my mom been a diabetes for 25 year she lost her leg also kindneys are real bad and her eyes to i been a diabete for a 1 1/2 i take 2 shot a day and i hate to,iam trying to help on this thank you bob
09/09/2006  Hello: I jusg have a little story to tell you about, if I may. I am a retired teacher. I was called back on the first day of this school year to sub for another teacher that just had aher baby(early). Anyway, I am subbing with fifth graders--most all remembered a previous years @ Williamsburg Elementary. We started the year by telling three things about ourselves. I did tell the kids that I am now a diabetic(2yrs). Told them what to do ifthey ever saw me in "harms-way"> Then, I explained about how important it is for me to walk everyday. Plus, I wear my pedometer. They were very much interested in this "How many steps business". They were totally shocked when I told them how it kept up with my steps and turned them into miles. Of course, now they all want one. As the kids play out at recess, I do my walking around the playground (2laps) and watch at the same time. Just this week I looked behind me and there was 4 little girls walking behind me! The next day there 10 kids walking behind me! Now, they have started their own walking club! They said they wish to "support" me by walking, too. Needless to say I was blown away. We had also be speaking of heroes in class and I told them they were mine. I am an ADA Advocate. I do work with Debi Martin from Williamsburg, Oh on some Diabetes things. We are looking for pedometers for these kids. Anyway, I just wanted you to know. Thank You, Brenda Jody
03/18/2006  Please explain why you are concerned that bill S.1955 will be detrimental to diabetes coverage? We have coverage under a small business AND though we have coverage it is VERY expensive. I thought that by grouping employers together it would help drove costs down. I will make contact will both my senators when I specifically understand why this is harmfull. Senator Nelson is a co-sponsor and I know that he is trying to get support because he feels it will be beneficial not hurtful. I look forward to your timely response. Sarah Swanson
05/10/2006  You discuss advocay at schools - thank you. But what about day care? Our daughter is Type I diabetic and attends day care (she has just turned three) and they are not interested in getting involved with diabetes care. So my wife has to go and provide food and snacks and then administer insulin. We are wanting to put our daughter on a pump. It is almost impossible to do without cooperation of the day care provider. How do we convince them to help us help our daughter?
11/08/2006  Action Center - Letter regarding UN National Diabetest Day. the 2nd paragraph has a statement in there 2x. It's in the first sentence and 2nd sentence of the 2nd paragraph. It looks like an error.
04/24/2006  My rep's response to my email: From: Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite [] Sent: Monday, April 24, 2006 9:36 AM To: Subject: Responding to your message Dear Kendra: Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention. I appreciate the time you took to contact my office on this important issue. Each year, as Congress debates the federal budget, liberal interest groups engage in all-out mudslinging. In examining some of these statements, it is important to separate fact from fiction. Some will claim that the budget resolution proposes draconian cuts to domestic spending, all as part of a n effort to hurt the poor and the middle class. This could not be farther from the truth. Since 2001, federal spending has increased by: · 32%- General Government · 42%- Health · 71%- Community Development · 86%- Housing and Commerce · 94%- International Affairs · 99%- Education Clearly, these increases run contrary to these liberal claims. Skewing the data to make false claims is shameful, but many liberal groups continue to do so anyway. However, all but the most radical groups believe that if we do not slow the growth in our spending, we will face deficits that are ever more massive. It is imperative that Congress work to bring our budget deficit under control. On March 31, 2006, the House Budget Committee approved H.Con.Res. 376, the 2007 Fiscal Year Budget Resolution . This resolution takes important steps toward reigning in out of control spending, while ensuring that national priorities receive more-than-adequate resources. Congress has a responsibility to ensure the government spends taxpayer's hard-earned money prudently - simply increasing government spending on a program does not make it more effective. Slowing the growth of discretionary spending by identifying programs that are grossly inefficient or underperforming is the best way to serve both those in need and the American taxpayer. Congress can divert these funds to priority areas, such as Research and Development and the National Institutes of Health. I would also like to remind you that the Budget Resolution does not fund specific programs; instead, it serves as a blueprint for the appropriations process. The Appropriations Subcommittees will review each of the programs within their jurisdiction and if additional funding is necessary, they will include it. As these Appropriation Subcommittees' legislation comes before the House of Representatives for a vote, I will keep your concerns in mind. Throughout my tenure in public service, I have always kept an open door and an open dialogue with my constituents. As the 109th Congress addresses the many challenges facing our nation, I hope you will continue to share your thoughts and views with me. Accordingly, I encourage you to visit my website at http://brown- to email me and find useful information about our 5th Congressional District. It is my honor and privilege to serve the people of Florida 's 5th Congressional District and my offices and staff are here to provide you with any assistance you may need. Sincerely, Ginny Brown-Waite Member of Congress
08/29/2005  The website is great, very user friendly
11/08/2005  This question is related to employment. I just had a pre-employment physical and the doctor wants or needs to do an A1C to see if i'm in control. Now nowhere did I read this that they would check, I worked for the company before and had to delay start of work until the the A1C was at 7 or under, can this doctor request or do this?
09/29/2005  I am not sure where to direct my question, but I read on this website that insurance companies in most states are required to cover diabetes supplies, Texas being one of those states. However, my insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, does not cover test strips. Help! Thank you, Laura Bettor
09/01/2005  I need any and all information on the recent legislation for truck drivers and pilots who need insulin to treat their diabetes.
03/17/2006  I have Pacificare PPC id#071793900-02, phone 1- 866-316-9776. Insurnace with a presciption copay for $50. I am preapproved for 300 glucose test strips a month. I have not been able to get any strips for over a month because the company subcontracted by Pacificare - Prescription Solutions waits me to pay $150/month. Pacificare says this is wrong, it should be $50, yet they can't (read won't) fix the problem. I have no test strips, I'm on an insulin pump, I do not feel low blood sugar and have had 2 grand mal sezures in the past because of this. After a month of calls, I've documented many of them, I'm no where closer to getting this resolved. Since I'm just a small single person in their eyes, no one seems to care. PLEASE HELP !!! Barbra Winkler 303-740-8603
07/22/2005  Is Texas one of the 4 states that doesn't require insurance companies to cover diabetes supplies? My son has an individual policy through BCBS of Tx and they do not cover test strips at all. Also, my employer's group plan stopped covering test strips upon renewal this year. Thank you. Gini Blackwell
11/10/2005  Please help me, I need and advocate and some legal advice.
07/18/2005  I could not log on to the web site for Diabetes PHD. I tried the web address m The main page kept comming up. What did I do wrong? I would like to make out the questionar for Diabetes PHD. Please e-Mail an answer. Lillian
07/11/2005  Here is a test email.
07/18/2006  Why am I getting this when I try to send this alert to the President? I am a citizen and a registered voter in Illinois!!! What does my zip code have to do with this??? I think you must have a glitch in your system! Tell President Bush Not to Veto H.R. 810! We're sorry, but based on your address, you are not eligible to take this alert. This may be because the alert is restricted to particular states or to constituents of particular representatives. It may also be because the address that you entered does not match a ZIP code that we can properly map to your representative. Please consider taking actions on other issues.
07/20/2005  Hi, Is there any way to verify that the information I sent when I signed the petition actually went through. If not, should I sign the petition again? Thanks Rick
07/20/2006  I think that it would prove to be very helpful come voting time in November to know who voted for and against the Stem Cell Bill in all levels of government. If this is going to pass the next time that this comes up for review then we need to have the right people in office to make that happen. So I am asking that since you ask us to join the fight for different issues to write in or contact our respentatives then we should know who is going to work for us in the future and our voting season is upon us so this is the time to strike back.
07/08/2005  this is a test from Brenda
08/20/2007  I was recently fired from my job because I had an insulin reaction at work. I am an aviation technician, and I work, or did work for AirTran Airways. I worked for them for over six years, and in that time have had low blood sugars. They claim that they are terminating me because of safety, although I have never been involved in any kind of safety issue, nor have I ever even come close. When I ask them what safety issue have I caused, they tell me that I haven't caused any safety issue-but I could. I am very scared right now. Not only does this end my income and health insurance, but it pretty much ends my career. I need help. I don't know what to do. I have been a part of the Advocacy program for a long time. Can anyone help me? If you want more information, please email me or call me at 404-966-4150. Thank you for your time. Tom
08/23/2007  I wrote to you on Monday 8/20/07 with a question on a problem I'm having and I still haven't heard a thing from you. When I sent it in, it said I would receive a response within 24-48 hours. I need some help. I'm always there for you when you send me a request to do anything for the advocacy program. Now I need you and you don't even bother responding. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
07/14/2005  I would like to volunteer my services to advocate on behalf of ADA. I know that there were hearings recently on Capital Hill and they were very compelling. I am a 39 year old attorney who was diagnosed with Type 1 only 2 years ago. At that time I was healthy and fit and was in my tenth year as a supervising Assistant District Attorney in Boston concentrating on Gang Violence and Neighborhood Crime. Since being diagnosed, I have had a difficult time and have even had to leave my job as an Assistant DA. I am in private practice now so that I can have better control over my schedule. As a trial attorney I think that I would be helpful in telling my story as to how this disease has changed my life. I am very intent in letting people, especially legislators, understand how diabetes can suddenly and radically change one's life. I would be willing to speak on behalf of ADA at my own expense.
07/15/2005  I have a questions concerning missing work due to doctor appointments and sick days. Can I be penalized on the job for having missing work for sick days or dr. appts. dealing with my diabetes and i have a dr.'s excuse and have not exhausted my sick leave. I am employed by a city government if that matters. It is not a problem at the moment but which just like to know for future reference Thank You
07/16/2005  I'm interested in becoming a Diabetes Advocate Link.....thank you.
07/17/2005  Eli Lilly apparently has not been selling much of its Ultra-lente insulin and so they will cease making it at the end of 2005, this year. (Sunday, July 17, 2005) SAVE THE DIABETICS! Call: 1-800-LillyRx (1-800-545-5979) I am allergic to the BEST alternative to UL insulin, Lantis insulin (spelling?), which many of you are on I am sure. I know it is great, BUT I broke out in small hives and my breath shortened at the ripe age of 27 when my Dr. put me on it. I'M ALLERGIC TO IT! So my Dr. put me back on UL because it was the ONLY THING THAT WORKED to maintain good blood sugar levels for me. What about Lente, I could use that right? WRONG! Eli Lilly is ALSO CEASING THE PRODUCING OF LENTE! So what's that leave me with? NPH....oooooh we all know that one. You pump yourself full of it because it doesn't last long enough and wake up with low blood sugars,which is why all the doctors switched us to lente or UL or now for some Lantis in the first place. Not to be a drama queen and if you are reading this far I'm surprised, but Eli Lilly has essentially for my particular case shortened my life with this decision. ..... I'm scared about what will happen to my healthy 5.9 A1C that has existed for the past 6 years....I'm scared to think how this executive decision may not offer a real viable alternative to sustain my life in the proper manner. Insulin is not an option for life depends on it. Thank you Eli Lilly from Camden Smith in Naples, Florida (239) 250-8760. P.S. For the record, I'm not against change....I'm against uncontrolled sugars and the damage they cause.
08/01/2005  EMERGENCY!!!Urgent NEED ASSISTANCE!!I have diabetes and hepatitis.I cant work . I can go for about 3 hrs then Im wipped out I get cramps in my arms and legs that are excrusiating .I recieve a small amount of $ from the state every month to live on and need help with (TEST STRIPES). I m withoiut teeth which makes it difficult to talk and eat without choking ,Its also given me stomach problems. I desprately need help with these things . can you please HELP ME ? It would be such a blessing ! thank you for your time .
07/18/2005  Disabled - need assistance in trying to get false teeth ,missing all but 4 on bottom ,dentist says he wont make them because I wont wear them ...? Can bearly eat without choking , having digestive problems,besides looking 100 yrs. old .Im 50 . get cramps excrusiating in arms and legs .. Can you PLEASE help?
07/19/2005  no problem re website. a friend needs assitance with diabetes mediatio. health insurance jsut went intoeffect, a year wait for pre-existing. not eligible for medicaid. needs medication assistance via drug co.s- her doctor's office will not assist in accessing this. can you all? she is also on a host of heart and asthmsa meds. cost is prohibitive . thanks for guidance diane s warner
01/03/2008  I noticed that my e-mail address is incorrect - how do I go about changing that? It appears as jpetn5 and should be jpent5. Please advise. Sincerely, Judith Pentedemos
07/20/2005  I am a case manager and do diabetes education. I have questions about discrimination issues in the work place and who I need to talk to.
07/20/2005  Advocacy assistance needed for a rising high school senior who has a 504 plan, but has MEGA problems with his school system. Can you suggest someone to help advocate for the child in the Western part of the state of Virginia? Thanks.
07/20/2005  I have questions relating to the cell stem research. Is there a hold up on the research by President Bush?
07/20/2005  I have wanted to be a pilot since I have been a little kid. Up until I was diagnosed with Diabetes, I wanted to join the Air Force and make a career out of it. When I graduated high school, I realized that that wasn't possible, and I can understand why. So, I wasn't upset because I could still make a career out of flying. Well, I have to tell you that I was heartbroken when I heart that Diabetes prevents you from making a career out of flying an airplane. My questions to you is why, and what can I do to obtain my commercial pilots license? I have had diabetes for twelve years now. I am under excellent countrol and have never had a problem that I wasn't able to take care of myself. My last A1C was 5.9 and I regulate my blood sugar with regular exercise and a healthy diet. I don't see how it is possible that I can be kept from getting a commercial pilots license. To me that is preventing me from makeing a living in what I really enjoy. If I have twelve years of proof that I am so well controled, why should it make a differnce if I have a disease that millions of people live with everyday. The FAA should not disqualify individual who have diabetes from flying commercially, but evaluate their health and their ability to take care of their diabestes the way one should. After looking at a specific individual, then the FAA should be able to rule on whether that one individual should be able to fly a commercial airplane. Could someone please give me some kind of confidence that I can actually break through this unfair discriminatory barrier? Why whould I be deprived of the opportunity to work a job that I love. If someone could contact me, I would greatly appreciate it. I can be reached at 312/630-0693 or at home at 630/985-0971. Thank you, Sincerely, David Kub
07/22/2005  Do you have a list of patient advocacy groups for diabetes, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic related amputations, veterans with diabetes, children with diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy, heart problems, and any other diabetic comorbities of diabetes?
07/22/2005  My job was phased out on the 30th of April, 2005. I've had a problem finding health insurance. I'm a member of AARP and they refused me coverage because of my diabetes. My previous job would allow me coverage through COBRA which is $364.00 per month. My unemployment check is $275.00 per week. With other expenses, I couldn't afford it. I'm hoping to find work soon. But it's very depressing to be turned down for insurance you need so desparately. Worry is not good for anyone but especially for diabetics. Criminals have access to better coverage than I do. I only hope our representatives can help us. Thanking you in advance for your services. Wanda L. Hubbard
07/17/2007  I am having a problem accessing an e-mail address for Representative Tom Lantos, CA. I cannot 'cut and paste' the message as suggested, as he seems to only have a fax number. Are any other advocates having the same problem in CA? Thanks very much, Cecily
07/24/2005  I am working with a patient who has difficult injecting her insulin because of a muscular dystrophy type disease which causes muscular weakness and ataxia. Even though her sister who she lives with is willing to give the injections, she has been told she will have to go to a nursing home or assisted living facility if she can't inject herself, since she is, according to our welfare department, unable to care for herself. What legal avenues are available to her? Thank you.
07/25/2005  No problems.
07/26/2005  Can you help me find someone or an agency that will e? I have diabetic retinopathy. My vision is very bad; I can't see out of my right eye and my left eye has very low vision. I can't see good enough to draw up my insulin and I have problems with depth perception/ please call me @ 318-688-2820 or e-mail me. Thank tou!
07/26/2005  I have a comment to make. My mother and myself are both diabetics, Type I. I am on the insulin pump and my mother takes injections. We are not a wealthy family and my mother is unable to get insurance. The cost of insulin and test strips for our meters are so outrageously high, that half the time we are unable to afford them. This is not just some type of medicine that after taking for awhile, your medical condition goes away. This is a life or death diagnosis. I do get some relief from my husbands insurance for my insulin, but for the test strips, there is no help. I must test my blood sugar 4 or more times daily. If I am lucky, I do test it 2 times daily, that is if I have just purchased a bottle of strips. When I get down to about a half a bottle, I only test 1 time daily to conserve on my strips until I can afford another bottle. People like us have a hard time keeping our glucose levels down because of this. We don't expect handouts, but if we have problems affording the cost of the insulin and strips, then what about the other individuals who aren't as lucky. We are talking about loss of life, limb, or eyesight. It's just that it's a little upsetting and embarrassing when you are asked by your physician how your glucose levels have been and you have to tell him that they haven't been good and that the reason is that you can't afford it. It would be nice if something could be done to stop the price increase and in fact, lower it some. Thanks for allowing me to vent a little. I didn't know who else to contact or who would listen.
07/28/2005  I am being harassed and my employer is attempting to fire me. I am a police officer, but due to working for the Salt River Pima- Maricopa Indian Community I just been advised that the AZ. Attorney Generals Office and the Federal EEOC have no jurisdiction. In March of 2005 I was came down with Diabetes. I was out foe 3 weeks since then even supervisors who use to like me were telling me my work was not up to par. Then without any notice they wanted to transfer me back to patrol from Detectives. I am now under investigation because they are saying I gave a false or misleading statement to a question. I did not do that or any other violation/s they want to trump up. I have been in Law enforcement in AZ for 15 years and yes I have had problems but not like this. I do not know if you can help, but if you can you would say my family, my home, and my sanity. Thank you.
07/28/2005  I am in an ongoing battle with Sears that was initiated by a hypoglycemic attack I had while shopping. I have tried to deal with this privately but after being frustrated every step of the way I feel it is now necessary to use the ADA's resources to help me out and hopefully have any other diabetic people avoid the embarrassment and nerve-wracking experience I have endured during the past five months. I wrote the letter printed below to the Sears Legal Department after being told to do so by the Sears Consumer Relations Department. The legal department kicked it right back to consumer affairs so it seems I'm in a Catch-22 situation here. Here is the letter I sent to Sears: Sears Legal Department 3333 Beverley Road Hoffman Estates, Ill. 60179 June 21, 2005 To Whom It May Concern, I am a 57 year old retired basketball coach and educator who has a clean record and never had been charged with a crime before February 5, 2005. I had been shopping for a case to store my CDs. I went into Sears and saw a case priced at $35.99. I thought it was rather expensive. I shopped around and found the identical case at Kmart for $29.99. I bought that case. In the interim I made a purchase at Sears and received a five dollar certificate that was good on a purchase of twenty dollars or more. But it was only good on Saturday, February 5th. I decided I would bring my receipt for the CD case in to Sears, ask them if they'd match the price and if so would then buy the case using the certificate for $24.99. I am diabetic. I take two kinds of insulin and Glucatrol XL. On the morning of February 5th, I realized that I did not take my shot of Lantus (long acting insulin) the night before. I injected myself in the morning. I did a couple of chores around the house and then went to Sears. I brought my receipt from Kmart and the bag from Kmart that the case came in. I was sure Sears would match the price because I've seen them advertise that policy on tv. I intended to take the case back to Kmart for a refund after making the purchase at Sears. With all my activity in the morning I forgot to eat breakfast. I'm trying to lose weight, so it is not unusual for me to skip a meal, however I can never do this if I've injected myself with insulin. As I got out of my car I started to feel hypoglycemic. I figured I could still make the transaction and make it home before I got really weak. I was wrong. As I took the escalator up I started feeling dizzy, but I still wanted to complete the purchase since I was already in the store. The following series of events is what I feel must have happened as I do not have a clear recollection of everything duer to the hypoglycemia. I got a case and placed it in the Kmart bag so I could return it to Kmart and took a second case to the cashier so he could scan it. Not smart on my part, but when you're in a hypoglycemic state thinking is not what you do best. I remember the cashier seemed to have a problem understanding what I wanted to do and left the area to speak with his manager. While he was gone I got so weak I couldn't stand. I asked another cashier if they had a sugar packet handy and showed him the diabetic medallion I wear and explained what was happening to me. He didn't have one, but a customer gave me a piece of gum. It momentarily helped a bit - but not enough. I was very weak and just wanted to get back to my car where I had jellybeans and a lollypop for just such an emergency. Eventually the other cashier returned and rang up the item which I paid for. However, he placed the second item in a Sears bag and gave it to me. I blindly accepted it and I left the area with two bags. The item I placed in the Kmart bag and the one in the Sears bag. I went down to the first floor where I wanted to buy a baby item for a friend's granddaughter. While going down in the elevator I found a computer disk on the floor. I picked it up and found a store employee and returned it to him after explaining I found it in the elevator. I went to where I thought the baby department was but it had been moved. I asked the same employee where it was and he told me it was on the 2nd floor. My head was really spinning now but I went up to the second floor before realizing I couldn't even read the tags. I started downstairs and realized that I had to go to the bathroom - immediately. One of the side effects of my hypoglycemia is diarrhea. I asked where the bathroom was as I returned to the first floor. The same employee told me it was in the automotive section. Even though I was dizzy I thought it odd that this same person was wherever I was, but was grateful he was there to be of service. I figured that he was store security since he was carryig a walkie-talkie with him. I went to bathroom and sat for a while. I don't remember if I actually had a diarrhea attack or not. I just know I was really weak and needed some sugar. I sat down in the automotive waiting area and a mechanic was nice enough to get me 3 packs of sugar from somewhere. I slowly ingested them and felt my sugar level rising slightly. However, one of the after-effects of a hypoglycemic attack is severe fatigue. I found myself needing air. I asked another person waiting if he could help me to the door as I was very unsteady. He walked beside me and I went through the door of the repair shop outside and just sat down on the floor. After about fifteen minutes there I asked if someone could bring my car around, or if someone could help me to my car so I could get the jellybeans. The employees said they weren't allowed to, so I asked if they could come with me as I still was very unsteady. Two people followed me as I inched my way around the building holding onto the wall whenever possible. As I finally reached my car they told me I had to go back inside the store. When I asked them why they told me I stole the CD case (not those words exactly). I told them I had to get into the car to get the jellybeans. They took the Kmart bag and allowed me to put my coat and Sears bag in the car and get the jellybeans. Once inside, they asked me why I had put the case in the Kmart bag. I explained that I was going to return it to Kmart since I got a better price at Sears with the coupon. When they asked me why I walked out with two bags I had no answer and for a minute didn't comprehend what they were saying. I told them I didn't know, that I was diabetic and having a hypoglycemic episode and didn't realize I had the two bags. They did not accept my explanation and called the police. I was cited for a misdemeanor and was scheduled to appear in court on April 7th. I've never been in trouble before, have a clean record and wanted it to stay that way. I appeared in court and the judge told me to hire an attorney to plead my case for me. I retained attorney Jim Orlando of the firm Feldman, Kramer and Monaco. When we returned to court Mr. Orlando conferred with the Assistant District Attorney and came back with an offer to adjourn the case with a contemplation of dismissal. If this tactic is agreed upon, the defendant usually has to either attend a class explaining why it is wrong to shoplift or do a certain amount of community service. I was required to do neither based upon my clean record and my diabetic condition. I think the facts stated here speak for themselves. I also know that many people feign illness as an excuse and that is why I was charged. Life's not fair but I do not feel that I should be penalized because other people use a medical excuse as explanation for their illicit actions. My union benefits give me access to a legal plan, but the minimum fee for representation in this case is $525. Now I've been hit with a civil action initiated by Sears to try and collect an additional $179.95 from me. I am extremely upset, especially since the Suffolk County D.A.'s office in essence exonerated me by adjourning my case pending dismissal. I showed a copy of this latest harassment by Sears to my attorney who instructed me to write a letter to the local attorneys handling the case. A copy of that letter is enclosed here along with a copy of the letter from them that was sent to me. To give proof of the validity of my story, I am also enclosing copies of the receipts from Kmart and Sears. Before I send a copy of these letters to the American Diabetic Association asking them to step in on my behalf and wage war with Sears about unfair and uncaring treatment of a diabetic customer, I am asking for Sears to do the right thing here. I would like Sears to do the following: 1. Either reimburse me for my legal fees or issue me a store credit for the Sum of $525.00. 2. Cease the civil action pending against me. 3. In lieu of an apology which would indicate inappropriate actions on Sears part and leave them open to civil litigation, something I know I will never receive; I'd appreciate a letter stating I am free to shop at Sears again, a privilege revoked on February 5, 2005. To me this will indicate Sears welcoming me back as a customer. Oddly enough, yesterday I received a Sears Mastercard in the mail. While I am tempted to cut it in half and mail it to you with this letter, I will hold on to it and hope that after this situation is ameliorated I can step into Sears and use it with confidence, knowing I am not a thief in Sear's eyes. 4. A policy of sensitivity training and a course explaining symptoms of diabetic hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia should be instituted for Store personnel. I spent 34 ? years as an educator and coach always teaching my students and players that ethics is one of the most important parts of a person's make-up. This series of events that I've experienced during the past four months has left me feeling shaken and degraded, two feelings I've never experienced in my life. I feel as though Sears placed me in a stereotype in spite of my diabetic condition and until this matter is resolved, I feel soiled. In addition to this, the continuing tension from the pending civil suit continually keeps my sugar readings well above normal. I am not a person to engage in litigation. I am not going to sue for damages based upon the actions taken, but I do feel I should not be penalized for untoward actions by your security staff. I urge you to give this matter serious consideration so it can be resolved on this level rather than creating a potential embarrassing public airing of this case through an outside agency. I trust you will see things my way and we can finally put this case to rest. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and consideration. Sincerely Yours, Jeffrey S. Schrier Since this letter was written I have received more threatening letters regarding the civil suit.Had I not been diabetic this situation wold have never occured. At this point I feel that without the help of the ADA Sears will turn a deaf ear to my requests and hope that I will just go away. I would welcome a call from you to discuss the situation and what we can do together to make sure that Sears policies are modified so no person with a dibilitating condition ever has to suffer the degradation to which I was subjected. Thank you for your anticipated help in this matter. I can be contacted at 631 643-8943 through August 19th. My e mail address is With appreciation - Jeff Schrier
07/28/2005  i don't know if you can help me, i'm looking for advice. 1/2003 i was fired from my job for attendance, they said my doctors office never sent in my fmla papers for my diabetes, i watched his secretary fax them. i didn't fight it like i probably should have at that time because my diabetes had me worn down. do you think it's too late for me to have any recourse?
07/29/2005  my mom is a fragile type 2 diabetic and needs an advocate - similar to what my maternity support services did for me during my pregnancy. i am having trouble locating people and/or agencies who offer that kind of service, and, having a family of my own, i cannot dedicate the time required to help her entirely by myself. who can i go to for help getting her into affordable housing and to advocate for her with physicians?
06/30/2006  PROBLEM -- I received an Advocacy Alert to send to OREGON Senators on HR 810. When I got to the next step my senators were not listed; a Senator Kruse was the only name given. This is not correct information for Oregon. If you intended for me to send it to a US Representative that would be: US Rep, 4th District Oregon Peter DeFazio. I KNOW who my US Senators are and have sent them the message to support stem cell HR 810, but not through your mal-functioning, and incorrect Advocacy data center. Please fix the data to correctly list for Oregon US Senators: Senator Wyden Senator Smith Thank you!
06/30/2006  PROBLEM:
06/30/2006  PROBLEM: I tried to update my personal file but when I tried to submit it - it was not accepted stating that another person had the same email address. Why? I followed the instructions exactly. An Update is just that. I was NOT signing in as a new person! Thank you!
03/27/2006  Hi ADA Advocacy! When we are asked to send a message to our Congressman there is always a paragraph that can not be deleted from the "form" by email. There is a space to put in our own words - afterward. The first paragraph is the most important and if they all say the same thing - I doubt that our congressman or their staff have the time to read further. In Oregon's 4th District we have a US Representative who does everything just right for the people. I do NOT like sending him a prepared statement and then my personal views. SUGGESTION: How about giving us the information to use and then the OPTION to use the "form" type OR completely use our own words without the prepared statement!?? If I send an email on my own I do not get credit for helping ADA. I do not need praise - I need information and can and will use my own words. May we please have OPTIONS for responding? Thank you! J Russell
05/12/2006  Hello - I want very much to help as an ADA Advocate. However, I am NEVER given credit re your web site showing only one positive action taken by me. I write or email my congressmen monthly with MY WORDS - NOT ADA SUGGESTED WORDING. I use the points that are important to ME and that SUPPORT ADA'S point of view. I have again responded today, 5-12-06, by sending the senator in Oregon who voted for S 1955 closture. He now knows how I feel. Please give me credit for taking action in your office records. I Don't need a web site to tell me when or what I sent. I know what I do - Does ADA? Here is what I sent to him in MY words: "Your support of S.1955 Dear [Decision Maker], As a person with Type I diabetes, I wanted you to know that your YES vote on cloture for S 1955, has disturbed me greatly. I do understand that this was a complicated procedural vote and the bill may have been amended if both sides of the isle would begin to work TOGETHER. S.1955 was fundamentally flawed for people with diabetes and beyond repair. I respectfully request to hear your rationale for supporting legislation that would effectively remove health care protections for people with diabetes, a serious and growing epidemic! Sincerely, Joan Russell 775 Tenth St., SE PO Bopx 2029 Bandon OR 97411
07/29/2005  About Assoc. Health Plan HR 525: As an advocate for diabetes, You have asked that I contact my senator(s) to ask them not to vote for HR 525. I am willing to help whenever I can but -- -- I know very little about this HR 525. You gave me a very brief explanation through Talking Points. For me, this is not enough. Please send to me more info via email or direct me to a Web Site where I can read more about this health plan. I agree it sounds terrible - Thank you, Joan Russell Bandon OR
02/08/2007  My Advocacy Record is incorrect! I continuously contact my congressional represntatives with personal letters of support for ADA! How can I let the ADA Advocacy know that I do? My support is through personal emails and letters. I do not respond through the "form letter" style. Thank you,
07/31/2005  Hello, My name is Alisha Murrison. I am 16 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 3. I'm not sure if I am an advocate or not but I do have a question. I'm planning on attending the University of Central Arkansas next year, and then attending the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and majoring in Nuclear Medicine. I am takin 5 college classes my Senior year in high school. I have a 3.7 GPA and I am in the top 10% of my class. I am currently looking for scholarships and I was wondering if there were any I could apply for and have diabetes. I live with my dad and two younger brothers. Though, my dad makes good money I still need help paying for my college expenses. I am not in any sports but I have volunteered in Vacation Bible School aand I haev helped clean up a youth camp and remodel it. If there is anything you can help me with I would gladly appreciate it. Sincerely, Alisha Murrison
08/01/2005  Hello, Recently I found out that I am type 2 diabetic. For 5 1/2 years I have been living with the diagnosis as type 1. No C-Peptide was done as the initial time of diagnosis, only recently which led to the discovery of type 2. I need to know are C-Peptide tests protocal in most states? Obviously I was misdiagnosed, how can I advocate so this does not happen to others? Anxiously awaiting your reply, Cynthia S. Herfindahl 218-233-4996
08/01/2005  What would the ADA recommend be appropriate for medical staffing for a high school junior with juvenile diabetes attending an away camp? Usually a parent, district representative or other qualified adult has been sent; however family wishes to send a family friend, another high schoolstudent, and our inclination is that the adult be 18 and trained; however, as the student is able to handle his needs on his own, does the medical assistant still need to be 18?
08/02/2005  I am advocating for a blind diabetic patient who needs volunteer assistance to take her to her medical appts. Is their a local chapter where I can find assistance for this patient? Thank you for any help. Judy Coelho RN Case Manager
08/02/2005  Hi: I work at a company called Care2 (, which is a large, online progressive community of 5 million members looking for ways they can help make the world a better place We have exercised our members to take action on such issues and to further support our partner organizations. Nonprofits are interested in working with us to engage our audience in efforts to support their advocacy work, to grow their email list, to create a sense of awareness or to raise money. Our client list includes: American Lung Association, American Heart Association, The Breast Cancer Fund, amfAR (AIDS research) and Red Cross. We host a petition site service ( where we could promote one of your branded actions on our site as a way to not only increase the number of signatures on your action (and forwarding to the appropriate targets), but also to grow your email list with those who sign your action. Please let me know if you'd like to learn more about how Care2 can help with your important work. Regards, Eric Glader Director, Business Development 650-622-0868
08/03/2005  I work for a motor home manufacturer. My job is in the marketing department and 4 or 5 times a year I need to drive a motor home. To own and operate one of these vehicles, no CDL is required. However, our insurance carrier requires that anyone that operates a motor home in the course of his employment have a CDL. I did not know until I started studying for the CDL exam, that a diabetic cannot obtain one. I was told that there was wording in the current transportation bill that has passed the House and is before the Senate that will change this discrimination against diabetics. Is this true? If not what course of action can I take to remedy this situation? Thanks Verbon Jones
08/03/2005  my wife has type 2 diabetes, her feet hurt her all night long and she can not walk on them in the morning. after she gets going during the day she cant stand on her feet for 30 min before she has to sit down and take a break. my ? is can she receive disabilaty having that bad of a problem with her feet.
08/04/2005  How do I find out the standings or laws/regulations in Connecticut regarding the training of non-nursing staff to be trained/delegated the injection of glucagon in emergency situations?
08/04/2005  I have Molina insurance and the only glucose meter they authorize is the True Track meter. Both myself and my daughter are diabetic. We have had nothing but trouble with the True Track meter. We have had fales lows and false highs. It can take several tries to get the test to complete without error. I know I am not the only one to have trouble with this meter, our daughter's endocrinologist has had problems with this meter. Our pharmaist has also received compliants about this meter. Molina wants us to document the problems, but that is difficult because we can not afford stripes for another meter to compare it against. I would appreciate any guidance in this situation with Moline to get a accurate meter. Sincerely Shawn E Barker
08/04/2005  I have a friend who ins sick in NY. He is at a nursing home, Oceanside Care Center, to recoup after some recent medical issues. He is very frustrated and feels he is not getting his medication correctly, food, etc. do you have any patient advocates who might be able to help him with options? Thanks Paige
08/05/2005  A diabetic who falls asleep at his desk is asking for an accomodation for his lethargy. He literly can fall asleep during a conversation. Is this normal and how can an employer deal with this issue with out continuous observation.
08/05/2005  My father is a veteran with Diabetes II. He goes to the VA to receive care. The VA has recently passed a referendum reducing the amount of test strips veterans with Diabetes will receive. My father will now receive 50 test strips every 90 days - not even enough to test himself once a day! This is appalling and I would like to see an organization as large and renowned as yours take action! Please call me at 972-718-3154
11/22/2005  How can I send Diabete's advocacy emails to the President with my own words?
08/05/2005  We love this website. We may have questions concerning diabetes in the workplace.
08/05/2005  i would like to know why medicare will not cover insulin.if it was generic they will tell me were they make generic insulin?
08/08/2005  My fifteen year old son was denied being able to get his permit or a drivers license because he has type 1 diabetes . He had one low blood sugar reading this past June . His blood sugar was 63 when he woke up. He was out and it took awhile for him to get over it. This is the only time it has ever happened and they are holding this over his head and will not let him get his permit or a drivers license. He has only completed the book part of drivers ed. Until they change their minds he may never be able to get them. He needs to be able to drive so he can go to college, work etc... I was wondering if there is anything you can do to help me out? I have filed to go before a hearing this month in Raleigh N.C.. If you can help me in any way please contact me.
08/09/2005  Does Oklahoma require all schools to have a nurse?
09/15/2005  I'd like you to find out how Motor Vehicle departments make their rules regarding suspensions of licenses for diabetics. what medical or scientific basis do they use (ny,espec.) for a suspension period if there is a hypoglycemic episode while driving? Isn't a 6 month/12 month suspension unjustified and discriminatory? Isn't it a violation of the ADA? New York's DMV won't give me a specific answer, saying only that they rely on federal highway safety council criteria, but the feds say they don't have any regs on this. Help!
08/10/2005  what involvement does the ADA have in establishing or challenging the state regulations about driving for diabetics? In NY the regs say the state can take your license away for 1 year for a hypoglycemic caused accident. What medical background supports this statement or what do you have that I could use to challenge the foundation for this regulation. what other organizations might help with this issue?
08/11/2005  Deadly effects of Aspartame! What is being done to communicate to countless victims? Sweet but poison In October of 2001, a friend started getting very sick. She had stomach spasms and she was having a hard time getting around. Walking was a major chore. It took everything she had just to get out of bed; she was in so much pain. By March 2002, she had undergone several tissue and muscle biopsies and was on 24 various prescription medications. The doctors could not determine what was wrong with her. She was in so much pain, and so sick...she just knew she was dying. She put her house, bank accounts, life insurance, etc., in her oldest daughters name, and made sure that her younger children were to be taken care of. She also wanted her last hooray, so she planned a trip to FL (basically in a wheelchair) for March 22nd. On March 19th I called her to ask how her most recent tests went, and she said they didn't find anything on the test, but they believe she had MS. I recalled an article a friend of mine E-mailed to me and I asked my sister if she drank diet soda? She told me that she did. As a matter of fact, she was getting ready to crack one open that moment... I told her not to open it, and to stop drinking the diet soda !!! I E-mailed her the article my friend, a lawyer, had sent. My sister called me within 32 hours after our phone conversation and told me she had stopped drinking the diet soda AND she could walk!!!! The muscle spasms went away. She said she didn't feel 100% but she sure felt a lot better. She told me she was going to her doctor with this article and would call me when she got home. Well, she called me, and said her doctor was amazed! He is going to call all of his MS patients to find out if they consumed artificial sweeteners of any kind... In a nutshell, she was being poisoned by the Aspartame in the diet soda... and literally dying a slow and miserable death. When she got to FL March 22nd, all she had to take was one pill, and that was a pill for the Aspartame poisoning! She is well on her way to a complete recovery . and she is walking!!! No wheelchair!!! This article saved her life If it says "SUGAR FREE" on the label, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!! I have spent several days lecturing at the WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL CONFERENCE on "ASPARTAME," marketed as 'NutraSweet,' 'Equal,' and 'Spoonful.' In the keynote address by the EPA, it was announced that in the United States in 2001 there is an epidemic of multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus. It was difficult to determine exactly what toxin was causing this to be rampant. I stood up and said that I was there to lecture on exactly that subject. I will explain why Aspartame is so dangerous: When the temperature of this sweetener exceeds 86 degrees F, the wood alcohol in ASPARTAME converts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid, which in turn causes metabolic acidosis. Formic acid is the poison found in the sting of fire ants. The methanol toxicity mimics, among other conditions, multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus. Many people were being diagnosed in error. Although multiple sclerosis is not a death sentence.. methanol toxicity is! Systemic lupus has become almost as rampant as multiple sclerosis, especially with Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi drinkers. The victim usually does not know that the Aspartame is the culprit. He or she continues its use; irritating the lupus to such a degree that it may become a life-threatening condition. We have seen patients with systemic lupus become asymptotic, once taken off diet sodas. In cases of those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, (when in reality, the disease is methanol toxicity), most of the symptoms disappear. We've seen many cases where vision loss returned and hearing loss improved markedly. This also applies to cases of tinnitus and fibromyalgia. During a lecture, I said, "If you are using ASPARTAME (NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc.) and you suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms, spasms, shooting, pains, numbness in your legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness,headaches, tinnitus, joint pain, unexplainable depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision, or memory probably have ASPARTAME poisoning!" People were jumping up during the lecture saying, "I have some of these Is it reversible?" Yes! Yes! Yes! STOP drinking diet sodas and be alert for Aspartame on food labels! Many products are fortified with it!!! This is a serious problem. Dr. Espart (one of my speakers) remarked that so many people seem to be symptomatic for MS and during his recent visit to a hospice; a nurse stated that six of her friends, who were heavy Diet Coke addicts, had all been diagnosed with MS. This is beyond coincidence! Diet soda is NOT a diet product! It is a chemically altered, multiple SODIUM (salt) and ASPARTAME containing product that actually makes you crave carbohydrates. It is far more likely to make you GAIN weight! These products also contain formaldehyde, which stores in the fat cells, particularly in the hips and thighs. Formaldehyde is an absolute toxin and is used primarily to preserve "tissue specimens." Many products we use every day! contain this chemical but we SHOULD NOT store it IN our body!!! Dr. H. J. Roberts stated in his lectures that once free of the "diet products" and with no significant increase in exercise; his patients lost an average of 19 pounds over a trial period. Aspartame is especially dangerous for diabetics. We found that some physicians, who believed that they had a patient with retinopathy, in fact, had symptoms caused by Aspartame. The Aspartame drives the blood sugar out of control. Thus diabetics may suffer acute memory loss due to the fact that aspartic acid and phenylalanine are NEUROTOXIC when taken without the other amino acids necessary for a good balance. Treating diabetes is all about BALANCE. Especially with diabetics, the Aspartame passes the blood/brain barrier and it then deteriorates the neurons of the brain; causing various levels of brain damage, seizures, depression, manic depression, panic attacks, uncontrollable anger and rage. Consumption of Aspartame causes these same symptoms in non-diabetics, as well. Documentation and observation also reveal that thousands of children diagnosed with ADD and AHD have had complete turnarounds in their behavior when these chemicals have been removed from their diet. So called "behavior modification prescription drugs" (Ritalin and others) are no longer needed. Truth be told, they were never NEEDED in the first place! Most of these children were being "poisoned" on a daily basis with the very foods that were "better for them than sugar." It is also suspected that the Aspartame in thousands of pallets of diet Coke and diet Pepsi consumed by men and women fighting in the Gulf War, may be partially to blame for the well-known Gulf War Syndrome. Dr. Roberts warns that it can cause birth defects, i.e., mental retardation, if taken at the time of conception and during early pregnancy. Children are especially at risk for neurological disorders and should NEVER be given artificial sweeteners. There are many different case histories to relate of children suffering grand mal seizures and other neurological disturbances due to the use of NutraSweet. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to convince people that Aspartame is to blame for their child's illness. Stevia, which, which is a sweet herb, NOT A MANUFACTURED ADDITIVE, helps in the metabolism of sugar, which would be ideal for diabetics. It has now been approved as a dietary supplement by the FDA. It is known that for many years the FDA outlawed this true sweet food," due to their loyalty to MONSANTO Chemical Company." Books on this subject are available: EXCITOTOXINS: THE TASTE THAT KILLS written by Dr. Russell Blayblock (Health Press 1-800-643-2665) AND: DEFENSE AGAINST ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE-written by DR H. J. Roberts, also a diabetic specialist. These two doctors will soon be posting a position paper with case histories on the deadly effects of Aspartame on the Internet. According to the Conference of the American College of Physicians, "We are talking about a plague of neurological diseases directly caused by the use of this deadly poison." Herein lies the problem: There were Congressional Hearings when Aspartame was included 100 different products and strong objection was made concerning it's use. Since this initial hearing, there have been two subsequent hearings and still, nothing has been done. The drug and chemical lobbies have very deep pockets. Sadly, MONSANTO'S patent on Aspartame has EXPIRED!! There are now over 5,000 products on the market that contain this deadly chemical and there will be thousands more introduced. Everybody wants a "piece of the Aspartame pie." I assure you that MONSANTO, the creator of Aspartame, knows how deadly it is. And isn't it ironic that MONSANTO funds, among others, the American Diabetes Association, the American Dietetic Association and the Conference of the American College of Physicians? This has been recently exposed in the New York Times. These cannot criticize any additives or convey their link to MONSANTO because they take money from the food industry and are required to endorse their products. Senator Howard Metzenbaum wrote and presented a bill that would require label warnings on products containing Aspartame, especially regarding pregnant women, children and infants. The bill would also institute independent studies on the known dangers and the problems existing in the general population regarding seizures, changes in brain chemistry, neurological changes and behavioral symptoms. The bill was killed. It is known that the powerful drug and chemical lobbies are responsible for this, letting loose the hounds of disease and death on an unsuspecting and uninformed public. Well, you're informed now!!!! YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!!!! Please print this out and/or e-mail to your family and friends. They have a right to know too.
08/11/2005  my friend, Dennis Kalwitz, of 2247 E. Vollmer Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202 (414)-481-1328 has diabetes, and has no insurance through his work. He's just had several operations, and lost all his toes on his right foot...and now has hospital bills which are very, very high...and he won't know if he can even go back to work until he sees his doctor on the 29th. would you please contact him, and get him some help finding some health insurance? thanks.
11/12/2005  i have diabetes 2 since june 2005. i have had pacific care health insurance for 13 months ppo i want to know if they can cancel me because of my condition, and if so do i have a recourse
08/15/2005  I have recently been turned down for part time employment as a police officer in my local town department. The reason given was that the doctor that I was sent to, as part of my physical, stated that my blood sugar levels were not at a normal enough level and that my judgement may be impaired at times of heightened anxiety and increase adrenalin. I am looking for some help in getting some guidance on how police depts. should be making their decisions and on what hard facts these decisions should be made with.
08/16/2005  no.
08/16/2005  I am actually curious about advocacy. I was in an student teaching position through the Masters in Teaching program with Seattle University. I had an insulin reaction while being observed by my SU supervisor. A week later I was on probation with no previous negative input. Two weeks after that I was dismissed. I have been diabetic for over 53 years. The insulin reaction is not the only factor in my dismissal, I know, but it seems to be a pivotal point. Who can I talk to about this? Is there someone who knows the law and can work with me? I live in Seattle, WA. Thank you, Laura Cospito
11/23/2005  I as a Christian Pastor (Born Again) cannot support embryonic stem cell legislation. Adult Stem cell research I am more likely to support
04/17/2008  I am a senior citizen w/insulin dependent Type2 diabetes with a very limited income. I recieve $85.00 in Food Stamps per month. This comes out to about 96 cents per day to keep on diet I need to stay on. Often I find myself deciding between lunch or dinner. Which one can I afford? I think the USDA should take into consideration special dietary needs of individuals. I know this will take legislative action. What would be the chances?
08/17/2005  In searching the internet I was able to find this page. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions. My daughter has had diabetes type 1 since she was 9 months old and is now 41. It has been a struggle. In the passed 10 years her conditon has become worst. She is single , diabetes, congestive heart failure, stint in the kidney, throid condition, the arteries going to her brain on one side is completly blocked and the other side is 30 % blocked Now unable to work , just dropped from the tenncare program in Tn, has no job no medical coverage. Is there any kind of program or information that you can tell us about to help ? thank you
08/17/2005  Is it true that I can not get an affordable (under $350/month) individual insurance policy in the state of florida if I ahve diabetes?
08/17/2005  Hi- I am a dietitian at pediatric dietitian in the dallas area whose primary work is in a diabetes clinic. A colleague had mentioned that according to the Am. with Disabilities Act schools must provide appropriate CHO without any additional cost to the children. In my research I can not find anything that explicitly states this. With in these laws and mandates, is there anything that does state this to refer my patients and school nurses to who consult me often? Along this same line of thought, a nurse had been told the school must provide juice (or other treatments for lows when needed). She doesnt mind doing this but no longer has the cooperation of the school's food service department. Is there something that regulates this as well? Any input you can provide me with or direct me to is greatly appreciated. Thank you Kamesha Burrell, MA, RD/LD
08/18/2005  Is money donated to the American Diabetes Association being used for Embryonic stem cell research?
08/19/2005  safe at school program and petition please
08/19/2005  My 16-year old son has type 1 diabetes. His ability to manage his blood sugar is impaired by his extremely poor time and materials management. Do you have any suggestions for support services for a diabetic child with ADD- like behaviors?
09/09/2005  If someone gets a "public disturbance" ticket and has to appear in court because of a verbal attack by a stranger which lead to a sugar low and which lead to a parked car to control the sugar low, can this person also get ordered to get a driver's test done because the police thought this person was an endangerment by operating a car? if the ticket was that, can they also issue orders to take a driver's test? This driver has never been in a situation while driving that has caused harm to one's self or others. Please advise.
08/21/2005  I have a comment about your fundraising procedures. I recently noticed on our caller ID that we were receiving regular calls from a caller identified as "Futuremarket". I was curious about who this was, as we are on the do-not-call list. Last week the call came in while I was at home. I answered it and no one was there. Yesterday, Saturday, at 9:20 AM the call came in again. Since I have older children who are up daily at 5 AM, and who should have the opportunity to sleep on a Saturday morning if they choose to do so, I rushed to the phone and answered the call. Again, no one was there. Annoyed, I called back the number on my caller ID. (361-939-8319) I was greeted by a recording that indicated that all representatives were busy. The recording then went on to tell me that they represent a non-profit organization and therefore are not covered by the do-not-call list. Since the recording says this, I assume that others have called for the same reason I was calling! The recording then went on to offer voicemail to leave my name and number for a call back. I stayed on the line, only to be told by the recording that the mailbox was full. I guess A LOT of people have been calling for the same reason I was calling! Last night, Saturday night, at 8:42 PM I received another call from Futuremarket. The gentleman identified himself as calling on behalf of your organization. I told him about the calls I answered with no one there. I told him about the recording and the full mailbox. I also told him that we recently had a death in the family and had made a contribution to the diabetes organization in lieu of flowers. Guess what he said? ... "Well, would you like to make another pledge?" I was furious! No apology for the calls with no one there ... no apology for the full mailbox ... no thank you for our support. He obviously didn't care at all about any of that ... all he wanted was a pledge! After commenting on his response, I told him I was going to hang up, and did. Now. I know legally it was okay for him to call, even though we are on the do-not-call list. I also know that calls at 9:20 AM and 8:42 PM on a Saturday are within your rights. What you need to ask yourself is, are these procedures by Futuremarket good public relations? In my case, they are definitely not. I will not contribute another penny to an organization that spends money to hire a telemarketing organization that behaves in this manner. Go ahead, and tell me about how this is necessary in order to raise funds for your cause. My answer to you is ... even though you are allowed to call people on the do-not-call list, don't you think it might be better for your organization to not call people who don't want to be called? Don't you think you should reconsider allowing this representative of yours to call people at 8:42 on a Saturday night? And don't you think these callers need some customer service training, so they know how to handle complaints about their calls as well as a person who tells them they just made a donation within the past several weeks? Remember, Futuremarket represents YOU. The things they say and do may as well be done by you directly. I would appreciate it if you would pass my comments along to someone within your organization that sets policy. I searched on your website for an e-mail address for someone on your board of directors, but was unable to find one. Thank you in advance for reading my comments, and for considering my suggestions.
08/21/2005  My daughter is 4 years old and is currently enrolled in the Gateway Head Start Program. It is a wonderful program, however, they do not have a school nurse. Last year she was also enrolled at the Head start. I had to have a family member go to the school twice a day to give her insulin or I had to leave work and go give her insulin. They tried busing her to elementry school, which did not work out (my decision re: nurse on staff). This year I don't have a family member available and I am having problems leaving my job twice a day so they are busing her to me once a day and I go to the school once a day. The problem is the Head start staff is not allowed to give insulin even though there is a cna on staff in my daughters class room. They would hire her an aide however that would put that person on staff therefore would not be able to give insulin. My question is what can be done to change situation and where do I start.
08/21/2005  Who are the organizations you are referring to in the ADA Safe at School Campaign? ". . . threat comes from several national organizations that are actively campaigning against training non-nursing staff to provide diabetes care for students when a school nurse isn't present."
01/19/2006  No Comment
08/25/2005  My problem is more of a question regarding traveling overseas. I am currently a diabetic and I take medication orally and Insulin twice per day, my wife and I are going on vacation for 2 weeks to Australia on 8/31/05, I was told by Qantas Airlines that I can only take with me aboard the plane what I need to take for the trip, apparently they are not looking at emergencies. I have to take enough for the trip but if the plane needs to land somewhere else do to an emergency I will be out of the medication and insulin
05/01/2008  How come the advocacy pages don't promote the call in more?
08/28/2005  I need information concerning my rights and what steps I need to take, I have requested a reasonable accomadation from my employer for fixed day shift instead of a rotating shift to assist me in mainataining my blood glucose levels (Type 1 brittle Diabetes). They have denied my request, saying they would have to accomadate everyone esle who came out of the woodwork, and that diabetes is not a disability. I do not want to get fired for causing a problem but I do need help to gain better control. Thanks
08/28/2005  Hello, I manage two young singers (16 and 24) that will be going on tour to middle schools and high schools throughout the country and plan on advocating awareness of adolescent diabetes as part of their show. Diabetes hits very close to home for the both of them and I want to find out how we may obtain any type of support for their campaign. Any assistance (from financial support to brochures or flyers) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.
08/29/2005  My 13 year old son has Type 1. He has had it for 6 years. This year we are receiving static from the school district about him playing for their soccer team. At this point I have to be in attendance at any pratices or games just so he can particiapte. Do you have any advice on who to call to receive some advice or to get some action to stop the ignorance this school is promoting by this action. Any information you can give me would be helpful. You may also call me on my cell phone 717-433-8125. Thank you
08/29/2005  I am a social worker in an outlying county near Minneapolis MN. I was just assigned a case with a 16 year old student, level one - about to go on a pump. He has no 504 in place and a resistant school administration. I'm looking for good advocacy resources to help this family navigate this struggle. What do you suggest? Jim JAckson
07/20/2007  PLEASE list the SENATORS & congress from RHODE ISLAND their phones & addresses so i can contact them from RHODE ISLAND on important issues. ERNEST SILVIA
01/20/2006  I sent you a message; re conference in D.C. Would like a reply as soon as possible, due to necessary plan. Am receiving Advocacy Alerts via e-mail.
01/20/2006  I sent you a message; re conference in D.C. Would like a reply as soon as possible, due to necessary plan. Am receiving Advocacy Alerts via e-mail.
09/04/2005  My son has type 1 and is in kindergarten this year. We have recently faced discrimination from his principal. She believes that allowing my son to be tested with other children around him is jeopardizing the health & safety of other children at the school. After requesting a 504 meeting she said that she would never sign anything that would allow my son to be tested around other kids. She said she would not risk her 700 other students for one child (and she said this w/ my 5 son present). I told her that I would continue to come to his school and test anyway and she was discriminating. This principal has a lot to learn. Unfortunately, she does not take me seriously. I am hoping that I will be able to find an advocate to sit with at the 504 meeting. I need as much help as I can get. Please help! Thank you.
09/05/2005  I do have a problem, but not with the website. I keep getting turned down for additional life insurance and mortgage/life insurance. I want to protect my family if something was to happen to me. I am perfectly healthy,even my Doctor is surprise at how healthy I am. HELP I feel like I am being discriminated against and it's not fair !!! Thankyou, Randy D Bradley
09/08/2005  User Provided No Response
09/09/2005  Diabetes topics: I'd like to know a list of philanthrpist that would assist in a retreat center here in Oregon? Or any "corporate philanthapy group". We are in dire need of a retreat to assist families who can learn to enjoy & benift from diabetes. before the diabetes gets the best of them as individuals & as a family. "If you don't have your health you don't have anything" plus.....Diabetes effect not only the diabetic but everyone around them. Education & relief of frustration, confusion, & complications are essential. Prvention of resprtory ailments, heart problems, creibility with responsibility, preventable "driving risks" accidents. precaution measures to take to help stay in control & not be dependent on others. Know your bodies (warning sigals). Please direct me to professionals who will take an interest in supporting this project. (Diabetic Retreat/refferal advocacy centers) Thank You, Susan
09/09/2005  I am a diabetic Type 2.question..My employer is well aware of my condition.. Sometimes my blood sugar gets out of hand..And I feel like I'm trying to walk through water..Totally drained.. This happened to me the other day.. I sat down.. and probablly dosed off for a second..As I was sdanding there the CEO of our hospital approached me..( Yes I work at a hospital) ( security/maintenance on the off shifts and weekends)..He told me that a co-worker had made an anonimiss call to him and sad I was sleeping. His office is about 50 feet from where I was at.. I was given a formal write up and 3 days off without pay..I have no other write ups and have worked at this facility for 15 years.the write up also says any rule infractions will result in termination??
09/10/2005  Richard Myer 706 tree summit parkway Duluth GA 30096 678-417-5337 I am a 46 year old male that was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 3 years ago. I also have high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and high cholesterol. I am writing to request assistance in how I can best deal with my current situation. I was recently terminated through no fault of my own, after almost 4 years of service to the company. Although I have proof that my performance met or exceeded expectations, which was the reason given for termination; I may never to able to prove this, but in my heart I honestly believe I was terminated due to having diabetes which would raise the health insurance costs to my employer. I am receiving unemployment insurance at this time however after child support payments are deducted from $310.00 I only have $220.00 left per week to live on. My option to accept health insurance under COBRA would cost me $250.00 per month plus the co-payments on medication would come to $240.00 a month not including testing supplies. I have an eleven year old son that lives with me, (I still pay his mother child support or she wouldn't allow him to live with me). Please see the list as follows for the current medications. 1. Metformin 1000MG twice daily 2. Actos 45MG one per day 3. Diovan HCT 160/12.5 MG one per day 4. Norvasc 10MG one per day 5. Pravachol 40MG one per day 6. Tricor 145 MG one per day 7. Protonix 40MG one per day 8. Amitriplyn 50 MG one per day. In addition to the above medications I take: 1. regular aspirin 1 per day 2. multivitamin 1 per day 3. vitamins, e, c, and cod liver oil 1 per day (each) I exercise at least 3 to 5 times per week. I am doing all I can to stay healthy, however I am worried because I will be out of medication by the end of next week and I do not know what I can do. Are there any programs to assist people in my situation? (I made too much money to be eligible for any State assistance.) Due to the financial burden, I will be unable to continue my medications. Please feel free to forward this correspondence to whomever necessary, with hope you may have a viable solution for my circumstances. I am extremely grateful for any solutions you may have. I am worried that I may become extremely sick without my medications. This is my last hope for any possible outcome that will be positive. As I current member of AAD I am begging for any support you can offer, for a person in my predicament. Than you in advance, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Richard Myer
09/10/2005  Richard Myer 706 tree summit parkway Duluth GA 30096 678-417-5337 I am a 46 year old male that was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 3 years ago. I also have high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and high cholesterol. I am writing to request assistance in how I can best deal with my current situation. I was recently terminated through no fault of my own, after almost 4 years of service to the company. Although I have proof that my performance met or exceeded expectations, which was the reason given for termination; I may never to able to prove this, but in my heart I honestly believe I was terminated due to having diabetes which would raise the health insurance costs to my employer. I am receiving unemployment insurance at this time however after child support payments are deducted from $310.00 I only have $220.00 left per week to live on. My option to accept health insurance under COBRA would cost me $250.00 per month plus the co-payments on medication would come to $240.00 a month not including testing supplies. I have an eleven year old son that lives with me, (I still pay his mother child support or she wouldn't allow him to live with me). Please see the list as follows for the current medications. 1. Metformin 1000MG twice daily 2. Actos 45MG one per day 3. Diovan HCT 160/12.5 MG one per day 4. Norvasc 10MG one per day 5. Pravachol 40MG one per day 6. Tricor 145 MG one per day 7. Protonix 40MG one per day 8. Amitriplyn 50 MG one per day. In addition to the above medications I take: 1. regular aspirin 1 per day 2. multivitamin 1 per day 3. vitamins, e, c, and cod liver oil 1 per day (each) I exercise at least 3 to 5 times per week. I am doing all I can to stay healthy, however I am worried because I will be out of medication by the end of next week and I do not know what I can do. Are there any programs to assist people in my situation? (I made too much money to be eligible for any State assistance.) Due to the financial burden, I will be unable to continue my medications. Please feel free to forward this correspondence to whomever necessary, with hope you may have a viable solution for my circumstances. I am extremely grateful for any solutions you may have. I am worried that I may become extremely sick without my medications. This is my last hope for any possible outcome that will be positive. As I current member of AAD I am begging for any support you can offer, for a person in my predicament. Than you in advance, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Richard Myer
09/10/2005  have a letter or something available to print so that we have prrof that we joined the American Diabetic Association. Thanks
09/11/2005  This isn't a question, more than it is a gripe. I'm a State Employee and recently I applied for Life Insurance with the Commonwealth of Mass. It's a great rate because it's a group policy. The insurance company is UnumProvident, based in Portland, Maine. Like with most policy applications, you have to list conditions. I listed the fact I've been a diabetic since age 6. I'm now 63 and in good health. They declined my application, due to my "history of diabetes." Now I could almost see that coming. I had trouble with my auto insurance when I turned 21 and was cancelled (due to the fact I was owed a rebate) and told I was subject to blackouts. Of course they were aware I was a diabetic for all the years prior to my turning 21. Fortunately I found an insurance company that would insure me for a standard fee that was charged everyone else. I am not now, nor have I ever been a "high risk" because of my diabetes. When I checked into other insurance companies about life insurance, I found the cost to be out of range for me. I'm a State Employee, not the Governor of Massachusetts. I'm sorry to have taken up your time. I'm just angry about being excluded from a "group policy" that I could afford, because I'm a diabetic. Thank you for your time. Regards, Martin L. Greim
09/11/2005  Could a person with diabetes have low sugar, and end up confessing to something he didn't do?
11/22/2005  Even though my mother is 72 and has had diabetes for over 30 yrs. and I and my 20 yr. old daughter are in prediabetes; I DO NOT support embryonic stem cell research. So I will not support HR810. However, I do believe that further research should be done with adult stem cells and with cells from cord blood. Abortion is already an atrocity inflicted on our children every day and I will not be a part of something that will harvest innocent children so that others can live. Not for my own life,not for my mother,s life and not even for my own daughter's life. I will stand with President Bush on this issue. Mrs. Sandra Garren
09/12/2005  i need some legal help for my daughterwhich is a type 1 diabetic. her school refuses to put in place a 504 plan for her . we are now in the 7th week of school .
09/12/2005  To Whom It May Concern, I have a Master's Degree in Social Work, and I have become fluent in Spanish. I am interested in using my Social Work Degree to do Advocacy in the Public Interest. Please let me know how I might go about meeting this goal. Sincerely, Susan Goldman
09/13/2005  To Whom It May Concern, My Daughter Alora has just turned 3 years old. She has had type 1 Diabetes since 1/27/04. She is currently attending a preschool out at White Sands Missile Range on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is supposed to be in a class with her age range, but before she is allowed to enter that class we have to do a training session with her new teachers. Which we did, on 8/29/05. But because we asked that the teachers know how to test her blood sugars if they suspect a low, and because we asked that they know how to use Alora's glucagon emergency kit if she passes out, or has a seizure the Nurse will not allow her to move to the next class until we have our Pharmacy write on her emergency kit when to use it, because we are asking the teachers to make a medical decision. I have spoken with my daughter's Endo, and she provided me the same paper work that I had already given the school and the Nurse is still refusing to "train" Alora's new teachers in testing her sugars and giving this shot because what we have provided them in our training session, in our 8 page paper telling them exactly what to do and when (including instructions for everything) does not go with Army Regulations. We've even gone and supplied them with the newest Understanding Diabetes book. The Pharmacy won't put what the nurse is demanding on the label, all they will put on there is use as directed, so I don't know what to do to make this woman happy so that my Daughter isn't held back. Is there anything that can be done that we haven't already tried? If you need it, I can fax you a copy of the 8 page instruction paper that I gave them. My number is 505-437-0724. I don't know what else to do. Please give me an idea. Sincerely, Jennifer Hamilton
09/13/2005  How do you become a finalist to speak to Congress in D.C.?
08/06/2006  how do i get more information on what i can do to talk to congress? and how do i get a red diabetes advocate shirt?
05/04/2007  Can you tell me if the state of Georgia is among the states that have laws that limit or restrict non-medical personnel in schools from administering diabetes care to students? (As described on ADA's "Your School and Your Rights" website). Thank you.
03/13/2007  Hello, my granddaughter has type 1 diabetes and we support the JDFR as much as we can. Her mother and I were up for renewal for our licence plates and were planning on buying licences places to support diabetes because we thought you had one, but you don't, We noticed that Breast Cancer and Riley Childrens Hospital and the Colts has one. Is there a way that you guys could get on board? I'm sure if you had one those who have Diabetes would buy them and it would support research. Thanks You. Karen
09/19/2007  What are the costs to the taxpayer associated with HR 3544? I am all for good care, but what new beauracracy would need to oversee the report card idea?
04/25/2006  I sent the school nurse alert to several contacts who are registered dietitians. Most will write to ANA. My husband is a physician, and he has written in support of our 7 year old daughter who has type 1 diabetes. One of my contacts is the Quality Management Director at the American Dietetic Association; she's asked if you have contacted the American Academy of Pediatrics for their comment? I can't imagine anyone would support this draconian measure.....
06/08/2007  I am legally blind and use ZoomText to read the website. Please make it easy to read, not too busy. Today I received your e-mail asking me to send a fax to President Bush...but the place to click would not work. I want to send an e-mail to him. What is his e-mail address? I am asking him TO SIGN the bill. Think positive! Ask him to SIGN the bill.
06/08/2007  User Provided No Response
06/08/2007  I am legally blind and use ZoomText to read the website. Please make it easy to read, not too busy. Today I received your e-mail asking me to send a fax to President Bush...but the place to click would not work. I want to send an e-mail to him. What is his e-mail address? I am asking him TO SIGN the bill. Think positive! Ask him to SIGN the bill.
06/08/2007  User Provided No Response
06/08/2007  I am legally blind and use ZoomText to read the website. Please make it easy to read, not too busy. Today I received your e-mail asking me to send a fax to President Bush...but the place to click would not work. I want to send an e-mail to him. What is his e-mail address? I am asking him TO SIGN the bill. Think positive! Ask him to SIGN the bill.
06/08/2007  User Provided No Response
06/08/2007  I am legally blind and use ZoomText to read the website. Please make it easy to read, not too busy. Today I received your e-mail asking me to send a fax to President Bush...but the place to click would not work. I want to send an e-mail to him. What is his e-mail address? I am asking him TO SIGN the bill. Think positive! Ask him to SIGN the bill.
06/08/2007  I am legally blind and use ZoomText to read the website. Please make it easy to read, not too busy. Today I received your e-mail asking me to send a fax to President Bush...but the place to click would not work. I want to send an e-mail to him. What is his e-mail address? I am asking him TO SIGN the bill. Think positive! Ask him to SIGN the bill.
06/08/2007  I am legally blind and use ZoomText to read the website. Please make it easy to read, not too busy. Today I received your e-mail asking me to send a fax to President Bush...but the place to click would not work. I want to send an e-mail to him. What is his e-mail address? I am asking him TO SIGN the bill. Think positive! Ask him to SIGN the bill.
06/08/2007  User Provided No Response
06/08/2007  I am legally blind and use ZoomText to read the website. Please make it easy to read, not too busy. Today I received your e-mail asking me to send a fax to President Bush...but the place to click would not work. I want to send an e-mail to him. What is his e-mail address? I am asking him TO SIGN the bill. Think positive! Ask him to SIGN the bill.
07/08/2007  Help! What do I fill out or who do I contact about and employer who made a discriminatory remark to a few other employees at a meeting that was held in May in regards to my diabetes. I have the folder that was mailed to me by the ADA, but I don't know what and if this would be discrimination or deflamatory or what, but it is making my employment with my school district very uncomfortable. I have been employed with this school district for 15 years and have been working at the school for more than 20. Please tell me who and what I can do or who to contact with the ADA. Thank you. Cheryl Cienfuegos
08/16/2007  I have responded to several of your requests for me to contact my representative or senator. In your canned letter, you have a space for us to personalize the letter. Please make that space more accessible. I have not been able to personalize any message to my representative or senator.
08/21/2007  Dear Sir/Madam, I have several questions concerning health insurance: 1. When does COBRA coverage become exhausted? Does a graduate student's COBRA coverage become "exhausted" when a semester begins (Assistantship)? 2. What happens if COBRA is exhausted at mid-semester? The current policy is that the student can only apply on a semester to semester schedule. My daughter is a new graduate student in New Mexio. I understand that HIPPA option is available in New Mexico, but I could not determine, yet, if she as an individual could seek HIPPA assistance. The information I see seems to indicate the aid is for dependent children. I am now "concerned" enough about insurance coverage that I would like to become active at least in my home state of New Mexico. Currently my wife is employed by the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna Austria and I am retired. We do have permanent residency in New Mexico. Can you refer me to someone within the New Mexico advocacy group? Thank you for your time and effort. G Langner.
05/10/2006  Recently there were two separate incidents in the Seattle area (the cities of Redmond and Fife) that concerned me. Two people had diabetic episodes while driving. The police thought the people were DUI and used a tazer on the people when they did not respond. Their action has resulted in a lawsuit by one of the people. The police stated that they cannot take a chance and believed they were justified in their action. At first I thought a medical ID bracelet or necklace might have prevented the tazer attacks, but in that situation it's likely the police would not check. Then I thought of what might be a solution. Why not have a static cling sticker to place on the inside of the car window and/or windshield that would alert authorities to the fact that the person is a diabetic? I searched on the internet but did not see such a product available. I didn't know who to ask about this, so I thought I'd start with you, the ADA. Thank you!
01/24/2007  I was wondering what I could do as an advocate. I am a full-time college student and I work. I am also a type 1 diabetic. I would like to get involved but I am not sure how. Please help!
02/07/2006  Hi my name is Jordan and i go to mountlake terrace high school and i would like to plan a walk for people to go to but i was wondering if you had any ideas of how to get started. Thank you
09/17/2005  I don't have a problem with this site however I would like information on how I can advocate for my son who is 17 and has diabetes but has a strong desire to join the Coast Guard and due to his diabetes they will not accept him. There has to be a way to fight this. If there is anyone out there that can help me in this fight, please email me. It is unfair.
09/18/2005  I was trying to make a donation in memory of a friend who recently died and suffered from diabetes but I could not do so on your web site because this page was could be displayed. Would you please advise me on how to do so. Thank you.
09/18/2005  I was trying to make a donation in memory of a friend who recently died and suffered from diabetes but I could not do so on your web site because this page was could be displayed. Would you please advise me on how to do so. Thank you.
09/18/2005  I was trying to make a donation in memory of a friend who recently died and suffered from diabetes but I could not do so on your web site because this page was could be displayed. Would you please advise me on how to do so. Thank you.
09/18/2005  My husband and I have a 3 year old son who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 2 years ago. We have received information from JDRF and have an excellent physician and health team. We are curious about ADA's position on stem cell research, particulary your stance on harvesting those cells. Where do your researchers obtain those cells? Thank you! Jennifer Fairbairn
09/18/2005  i heard that if you collect soda pop tabs and turn then in , they will help with minutes on the machcine is this true
09/23/2005  My sister suddenly has no insurance for her insulin and other medications. She had medicaid because she was on soc. sec. disability, her husband died and she now only receives his social security payment instead of disability therefore no drug benefit. Altogether she would have to pay $1200/month, and her SS is $1100/month. I am looking for resources that can help her pay for her insulin and glyburide. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.
09/23/2005  Please help me, my husband is a retired teacherand working in the N&YC school system as a parent coordinator with DC37 health coverage. This past month they have removed diabetes medication from his drug plan. Both my husband John and I are Type 2 Diabetics. It will be a hardship to pay for these medications out of pocket...Can they legally take these meds out of our drug plan? Please help us! Thank you!
12/20/2005  My question is, How can I get immdeiate help for an inmate in the san francisco county jail who needs to be put into either a live in program or house arrest in order to receive the diabetes medicine and a strictly monitored diet. He cannot take care of his diabetes and cannot be given his medication in the county jail because without the proper diet the medicine would cause more harm than good. He aslo has a servious liver disease and is in his 50's. Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
12/20/2005  My question is, How can I get immdeiate help for an inmate in the san francisco county jail who needs to be put into either a live in program or house arrest in order to receive the diabetes medicine and a strictly monitored diet. He cannot take care of his diabetes and cannot be given his medication in the county jail because without the proper diet the medicine would cause more harm than good. He aslo has a servious liver disease and is in his 50's. Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
01/11/2007  I have a problem with the whole idea of embryonic stemcell research. Not enough research has been done on adult stemcells... even those considered pluripotent cells, taken from the placenta and umbilical cord of a newborn child. I happen to know also that testing is being done on cells drawn from amneotic fluid of a pregnant woman, under strict supervision. Let's wait and see what comes of that, ok? I will not support any research done on embryonic or fetal stemcells! Please do not ask me for support in this area of research. This is one reason that I do not support the ADA, and I am a diabetic. If I knew that my life depended on taking the life of someone else, born or not, I would opt to live (or die) without that support. My life is no more valuable than the life being affected for research. Neither is yours. They are no less valuable either. So someone opted not to use the eggs they donated... by fertilizing them, they become viable and do they or do they not have normal cell division? This is life. This is how you and I were formed. My nephew, my mother, my grandfather, and many others have died of cancer. If I knew that fetal stemcell research could have saved their lives, would I have supported it and kept them alive? NO. I loved them so much... but I couldn't allow the taking of a potential of someone else to live for my own selfishness. So, I'm asking, if you are wanting help with your advocacy, please look elsewhere. It is just offensive to me, and I REFUSE to support it. I would appreciate it if you didn't send me emails regarding your need for support for this advocacy. I will fill out the forms incorrectly and make sure that anyone that reads my name will know I am strictly against fetal or embryonic stemcell research. I don't care if there are lines that the president has authorized limited research on... it doesn't make it right. If an egg can be fertilized, it can become a living being... right? You and I have no right to take another's life without just cause... another person's illness is not just cause. Think about it. Notice, nowhere did I use God's name in the email above. I am a devout believer however, but it doesn't take mentioning the creator's name to get a point across that is very simple, even for someone who doesn't believe in God.
09/27/2005  I would love to be updated that the letters i am writing are making a difference. Is there anyway the ADA can follow the topics and email or alert us when we do make a difference?
09/28/2005  I have had my diabetes under control (90 day average 6,2) Right up until June of this year. My blood suger are going up and I need to get medical attention. I am scare about the privacy laws and computer based information. It is imposible to get insurance and if I have more things wrong with me insurance is worse. How can I get treatment under a John Doe name or some other way so I understand what my options are and not risk becoming public knowledge withing this "Privacy Act" were I want things private about me. Thank you Bob
09/28/2005  St. John Westshore Hospital in Westlake, Ohio is holding its semi-annual Diabetes Education Day on Saturday 8 October. This normally draws about 135 participants. We would like a petition our elected officials in Columbus, Oh. on our need for mandatory insurance coverage for diabetics in our state which we do not have currently. Attendees would sign the petition. Could you furnish a petition in proper format for our use? We can duplicate it if you can E-mail it to me. Thanks very much. Gordon D. Hall
04/27/2006  I was looking for the form to complete in order to contact the ADA Legal Department and was unable to find it on the website. I was advised by my daughter's medical team to contact the ADA Legal Department. My daughter is 7 years old and attending first grade in the Allentown, PA School District. On two different occasions she was given the incorrect amount of insulin by the same school nurse. The last instance was on April 7th when 33 grams of carbohydrates was entered into her pump instead of 8 grams. She received 1.1 units of insulin instead of .2. The nurse practioner at the Helwig Diabetes Center stated that this amount of insulin could easily have killed her. As this is the second occurence with the same nurse we are requesting her dismissal and training on pediatric diabetes, carb counting, and insulin pump therapy for all nurses in the district. During a conversation with the person responsible for nursing in the school district we asked that our daughter be removed from the care of the nurse in question. The supervisor stated that the health room assistant could contact her directly until the matter was resolved. Presently, we have discovered that the health room assistant has been directed to continue to involve the nurse in question and that she will contact the supervisor. We are in fear of our daughter's safety and baffled by the district's lack of concern. We are in need of help and guidance. My phone number is 610-776-0767. Any support would be appreciated.
10/03/2005  I was directed to your site by NATSO Truckers News concerning state waivers for Commercial Drivers and I have failed to find the info. I am type 2 looking to go on the needle for night time control soon so I could use some info because my career is in jepredy. Thanks
10/03/2005  My son is 9 years old. He is on a Travel Soccer Team. At his last game, the referee made him remove his medical alert bracelet. The coach challenged the removal, but the referee insisted because it was made of metal. I am not aware of any plastic or rubber alert bracelets. I want him to wear a medical alert bracelet at all times. Where do I stand
10/04/2005  Aloha, I would like to submit a proposal to my agency to help advocate for diabetic passengers traveling from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam who must give up their fresh fruit due to the Federal Quarantine that prevents movement of fresh fruits to the mainland US. Mainland flights are typically 4-6-8-10 hours long and meals are not always provided. I would like to propose to my agency that when fruits are confiscated we offer those on a diabetic diet an alternative snack. What would the ADA recommend for appropriate snacks we could offer those on diabetic diets in lieu of their apple we just confiscated? I believe this would offer support, kindness, and concern for those who have dietary issues. Sincerely, Nan Story PPQ Officer APHIS
10/04/2005  Aloha, I would like to submit a proposal to my agency to help advocate for diabetic passengers traveling from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam who must give up their fresh fruit due to the Federal Quarantine that prevents movement of fresh fruits to the mainland US. Mainland flights are typically 4-6-8-10 hours long and meals are not always provided. I would like to propose to my agency that when fruits are confiscated we offer those on a diabetic diet an alternative snack. What would the ADA recommend for appropriate snacks we could offer those on diabetic diets in lieu of their apple we just confiscated? I believe this would offer support, kindness, and concern for those who have dietary issues. Sincerely, Nan Story PPQ Officer APHIS
10/04/2005  Aloha, I would like to submit a proposal to my agency to help advocate for diabetic passengers traveling from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam who must give up their fresh fruit due to the Federal Quarantine that prevents movement of fresh fruits to the mainland US. Mainland flights are typically 4-6-8-10 hours long and meals are not always provided. I would like to propose to my agency that when fruits are confiscated we offer those on a diabetic diet an alternative snack. What would the ADA recommend for appropriate snacks we could offer those on diabetic diets in lieu of their apple we just confiscated? I believe this would offer support, kindness, and concern for those who have dietary issues. Sincerely, Nan Story PPQ Officer APHIS
10/04/2005  Aloha, I would like to submit a proposal to my agency to help advocate for diabetic passengers traveling from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam who must give up their fresh fruit due to the Federal Quarantine that prevents movement of fresh fruits to the mainland US. Mainland flights are typically 4-6-8-10 hours long and meals are not always provided. I would like to propose to my agency that when fruits are confiscated we offer those on a diabetic diet an alternative snack. What would the ADA recommend for appropriate snacks we could offer those on diabetic diets in lieu of their apple we just confiscated? I believe this would offer support, kindness, and concern for those who have dietary issues. Sincerely, Nan Story PPQ Officer APHIS
10/04/2005  Aloha, I would like to submit a proposal to my agency to help advocate for diabetic passengers traveling from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam who must give up their fresh fruit due to the Federal Quarantine that prevents movement of fresh fruits to the mainland US. Mainland flights are typically 4-6-8-10 hours long and meals are not always provided. I would like to propose to my agency that when fruits are confiscated we offer those on a diabetic diet an alternative snack. What would the ADA recommend for appropriate snacks we could offer those on diabetic diets in lieu of their apple we just confiscated? I believe this would offer support, kindness, and concern for those who have dietary issues. Sincerely, Nan Story PPQ Officer APHIS
10/05/2005  my husband is 32 yrs old and now has the advanced stages of diabetic retinophy. i am at my wits end trying to find financail help. we both work -so medcaid is out. noone seems to know of any funds or grants to help. he needs the surgery, but we need help. we found one insurance that would help, but you have to wait 6 months for it to kick in, and that's at $250 a month. we don't have 6 months to wait. he will be blind. how can america be this way. we help for every other country and have funds for researching stuff that doesn't matter , but where is the actual help for the people. we work full time and nobody will help--people that don't work -get the help. what's wrong with our government. any advise? thanks-
10/05/2005  I am writing to find contact information for ADA advocacy direction, Veronica De La Garaza (preferably an email address) if this is the same person who is the former executive director of the Youth Vote Coliation. I am graduate student at Georgetown University working with a professor who is doing research on youth voting and would like to interview her regarding her with YVC. If you could please have her contact me directly (vertigo_14@hotmail) or if I could please have her email address, that would most helpful. Thanks, Janene Scelza
10/05/2005  My wife and son are both diabetic. My wife was in a rear end collision with another car while she suffered a low blood sugar. Now the district attorney wants to remove her drivers license. Do you have an advocate in Iowa or Nebraska who could guide us through this. Also we have an appeal for a second trial in a suit against a public school system for my son. Five years ago my son suffered a low blood sugar which brought about a FULL BLOWN SEIZURE while in school and under the care of an associate who was hired to watch for these signs???? His brain was damaged and he dropped in intelligence to where he is now considered mentally retarded!!! We went through the school's mediation process after a first incident happened in 1998 then when the associate was hired he wasn't in school for only six months and then Jan 10,2000 HAPPENED!!! He has not stepped into a public school since and we are still fighting!!! My son, my only child, will never be the same??? But the big public school system denies everything. I had to get a lawyer out of state to take on my son's case. I want justice, I want a voice to be heard, I cry out but they hold their hands over my mouth!!! Is there no one bigger than the school system to stand behind us???? We lost our first case becuase the judge was so biased against my out of state attorney???? WHat's up with that??? They have discriminated against my son becuase of his diabetes...can you help us???? Do you have an advocate who can talk to us and give us a shoulder to lean on???? This goes beyond just the school system and us....I believe that the county the state and maybe even the govt. is trying to silence us!!! How BIG are you or do you get govt. funding so as that you can't get involved even though you do advocate for diabetes....don't you???? The school is way too bigger than I am....but if my wife and I don't stand up to them...who will??? For five years we have fought them...our own families have turned from us becuase of this....we can't even get any respite for my son becuase of wife herself a diabetie now watches my son 24/7. The out of state attorney wants a second bought and will move the case out of county....but financially my wife and I are thin. I don't have a big lawfirm to back me or a big school system behind me. But what they did was wroung....and now it is trying to be covered my son's lost mind??? Can you help...or refer us to someone who could guide or just to talk to us??? If not I at least thank you for listening!!! Michael, JoLene, and Joshua Gray 7123280478 or cell 4024904834 The hardest thing for me to accept as a father was when my son came down with diabetes at the age of seven, that with his other medical conditions which adds to a greater burder...but to have the school damage him as they I accept that and then let them cover it up???? Can you explain even this to ME....CAN YOU????
10/05/2005  I live with a Diabetic Partner that suffers from Chronic Ulcerations of the Left ankle region. Health care around this area is far below standard and He has went to several different clinics and hospitals to no avail. He currently cannot work due to his condition, which continues to deteriorate. He has tried for Disability several times and been denied. As someone who watches him miss out on the things he loves, and sees him get winded walking across a room, I can see his disability myself. How can we make them see that he is not Lazy and trying to get money for nothing, and that he is, in fact, disabled due to his Diabetes?
10/06/2005  I do not know were to begin. I have a friend who is in her late 50's. She is disabled, diabetic and has a heart condition. She cannot work or drive. She cannot afford her medicine and she is starting to look bad. I need to find her some help. Your website may not be able to help me but maybe you know who can??? Thank-you
10/06/2005  Are there some types of gene therapys for Diabetes. I found out only recently that my whole famly on my Dads side has Diabetes. I have a brother & sister with it & 4 bothers expecting it @ age 50.
10/07/2005  What are some of the key policy issues diabetes advocates are currently facing?
10/09/2005  As of October 1st, 2005, the New Jersey Sales Tax has changed as a result of the streamlined sales tax project. As a result, reduced sugar or sugar free beverages that were previously non-taxable are now taxable because they contain less than 50% fruit juice. This change creates an economic hardship on diabetics, who have to drink low sugar or sugar free drinks. For example, Minute Maid makes a 100% orange juice product that contains Vitamin C, Calcium and Vitamin D and more than 20 grams of sugar per 8 ounce serving that is tax exempt. They also produce a Minute Maid light orange juice product which contains reduced sugar and contains the same vitamins as their regular juice. This item is taxable because they had to dilute the juice to take out the sugar. The reduced sugar products are not junk food; they are nutritious and increase and prolong the quality of life for those afflicted with diabetes. Previously only sodas and carbonated beverages were taxable because of their questionable nutritional value I ask for your assistance in getting this discriminatory change reversed. This may be occurring in other states as well, because this streamlined sales tax project is a national project between the states.
10/12/2005  I am on social security disability & under the poverty level. I am 37 yrs old & have had type 1 diabetes all my life. It is very brittle. I have nerve damage, proliferative retinopathy (I have had so many surgeries that is my eyes bleed any more I will be blind), abdominal paresis, my kidney function is about 50%. My blood glucose levels are unpredictable & fluctuate rapidly. I often have seizures from sudden hypoglycemia. As well as dangerous complications from hyperglycemia. Not to mention the enormous emotional toll this plays on me. I need help! I need a pancreas. It would greatly increase the quality of my life. But, medicare refuses to pay for a pancreas transplant withou an additional kidney transplant. A sole pancreas transplant would prevent major future complications such as blindness, kidney failure, amputations. I would appreciate any guidance on what I can do to obtain funding for a transplant. I'm desperate yet hopeful. Thank You. Kathy Hardage
10/13/2005  FILED COMPLAINT October 10, 2005 Person Complaining: NAME : William W. Dunlap EMAIL ADDRESS : ADDRESS: : P.O. BOX 50453, Colorado Springs, CO 80949 PHONE: : (719) 321-7579 AGE : 29 HOMETOWN : San Diego, CA IN CUSTODY AT : Sand Creek Police Station (Southeast) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. COUNTY : El Paso OCCUPATION: : Previous Occupation 5yrs at Oracle Corporation/SSI AND SSDI SENTENCED TO : Department of Corrections PRIOR TO THIS INCIDENT, THE ACCUSED HAD THE FOLLOWING CRIMINAL HISTORY: 0 prior arrests, 0 misdemeanor convictions, 0 felony convictions, 0 juvenile convictions Who: William W. Dunlap, Ex-Husband Portia Ford-Dunlap, Ex-wife Kristen Buckley, 1st Police Officer Marcus Lehmkuhl, 2nd Police Officer Eric Reed and, 3rd Police Officer David Webster, District Attorney Shane White, District Attorney, Conflict of interest in Civil Rights case, William Dunlap's hired private Attorney Law Firm in case 01CR1616. Larry David Martin, 1st Judge Steven T. Pelican, 2nd Judge When: April 27, 2001 Where: 1180 S. Chelton, Apt. #821, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910 Why: Mr. William Dunlap was employed by Oracle Corporation whose offices were in the Colorado Springs, Colorado Antlers Doubletree hotel in 1997-2002. Ms. Portia Ford has been convicted of Domestic Violence 3rd degree Assault by kicking, shoving, and pushing William Dunlap in the year of 1998 when William Dunlap lived at 135 N. Academy, Apt#132 by himself. William Dunlap was not in a relationship with Ms. Ford at that time. William Dunlap had later resolved the incident and thought it was corrected. William Dunlap first met Ms. Portia Ford while she was employed as an assistant manager for the Colorado Springs, Colorado Antlers Doubletree hotel restaurant at the end of the year in 1998. William Dunlap had married Portia R. Ford April of 1999. William Dunlap was informed that she was having an affair with men at the hotel around the year of 2000. She was caught by her employees. One in particular Noel Sawyer had stated that she was caught in the hotel having sex with a guy, and was put on a probation period at the Antlers Doubletree hotel. William Dunlap was working at Oracle at the time and one of her employees approached William Dunlap. Noel Sawyer and employees told William Dunlap about what had happened at the hotel. William Dunlap asked Portia about the incident at the hotel but got no response from her about the incident. Then she changed and begun to sleep on the couch as their son would not sleep with her and only with William. Portia began drinking more after this time. Mrs. Portia Ford-Dunlap began to call the Police on William Dunlap over a period of time to have him removed as a tenant. One day while Portia Ford-Dunlap had been drinking, William Dunlap had to go to the hospital after she slammed a door into a knife on a plate of food which cut William on the inside of the right arm between the wrist and elbow and required 10 to 13 stitches. Portia frequently began drinking in the early morning and into late evening. This incident occurred when she was arguing with William not to take their son to his parent's house to visit. Officer Buckley had given William Dunlap a ticket for stop and park in front of 1180 S. Chelton, Apt #821, Colorado Springs, Co. parking space which was later dismissed. Mrs. Portia Ford-Dunlap called police and as William Dunlap was getting his mail from the mail box area after getting home from work one day, when Officer Kristen Buckley (who latter assaulted him on April 27, 2001 with other officers) pulled William Dunlap near some stairs to take William Dunlap to the apartment to talk with Mrs. Portia Ford-Dunlap. William Dunlap did not know what was going on? Mrs. Portia Ford-Dunlap stated she wanted him out. Officer Buckley said her partner was on route to the apartment. Officer Marcus Lehmkuhl appeared later. Police did not arrest nor make William Dunlap leave the apartment and then each officer left. Mrs. Portia Ford-Dunlap would habitually and frequently stay out all night with her man friends during the time William Dunlap and she were married and would not come home till the next day. Finally on April 27, 2001 police responded to a 911 call made by Portia from an unverified location. What Happened? Health: Acute bronchial asthma, heart problems, diabetes, back injury caused by police officers, head injury made worse by police officers, chronic fatigue, diminished mental capacity due to the egregious beating by police officers, left knee injury caused by police officers, and low blood sugar at 74. Arrested For: Alleged (Domestic Violence) Alleged charges later added are Harassment, Felony Menacing, Assault 3rd Degree, Obstruction of a Peace Officer, Resisting Arrest, Assault 2nd Degree (3 counts on police officers). On April 27, 2001, William Dunlap had planned to take their son Mason over to visit his mother after taking a nap. When he woke Mason was gone and he got up. William saw no note and neither Portia nor Mason were in the apartment. William began packing to stay a couple of days at his parents and started to pack a VCR, stereo, and small TV for Mason while thinking Portia had gone out and would be returning with Mason. However, on April 27, 2001 that hour, Mrs. Portia Ford-Dunlap without cause had called 911 and told police that William Dunlap was going to take her son. Some time later, two individuals entered William Dunlap's apartment, guns drawn, yelling show your hands at William Dunlap who complied while in front of an entertainment system being ordered to turn around and did. Officer Kristen Buckley handcuffed William Dunlap then came around to his front and said you are under arrest for Domestic Violence. Once handcuffed William Dunlap asked, "What is going on?" Then Officer Kristen Buckley sprayed William Dunlap with oleoresin capsicum spray in his eyes, nose, and mouth not just with one squirt to the face. William Dunlap nudged his head to get air and from the burning pain to his eyes and mouth. William was then punched in the face. Then another officer from the door way tackled William from behind to a nearby couch where his face was then smothered into a couch pillow. William Dunlap struggled to get air since his hands were handcuffed behind his back and he could not breathe. Additional Officers also jumped on William and kept smothering him into the couch pillow. Officers punched and struck William Dunlap many times. William Dunlap became dizzy. William Dunlap managed to roll off the couch to the floor to get air. Then officers jumped on Dunlap and choked him. William Dunlap yelled stop several times, but officers dragged him, and then beat him, wantonly to his head, and back coercively with deadly weapons, batons, twenty times recorded in their reports. William Dunlap faded away at the foot of the apartment door. Witness's say he was dragged across the floor and struck several times before officers noticed he was having trouble breathing. William Dunlap started to have a seizure while being struck and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. There at the hospital police said he fought with doctors, and was not consciously aware as to what had happened to him. He was later brought to the Sand Creek Police Station. In custody, William Dunlap, yelled out the door that he hadn't taken his insulin for two days and he wanted to go to the hospital. Despite, his calls for help and the hospital reports showing he was a brittle diabetic, police ignored his calls for help and he was found passed out at the substations jail holding cell. Police found, William Dunlap, lying passed out behind the jail door at the Sand Creek Police substation were he was taken to the hospital again given some sugar water with potassium, and sent to the County Jail in Colorado Springs without insulin. Police later identified Portia R. Ford and Maeson Gee Darnell Dunlap outside the apartment after the arrest. After William Dunlap's April 27, 2001 arrest, he went to public courthouse records to investigate Ms. Portia Ford-Dunlap record and found she had been convicted of Domestic violence for bashing another gentlemen in his head with a phone during the year of 1998 when Ms. Portia Ford through another guy out to be with William Dunlap. According to public court records Portia Ford had been convicted of three prior domestic violence offenses. Mr. William Dunlap had no prior record to April 27, 2001. As a result of their unreasonable force, officers Eric Reed, Kristen Buckley, and Marcus Lehmkuhl denied him the equal protection of the laws, by not training is officers in the proper use of force, authorize the use of excessive force, assaulted him and unlawfully searched his home by entering his home without a search warrant or probable cause to believe that a crime was being committed and by using oleoresin capsicum spray and beating him on his head and back while he was handcuffed and not dangerous or acting in a threatening manner, and discriminated against him by treating him differently while arresting him because he is black. William Dunlap is unable to proceed due to his diminished mental capacity. William Dunlap is capable of understanding individual and specifics aspects of the proceedings, however, William Dunlap is unable to mentally incorporate several separate specifics, e.g. understand the relationships and effects of separate specifics, and then mentally incorporate them within the greater picture. William Dunlap is presently searching for qualified legal representation to present William Dunlap claims in proper legal context. William Dunlap has been relying upon procedures, forms, and pleadings available on the internet, as that was the only assistance available. William Dunlap rights under the Fourteenth Amendment to "due process of law" can not be met absent assistance of qualified legal counsel. William Dunlap is disabled due to the injuries by officers and has been sentenced on 9/30/05 for the third time. William Dunlap pleads for the someone to intervene an assist this individual to preserve violated fundamental rights such as "the violation of his due process in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the 4th Judicial District Court." Be sure to identify the persons, business, institutions, or government agencies who are responsible for violating your rights. Portia R. Ford, PLAINTIFF, EX-WIFE , False Statements David J. Webster, 1st DISTRICT ATTORNEY, Failure to investigate and present evidence and witnesses. (719) 520-6023, PHONE Patricia K. Kelly, 2nd CITY ATTORNEY, Violated rights of "due process" Mailing Address: 30 S. NEVADA AVE., SUITE 501 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80903 (719) 385-5909, PHONE (719) 578-6209, FAX CITYATTY@SPRINGSGOV.COM, EMAIL Jeanne M. Smith, 3rd DISTRICT ATTORNEY, Violated rights of "due process". Mailing Address: 105 E. VERMIJO COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80903 (719) 520-6169 Larry David Martin, 1ST JUDGE, Failure to investigate and present evidence and witnesses. (719) 448-7616 or (719) 448-7556, ONE OF THE TWO PHONE NUMBERS Steven Thomas Pelican, 2nd JUDGE (CURRENT JUDGE), Failure to investigate and present evidence and witnesses, Racial and Disability discrimination, violated 6 month right to speedy trial by jury or judge, William Dunlap did not get a trial by jury or a judge an was sentence while William Dunlap was in jail and Mr. Pelican was judicially biased in every stage of the court proceedings. (719) 448-7520, PHONE Lee V. Cole, Jr., CLERK, Failure to correct writ of errors (719) 448-7599 Ext. 8, PHONE Michael J. Watanabe, MAGISTRATE JUDGE, violated rights by proceeding while in conflict of interest Alfred A. Arraj United States Courthouse A532 / Courtroom A502 (303) 844-2403 Shelly Moore, DEPUTY CLERK, violated rights by proceeding while in conflict of interest NO INFORMATION Victoria Villalobos, DISTRICT ADMINISTRATOR, Failure to correct writ of errors (719) 448-7798, PHONE (719) 29-7046, FAX Judge Toth, 3rd JUDGE, OFFICE OF DISPUTE RESOLUTION, Violated rights of "due process". (719) 448-7512, PHONE Mike Burgette, 1st PROBATION OFFICER, Impersonating a probation officer, violated rights of "due process". 326 SOUTH TEJON ST., COLO. SPRGS., CO 80903 (719) 448-7714, PHONE Bridget Collins, 2nd PROBATION OFFICER, False imprisonment, Failure to correct writ of errors, violated rights of "due process", manipulated proceedings with Portia R. Ford-Dunlap ex-wife. 326 SOUTH TEJON ST., COLO. SPRGS., CO 80903 (719) 867-5329, PHONE Public Defenders Office, Conflict of interest 415 South Sahwatch, COLO. SPRGS., CO 80903 (719) 475-1235 Sand Creek Police Station (SOUTHEAST), POLICE DEPARTMENT, Police brutality, police misconduct, serious injury, wrongful imprisonment, improper investigative procedures and discrimination while taking him into custody, denied him the equal protection of the laws. Kristen Buckley, Police Officer Marcus Lehmkuhl, Police Officer Eric Reed, Police Officer 4125 Center Park, Colo. Sprgs., co 80916 (719) 444-7270 Patrick Nealson Smith, CRIMINAL ATTORNEY, 30162, disbarred for drinking P.O. BOX 60266, COLO. SPRGS., CO 80960 (719) 460-4647, CONFLICT OF INTEREST Michael P. McHenry, CRIMINAL ATTORNEY, 20684, failed to find out about case and did not communicate with William Dunlap before acting in his behalf as his attorney and denies even being his attorney. On 3/13/03 the Entire Public defenders office stated that they are in conflict of interest according to the court records listed at the courthouse by statements from the secretary at the public defender's office. 415 S. SAHWATCH, COLO. SPRGS., CO 80903 PUBLIC DEFENDERS OFFICE (719) 475-1235, CONFLICT OF INTEREST If the offending person or agency provided you with some sort of explanation, please let us know. If possible, please explain why you believe that explanation is not adequate. Would not hear William Dunlap complaints and violated his rights by railroading him without communications to every stage of the proceedings and counsel. 4th Judicial District court, El Paso County 20 EAST VERMIJO, SUITE 105 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80903 MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. BOX 2980 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80901-2980 INFORMATION NUMBER FOR THE COURT: (719) 448-7700 Name and location of the court: Alfred A. Arraj United States Courthouse, Room A105 901 19th Street Denver, Colorado 80294-3589 Civil Division: (303) 844-3433 Criminal Division: (303) 844-2115 If your complaint involves mistreatment by police officers, it is especially helpful if you could obtain a copy of whatever report the police wrote. Yes, complaint involves mistreatment by police officers, but Police officers will not provide any reports regarding the April 27, 2001 incident to William Dunlap. If you have already taken some action, such as filing an appeal or a complaint, please let us know the status of the matter. Case Information: 2001 RESTRAINING ORDER CASE NUMBER: 01C9488, deprived of Son and Parental Visitation 2002 DIVORCE CASE NUMBER: 01DR2285, deprived of 1st Amendment speech and deprived of son. 2003 APPEAL CASE NUMBER: 03CA2402, deprived of a hearing on appeal. 2004 APPEAL CASE NUMBER: 04CA2402, deprived of a hearing on appeal. 2004 HARASSMENT CASE NUMBER: 04M002707, False Charges 2005 CIVIL ACTION NO: 05 - OES 715, Civil Rights Violations 2005 CIVIL RIGHTS CASE NUMBER: 1:05-cv-00715-MSK- MJW Dunlap v. Colorado, People of the State of et al, Civil Rights Violations Criminal number: 01CR1616, deprived of 1st Amendment speech, deprived of 4th, 5th, 6th Amendments and deprived of the 14th Amendment of the equal protection of the laws. ML#: 38933693 DIV: 6 COURT ROOM: 401 CHAMBERS: 438 DATE OF OCCURRENCE: APRIL 27, 2001 DATE OF AWARENESS: SEPTEMBER 3, 2004 DATE OF FEDERAL COMPLAINT FILED: MAY 10, 2005 NEXT HEARING FOR CIVIL RIGHTS: OCT 7, 2005 - 9:00AM SENTENCED ON: 08/07/03 SENTENCED ON: 08/19/03 SENTENCED ON: 10/30/03 NEXT SENTENCING ON CRIMINAL: 09/30/05 8:30AM NEXT SENTENCING HEARING FOR CRIMINAL CASE: 10/14/05 - 8:30AM THE POLICE MISCONDUCT INCLUDES: Excessive force by police officers Brain Injury Spinal Injury Racial and Disability Discrimination Illegal Arrest or Detention Verbal Abuse Violations of Civil Rights False Criminal Charges William Dunlap complaint against Officers Eric reed, Kristen Buckley, and Marcus Lehmkuhl for police brutality, police misconduct, serious injury, wrongful imprisonment, improper investigative procedures and discrimination while taking him into custody, denied him the equal protection of the laws. William Dunlap complaint against the state of Colorado for civil rights violations, injunction to stop abuse of the process, legal mistreatment, forceful manipulations to incriminate an obtain plea, and discrimination of human moral character. Provided 911 tape and witnesses to the incident for proof of William Dunlap's innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. The tape contains statements from Portia R. Ford which could Prove William Dunlap's innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. The tape is in evidence at the courthouse. There are also Valentine Digital Recording copies available. The court will not use the evidence or call witnesses. All Resources in the state and in Denver have been exhausted. Please indicate whether the someone is authorized to write a letter of inquiry or a letter of protest using your name. Yes Finally, please let us know what you are asking the someone to do for you. I am asking the someone to intervene an assist me to preserve violated fundamental rights such as "the violation of his due process in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the 4th Judicial District Court." Mr. Dunlap wanted an attorney to get outside parties such as a Provost Marshall to intervene and set the procedures right the proper remedy for violations of due process is to dismiss everything. The following cases are cases that support Mr. Dunlap's opinions. Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) Sections (2-3), 42 USC Sec. 12101, Failure to Protect Race and Disability Discrimination and Communication barriers. Monroe v. Pape, 365 U.S. 167 (1961), deprived of constitutional rights, privileges and immunities by an official's abuse of his position. Crawford v. Washington, 147 Wash. 2d 424, 54 P.3d 656 (2004), reversed and remanded, no man shall be prejudiced by evidence which he had not the liberty to cross examine. Smith v. O'grady, 312 U.S. 329 (1941), Canceled trial after jurors were selected was a mere sham, pretense, and denied objections to counsel being present. Betts v. Brady, 316 U.S. 455 (1942), furnished counsel by the state to provide equal justice. Powell vs. Alabama, 287 U.S. 45 (1932), adequate assistance of counsel as required by the due process clause of the 14th Amendment. Strickland vs. Washington, 466 U.S. at 689-91 (1984), effective assistance of counsel and due process Hill v. Lockhart, 474 U.S. 52 (1985), defendant did not waive his rights and counsel's errors prejudiced the case. Scott v. Illinois, U.S. Sup. Ct. (1979), disputing the condition of lacking power to act with legal effectiveness and the delay Bunkley v. Meachum, 68 F.3d 1518, 1521 (2d Cir. 1995), deficient performance must be prejudicial, thus depriving the accused of both a fair trial and a reliable result. Gideon v. Wainwright, 372 U.S. 335 (1963), Right to Counsel Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966), due process of law, right to remain silent Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 (1886), equal protection under the law Argersinger v. Hamlin, 407 U.S. 25 (1971), right to counsel no matter how "petty" the offense. Mapp v. Ohio, 367 U.S. 643 (1961), exclusionary rule for illegal search and seizure Avery v. Alabama, 308 U.S. 444 (1940), Effective assistance of counsel Griffin v. Illinois, 351 U.S. 12 (1956), constitutional rights were violated Ferguson v. Georgia, 365 U.S. 570 (1961), appellant the effective assistance of counsel Palko v. Connecticut, 302 U.S. 319 (1937), Double Jeopardy enforced Massiah v. United States, 377 U.S. 201 (1964), disentitled to secure admissions from the accused New York v. Hill, (98-1299) 528 U.S. 110 (2000), Defendant did not waive his right to counsel Williams v. Warden, 254 Va. 16, 487 S. E. 2d 194 (1997), ineffective assistance of counsel Gideon v. Cochran, 372 U.S. 335 (1963), Indigent's Right to Appointed Counsel Johnson v. Zerbst, 304 U.S. 458, 462 (1938),Johnson v Zerbst, 304 U.S. 458, 58 S.Ct. 1019 (1938); Pure Oil Co. v City of Northlake, 10 Ill.2d 241, 245, 140 N.E.2d 289 (1956); Hallberg v Goldblatt Bros., 363 Ill 25 (1936), (5) if the court exceeded its statutory authority, Rosenstiel v Rosenstiel, 278 F.Supp. 794 (S.D.N.Y. 1967), Sixth Amendment deemed necessary to insure fundamental human rights of life, liberty and property. Lockhart v. Fretwell, 506 U.S. 364 (1993), denied defendant's objection not to proceed since his due process and constitutional rights had been violated and conflict of interests regarding his attorney's. Boles v. Stevenson, 379 U.S. 43 (1964), state court used an improper standard for determining voluntariness and that an admission by respondent was involuntary. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483 (1952), denied admission to her local elementary school in Topeka because she was black. People v. Droz, 39 N.Y.2d 457, 462-63 (1976), Failure by counsel to familiarize self with charges. Mosher v. Lavallee, 351 F.Supp. 1101, 1107 (SDNY 1972), False representations and promises as Inducements to plead guilty. People v. Van Wie, 238 A.D.2d 876, 876-77 (4th Dept. 1997), Failure to investigate prior to advising client to accept plea. People v. Thomson, 719 NYS2d 171 (3d Dept. 2001), Failure to communicate information regarding viable defense prior to advising client to plead guilty. People v. Reed, 152 A.D.2d 481, 481 (1st Dept. 1981), Failure to communicate accurate Information about plea negotiations. People v. Roy, 122 A.D.2d 482, 283-84 (3d Dept. 1986), Failure to Advise Client that He Was Not Entitled to Specific Performance of the Plea agreement, but could withdraw plea. People v. Trait, 139 A.D.2d 937, 938-39 (4th Dept.), appeal denied 72 N.Y.2d 867 (1988), People v. Ramos, 53 A.D.2d 703, 703 (2d Dept. 1976), Failure to Make Various Motions, Failure to File Any Pre-Trial Motions. People v. Pickens, 216 A.D.2d 631, 632 (3d Dept. 1995), People v. O'Connell, 133 A.D.2d 970 (3d Dept. 1987), Failure to Demand a Speedy Trial. People v. Sanford, 148 A.D.2d 999 (4th Dept. 1989), Failure to Pursue Defendant's Pro Se Speedy Trial Motion People v. Detling, 73 A.D.2d 937, 937-38 (2d Dept. 1980), Failure to Demand a Hearing (Dunaway) on Probable Cause to Arrest. People v. Donovan, 184 A.D.2d 654, 655 (2d Dept. 1992), People v. Gugino, 132 A.D.2d 989, 989-90 (4th Dept. 1987), People v. Sanin, 84 A.D.2d 681, 682-83 (4th Dept. 1981), Failure to Demand a Suppression Hearing (Mapp) on Physical Evidence Seized from Accused. People v. Kilstein, 174 A.D.2d 756, 757 (2d Dept. 1991), People v. Sanford, 148 A.D.2d 999, 1000 (4th Dept. 1989), Failure to Move for Dismissal of the Indictment. People v. Sinatra, 89 A.D.2d 913, 915 (2d Dept.), leave denied, 28 N.Y.2d 695 (1982), Raised Incompetence without knowing defendant or being Informed. People v. Droz, 39 N.Y.2d 457, 462-63 (1976), Inadequate Trial Preparation and Failure to Meet Client Until the Day of Trial than abandoned client. People v. Simmons, 110 A.D.2d 666, 666-67 (2d Dept. 1985), Failure to Conduct More than a Single Interview With Client Before Trial. People v. Donovan, 184 A.D.2d 654, 655 (2d Dept. 1992), Failure to Prepare Witnesses Adequately. People v. Droz, 39 N.Y.2d 457, 462-63 (1976). People v. Sullivan, 209 A.D.2d 558, 558-59 (2d Dept. 1994). People v. Sullivan, 209 A.D.2d 558, 558-59 (2d Dept. 1994). Failure to Locate and Call Significant Witnesses. People v. Ali-Baba, 179 A.D.2d 725, 729 (2d Dept. 1992), Failure to Secure Independent Medical Testimony. People v. Ali-Baba, 179 A.D.2d 725, 729 (2d Dept. 1992), Failure to Follow Up on Demanded Discovery. People v. Ali-Baba, 179 A.D.2d 725, 729 (2d Dept. 1992), Failure to Secure Independent Medical Testimony. People v. Wilson, 133 A.D.2d 179, 180-81 (2d Dept. 1987), Delay in Investigating Possible Mental Defense. People v. Sullivan, 209 A.D.2d 558, 558-59 (2d Dept. 1994), Failure to Subpoena Documents. People v. Droz, 39 N.Y.2d 457, 462 (1976), People v. La Bree, 34 N.Y.2d 257, 259 (1974), People v. Van Wie, 238 A.D.2d 876, 877 (4th Dept. 1997), People v. AliBaba, 179 A.D.2d 725, 728-29 (2d Dept. 1992), People v. Bennett, 29 N.Y.2d 462, 466 (1972) Deluca v. Lord, 77 F.3d 578, 584 (2d Cir.), cert. denied, 117 S.Ct. 83 (1996), Failure to Conduct Adequate Investigation. People v. Bennett, 29 N.Y.2d 462, 466 (1972), Failure to Read Hospital Records and Speak to Doctors. People v. Riley, 101 A.D.2d 710, 711 (4th Dept. 1984), Unfamiliarity With Earlier Proceedings. People v. Bennett, 29 N.Y.2d 462, 464-66 (1972), People v. 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Super. 1959), judgment forfeiting bond for defendant's bail by not holding a hearing on the reason why bond is being fortified. Janove v Bacon, 6 Ill.2d 245, 249, 218 N.E.2d 706, 708 (1955), service of process was not made pursuant to statute and Supreme Court Rules. Heck v. Humphrey, 512 U.S. 477 (1994), Invalidity of a state court judgment. Patsy v. Board of Regents, 457 U.S. 496, 503 (1982), abuse of state power were litigant exhausted his state remedies before bringing federal action. Mitchum v. Foster, 407 U.S. 225, 242 (1972) (quoting Ex parte Virginia, 100 U.S. 339, 346 (1880), "[t]he very purpose of 1983 was to interpose the federal courts between the States and the people, as guardians of the people's federal rights - to protect the people from unconstitutional action under color of state law, `whether that action be executive, legislative, or judicial.'" Code of Judicial Conduct, Unlawful activity of a judge or undisclosed conflict of interest. U.S.C.A. Const. Amed. 5, Hays v. Louisiana Dock Co., 452 n.e.2D 1383 (Ill. App. 5 Dist. 1983, Void judgment under federal law is one in which rendering court lacked subject matter jurisdiction over dispute or jurisdiction over parties, or acted in manner inconsistent with due process of law or otherwise acted unconstitutionally in entering judgment. People v. Wade, 506 N.W.2d 954 (Ill. 1987), Void judgment is one entered by court without jurisdiction of parties or subject matter or that lacks inherent power to make or enter particular order involved and such a judgment may be attacked at any time, either directly or collaterally. Eckel v. MacNeal, 628 N.E. 2d 741 (Ill. App. Dist. 1993), Void judgment may be defined as one in which rendering court lacked subject matter jurisdiction, lacked personal jurisdiction or acted in manner inconsistent with due process of law. 10/13/58 FRITTS v. KRUGH. SUPREME COURT OF MICHIGAN, 92 N.W.2d 604, 354 Mich. 97, A "void judgment" as we all know, grounds no rights, forms no defense to actions taken there under, and is vulnerable to any manner of collateral attack (thus here, by ). No statute of limitations or repose runs on its holdings, the matters thought to be settled thereby are not res judicata, and years later, when the memories may have grown dim and rights long been regarded as vested, any disgruntled litigant may reopen the old wound and once more probe its depths. And it is then as though trial and adjudication had never been. Jaffe and Asher v. Van Brunt, S.D.N.Y.1994. 158 F.R.D. 278, Judgments entered where court lacked either subject matter or personal jurisdiction, or that were otherwise entered in violation of due process of law, must be set aside. In re Village of Willowbrook, 37 Ill.App.3d 393 (1962), fraud upon the court. Armstrong v Obucino, 300 Ill 140, 143 (1921), judge did not follow statutory procedure. 18 U.S.C. Section 1341, Rule 60(b) Fraud, Misrepresentations, No Jurisdiction, Defects, Writ of Errors. Violations of Due process, Trial by jury, Right to counsel, Equal protection, Confrontation, Compulsory Process, Right to Remain Silent, and Right to Appeal Clauses of the Federal Colorado Constitutions and 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th Amendments of the United States Constitution and Article II, Sections 3,6,7,10,11,16,18,20,23,25, and 28 of the Colorado Constitution. Questions: Where are the orders in this case? Where is the paperwork for a plea? What are the charges? How come I do not get to have counsel? How come I do not get hearings? How come I do not get informed? Why am I neglected and not allowed to have any legal facts established? Why should I suffer for someone else's irresponsibility to protect me? When do I get a trial by a jury? What does conflict of interest do to representing attorneys? Can I be sentenced in private? Why is the records department changing the minute orders? How do I get a hearing on the charges? How do I confront the witnesses against me? Can a judge deny you counsel? Can counsel proceed when an objection is made that questions a rule of law? Can counsel proceed when a false statement is made without a client in agreement? How do I correct errors on the record? How do I get hearings to discuss problems with this case? How do I fix mistakes that happened in court and counsel's abandonment? How do I get orders granted if I am being illegally mistreated? How do I get an advocate? Who do I speak to if Rule 4.1 RPC has been violated for disciplinary action? Who do I speak to about legal harassment? Who do I speak to if the judge has been prejudiced or biased? Who do I contact if I believe that my civil rights have been violated? Who do I speak to if the microphone is turned off? Who do I speak to if the court is cleared out so that I can't have a public hearing? How do I get work scheduled around court dates that are frivolous? What do I do about lost work because of the abuse of the process? What do I do if I lose my job because of unreasonable court dates interfering with work? How much abuse can a court legally inflict before it becomes illegal? What dates have a Failure to Comply? What dates have a Failure to Appear? Writ of Errors: 04/30/01 Not guilty plea entered without counsel. 04/29/01 TROG Temp Restraining Ord-Granted, Not granted on this day. 04/30/01 1:30 PM Hearing on Advisement 05/01/01 Not guilty plea requested with counsel. 05/10/01 09:00 AM Rtrn Filing of Charges 06/28/01 09:30 AM Preliminary Hearing 07/26/01 10:00 AM Disposition Hearing 08/24/01 10:00 AM Disposition Hearing 10/05/01 10:00 AM Disposition Hearing 10/19/01 10:00 AM Disposition Hearing 10/27/01 Deprived of fair and speedy trial within 6 months, deprived of counsel and due process. 11/15/01 Jury trial was set, objected to continuances for new trial date set for 2/11/02. 02/11/02 08:30 AM Jury Trial 05/13/02 08:30 AM Jury Trial 05/30/02 Appearance on Bond 06/14/02 10:00 AM Plea Hearing 10/11/02 10:00 AM Plea Hearing 10/30/02 ACTA Appl for Ct Appted Counsel 12/05/02 11:00 AM Motions Hearing 12/16/02 08:30 AM Jury Trial 03/13/03 Appearance on Bond 08/07/03 Sentenced, Breached contract deprived of counsel and due process. 08/08/03 ADRM ADR Mediation, No Mediation on this day only phone call to district attorney. 08/11/03 08:30 AM Plea Hearing 08/18/03 08:30 AM Jury Trial 08/19/03 Sentenced, Double jeopardy deprived of counsel and due process. 10/10/03 Motion for 35c to correct a sentence. 10/10/03 08:30 AM Sentencing Hearing 10/16/03 Sentenced Failure to appear deprived of counsel and due process. 10/22/03 Warrant Sentenced Failure to appear deprived of counsel and due process. 10/23/03 Sentenced for Failure to appear deprived of counsel and due process. 10/24/03 1:30 PM Appearance on Arrest Warrant 10/30/03 Sentenced in private deprived of counsel and due process for 90 days 12/12/03 MIFP Motn-Proceed In Forma Pauperis 12/12/03 NAPF Notice of Appeal Filed 12/20/03 Released from Sentencing 12/29/03 Went to DA's office to have them produce a plea agreement, There was no plea on file, filed 35c 04/01/03 Sentenced for Failure to comply deprived of counsel and due process. 01/12/04 Motion for 35c 02/27/04 WFTC Warrant- Failure to Comply 03/23/04 Sentenced for Failure to comply deprived of counsel and due process. 04/02/04 RSWT Return of Service on Warrant 05/13/04 Probation violation deprived of counsel and due process. 05/20/04 10:00 AM Review Hearing 07/29/04 Counsel was asserting defenses that lack merit against defendant's request. 09/03/04 Warrant Contempt of Court deprived of counsel and due process. 09/09/04 09:00 AM Rtrn on Summ for Rev of Prob 08/08/05 Warrant arrested on Menacing FTA 09/15/05 Jailed Revocation of Probation at Disposition Hearing 09/30/05 Sentenced 10/14/05 Sentence carried out. Sincerely, William W. Dunlap
10/16/2005  my problem is with the ME motor vehicle dept. every year or two they want me to harass my M.D. as to my type 2 diabetes. i had to change doctors from Dan Crowe, he refused to get involved. i am quite confident that only a small percentage of diabetics get this persecution. is there any way i can get off their list? RSVP larry may vat685pup
10/15/2005  My daughter was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age of 4. She is now 11 years old and attending middle school in Cinnaminson NJ (Burlington County). Recently, I was denied a request by the school district to provide back school personnel in the training and administration of glucagon. I was told that current law in the state of NJ does not allow school districts to provide training and administration by anyone other than the school nurse. I pray everyday that my daughter does not have a severe hypoglycemic event that would require glucagon especially if the nurse is not available if this were to occur. Through some research of my own I have found that there have been several legislative bills introduced in both the NJ Senate and Assembly that deal directly with this issue but it appears that all of these Bills have died when referred to the Senate and Assembly Education Committees. It appears that I have hit a dead end but I am determined to see that this legislation be passed. However, I need your help. Is the ADA aware of this legislation: Bills A3663, A305, A2652, S1306 to name a few)? Can you provide any information or advice on how to proceed with this issue? Please help! Sincerely, Alicia Anderson
10/15/2005  I know of someone who is pregnant and low-income. She is getting insulin for the duration of the pregnancy but after she has the baby she will not be able to afford it and will resume trying to get by without it, at of course great risk. She is living with a boyfriend with a drug problem, so he's no help to speak of. Is there any way that a Michigan resident can get insulin at a reduced cost if s/he is low-income?
10/17/2005  I am an RN, CPNP, CDE working with a 16 year old boy, who is not allowed to check his blood glucose in the classroom. He has type 1 diabetes and uses an insulin pump. Recently, he has had some after-lunch high BG readings, and the school is insisting that he MUST check his BG in the nurse's office. Furthermore, if he checks his BG in class the nurse has threatened him with a 5- day suspension. I am new to SC, could you tell me are there any laws to protect student's ability to check in the classroom. This child has certainly demonstrated his interest in optimal diabetes management, and is being twarted by the school rules.
10/20/2005  My specific question regards obtaining immediate assitance and guidance concerning the aftermath of MVA due to diabetic hypoglycemia and partialloss of consciousness.
10/20/2005  Please read the following letter related to an incident which occurred involving myself and my mother on 10-19-05. Please let me know the steps necessary to (if possible) sue for discrimination. 213-880-2822. Tracie 10-20-2005 To Whom It May Concern: This is to inform you of an incident that took place at the Oakland International Airport on October 19, 2005. My name is Susan Cagen and my phone number is (208) 376-6029. I arrived at Oakland International Airport on the morning of 10-19-05 to travel on a Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to my home in Boise, Idaho. I am a Type 1 Juvenile Diabetic and utilize an insulin pump for Diabetes. Both the insulin pump manufacturer and my physician suggest that I am hand-screened so as to avoid damage to the pump by going through the x-ray machine. When I arrived at the screening center, I requested to be hand-screened. Aisha Taylor, a TSA employee, told me it was not necessary to be hand-screened. At that point I described the necessity of avoiding the x-ray machine and Ms.Taylor proceeded to laugh at me and tell me I was "just trying to avoid the lines." At that point, one of the floor supervisors, Jordan (60918), approached us and repeatedly told me I would have to calm down because at this point, I was upset and crying from the emotional stress and harassment. During these moments, Ms. Taylor continued to walk back and forth, commenting under her breath and laughing directly at me. Next, another screener approached and tried to help me calm down and Aisha Taylor handed her the wand, laughing, and said, "Here, you do it." This woman then hand patted me down and was very nice and told me to remain calm. By this point, two Oakland police officers approached and told me I would have to calm down or I couldn't take my flight. After explaining to the officers what had happened they went back to their station at the bottom of the escalator about 50 feet away. Mr. Jordan then began to write up a report and antagonized me further by stating that I made the Oakland officers come over. Next, my daughter (who had stood in the regular x-ray line) and I asked to speak to the floor supervisor's manager. His reply was, "Negative." My daughter then walked over to the police and asked them to call the manager, at which point another floor supervisor approached us to inquire about what had happened. We then reviewed the incident again and I stated that I felt harassed and discriminated against and that Mr. Jordan would not allow us to speak to a manager. At this point, the second floor supervisor reminded me that this woman, Aisha Taylor, was a human being and we should be more compassionate. I then reminded him that I was a human being and mistreated as a U.S. Citizen and that it was my right to request a hand-screening if I felt the need to do so. The second floor supervisor agreed and then proceeded to call the higher manager for me to speak with on the phone. This manager, Shay (spelling?) apologized and told me the situation would be handled. I feel that these employees should be required to have the proper training and education in these areas to avoid these kinds of situations. Additionally, I want to emphasize the fact that I was humiliated, insulted, and harassed and instead of being made to feel safe and secure, I felt discriminated and scared. I fly frequently through the Oakland airport (at least once a month) to visit my mother and this is the second time I was harassed at that location. I am not sure at this point if this incident requires a lawsuit, as I am still consulting with my lawyer. Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter. Sincerely, Susan Cagen 3036 S. Rookery Lane Boise, Idaho 83706 (208) 376-6029
10/21/2005  I am really ignorant here, and am begging anyone for help, but where would I be able to find any information on how to coordinate the two diets of Celiac Sprue and Diabetes? Thank you for your help. Debby
10/21/2005  I'm in the process of getting my legal status in the US My father just die in Mexico and I had to bring my mon to live with me She's blind and really sick from diabetes and renal illnes I'm have a very low income and I don't know what to do for her to get the proper treatment. Please help
10/25/2005  I have joined the Advocates now and I wonder if that means I am also an ADA member or volunteer as well? Please advise... I want to be a part of ADA. Thank you Shannon Hoffman-Ewing
10/25/2005  I wanted to be kept informed and have checked off the advocacy alert button. In what other ways do you you have a advocate aware of the disease team that does community outreach?
10/25/2005  I need to know if there is any representation or advice available re: an endangerment issue. Yesterday I had asked for a diet coke in a Jack- in-the-Box drive thru and I did not realize they had given me a regular coke until I had drank over half of it. Due to an infection I no longer have accurate taste buds so I did not know it was sugared until it hit my stomach and the syrup began to make me naseaus. I picked up my son from school went back to the restaurant and told them what they had done. They admitted they were careless and gave me their corporate number. I went straight home and gave myself a shot of insulin. I take 3 to 6 or 7 shots a day as I am a serious diabetic. This could have really been bad had I not been able to get home and get my shot. I spoke with their risk department and although they admit it was a terrible thing that happened, they offer no more than an "I'm sorry", a couple of meal tickets, and at the end of the converstaion, a $50 check. I am not a money hungry type of person that makes a living by suing people. I have NEVER done that at all. I just feel that this could have been serious, and not just JITB, but all places need to be very aware of what they do that can adversely affect another person. They had no clue I was a diabetic, and that is the point. They should handle every single customer as though they had a multitude of illnesses that one error could mean a life lost. No I am not wanting to take them to the cleaners, but do you think that $50 is a fair offer? What if the next person at a fast food drive in is given food that was contaminated by something as simple as peanut butter? The customer can go into anaphylactic shock and die over a trace of peanut butter? I know that might be extreme, but we are at the mercy of people that usually can't even speak English (Arizona). Our lives are in their hands .... scary isn't it? So, again, is there any one that can help me with this? Anne Monogian 928-783-0237
10/25/2005  I have a 12 year old daughter with Type I diabetes and I live in Austin, TX. I just finished reading the article on page 77 of the 12/05 Diabetes Forecast and wanted to find out more on ADA's advocacy efforts in TX, in particular. I am currrently a member of JDRF and I am an advocate (Area Captian) for TAMR (Tx for Advanced Medical research). Per ur article, I am not real connected at ther top but I do advocate with Texas ledgislaturers directly about one day a week, when in session. I am an "educator" for stem cell research. I mainly focus on why SCR is not abortion, how it works and make sure their will be no punitive laws passed to turn parents, docotrs and kids against one another. If it is not a conflict of interest, I would like to get connected with your people in Austin Tx and see if I/we can help work in Texas towards the same goals of finding "a cure". At least, I would like to know what things you all are working on in Texas and maybe I can help.
12/21/2005  Why don't you guys look into getting doctors to endorse supplements and which ones work? My husband has been taking them for some time and he's doing great. Ours work.
11/04/2005  Would like to search on information to assist with upcoming school discussions to change protocol with our school district to permit self- testing in the classroom.
10/29/2005  I am not sure if I am in the correct area to ask this question. I have a question about discrimination towards type 1 diabetics. I recently appled myself for the services of the Jenny Craig weight loss program and was denied on the basis of being a type 1 diabetic, I had clearance from my physician, no calls were made to discuss my case with my physician. Evidently type 2 diabetics have used Jenny Craig and have used Insulin therapy. It looks like discrimination to me. Please email me with any advice on how to proceed. Not just for me but all type 1 diabetics! thankyou Tressa Hern
11/01/2005  yES, my father is diabetic, and over 65. he currenly is spending roughly 100 dollars for his insulin,testing strips,needles, and other meds etc a month for this. He and my mother are on a fixed income of social security. Are there any assistance programs for him to get his needles for cheaper,insulin etc. to help with thier rising bills that you know about? please let me know how i can help my parents get the right answers and help with their financial situation thank you
11/03/2005  My husband and myself were just recently denied help from our local bank, which our house is mortgaged through. Granted, our credit is not the greatest, which was one of the reasons. The only other reason they could give us was becuase of our son's outstanding medical issues (juvenile diabetes, type 1). I think this is very wrong!!! They should not be able to use this! Please let me know what you think. Renee Kenneally
11/03/2005  I would like to know where can a person with diabetes and no helath insurance find medications that are reasonable
03/31/2006  My daughter was diagnosed with type-1 on November 4, 2005. She also has asthma. She misses school for asthma related illness and now sometimes for diabetes related illnesses as well. In December, I requested a 504 be written for her. I went to the ADA web site and printed out the sample and then re-typed it and filled in the blanks. There was a 504 meeting on January 17, 2006. I was told that my daughter would qualify for a 504 but that the school district would not use my form and would need to put the information on their own form. I gave them several copies of my form, anyway, as a starting point. They also said that they would not have trained personnel on staff to care for my daughter because they thought a child who was almost 14 could care for herself. They said that if she could not care for herself, they would call the school nurse (who is at a different school) and 911, if necessary. They also told me that they would have another meeting with me once they had their 504 form created. I have inquired about this meeting several times, but it is now March 31, 2006 and the meeting is still not even scheduled. In the meantime, I don't think my daughter is being treated fairly. Novermber 7, 2005 started the second quarter of the school year. My daughter is in 8th grade. She received grades high enough to be on the honor roll the first quarter. The third quarter just ended and we still don't know what her second quarter grades were or if she made the honor roll. My daughter is an intelligent and responsible person. She needs a 504 plan so that everyone is on the same page and so that her diabetes and asthma are not a detrament to her school success. I am looking for the 504 to be an equalizer. Is there someone who can help me with this? My husband and I are thinkig about hiring an attorney, but we really don't know what to do. I would appreciate having an advocate or legal advisor from ADA contact me. Thank you!
11/06/2005  need more information on new rules to change the diabetes exemption program
03/06/2006  can you refer me to someone who can help me on my federal diabetes cdl exemption?they told me back in december all my application was complete and ready to go on the fedral has not been put on yet.i think they are staling me.i have passed all medical requirements and everything else.i will lose very good job if they dont do something very soon.i have a dedicated run from quincy ill to kansas city mo and home every afternoon and night.i live in mo and legal to drive taking insulin,i have to cross ill state line for less than a mile to load and this is what is stopping is clearly not a safety issue,when i can drive all over mo legaly on insulin but not a mile in ill!
11/06/2005  I am unable to personalize the letters on the right side of the pages. Please advise.
11/09/2005  Where and how can you find advice on the difference of insulin dosages for normal and brittle diabetics?
11/11/2005  My 26 year old diabetic son just found out he has about 50% deteriation in both kidneys. He has been a diabetic since the age of 12. Insulin twice a day. The problem is he has no insurance. He needs further test to determine what is really going on. He was told he will need a kidney scan. I do not see anywhere in this site for help in the Chicago area. My son lives in Oregon,Il. Which is about 30 miles west of Rockford,Il. Is there a County Hospital or Clinic anywhere for help?
11/13/2005  what can be done about kmart? they ran an ad in the newspaper offering a diabetes health fair with free diabetes products and information, free diabetes samples and a free hba1c test. i called the phone number and they told me there hamilton, nj store was having the fair on 11-13- 05. i went to that store and the pharmicist told me the "fair is buy the test strips and get a free moniter" there was no information, no samples and no test. this was just a way of getting people into there store to shop.
11/14/2005  My son is 7 years old and attends public school in Montgomery County Maryland. The school pricipal requires that he go to the health room to have his blood glucose tested. He is tested 3 times during the school day and has become frustrated that he is required to go to the health room to test. He wants to test in class somewhere or in the hallway outside class so that he misses as little classroom time as possible. 1. Are there any federal, state or local laws that specifically address this issue? 2. Can you recommended an approach to solving this?
11/17/2005  My daughter has already experienced the things you have listed in the letter. She is a type 1 diabetic who has not medical coverage and does not qualify for Medical or any other type of gov. funded programs and she has no income or money. She has 4 children who are not qualified for any medical coverage either, the father works and makes what they say is too much money but his company does not offer any medical coverage either so the children are uncovered and she is too. each child has a 50% chance of developing diabetes which mean 2 of the 4 of her children could very well develop it. What does she do???? We have tryed all the resources you list but they are either too expensive or she does not qualify for some reason??? Can you help with these type of families, they are living on very little income, they are poor but yet we qualify them as rich? living on about 1O.00 an hour, how does that make them not qualify for serviece??? Cindy
11/17/2005  Our 2 year old son is a type 1 Diabetic. I work but my wife does not work because of daycare issues with our son. I applied for Social Security Benifits on behaf of our son but have been denied twice. Is there any advice or help you can give us on this matter.
12/21/2005  These "Please contact your _________ TODAY" e- mails, like the one I got this morning, are a problem for me. Although I check my e-mail most days, I sometimes miss a day. Also, people on the West Coast are at a disadvantage since we are three hours behind the East Coast. I'm not always able to check my e-mail early in the day; it was almost noon when I checked my e-mail, so it was nearly 3:00 in D.C. Only one Senator's office had a person answering her phone when I called; in less than two hours, it will be the end of their phone-answering day. Your e-mail today, regarding preventing diabetes prevention funding cuts, spoke of things taking a turn for the worse last week. How about more notice, when possible?? I really want to help, but I need a meaningful opportunity to do so.
11/17/2005  my son has adhd and odd and was just diagnosed with type 1 diab. he is failing school because of his low sugar in math he is 9 i have been fighting with the school to get him on a plan the havent don anything i can not fight the school system by myself how do i find someone to help in my area
11/20/2005  I need help, can you get me help or direct me? I had an insulin reaction in November of 2004 and dss took my children, I have not had one since, and they keep making things up trying to avoid blame for what are doing and have done.
11/20/2005  Hello I am wrighting to you for direction . I have been on a long term duisability for a little more that two years now I have worked for Albertsons for seventeen years. Albertsond required me to file for social security as well. Albatrosses have paid me a disability and health insurance during this time. I have diabetes with severe narapathy . on nov 16 i came from a doctors appointment where i found out i needed to have my toe amputated on friday nov 18 meanwhyle i went to pick up a perscriptian and found out i had no insurence i had been cancelled without any notice at all they told me when i got hired 17 years ago they gave me a book telling me how long they pay disability and insurence and i schoold of known from that book i recieved 17 years ago . I only had money to pay for a few days of one of my perscriptions the agumneton I did not fill my blood pressure or my lantis perscriptian but they all told me it was not there problen and it was in my hand book when i got hired . my insurence has payed for less and less ovet the past two years i dont even have a uptodate blood monotor and now i have missed a eye oppointment for laser surgery because i have no insurence I have a burst blood vessel in my right eye and have had it corrected before and now im seeing lines and spots out of thaqt eye . But they dont care its not there problem . and keep developing foot wounds and I keep requiring eye surgery as well for diabetic problems in my eyes. I had a social security hearing on Sep 12 2005 that went quite well it took two years for the hearing and finally a judge form California came to pueblo and conducted my hearing. it was judge Dale Garlwell from the LA area. he told me I would hear form him in less than 30 days and if i did not to contact social security and i have dot so but they cant tell me nothing except maybe he lost my paperwork and keep checking back. well mean while Albertsons canceled my disability on Oct 28 2005 and i received letters in the mail telling me that my health insurance was no longer available to me as well. they have tried to make it as hard as possible for me infect when i call albertsons disability they are rude and just use threats to get things done. they tell me they sent a form to be signed that stated I will pay them all the disability they have paid me back or they will no longer send me my disability checks and they have now stooped my disability. They hired a lawyer to go to my hearing with me and they made it quite clear that they lawyer worked for albertsons to get there money back and I was not there concern. I am sending this E mail to a few people hoping to get some help IM at the end of my rope i have a mortgage and two kids and so far i dot know what i am going to do the last check i received was dated Sep 30 2005 I spent many hours in 2004 campaining for you and Mr Bush because i believed in you and him . I dont believe any of the crap about the aproval rating being so low I believe these surveys are just being done by left wing trashy people I still believe you and him have the support of over half the country like you did on election day thank you John Tenorio except maybe he lost my paperwork and keep checking back. well mean while Albertsons canceled my disability on Oct 28 2005 and i received letters in the mail telling me that my health insurance was no longer available to me as well. they have tried to make it as hard as possible for me infect when i call albertsons disability they are rude and just use threats to get things done. they tell me they sent a form to be signed that stated I will pay them all the disability they have paid me back or they will no longer send me my disability checks and they have now stooped my disability. They hired a lawyer to go to my hearing with me and they made it quite clear that they lawyer worked for albertsons to get there money back and I was not there concern. I am sending this E mail to a few people hoping to get some help IM at the end of my rope i have a mortgage and two kids and so far i dot know what i am going to do the last check i received was dated Sep 30 I am no longer covered with medical coverage or perscriptions . I have now missed dr appointments because i cant afford them I had no notice that my medical coverage ended i just recieved a application to apply for cobra coverage and pay over three hunderd dollars for it . I own all my doctors and the hospitals they are even attempting to sue me and I also owe the IRS because my x wife claims she is allowed to claim my son and not me even though it is stated in a court order and now they sent me a bill for the last four years saying I owe them five thousand dollars and they will garnish and levy me soon I hope you can point me in the right direction or forward this to somone that can help me thank you John Tenorio .
11/21/2005  I feel this is a great site. I am writting for concern iof a close friend who is diabetic.Due to his illness, he cannot work any longer. I am concerned as he has no insurance and needs help to obtain his insulin. He needs the shot of insulin. Are there any programs that can help him obtain his insulin until he is old enough to get medicare? He has to wait a yr or 2 for medicare. Im not sure where he can go for help. I would be so grateful for any info you can provide . God Bless and thank-you! Sincerely Loretta Bryda
11/25/2005  I need assistance. I was recently laid off due to hurricane katrina, and i have severe type 1 diabetes bsl1200+ I have no insurance and have not had any due to the pre exsisting conditions, make it so that it is easier if i just paid for it out of pocket, instead of including a hefty insurance premium. Well I am beginning to run into complications, and out of testing supplies and need help ASAP. lately my fasting bsl, 659. can you help point me in the right direction.
11/26/2005  I recently purchased a new car and along with it wanted to have that credit life insurance. I received a rejection notice. I wrote back asking for details regarding their decision. They wrote back stating their decision was based solely on my application which noted I was diabetic and on oral agents, nothing more. I think this is outrageous and unfair. Does this happen all the time? Thanks for listening. Best wishes.
11/28/2005  Question: I am writing from the Health & Disability Unit of a legal aid organization. We are trying to focus our work on critical health access issues for our clients. Would it be possible for you to name 2 or 3 (or more?) issues of particular concern to your members? Thank you.
11/28/2005  I am looking for advocacy assistance in my efforts to obtain a drivers license in California. When I applied for renewal in May 2005, I checked the diabetes box on the questionaire and ever since then I have been struggling to conclude the process of review by the DMV Driver Safety Program. Can you refer me to someone or a group who has expertise in this arena? Thank you.
11/29/2005  please update as to status of S.406
11/29/2005  My brother is currently going through a divorce, He is 36 and has Type one diabetes since he was 12. He has 3 small children. Today his attorney contacted him and said his wife is going to try to use his diabetes against him to get full custody of his children. He has never had a severe hypoglycemic reaction, he has never been unconscious from low blood sugar, he has never been admitted to a hospital or had to call 911 because of a severe reaction, he has a respectable career in computers and works for the state government and he is able to drive. IS this possible for them to "use his diabetes as a tool against him"? What are his rights" What can he do to protect himself in this situation and prevent haveing is diabetes used a tool to forfiet being able to gain shared custody of his children because of diabetes?
11/29/2005  My brother is currently going through a divorce, He is 36 and has Type one diabetes since he was 12. He has 3 small children. Today his attorney contacted him and said his wife is going to try to use his diabetes against him to get full custody of his children. He has never had a severe hypoglycemic reaction, he has never been unconscious from low blood sugar, he has never been admitted to a hospital or had to call 911 because of a severe reaction, he has a respectable career in computers and works for the state government and he is able to drive. IS this possible for them to "use his diabetes as a tool against him"? What are his rights" What can he do to protect himself in this situation and prevent haveing is diabetes used a tool to forfiet being able to gain shared custody of his children because of diabetes? Please send us names of resources that we can refer to. Thank you.
11/30/2005  I don't really know the first thing about who to contact, but my sister is very sick with diabetes, she is receiving approx. 800 units of humulin R - U500 per day! This is a HUGE amount of insulin and Novolog...they have turned her down for a wheelchair and we as her family she is being let down..the doctors have never seen anyone on so much insulin and are at a loss...and just keep raising her insulin..we feel helpless and need there someone in your organization who works with situations like this...thank you! Lisa Jones 818.896.7114 cell 818.326.2549
11/30/2005  I am interested in becoming a diabetes advocate. How can I go about signing up to become an advocate? Thank you. Amelia Baer
12/03/2005  Hi! I am all excited about your website that I found tonight. I want to be an advocate, I want to walk, I want to speak whenever I can. I an 64 years old and cannot get health insurance and I have been going thru this since I was diagnosed in 1994. I am mad and want something done about this. There are so many people like myself and we should shout it from the rooftops! Thanks Sharon Paulson
12/06/2005  My son is being singled out by his bus driver because of his diabetes. What are the discrimination laws regarding school buses?
12/07/2005  My daughter is 15 years old and has been a diabetic for 5 years. She is interested in becoming a (not sure if term is correct) National Diabetic Advocate. Please provide me with any information that might be available on this topic. Ed
12/07/2005  My 19 year old daughter is type 1 and type 2 diabetic. I have been working 2 jobs to supply her with her medication. She has also been working to pay for her apartment and living needs. She was booted from my insurance for not attending school this semester and we are unsure of what to do. We do not have the money for her insulin and supplies. How do we proceed? She has enough supplies left for one week. Thank you for taking the time to respond to this e-mail. heidi Hansen
12/07/2005  My question is in need of help. I am one of many who will be falling through the cracks on this new Medicare Drug Plan. Department of Social Services says I make too much money for help with medication and Social Security says I draw too much for thewre assistance on medication. But the cop pays they are asking me to pay out of pocket are more than I can handle. I was getting my medication through the Patient Assistance with the drug companys. But that wuill stop Jan, 06. What do I give up housing or food or my medication. I take two Diabetes drugs and hypertentison medication. Can you tell me where to get help no one else can?
12/08/2005  My question is - my son was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes so he is insulin-dependent. He wants to be a truck driver working from Chicago and area either in-state or across the state lines. Is there a law that prohibith insulin- dependent people from becoming truck drivers? Please let me know. Thank you. Sanja
12/27/2005  Hi, I have a question. Do you know whether Comcast would give a job of a cable technician (installing cables at residential addresses) to some who has Diabetes Type 1 (diabetes is under control). My thanks for your answer. A mother of 22-year-old diabetic son.
12/12/2005  My boss has instructed me to move my office/desk (as well as my 5 direct reports) to a location extremely far (opposite end of the building and a separate floor) from the area where the majority of my day to day business is conducted. I suffer from peripheral neuropathy and have difficulty walking long distances which would be required if I complete this move. I fear that the extra walking which will be required to perform my job, if I move, might cause foot problems or ulcers on my feet because of the added stress of walking so much more then I do now in my present location. I am on medication presently for my neuropathy and I would rather not comply with this move then wait until I actually have a serious problems with my feet to act. I would prefer not to move and risk aggravating a problem that already exists for me. I work for state government and am not sure what my rights are in this situation. Please advise me of my options.
12/13/2005  I am a patient advocate at a community health center, in charge of running a prescription assistance program for patients without insurance. However, recently a patient with insurance was referred to me, but is struggling to pay his copays for his diabetes medications. I have searched around and found no programs that help in this situation- are you aware of any? Please let me know, Thank you! -Anah Sikorsky, Sixteenth Street Community Health Center, Milwaukee, WI.
12/13/2005  I have been a diabetic for almost 17 years. I became diabetic at 29 with no warnings though my brother was a juvenille and my mom had adult onset. My glucose levels seem to always run low and I have had too many insulin reactions to name! Lowest I can recall was 18! Over the past year I have been sick often with reactions. I had a few on the job as well and once had to be taken to the ER from work. I go on periods of time where I am fine but then I 'crash' multiple times a day for a number of days. This usually leads to new medicine routines (cut this, add that). Problem is that it effect my job this year because I was out. I have NEVER had an issue like this with work in the 27 years I have worked. Last week I had a very bad week! I am now being told that Human Resources wants me to take these days without pay which I cannot afford to do! I saw my doctor for 3 days in a six day period and he did not want me to go to work until I was stabilized. I did see a specialist in the fall who wants me to go on the pump except that my job will not allow me to come in late for and make up the time for appointments and the doctor does not have any evening hours or weekend hours. I would be willing to make up the time, etc. but that is not an option. Are there no rights for me??? If I do not receive proper treatment I will continue to get worse - If I do go for proper treatment that will mean I must come in late on appt days and then my job is in jeprody! I have cried for three nights over this and do not know where to turn! Please offer me some advise. I work for a very large company that has a medical department - WOuld it be a good idea fo r me to get a physical there to prove the severity of this situation?
12/14/2005  I have a son that is depressed and cant afford insurance due to part time work!! Is there a program to help him?
12/14/2005  Not a problem with your website but I am wondering if the ADA is lobbying to get better coverage for insulin needs with the new Medicare D drug plan. My insulin costs, based on pharmacy quoted prices are $ 223.00 per month. This does not include syringes or needles or other meds. Even with expensive plans that offer coverage with copay, these costs drive us to the "donut" hole in mid-year.
12/14/2005  I have a 9 years old daughter that was not allowed in the after school program the same day she was suppose to start attending. They refunded my money back and stated they will not do glugagon or insulin shots for her. I will like information on how to file a complaint about this situation. The childcare is run in a military instalation under MWR.
08/20/2007  Is there and if not an issue in front of the state and federal government about individual healthcare on regarding diabetes. Dennis and I sterongly believe that individual insurance companies and the State of Missouri and ALL States included Should NOT be discrimated against if someone is born or developes Diabetes through out their lives. We strongly believe that we as many other people dealing with some type of diabetes should be allowed and be approved for individual healthcare. Question to ALL LEVELS OF GOVERMENT OFFICIALS- Why NOT PASS a BILL on ALLOWING INDIVIDUALS with Diabetes to get Private Insurance? Dennis(my husband) is now Retired-Disabled(from a work injury) with Diabetes and is having to pay $800-$900 dollars a month until his Medicare becomes eligable in @ years. I to am disabled, so this makes our income being stretched for the necessities needed.
12/15/2005  Can an advocate help me get medical coverage for my 8 yeaqr old daughter with type 1 diabetes?
12/16/2005  My husband was diagnosed with diabetes in March of this year. We have insurance through his work but we are having a problem with getting his percriptions filled. They cost 20 dollars each with our co pay and we are having a hard time. We both work but we also have three children and one of our youngest son is Autistic so he is also on medication. We found out about my husband on a Monday and then three days later our home burnt down. We are still trying to get back on our feet and we make to much money for assistance with our medical bills. My husband just went to the doctor and this is begining to affect his kidneys. We are not to sure where we can turn and who could help if there is anyone who can.
06/29/2007  How can I participate in the ADA Advanced School Advocacy (ASAT) Training? Ther is an excellent article in the June 2007 DIABETES FORECAST about this. I could not locate any information on your website. Thank You
12/22/2005  Hello my name is Charlie Mulvey and I am asking a question on behalf of a friend who was recently terminated from his job for a diabetes related issue. He worked for Borders Books and Music as a supervisor and was terminated for eating a Lemon Bar (64 cents) writing and failing to pay for it. He ate the lemon bar when he began to feel ill early in the morning before the store had opened. His blood sugar was low so he ate the lemon bar to remedy it. The register was not open at the time so he wrote the I.O.U. and placed it on top of the register with the intention of paying the 64 cents later. He forgot and was later terminated for theft. The official reason was theft but the management at the Bloomington-Normal Borders in Illinois has also had a history of punishing the same employee for serious medical issues. Previously he had been written up for missing work due to a heart attack. He was hospitalized and upon his return to the store he was written up for "unexcused absences." I write you out of concern for a friend who will soon loose his health insurance if he does not regain his employment. I will be sending a letter to the Borders Coporation and would like to include a letter from the ADA, perhaps one that simply states the rights of workers with Diabetes. With your permission I would include your statement as part of that letter. If you need more specific information please let me know and I will provide it. But if you cannot provide a letter of that kind addressed to the Borders Corporation I understand. Either way I was wondering if you could e-mail me some overview of workers rights concerning Diabetes or other illnesses in general which I would not include as part of the letter without your written permission. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon, Happy Holidays, Charlie Mulvey
12/22/2005 As an Agent for United American Insurance I would like to let Advocates know that we do insure diabetics with real insurance. I would also be interested in learning how to properly reach those in need of health insurance. Thank You, C. Scott Patterson United American Insurance
12/24/2005  My husband has type 2 diabetes.He lost his job and currently has no insurance.He has cut back on his insulin, and consequently his sugar levels are rising.He has gone to the health clinic to get help, but they said he has to wait for a caseworker to contact him before he is seen even.Meanwhile he is almost out of insulin.How do I get him his medicine? Is there a prgram or anything I can check into for help? Thank you, Sandra Britt
10/07/2006  I am the only Diabetic at my workplace. I have a problem with my employer not giving breaks so that I can test my blood sugar levels and eat.I gave them a doctors not requesting my breaks.Then my hours were cut from my normal (36-38hrs, I was normally scheduled 3 to 4 9hr shifts a per week) down to (four 2 1/2hr shifts a total of 8hrs for that week).I was also told that I had only 2 minutes to test my sugar (that was all the time they could allow me) other than before my shift and after.When I questioned her requarding my hours,she simply stated that it was easier than scheduling my breaks. How do I find on your website if there is any laws that govern and prevent this kind of dicrimination against an employee and any laws that trequest the employers to educate the managers how to properly deal with these issues?
12/29/2005  I am a type 1 Diabetic. Due to my medical doctor inadvertently leaving a portion of my paperwork blank my drivers license was suspended for 9 days while I had the paperwork redone and had a telephone hearing to reinstate my license. Because my license was suspended I have lost my good driver discount. I contacted the insurance co and they said a suspension is a suspension. The Insurance commissioner stated the same by email. What can I do about this. I feel I am being discriminated against because I am Diabetic.
01/01/2006  I have a question. Is there any law in California the would allow my 12 year old granddaughter to attend a public school near her mother's work place, instead of where she lives 45 min or more away? thank you
01/04/2006  Does the NJ Head Start program have to, are they required to give insulin to one of it's students. 4 year old. Are they governed by the 504/IDEA policies. They receive federal monies. But are they considered a shcool? Help!
01/04/2006  I am a counselor at the Concho Valley Female Community Corrections Facility. We are an inpatient program for drug/alcohol addiction for women who have had legal issues. We currently have a resident who has been diagnosed with diabetes. She brought with her a blood sugar monitor which broke soon after she arrived here. Do you have any resourses we could use to have a machine donated to the facility? We would greatly appreciate any assistance with this or any information you could supply us with. Thank you for your time, Lora Williams, LCDC
02/15/2007  I want to print out a sample 504 Plan. Where is it?
02/15/2007  I want to print out a sample 504 Plan. Where is it?
01/06/2006  How does a child apply to be a National Youth Advocate?
01/06/2006  My name is Ron Ziegler I am 40 years and Iam dieabetic need to live right but have no motivation it's very difficult for me me too lose weight or eat right I am on SSI disability.For further information please contact me at,1-954- 517-0534or my parents Martha & Paul Ziegler 1-812- 985-3794 thank youfor reading my note. Sincerely W.Friendship Ron Ziegler
01/10/2006  I am a private investigator and currently we are representing a client who was tazed during a traffic stop. This client has no criminal record, and was suffering from a hypoglycemic event at the time he was pulled over. Has anyone in your office dealt with similar matters? Do you have personnel who are willing to testify in court?
01/10/2006  I have a 26 year old unemployed, no insurance, son who I had to take to the emergency room Sat. night with diabetic ketoacidosis. He came home today but we are worried about finding help paying his medical bills and his prescriptions. Can you help us with places to contact?
01/12/2006  hi, my son has been appointed to the United States Air Force Academy. He also has recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This would be the only reason for disqualification. hve you ever heard anyone being accepted to one of the academies with diabetes?
01/12/2006  Just heard that Medi-Cal will be reimbursing pennies for all diabetic enteral supplements. Is the ADA getting involved with legal action to change this? So far, Medi-Cal has eliminated coverage of one product - Glucerna Shake.
01/13/2006  We are interested in the youth advocacy program. We have two teen age boys who are diabetic. Thanks! (Both parents are also diabetic)
01/17/2006  Hello--my son Aaron is a seven-year-old Type I diabetic who has been diagnosed for 15 months. We are having serious trouble with our public school and school nurse. I am a nurse practitioner myself and I don't know how much more information I can possibly provide to make this situation better. Aaron is cared for by the Joslin Clinic, Boston, which is excellent and helpful but they have referred me to you. If someone could contact me, I would like to discuss the nature of our problems and see if you could help. Thank you for your time--Jennifer Cherry
03/22/2006  I read that S1955 has been approved by the committee and will be voted on after recess. About how long do we have to get calls and letters in to our senators before the vote? Is S406 out of committee and up for a vote soon also? How are these two bills related? Are they the same? JI
03/21/2008  i'm sure there is a very simple answer to my question, but i just can't figure out how to personalize messages when contacting govt officials re: taking action on issues related to diabetes! thanks!
01/26/2006  How can a person get help with medications when they are unemployed and without insurance? This is probably a problem that is affecting not just me but many many others as well. Diabetes is not a cheap disease to treat out of pocket. One prescription alone for me (Actos) cost about $200.00 a month. This is on top of insulin, syringes, etc.
01/27/2006  I am a parent of a high school varsity athlete with diabetis. her coach has been purposfulling abusive to her. laughing at her and demeaning her. Are there any specifc recourses for parents in this regard?
01/29/2006  Hi, my name is Miles Small and I am a senior studying Graphic Design at the Savannah College of Art & Design. I am currently working on a Type II Diabetes Awareness Campaign for a class. I was wondering if you guys would have any interest in using any of my work (for free of course) or have any input or suggestions for me. I have actually worked on a Kiss-A-Pig campaign e-newsletter. Thanks for your time. Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested.
01/30/2006  I really would like to know about oral insulin pills, not injection type. There is no information on oral type insulin in Japan. I would be very happy if you would answer my quetion. Miyoko Nakayama
01/30/2006  My name is Natasha Garcia, I'm ten years old. I was diagnosed with diabetes in May 2001. Since then I have been committed to bringing awarenes, education and advocacy for the diabetic children in Hawaii. Last year I workeed with our Local Chapter on a Bill to allow Glucagon to be administered in the Public Schools. The Bill was isgned in to Law July 8, 2005. Now I want to let you know about about my idea to establish a Speical Fund for Medical Rserach to Cure Diabetes and Chronic Diasease that affect the Children of Hawaii, this initiative for legislative Action has been introduced and will be consider during our 2006 Session at our State Capitol. I at first I, wanted it to be only for Diabetes Cure Reseach, as it was indicated in House Bill 2110, But, the Legislators that helped introduced this idea, felt that it would have a better chance with a wider appeal by also including the words Chronic Diseases on the Bill. Two additional Bills were drafted and they are: HB2073 and SB2165. The idea is to allow the Hawaii taxpayers to donate money from their income tax return to the Special Fund. This Bills are now posted and referrals have been made for other committees to review. The SB2165 was submitted to the Health and the Ways and Means Committees for their review.The HB2110 and HB2073 have also been referred to the Health and Finanace Committees as well. Both the Senate and The House have not scheduled Hearings as of yet. I will keep you posted on the progress of this initiative. Please give my regards and my warmest Aloha to Ms. Lynn B Nicholas whom I had the pleasure of meeting last year when she visited Hawaii. Sincerely, Ms. Natasha Garcia 1936 Palamoi Street Pearl City, Hawaii 96782 (808)455-7962
01/31/2006  Dear Sirs, Does a Child have any rights who attend a Private Christian School when it comes to their medical needs? Last Friday my daughter was given an in school suspension that morning with out warning. They had placed her in a small room with the door shut, across the hall of their office. She was with out food, drink or her insulin/kit. In her Service Plan states the importance of her frequent breaks from sitting due to her bleeding disorder, sitting too long can cause her internal bleeds. They had her sitting in a metal chair. Her service plan also states for her to have juice and water, and other snacks when needed. The school was given a note from her doctor. She was placed in this room at 8:40 and no one came in there to check on her until 9:25. Melissa has been know to have highs and lows in a short period of time, and being under stress. See the principal, thinking that they only went some information from her. Then it turn out to be an in school suspension, doesn't help keep her levels stable. I feel that all for the sake of discipline, which was because she wouldn't tell on a boy that had made a not so nice call to a girl. Being place in that room, by herself, with out even asking her how she is feeling or if she needs anything. She was told to go to her looker, to get a book, and get into that room. Were she was planning to stay until 1:15. Talked to Jim Myers, board of education of Troy City School., he said because this school is private, they can't do anything about it. Troy Christian High School has totally dismissed my daughter's service plan, something that was made to protect her. Does she have any rights? Who can I file a complete to? If you have any information, I would appreciate it. Thank You, Dorothy Stover (mother)
01/31/2006  I'm an Administrative Assist. at Northern Care Clinic in MI. Does anyone know of a company that would donate glucometers and/or strips to our clinic? Thany you for any assistance you can provide
01/31/2006  Iam in college and trying to become a firefighter some times I have a lowblood suger and I have to slow dowan unitl I can get it bake instor is talking about dismissing my form me class. Iam I covered by the ADA.or this foundation? I kneed help.
01/31/2006  I am writing on behalf of my cousin that has juvenille diabetes. In my past job I worked with Crystal Jackson at ADA regarding students' rights at school, and I have an advocacy question regarding my cousin's condition. Her father asked me if there was any effort to make restaurants include ingredient and nutritional facts on their menus. I know some restaurants do this voluntarily, but is it mandatory anywhere. My family is having a difficult time stabilizing my cousin when they go out to eat b/c the carb count is often unavailable. I have many federal and state legislative contacts I am willing to contact regarding this labeling issue, but wanted to check with you all to make sure I was not duplicating efforts. Thanks for any info you can provide. Marissa Magnetti 212-537-8008
02/02/2006  I have been trying to log on to your advocacy group because i wanted to sigh up for the trip to Washington, D.C. June 7th thought the 9th. It seem as though some one else have my e-mail address but different password. My pass word is uaw739. I cannot log on to your web site because I share the same e-mail address as someone else. Anne L. McPherson
02/03/2006  I am a widow and my 12 year old son was sent home from school yesterday because he does not yet give himself injections. They told him he can't come back until he can inject his own insulin. Help Robin Lafer, Florida
02/03/2006  My mother received a box of stationary from a diabetes organization. They want her to send these envelopes to people (they made a list) asking for donations. The return adress on these envelopes is her name and adress. Then she is suppose to send them back to the organization. Is this legitimate? She is almost 75 yrs. old sometimes very beside herself. She gets alot of telemarket calls. I did register her on the nat. do not call registry. not effective for 30 days
02/03/2006  I submitted this question earlier and am still waiting for a reply. Please give it your prompt attention. Gentlemen, Please review the Washington Post article of January 11, 2006, titled "New York City Starts to Monitor Diabetics," written by Rob Stein. Please inform me that Richard Kahn's comments (although quoted) were misrepresented and that the American Diabetes Association not only has concerns about privacy, but also opposes the idea of government intervention in the physician-patient relationship as detrimental to its membership and a hindrance to good diabetes management. I would appreciate a response. Yours, John Reinemann
02/09/2006  I am disabled and on a very limited income. I would love to attend the 2006 Call to Congress in June. Is there any financial aid or sponsorship available. I have a lot to say about diabetes. Sincerely, Dennis Eichorn 614-937-0259
02/09/2006  What is ADA doing relative state Medicaid and attempting to carve-out diabetic agents from a Medicaid Preferred Drug List, or for that matter, expand on exempted categories in Part-D Medicare.
02/09/2006  Hello, I am an attorney in Buffalo Grove, IL. I represent the plaintiff (a type 1 diabetic) in federal lawsuit against two police officers alleging a violation of my client's civil rights. It is a Section 1983 action alleging deprivation of medical treatment. My client was in police custody for questioning about a burglary (he was ultimately charged and pled guilty). Plaintiff advised the police officers of his need for food and insulin on multiple occassions. He was given food, and was led to believe insulin would be supplied. However, plaintiff was held in custody for about 6 hours without insulin. He was finally transported to the hospital - his glucose was 740, and he was hospitalized for two and a half days. I am interested to know if the ADA/Advocacy Action Center would have an interest in this case on an amicus basis or otherwise. I would be pleased to discuss the case with you at greater length. Dan Wolf Schwartz Wolf & Bernstein LLP 847-459-4999
02/10/2006  I was told there was a form letter supporting diabetes legislation on the site that I could print and send directly to my representatives. I could not find that form. Was I informed correctly? If so, can you direct me to that form? Thank you
02/14/2006  Please direct me to someone who can help with my brother. He has been missing for years and called last night from a hospital. He has diabetes, is indigent, and unable to properly care for himself. He needs resoursed I know must be available. He has no insurance. He lives in a camper in Dalton, Georgia with no transportation. He works part time with Walmart.
02/14/2006  My son was just recently diagnosed with diabetes and I am having problems with his school in regards to his glucagon shot. They are telling me that according to Washington State law no one other then a school nurse can break the skin to administer the glucagon shot. My dilemma is that the school nurse is only present at the school 3 half days a week. I'm not comfortable with taking a chance that she wont be there should my son need this life saving procedure. Can you tell me or even send me documents on Initiative 504 that explains what my rights are and what avenues I can take to ensure that my son will be safe at school.
02/14/2006  I recently applied for additional life insurance through my employer-provided insurance program (MetLife), and was rejected on the basis of having a history of diabetes. The letter states that I have 60days to dispute this, but when I called to speak with a representative about this, they said that they cannot override denials for diabetes. They made it seem like having diabetes automatically elliminates me from consideration for coverage. Are there any laws being broken here? I've only had type 1 diabetes for 4 years, and I've been on insulin pump therapy the whole time. I have very good control and no complications, which my doctors would be willing to provide documentation on.
02/15/2006  A friend of mine has recently been sentenced to a year in prison and is not recieving adequate diabetes treatment. I'm aware of the class action lawsuit you filed in 2001 and its outcome in Philadelphia. What can I do now to ensure that what was settled in 2003 is being followed by the Philadelphia prison system right now? Thanks for your help, Sincerely, Caren Beilin
02/15/2006  Nice web site. I am researching for my parents. My father, who is an 85 year old veteran from WWII, is late-onset diabetic. My 83- yr-old mother, who has health issues herself, takes care of him. She needs a break. Is there any local (GA) or veteran supported relief funding for the caregiver who, in this case, is my mom? She really needs to have some time away from my father's care. Thanks for your help and thanks for your efforts on behalf of diabetes victims. C. Mitchell
02/16/2006  Maryland Senator Paul Pinsky has introduced legislation - SB 457- that, among other things mandates diabetes screening for all Middle School students. We are looking for people to testify bewfore the Senate Education, Healthy and Environmental Affairs Committee on February 22. Please call me at 301.858.3155. David Kahn, Legislative Aide
02/16/2006  do you help people with glucometers?
02/20/2006  Could you please tell me how I go about to get my Commerical Driver License. My husband and I would like to drive together, but I have been diabete for 30 years. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks Sheila
02/20/2006  No questions. I am just impressed by your Website, it is so well organized. I had no idea how terrible this illness was until I did this report that I just finished for school. I would like to do what I can in the future to help change helth care for those who do not have the means to afford it.
03/19/2007  My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes Feb 9, 2006. She injects insulin 4-5 times daily, watches her diet and has blood sugar readings consistently over 200. Her endocrinologist recommended she try an insulin pump. Blue Shield of California denied her claim and my greivance claim. What steps should I take to overturn their ruling?
11/02/2006  How can I identify the specific legislative bills that relate to the various aspects of diabetes care?
02/23/2006  I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and am 47 years old. I have long term disability insurance through my employer. I am concerned about losing my that insurance.They have already put a lid on how much coverage I can get after being diagnosed with clinical depression. Can they deny my coverage because of the diabetes? I don't want to ask as it would call attention to myself. THanks, Susan :)
03/31/2006  By accident, I added my name to this petition, "Don't veto hope, Mr. President!". I thougt it was a petition re: the bill, S. 1955. My mistake! Please remove my name from the petiton. If this is not possible, please notify me. Thank you, kindly. Sincerely, Heidi Green
02/23/2006  I have a question as to whether funds raised by the ADA go to support the use of stems cell research? Thanks Greg Karels
02/23/2006  I would like to make someone aware of THE ANSWER ASSOCIATION. A 501-c-3, that through there ASSOCIATION membership offers to EVERYONE AND ANYONE there GROUP INSURANCE AND MEDICAL SAVINGS PROGRAM. This program has a tremendous amount of insurance in it and for people who have ailments, like us (the uninsurable), this is the best anyone is going to get with diabetes and it is very low in cost. Someone (VERY HIGH UP IN THE DIABETES ASSOCIATIONS) needs to know that this is available so anyone with diabetes can still obtain insurance even though they have been diagonosed with diabetes; or anything else. THE ANSWER ASSOCIATION is a very large group association membership program (like yourself) and YOU SHOULD CONSIDER DOING AN ARTICLE ON THERE PROGRAM TO LET PEOPLE KNOW WHO HAVE DIABETES THEY DO HAVE A NEW INSURANCE OPTION. FYI,,,,,,,
02/24/2006  I want to know what kind of rights do minors have as far as keeping their medical records private?
08/11/2006  I am a 58 year old male, type 1 since 1972, with a VA disablility rating of 20% based on the above. I have increasing back problems, including stenosis, disc degeneration, scoliosis and bone spurs and am considering applying for a social security disability. I have the x-rays, cat scans and MRIs to back this up but I'm also wondering if I might qualify for an increased VA disability. I have maintained good long term control with none of the common side effects but would like to know if there may be any corelation between my diabetes and my back problems. Any information or studies to suggest this may be the case??? Any help would be appreciated. DT Ford
01/29/2008  I received an Advocay Alert on 1/29 about closing the loophole on discrimination against diabetics. The alert stated that Congress would be voting on the issue that very day. It seems to me that the alert should have been sent at least 1 day before the vote to ensure that the Congressperson received it before the vote. Comment please.
02/25/2006  My six year old son was recently diagnosed with Type 1. While we receive excellent support from our school system, and from our school nurse in particular, the YMCA Super Summer day camp (in Livingston, NJ) he attended last year has refused to accept him because their insurance company won't allow counselors and staff to administer injections. Are they legally able to do this? What "reasonable accomodations" under Section 504 or the Americans with Disabilities Act are they required to make? Thank you for your help.
02/27/2006  Hello: Has your organization (or another) ever looked into proposing an excise tax on the two additives to processed foods which contribute the most to obsesity and poor heart health: high fructose corn syrup and transfats? A federal excise tax on these ingredients, applied to their domestic production or import, could be considered similar to excise taxes on alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. These are sometimes called "sin taxes". In the case of these food additivess, an excise tax would accomplish two things: 1. It would raise the price for producers using them in processed foods, and raise the purchase price for consumers. The price increase should stimulate both producers and consumers to look for healthier alternatives. 2. It would produce revenue that can help offset the societal costs of obesity. Most excise taxes are levied by states, but could be imposed by the federal government. I believe both states and the feds impose a gas tax -- another exise tax on a product that imposes high social costs. Thank you for your thoughts on this idea. If there is another organization more appropriately involved in this kind of proposal, please let me know. Ellen Worcester
02/28/2006  CALIF stands for Communities Actively Living Independent and Free. We would like to know if you have speakers who can educate our consumers about diabetes and other vital information. Thank you.
03/01/2006  My name is Migdalia Collazo and I have a case pending with ther Department Of Human Rights against my former employer. we have a hearing finding conference coming up in April 12th, 2006. My question is the respondent has hired his attorney to represent him along with his receptionist supervisor which is my daughter. Now I have none to represent me and I have no income to pay for a private lawyer to at least support me on the day. I have called several and they want money up front which I don't have. My case is becasuse I was terminated due to me have diabetes and hypertention. Is there anyone the you can recomend that can advise me of my legal rights or at least support me on that day.
03/01/2006  I have a patient and Medicaid is no longer paying for his accu check stix for glucose monitoring. Do you have any suggestions or resources I could contact to get him help? he lives in Florida. Thank you, Phil
03/04/2006  I have a legal question. I was recently afflicted with a bad pneumonia episode. That when treated with steroids, it spiked my blood sugar levels very High. It was over 500. I went into shock and ended up with ketoacidosis and was receiving dialysis. I was found to be diabled while they reviewed my case. Now they have stopped my SSI and Medicaid. I am afflicted with peripheral neuropathy and that is what I am basing my appeal to them about. Every time i get ahead something seems to knock me down. I would like to have some help before I go in front of the appellate judge, but as I explained I have no resources. I am also considering bringing action against the hospital and the doctor that tended to me when I first went in to the hospital. What I am seeking from someone or some organization that could help me through this situation. Can you direct me to someone that would can help me out? Sincerely, Larry Cates
03/04/2006  I have a question about whether the National Guard would be covered under the American Disabilites Act? My son is a member and just recently found out he is type 1 diabetic. I believe they will try to medically discharge him but this is not what he wants. He applied for a job that he was doing before he was diagnosed and now is on a profile for his diabetes. He can do the job he applied forwith no problem what so ever but because of diabetes they won't even allow him to apply. What are his rights? Thanks for your help!
03/06/2006  I'm looking for information in regards to mandatory overtime. I have been told by my employer that I am to work a huge amount of overtime that I am unable to do at this time as my levels are not in control. I need to get home at a decent hour to work out and take care of my health. I have a doctors note and it was accepted. A co-worker however has a note and it was not. I am affraid they will fire me if I do not do the o/t as this is what my co-worker was told. Where do I find information or my rights in regards to this? Thank you!
03/22/2006  I have a question on insurance coverage for diabetic supplies. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 and had to purchase a blood glucose meter, strips and other supplies as well as get a prescription for oral medication. I had a prescription for the supplies from my doctor. However, insurance denied the coverage. I later called Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, my company's insurance provider. I was then told that the supplies come under major medical and to use one particular firm that would take care of everything. My question: Isn't there a much higher deductible for major medical? Thanks, Ann Henson
03/08/2006  I need to know where I could possibly obtain free test strips for a patient.
05/09/2006  The ADA has it completely wrong about school nurses, the ANA, and the new position statement regarding registered nurses in the public school. I find it personally offensive as a diabetic and as a registered nurse who happens to be a school nurse that anyone would think a school nurse would jeopardize a student's health at school. When a school nurse is absent from school, there are substitutes available to fill in. There are also laws that require that other people on the campus besides the school nurse be trained in dealing with a student's diabetes in case the nurse is busy with a different emergency or off campus. Did you even consult a school nurse about this before jumping into a letter writing campaign? That is disingenuous at best. It makes me question the reliability of every "issue" on your website and reluctant to contact any more of my representatives based on the information you provide. By the way, senator Kay Bailey Hutchison sent me a form letter in response to my complaints about S. 1955. It didn't even address the fact that I was against it. It just said she supported it and thanks for contacting her office. It appears they didn't even read my letter. Tamesha Houston, Tx
03/09/2006  In Diabetes Health Magazine I read about the effort by the IDF/AMA to have a UN Resolution on Diabetes, a campaign that aims to involve young advocates through the Youth Ambassadors program. Where do I get information on becomming a youth ambassador and what it entails? Bekim Perolli
07/09/2006  I read the article sent out by you guys: *****The recent discussions about fluffernutter sandwiches in Massachusetts has brought attention to the issue of school nutrition, but has also clouded the real health issues that are at hand -- issues that would be addressed by the passage of school nutrition legislation. This debate really isn't about a fluffernutter sandwich, but about whether schools should be a place to foster healthy eating. In light of the overweight and obesity epidemic in America (the majority of American adults now fit in one of these two categories), it is critical that our policymakers begin to turn things around to lower the risk for cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 1 in 3 children born in the year 2000 will have diabetes -- they are predicting that 1 in 3 of today's six year olds will end up with diabetes! We can't allow current trends to continue if we want our children to live healthy and productive lives. Please help us prevent the diabetes epidemic by urging your state senator and state representative to improve nutrition in our schools.**** >>>>>Why didn't you clarify between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes? My 7 year old did not get Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 5 because her diet and lifestyle were not healthy. She got Type 1 Diabetes because it is an AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE! In the future, please make sure that you clarify that Type II Diabetes is typically caused by a poor diet/lack of exercise so that my daughter doesn't constantly hear negative remarks about WHY she got diabetes ("well, that's why I don't let my daughter have that she won't get diabetes like your daughter".) Do you know how that pains me to hear on an almost weekly basis?! The simple fact is that my daughter never had sodas either...she got Type ! because her immune system attacked her pancreas. She was the epitome of health at diagnosis...she certainly wasn't cramming herself full of Happy Meals and playing video games all day long. I appreciate your efforts to get the word out on the epidemic of diabetes, but please don't hurt the Type 1 diabetics in the process. Thanks, KB
06/04/2007  The form you provided for writing Rep Courtney "COULD NOT" be edited with the appropriate information. How can you expect people to write their Reps with appriopriate information tio support legislation. Its a very poor job on ADA's part. You have to make it easier to contact our reps. SIncerely Ron Solano
05/19/2006  No comments on the web site! I was wondering how to get more information on being an advocate. My son has had diabetes for 7 1/2 years & would like to get more involved! Thanks, Melissa
03/13/2006  I received an e-mail regarding OK HB-2772. It had the wrong state Representative. My state representative is Trebor Worthen, not Purcy Walker. Also I received information regarding an OK HB reducing Medicaid for diabetic paitents and the state representatives that I spoke with says this bill does not call for the reductions that the ada association stated in their press release. I just wanted to inform you of those problems with the advocacy information. My father is a state representative so I have a good and reliable source of information. The information provided was incorrect and needs to be researched and released to the public correctly.
04/12/2006  Can you please tell me when the ADA plans to notify or select those individuals from each state that will be attending Call to Congress: Conquering Diabetes?
03/14/2006  My 5 year old has type 1 diabetes. The GA state regulation for daycare providers states (591-1-1- .20 Medications) that "non-emergency injections shall only be administered by appropriately licensed persons" yet most daycares do not have nurses. I understand from reading the legal briefs on Kindercare and La Petite Academy that they are required to perform blood sugar test but not administer insulin. How are we supposed to use daycare?
03/15/2006  I wanted to share with the ADA and seek support for the Cherokee NAtion's efforts to get an extension and increase for the Special Diabetes Program for Indians. The funding runs out at the end of FY 2008 so we're making this a high priority. We're just now discussing this wtih our Congressional delegation and members of the House Diabetes Caucus. I hope to hear from federal advocacy staff soon. Thanks! J.T. Petherick, Health Legislative Officer Cherokee Nation (918) 822-2419
03/16/2006  We are having trouble with the school nurse calling my grandson's doctor, and making changes in his treatment routine. When we gave her permission to contact the doctor, it was in case of an emergency or if my daughter and myself were not reachable. She changed the number of times his blood glucose was to be tested and told us the doctor instructed her to do so. However, she changed it without first discussing it with us. We had a written instruction that the doctor gave us previously given us. Does she have the right to call the doctor without our knowlege and change something, leaving his guardian out of the loop?
02/09/2007  Is there a reason I am not able to take action on the OK keep students safe at school? I am an OK resident, type I diabetic and school teacher. It keeps telling me that my zip code 74006 is not a valid OK zip. Please tell me what I need to do to get this sent to my state representative (Earl Sears) who is actually my former prinicple and anyone else it needs to go to. Thanks! Julie Hall
07/19/2006  How can I change my email to continue to receive alerts. I have changed from to Thanks! Julie Hall
03/23/2006  My husband and I are 55 and 56 and lost both our jobs last year. We could not afford Cobra benefits so we called several insurance companies. United Health Insurance would not cover him at all because of his diabetes and I would have to pay premiums for one year before I could be covered because I have Asthma. He and I haven't been hospitalized for our conditions yet so we couldn't get any insurance. Blue Cross and Blue Shield wouldn't cover us at all. We do not have any coverage at all now. I just pray that neither one of us get seriously ill and have to go to the hospital. Can anything be done about this discrimination toward us? Thank you. Anita and Bill Morrison
03/20/2006  I am part of the Community Action Agency of Oklahaoma City/Oklahoma and Canadian Counties. We are a non-profit orginization, and we have a new program called Rx for Oklahoma. This is designed to assist clients who have no prescription coverage and moderate to low income. We prescreen on the basis of 200% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines, and wheather or not there is actually prescription coverage. If basic eligibility requirements are met, then we procced with the process. We are associated with RxAssist patient/medication tracking software, that has partnered with over 120 drug manufacturing companies. Thes compainies have Prescription Assistance Programs, many of them can be found on We are listed as a resourse with this company as well. What makes us different from PAPRx is that we have direct links to the manufactures online application forms, and can process several at one time for a client. We make it a priority to help the client, obtain the medications they need and secure their doctors participation in the process. We DO NOT charge any fee for the application process. We want to help raise awareness about this program in the state of Oklahoma, our legislators have been gracious in funding the project statwide through the end of June, and have a refunding bill on the floor, to refund the program for the remainder of the year. We are dedicated to making this progect work. If you could please pass this information along to what ever area or department could list us as a free resource. We want to help the great people of oklahoma and would like to help raise awarness to our law makers, on the number of oklahomans with Diabetes that we are helping. If you can be of assistance to us in getting the word out about us in the state of Oklahoma, please contact me with information. Much gratitued and thanks for reading this e-mail.
03/21/2006  I work as a part-time instructor in a local community college. I am also a single parent with two daughters in high school. I had worked at this institution for 3.5 years with outstanding evaluations from both the students and the administration. Last fall I could no longer afford my medication (Actos) or testing supplies. As a result my blood glucose levels rose to a high of 517. As a result of my high glucose levels I became very irritable even angry with some of my superiors over an issue of control of intellectual property rights in early November. I was admitted to the hospital for four days during this time. The administration waited until January decided to give me only one class instead of my normal load of 4. When I ask about the reduction in classes I was informed by my superior that I was "lucky to have a class at all." I was told that I must sign a three page document that basically stated that this institution did not discriminate against people with diabetes or I wouldn't be hired at all. I was also informed by my superior that I would not be hired for the summer as I usually am and that their may be something for me in the fall but that I should wait until August to talk to the Vice-President for Instruction to see. Before this I was well liked by the students and staff and was given as much work as they could give me. I feel as though behavior was brought on by my diabetes and that the school is quite possibly retaliating against me. What if any suggestions might you have for me?
03/21/2006  Is it legal for an insurance company to charge a lower price for all generic drugs, and amuch higher price for generic drugs if they are diabetic drugs?
08/31/2006  I am worried. My wife and I are on our own. We can not get Govt help with medical expenses I am the only on working and we just don't have the money we need for medical bills. My daughter just had her tonsils removed and 4 teeth pulled as well as we just got her on the pump. we are now dealing with her starting school. My oldest daughter is beginning to act up now. We are all going crazy and it is effecting my work performance. I drive a fork lift . In December I ran into a support pole and almost los t my job all because we are so exhausted. I have FMLA but I can not afford to stay out of work. I am on 2nd shift and can not help my wife look after my children and am afraid it is too much for her.To make matters worse after I had just gotten things under control at work I hit another pole. I may loose my job. I told my employers about my problems and that I would enroll in the companies employee assistance program and get my family some counciling to better manage out household and get rid of some of the stress . I even wrote that down on the accident report. I have been driving a forklift since 1994 and never had anything like this happen to me before my daughter was diagnosed. Are there any laws that could protect me in this situation? I know I damaged company property and I will be penalized but if I get penalized I could loose my job for any little mistake and then were would I be. We need all the help we can get. My wifes mom is wheel chair bound and can not help us no one is willing to help look after our daughter. I dont know how soon you read these but I need help FAST!!! I may even need a job and I don't know who else to turn to. I know you can help with things like this. I need someone on my side to help me defend myself against this company. I am the on second shift with only one other person. If I have to leave it is a big deal . I was told I could leave at any time and take care of my child but that is FMLA. I need first shift so I can help my wife at night. I am limited due to irratable bowel syndrome I can not do jobs that require me to stay in one place without being able to go to the bathroom. If I got fired no one would hire me I have psoriasis as well. No one wants people like that plus if they find out my daughter has diabetes insurance may refuse to cover her or they just won't hire me. Look at or and you can see some of the other things that I can do. I am a youth pastor part time and am afraid I may have to give it up. I need all the help I can get I don't know what to do and yes I am desperate. I have to provide for my family I am very worried. Email me soon as you possibly can please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/12/2007  It's annoying not to be able to efficiently find the names of individuals working for the organization. You know how testy we all are on Mondays. Sorry. I'm looking for the advocacy person I've previously worked with who was from Washington state. She was named Laura, but unfortunately, I can't remember her last name. There is pending legislation that involves diabetes here in North Dakota and I wanted to touch base with her (or somebody) about it. Can you help me, Advocacy Guru? Thanks! Gail Hand
03/23/2006  I can't write in the senator's name or make changes to the letter on the right when trying to send a message to the senator about S1955. Thanks, Janice
03/23/2006  My 88-year-old mother resides in an assisted living facility where they monitor her blood sugar and administer insulin on a sliding scale. She is legally blind and but for this need, she would not have to live in an an assisted living facility. Would Medicare pay all or part of her expenses there? Would Medicare cover her care at home with visits from a home health aide? How do you suggest I proceed? Thanks! Sharon Prevot
03/23/2006  I need to sent a letter regarding discrimination of employment against my son in law a type I diabetic
03/24/2006  Hi, I am concern for I just got diagnosis with neurophathy on my right leg, and has left me limited mobility, I am getting 60% and I want to know how to compensated for it above my diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholestrol, PTSD. I have a case manager and her name is Willetta at the VA office in Monterey, Calif. If you can get me some info as to how and when, I greatly appreciate your attention.
03/24/2006  I have a type-1 diabetic since 1985 at that time i was medically discharged from the US Army and soon after started working at the US Postal Service then recently I began having eye problems and for a short time was completely blind, and by the Lords hands have began to get some of my sight back. Because of that I have medically retired from the Postal Service and have a lot of time on my hands and cant think of a better way to spend it.
03/24/2006  I am the training analyst for the City of Las Cruces. I read in Diabetes Forecast about the video: Treating Diabetes: What Police Officers Need to Know. I would like to acquire this video as soon as possible for the Las Cruces Police Department to use in their training. Can you tell me who to contact? Many thanks.
08/08/2006  I have been refused by two insurance companies in my quest to find long-term care insurance. They will not even ask for medical records to see that my diabetes is under control. Do you know of any companies that are insuring type 2 diabetics?
06/04/2007  I filled out the information to send a message to Rep. Shimkus but it was not accepted-said I needed to complete address information even though the information was complete. gm
03/27/2006  Do we know when S 1955 is scheduled to be voted upon?
03/27/2006  I have participated in all of the alerts but, when I go to the Action Center, it indicates several alerts that I have not participated in, when in fact I haven already done so. I don't want create duplicates to my senators, representative, and congressmen. Can you check this out?
06/08/2006  I'M NOT SHY! Why do we support using embroynoic stem cell research when __adult stem cells are mere effective and: DO NOT REQUIRE THE KILLING OF A INNOCENT CHILD FOR RESEARCH. as a advocate of Right for Life I "Can Not!" support the taking of a unborn childs life! And I will not ask Congress to kill children!
04/12/2006  Thomas Stevens, the President of the National Association of Realtors, has sent an e-mail to the NAR membership to support S.1955 I emailed a reply and quoted the letter of 3/27 that I sent to my Senator and informed Mr. Stevens of the effects of S.1955 on diabetics and ask him if he know of it provision vis-a-vis diabetes coverage. I STRONGLY recommend that someone from your organization make a direct contact to Mr. Stevens and attempt to have him withdraw his support for S.1955. Good Luck!
03/28/2006  i was wondering if you have any resources for free/low cost testing strips and patient education?
03/28/2006  I am a student teacher in a school without a nurse. Who is responsible for designating and training a person to be responsible for the Type 1 diabetic student in our school? Are there any legal pitfalls if there is no licensed medical person on campus?
03/30/2006  What do you know about Muchausen's Syndrome by Proxy and diabetes in the legal arena. How can a parent protect against simple queries that turn into a dependency case?
03/31/2006  I work in a moderate sized county jail (6500 inmates) as a nurse. I am very interested in the video you designed for law enforcement (in conjunction with the city of Philadelphia). Could you please tell me how I could acquire a copy and at what cost? I feel it would be a very good tool for officer training.
03/31/2006  I work in a moderate sized county jail (6500 inmates) as a nurse. I am very interested in the video you designed for law enforcement (in conjunction with the city of Philadelphia). Could you please tell me how I could acquire a copy and at what cost? I feel it would be a very good tool for officer training.
04/02/2006  Do you have information on medicaid reform in Florida?
09/19/2007  You sent me an alert this morning to call the governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich about SB360. I recently had a situation that this law would apply to. I fought the Joliet school district about my son's care at school, and the end result, after involving the Illinois state board of education, the department of civil rights, the school board, and they even hired their own attorney, was that they have to provide someone who can care for him at school. They have to have someone who can give insulin, or glucagon,and knows how to care for someone with diabetes. They didnt feel comfortable having a trained staff member do that, they wanted a nurse to do it. The problem was his school shares a nurse with 3 other schools. I told them the choice was theirs, either someone trained to care for him, or a nurse, but someone had to be able to do it. Well, end result is that there is a full time nurse at his school now. i think it is the best because many people dont understand diabetes or they are scared. So this law mandates a nurse, and the school is mandated to provide. I dont understand why this law would be a bad thing, maybe you could explain?
04/03/2006  Your web site is wonderful. However, we are looking for legal advise concerning a type 1 diabetic who has been a diabetic for 17 years and the family had called for help and he got beat and charged with aggravated battery and resisitng a peace officer none of which he has any recollection. please advised how to proceed. Thank you, Katina Weller
06/21/2007  I don't know if this is the right place to voice my concern/opinion, but here goes! As a person with Type II Diabetes, and while I completely understand the need to find a cure for Diabetes, I have a problem with advocating for stem-cell research using human embryos. In this area, I completely agree with the President. There must be another avenue. Thanks much for listening to my little opinion. Keep sending me the alerts and I'll keep doing my part. Patti Thomas
04/04/2006  More color and pictures would liven it a bit.
04/05/2006  I am the Volunteer Coordinator at Transition Projects, a non-profit in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to help people meet their basic needs as they transition from homelessness to housing. The majority of our clients suffer from medical issues, diabetes being one of the largest. Currently there is a woman in shelter with severely atrophied feet due to diabetes. I am writing to see if there are resources we can look into in regards to getting affordable diabetic shoes for her. I can reached at the above email or at 503-823-4926 ext. 4; any resources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
04/09/2006  My sister in law has type one diabetes and she recently went blind a year ago from the diabetes, I would like to learn about her condition and also learn information on how to help her. I am the person who is goin to be by her side everyday because it is so bad, she has had many eye surgerys and she take shots daily. Do I need to get licensed as a nurse, how can i be more of help to her? Please feel free to send me info by email or in the mail.
04/09/2006  My brother died this last week due to complications from his diabetes. We are wondering if there is any assistance to help cover for his funeral. I would appreciate if you could get back to me. Thank you! Marianna
05/07/2006  What is the current status of S. 1955?
04/11/2006  are there any organizations that assist people who have diabetes with their medical expenses? i have a family member that has been denied insurance coverage due to her "pre-exisiting condition". she cannot afford to pay for regular check ups. she already has had numerous laser eye surgeries, a portion of her calf has been removed and had skin graphs, she has kidney disease-but does not yet need dialysis, she cannot seem to regulate her sugar and it is constantly a roller coaster-extremely high and extremely low. sometimes she will go low in the middle of the night while sleeping and her husband must force her to drink a coke to bring her back up. any thoughts or suggestions?? we need help! she has also been denied social security and her husband makes to much money for her to receive medicaid.
04/11/2006  I would like information on who to contact about a dr giving a sliding scale to a diabetic patient but not clearly writing out the word "Units" instead using a "u" that looked much like a zero. Thus, the patient gave themselves 100 units of insulin instead of 10 units of insulin. Thank you
04/12/2006  Since I have started on insulin shots during my pregnancy, I have staying COLD all the time. Is this a normal thing? I was just wondering and have not found anything in writting about this...
04/14/2006  I was diagnosed w/ diabetes in 1968. In 1970, at age 16, I obtained my first driver's license in the State of illinois. At that time, applicants were asked specifically about certain conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, and drug additicion. I responded that I had diabetes. In turn, I was instructed to get a form filled out my my physician in which he stated whether or not I was medically capable of operating a vehicle. Each time I renewed my license, I had to have the physcian complete such a form. I notice that the state now asks if the applicant has a medical condition that may impede their ability to operate a motor vehicle. As I have had no (ZERO) instances of driving impairment due to my diabetes (or any other reason) over the past 37 years, have no other chronic illnesses, do not drink or use drugs (except insulin), etc., I feel I should be able to answer this question as "NO." However, when I attempted to do so, the folks at the driver's license facility refused to renew my license. If I were a newly diagnosed diabetic, I would certainly answer "NO" and would not be questionned on that response. I feel that as someone who has a proven track record of successful control of my diabetes I am being "punished" rather than rewarded by the state's stance. IF they were to currently ask, "Do you have diabetes, epilepsy, etc." I would certainly answer honestly and say yes. If I had experienced complications or other diabetes- related instances that impaired my ability, I would answer yes. I now honestly answer their question and am basically called a liar because under the old "rules" I was honest. What is the ADA's position on this kind of situation? Where do I file a complaint about what I consider to be an unfair practice by the state. Thank you for your assistance. I have been a member of ADA for many, many years and appreciate the advocacy actions and positions taken by the association on behalf of me and other diabetics. Dwain Chapman
04/15/2006  I am a viet nam era veteran and have been diagnosed with diabetes as a result of agent orange. My problem is the VA treats type 2 diabetes like it is not a problem. They only provide for testing a couple of times a week. I have read and subscribe to the ADA guidelines and at my own expence provide enough testing strips to test daily. Does the ADA have any way to attempt to inform the VA and get them up to date on testing and the negitive results that may result from improper care. Thank You Jack Ritchie
04/17/2006  I cannot get a life insurance policy on my son - he is 11 yrs old - diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on 10/2004 - he was denied life insurnce due to being diabetic.
04/18/2006  I was wondering if there is a list of states that are mandated for diabetic patients?.
04/18/2006  is there any counseling for one who is losing toes do to diabetes? thank you
04/19/2006  This is an advocacy question. I have a 16 year old daughter that is an Insulin dependent diabetic, and has a diagnosis of Celiac Sprue. I am trying to find out if there is a way to access any form of educational funds for her college education. Our small business coverage does not adequately cover her pump supplies,etc. Which has kept her father and I from being able to save to afford her education. How do we discover what her options are? We are a family in need of many answers, can you help???
04/20/2006  I was in Intensive Care at Parker Adventist Hospital in Parker, Colorado from mid-October until late December and then in a rehab hospital, Red Rocks, for several months. Please keep me informed. How does alcohol affect diabetes? Please let Mary know the adverse effects as soon as possible. She was unconscious for several days before being admitted to the hospital.
04/20/2006  I am having a problem having 2 scripts filled through Medco. I am a former employee of Farmers Insurance and my last day was 3/31/06. I am diabetic and took out the cobra for the month of April 2006 - I completed all the paperwork and included my check for $300. As of today, 2 medications that really need were declined by Aetna who stated that Cobra would need to contact them to update their files. I have spoken to everyone from Farmers Insurance HR,Aetna,Medco. I was also told by Farmers that I could not have access to the phone number for Cobra. I find that interesting since Cobra has my $300. I sincerely appreciate you help the 2 new scripts are not for cometic purpose, but for chronic condition. I can also be reach via phone at 410 884 3767 or cell 410-707 5339. thank you for your assistance - Farmers Insurance # is 800 553-7348 - my Aetna information is as follows:ID # W0787 60755 - Grp: 652225-010-00504/Dr. Marc D. Solkolow - Patient: Dale Eric Smith
04/20/2006  I am having a problem having 2 scripts filled through Medco. I am a former employee of Farmers Insurance and my last day was 3/31/06. I am diabetic and took out the cobra for the month of April 2006 - I completed all the paperwork and included my check for $300. As of today, 2 medications that really need were declined by Aetna who stated that Cobra would need to contact them to update their files. I have spoken to everyone from Farmers Insurance HR,Aetna,Medco. I was also told by Farmers that I could not have access to the phone number for Cobra. I find that interesting since Cobra has my $300. I sincerely appreciate you help the 2 new scripts are not for cometic purpose, but for chronic condition. I can also be reach via phone at 410 884 3767 or cell 410-707 5339. thank you for your assistance - Farmers Insurance # is 800 553-7348 - my Aetna information is as follows:ID # W0787 60755 - Grp: 652225-010-00504/Dr. Marc D. Solkolow - Patient: Dale Eric Smith
04/23/2006  no comment
06/19/2007  I am an associate manager in Las Vegas. How do I sign up other people as an advocate online? Or, do you want us to just send the postcards to you? We are now getting email addresses from everyone who attends any meeting or event we have. I have 12 from a post-tour meeting last night.
04/25/2006  I'd like to know about Discrimination against Type I diabetics with regard to auto insurance. I recently inquired about life insurance and three days later my insurance agent called me back and raised my auto insurance rates $356/year based on my "condition" as he put it!!
04/26/2006  I need assistance. Recently my employer changed insurance carriers and because of my diabetes I will not be covered for 3 months. I can not afford my medication. I've gone to Public aid, thier response is they cannot help me and could not come up with any other resources for my situation. I am low income but according to Public aid I must be no income. I don't get it.
04/27/2006  I'm a New York resident. Are Clinton and Schumer opposing S 1995? Are Leiberman and Dodd (I can advocate in either state)? Thanks. Sharyn
06/14/2006  I have probrems in my job area of discrimination can you give me an advice?
04/27/2006  I am the new Advocacy Relations person for Pfizer in Oklahoma. Can you please send me contact information for your local chapters and any advocacy person or contact for me in this state. Thank you
04/29/2006  On 17 March 2006, I was stopped in NJ for DUI. After a long night (I was up for almost 24 hrs after processing), I realized what had happened; I had what I would call an extrodinary hypoglycemic event. I have retained a lawyer who specializes in DUI, but think we may need some help. I have never had anything like this happen before and as a self insured freelancer the effect on my income would be devestating to say the least.
05/01/2006  I'm a mother of a newly diagnosed child. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on april 24th one week to the day before his 6th birthday. My question is... i'm not familiar with s. 1955 i'd just like to know where i can find the information on it, so i'm familiarized with it. thanks so much!! jennifer cunningham
05/01/2006  I am concerned about the effects of S. 1955, the Enzi bill, on continued insurance coverage for diabetes and associated problems. I ahave read the bill, but it does not provide answers. Does ADA have any information on the probable effects of the bill and a position on the bill? Thomas Hafner
05/02/2006  I thought this email was to contact you with a question? I am interested in finding help, like $600.00, to receive the training DVD's for 'Heaven Scent Paws'. My insurance company and Medicare, I'm sure are not going to approve it. My doctor will help me, but he said he needs proof that a service dog will help me. I have my own reliable dogs for training. And yes, they can be trained to let me know when my sugars are low. I have been insuling dependent for over 30 years and on the pump now, but I still have trouble relizing my sugars are low. I have had a heart attack and suffer from depression due to the diabetes. My sister as well, has it. She has suffered lazer surgery on her eyes three times and still may go blind. Oh, I also have high blood pressure. I cannot afford my copays to get my drugs so I know a can't afford this program, but I need it desperately. I used to do rescue work with dogs to find them new homes. I worked with 2 large organizations and then quit. I had 3 emergency calls to help German Shepherd Dogs. They are still here with me and I am still looking to place them. I am willing to donate these babies to work for someone, somehow, you know? I can't even begin to imagine why it costs $6,000.00 to get a dog from a pound and train it. Who is getting all this money? I wouldn't do that to a person who needs help, even if they were rich! I just wouldn't donate them to go off to war. They are all socialable and pleasant. But if you could guide me to the right place to help me attain this $600.00 for this course, I don't need to be affiliated with them, just the Guide Dog Foundation. Thank you for all of your precious time. Susan.
05/03/2006  I am a mother of a twelve year old that was very recently diagnosed type 1 diabetic. Currently he is insured through NC health Choice. I know that because of income he will lose this coverage in Sept. I have tried to find insurance for him and it is proven to be unattainable because of cost. What options do I have? I actually feel sick to my stomach thinking I cannot afford to care for his needs.
05/16/2007  Hello Sir or Madam, Is there any information out on long term care insurance for people with diabetes? I am a CDE as well as a person living with diabetes. My patients have started to ask and I am curious myself but have not found much on the internet. Thank you, M C Matas-Chamberlain
05/03/2006  I have had diabetes since I was 13. I am now 38. I am appealing a denial of SSI benefits. SSI told me I made too much money in a one year period in 1995. Are you aware of particular arguments to support an award of SSI benefits for diabetics who are not able to work full time? Is there someone I should speak to at ADA? Thank you.
01/03/2008  info on school advocate for Northshore School District for my 16 year old daughter.
05/04/2006  I am a school nurse. At the beginning of each school year I take all the students height and weight, calculate their BMIs. I am designing a letter to be sent home to those students with BMIs over 25.The letter lists risk factors of becoming diabetic and recommends that the student be taken to his/her healthcare provider for evaluation for diabetes. Is there someone in your organization who would be willing to read my letter for accuracy and content? Suzanna Wood, RN, MPH, School Nurse
05/05/2006  I was wondering about if anything prohibits me from becoming a state trooper in massachusetts. I am healthy, have had diabetes for 24 years and have been on the Insulin Pump for 6 years. I did have three diabetic related seizures in 1989 to 1991. Would this disqualify me? I haven't had one since that time, even throughout my pregnancy my diabetes was under control. My A1C ranges from 6%-7% at all times. Please let me know. I have gotten mixed messages and I don't want to get my hopes up if there is no chance that I would get on the force. Thanks Allison Zibel
03/18/2008  To whom it may concern: I would like to add Puerto Rico to the study about the Diabetes Cost at USA. Puerto Rico is a USA territory and is being affected by a high rate of diabetes incidents. I have good information and acess to some statistics that could help to add Puerto Rico to the studady. Please advice who to conact. Regards, José L. Pagán-Sanabria, P.E. 787.918.3040 (Mobile) Email:, "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." By Paulo Coelho
05/07/2006  How can we convince our local school district to allow students to check their glucose in the classroom?
03/14/2007  How can I find a Diabetes Advocacy group here in the Kansas City area?
01/19/2007  It would be very helpful if you would provide us with an easy vehicle for contacting our legislators to advocate for money for stem cell research for a cure for diabetes. Thank you. Sharon Brady
05/18/2006  In the lase few weeks, I read an article (which I meant to same) which stated that Congress was about to either stop or "do nothing, which would stop" the limited ability for diabetics to get either life or health insurance. It was urging the public ot email their rep's and senators to reverse this action. I've lost the article; are you aware of it and can you provide the particulars?? Thank you. George Morris
05/12/2006  Hi, I am trying to have family and friends respond the the ANA issue by sending the prewritten letter on the ADA website. It appears that the only way for them to even find any info on it is by registering to receive advocacy alerts. I feel uncomfortable asking them to do this as it requires them to give info which they may not want to give. Is there any way to get to the issues page and the letter page without registering? Please, let me know. The ANA is only accepting letters/feedback until 5/15/06. Thanks- Mary Lynn Price
05/14/2006  Is there an agency to help families find the best option for individual health coverage? Does the agency help us take advantage of Minnesota state laws? We are covered through COBRA right now. Does that agency help us find coverage with the least amount of preexisting restrictions? Where do we look?
05/14/2006  Is there an agency to help families find the best option for individual health coverage? Does the agency help us take advantage of Minnesota state laws? We are covered through COBRA right now. Does that agency help us find coverage with the least amount of preexisting restrictions? Where do we look?
05/18/2006  ive been service man for 20 years 10/pepsi cola.rescently i had a auto accident becauce i went lono one hurt and i recieved no ticket 2 other cars involved.ive been home every sence,was ready to go back to work the next day.i still work there but says i have to wait for annother job to open that i dont have to drive in.tried to get in quality control.found out might have to drive a fork lift once in a whyle,tooo dangerous and is not listed in the job criteria,now the took my teo weeks vacation and my remaining sick days.still not back to work and no more pay check.heck i can sweep floors or anything.i think they could have put me back to work the next day,and not take my vac. and sick days now house payment and all other bills are here.oh yea food i cant buy food mow.what should i do?
06/15/2006  How do I change my password?
02/08/2007  Please have ADA National Advocacy staff contact me so that we can collaborate on Advocacy issues in Wisconsin. Diane Anderson MS,RN,BC-FNP,APNP,CDE ADA Leadership Board Member Southeastern WI - Advocacy Chair State of Wisconsin
05/22/2006  Can an elementary school be required to administer insulin by injection to a diabetic student?
05/23/2006  Dear ADA, Under your Action Center tab, I was using the option you have to send my senator a personal message thanking her for voting no on S 1955. However when I try to send it I keep getting an error message. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your help! Drew Voytal
10/27/2007  Could you please tell me who should do the school training of nurse and staff? My son has had diabetes for 2 years now, and I seem to keep having the same issues coming up - I would love someone to come in talk to the staff that cares for him. I have taken in literature-but it obviously doesn't get read by all those involved in his care. I dont know what else to do other than to have someone come in and train them. Thank you in advance for your information. Leslie Johnson
12/02/2006  Hello. I'm currently working with Illinois state legislators to advance a bill to help protect kids with diabetes in school. Please consider adding this information to your website so advocates can learn more about this proposed legislation and what they can do to help. See: Thank you, Suzanne Elder
05/29/2006  Hello. I am a type II diabetic. I would like to know what the ADA is doing to respond to Governor Corzine's proposed $2 per prescription surcharge here in New Jersey. People are making millions flipping real estate here, and the governor's answer to the state's budget deficit is to have a regressive tax on those of us who require ongoing medication to survive.
01/17/2007  Hello. This is Jason Paskowitz. I am a Type II diabetic. I am also married to a Type I, insulin-dependent diabetic. Today I received a solicitation for a donation from the American Diabetes Association. Please note that until the ADA changes its position in regard to receiving donations from SLM Corporation (aka "Sallie Mae"), we will not support the ADA in any way. Please do not send us any further solicitations or issues of "Diabetes Forecast." The loansharks at Sallie Mae have done more to destroy our lives than diabetes has. Sallie Mae is the reason that we have a solid middle-class income but are unable to purchase a home. My student loans from the 1980's, totalling $16k in principal, went into default about FIFTEEN YEARS AGO due to the failed economy of George H.W. Bush and, admittedly, some early-twenties career indirection on my part. The balance has now ballooned to over $50k including over $10,000 in "collection fees and costs." These fess and costs are assessed by the numerous do-nothing collection/beggar agencies owned by Sallie Mae (a for-profit corporation traded on the stock market). One of these collection/beggar agencies is Pioneer Credit Recovery in Arcade, NY, which has made direct donations to the local ADA. Much was made about their donations to the ADA and other charitable organizations. In fact, I think it's a shame that former Governor George Pataki and Congressman Tom Reynolds are unable to create any sort of REAL jobs in economically- depressed upstate New York and are actually enthusiastic about having a collection agency as the Arcade-area's largest employer. Additionally, you should know that Albert L. Lord, Chairman of SLM Corp (Sallie Mae's formal corporate name), has taken home over $250 MILLION in compensation since 1999. He has his own private golf course, where he and his wife, Suzanne, entertain members of Congress like Reynolds and the perpetually-tanned, former House Majority Leader John Boehner. Boehner's daughter, Tricia, conveniently enough works for General Revenue Corporation, another star in the Sallie Mae galaxy of collection/beggar agencies. Not content to make a quarter billion dollars off of middle class college students and their families, Mr. Lord recently engaged in a vulgar display of his wealth by trying to purchase the Washington Nationals Major League Baseball team. If the American Diabetes Association wants to take money from SLM Corporation, then feel free to do so. In the interim, don't expect any support from the two diabetics in our home. Jason Paskowitz 1350 15th Street, #12A Fort Lee, NJ 07024
05/29/2006  I read on the American Heart Association web site that air pollution is a risk factor for diabetics? What is the link? Is it for both 1 and 2? Is your foundation working to decrease air pollution?
05/30/2006  I am having a problem at work concerning privacy for my insulin injections and I don't know where to turn for advice.
05/31/2006  Who is our NATIONAL spokesperson for ADA? Do we have one? Other than the advertisements for the instruments needed for a diabetic...I don't see much else educating our Nation about this disease.
05/31/2006  My father-in-law is being told he needs to have his foot removed but his insurance has no specialist listed for this type of procedure 1. Can you reccomend orthopedic surgeons who practice in Phx Metro area who will accept secure horizon insurance? 2. Are there patient advocates in phx area who can help with diabetes related care and related disabilities/
06/05/2006  I have an issue regarding discrimination from a retail shoe store due to me being diabeteic. They refused to sell me a pair of walking shoes without a note from my doctor stating that it was OK to wear them. I have gone up through the state level in Maryland trying to resolve the matter but the store owner wouldn't cooperate. Please advise me on how I should proceed with this matter. Thanks
12/09/2007  Hi, I am Type 2 with no insurance and only qualify for the state high risk pool; Kansas. To qualify for the high risk pool you have to be turned down by 2 carriers, which I was. But this brought a question to my mind; im sure those carriers which turned me down cover other diabetics under certain group plans. This seems like discrimination, a diabetic is a diabetic, but im sure they have some way around this. Any information to explain this would be helpful Thanks, Pat
06/05/2006  Not sure if this is were I ask this kind of question. My step Daughter is 21 and has had Diabetes for 5 years. SHe is working at walmart and has insurance. She wants to go to school and get a job in the medical field working with Diabetes. Is there any program that can help her pay for school? thanks Dan
06/06/2006  I am interested in receiving the videotape "Treating Diabetes Emergencies: What Police Officers Need to Know." We represent several clients who have had their symptoms mistaken for intoxication. This video will aid us in representing those clients and help educate our area police departments. Thanks Jim Beatty
06/07/2006  I have a question about discrimination at school
06/08/2006  I would like to have more information about the Alabama state agencies laws and regulations for cdl interstate drivers here in alabama. My spouse takes insulin and we want to know why it they think it affects his driving. We have heard that the application on the state level is harder to pass than at the federal level.Is this true and if so, why?
06/09/2006  THANK YOU
06/09/2006  Hi I am 26 years old.both my father and mother has diabetes.My weight is 155 pounds and height is 5inches and 1 cholestral is 180 which is in good my doubt is do i have chances of geeting diabetes due to my over weight although my cholestral level is low?pls confirm at what age i have the checes of getting diabetes bacause my parents have that? thks in advance
06/11/2006  Actually I have a question and maybe you can help. I work about 35 hours a week as a bartender. I was just told now I have to buy my food and drink from my workplace. However they told me I cannot bring in my own food or drink. The problem is all the food they serve either comes from the deep fryer or is pizzas or hamburgers. They serve nothing healthy to eat. I have to have my diabetic diet or my sugars go wacky. So I was wondering what I can do. I also told them I'm a diabetic and that didn't matter to them. So what can I do? Is there some law out there against this? Please help me!!!!!
06/14/2006  A friend recently had breast cancer surgery at St. Mary Corwin Hospital in Pueblo, Co. Due to a comedy of errors during her stay in the hospital has caused great concern for her diabetes health care. She needs an advocate that can help address serious problems that occured during her stay at the hospital so that protocol can be changed for diabetic healthcare for this hospital. Please call her at 719-384-2294 her name is Nita Kirkham. Thank you.
06/15/2006  I am eleven year diabetic and have become insulin resistant. i am on avery high dosage insulin and oral med I am currently receiving mediationd via the pharmasetical companies and care from a community clinic. They have been unable to control my blood sugars i have an aic of 8.6 i am trying to get into a program at the jocelyn clinic in boston to manage and regain control. because i am on disability and receive free care and medicare i am unable to pay the cost of the do it program at jocelyn. Is there any help that i can receive such as a grant, waiver or other to enable access to this service? Your answer would be greatly appreciated.
06/18/2006  I am a physician and have a 3 1/2 year old with Type 1 diabetes on an insulin pump.Live in Maryland. My son is beginning a private preschool summer camp and then their preschool in the fall. I am encountering issues with the owners of the school and their attorney with defining with a privately funded preschool what is required accommodation for care (insulin, glucagon, blood glucose monitoring. What is required under Title 3 of ADA which I believe coveres private daycare and private schools except religious ones. If Any of the advocacy group could contact me I would be extremely grateful. If Crystal Jackson or colleagues could contact me regarding any information on the PRIVATE school issues protections that would be great Thanks so much
06/19/2006  I am a full-time federal government employee, and a collateral duty wildland firefighter for the last 6 years. I have had type I diabetes for 26 years and have not has any issues fighting fire with my diabetes. Each year, I have a note from my Dr. that I have her clearance to perform the arduous duties of a wildland fire-fighter. This year, the Interagency medical standards manager determined that I shouldn't be given clearance to perform arduous duties. When I talked to him he stated that my hypoglycemic episodes concerned him and my HbA1c was on the high end of normal, which made them think I wasn't in good enough control, even though my own endocrinologist gave me her consent. I know this isn't much information, but I am really frustrated and feeling like I am being singled out and the the people making the decision are un-imformed or ill- informed. To make a new decision, they want a years worth of my HbA1c tests and 3 months of my daily monitoring, which they didn't ask for back in February when my Dr signed her letter of censent. After all this, the soonest they will make a new determination will be in October...after the fire season. HELP...?
06/20/2006  I have searched all over the web site and even phoned ADA, but I can't for the life of me understand why the organization does not have any kind of advocacy around the cost of insulin. This is a vital drug that many, many diabetics depend on, yet there is no generic for it, no discount and it is not fully covered by any kind of Medicare. My mother is a Type 2 diabetic, and despite very good health insurance, typically uses up any allowance for prescriptions by May or June of the year. She is going broke just trying to stay alive. Of course, it's not just my mother who has this problem. There must be thousands and thousands of seniors facing similar difficulties. Yet ADA is silent. Why? thank you, Jamie Beckett
06/21/2006  How old do you have to be to become involved? I am going to be a senior in high school and was wondering if I am too young.
06/22/2006  I have mailed in the required form regarding a question concerning possible discriminatory action taken by my daughter's school's principal, and I wondered when/if I would hear from someone, or if I needed to then contact the office with the knowledge that the written statement should be in office.
06/23/2006  Dear ADA, I am writing on behalf of the AHRQ Effective Health Care Program to see about the possibility possibility of the American Diabetes Association participating with us in new research by nominating diabetes advocacy experts to help us develop key questions. Please forward this email along to all of your colleagues who might have an interest in our work. If you could also name some appropriate contacts for us at the ADA, that would be great. Currently, we are forming a technical expert group to look at diabetes in order to come up with key questions that will form the basis of a systematic review of evidence-based medicine. We would like the American Diabetes Association to participate in this process by making some appropriate nominations. For this topic we are hoping to find nominations of both organization and patient advocates. It will likely take the participant 10 to 15 hours of their time over the course of a year, along with some email correspondence. Thanks so much for your help. Feel free to give me a call or send me an email if you have questions. You can also get more information on the program by going to our web site, Warm regards, Shannon Smith
01/25/2007  Is Senate bill 1955 coming up for a Vote again in 2007?
06/24/2006  I have information about a very important new technology (patented and approved) that apparently is being held to delay development by Johnson and Johnson for their own purposes. The patent is for a Glucowatch that measures glucose levels every 20 minutes without puncturing the skin. I believe this important technolgy should be developed or sold. I have more detailed information if you are interested. If you are not interested please let me know what organization would be. Thanks, Arnold Silver
06/25/2006  Are there any kind of medical alert cards that can be carried when traveling to inform airline security personnel that you have an insulin pump? I was recently traveling when my pump set off the metal detectors. I told them that I was wearing an insulin pump and even took it off to show them. The screener said that she had never seen one before and therefore she had to wand me and do a complete pat down. I was so humiliated and felt pretty violated afterwards, having some strange person touch my entire body in front of a ton of onlookers. I even ended up crying afterwards. I was told that people with pacemakers carry a card to warn the TSA of their condition. Is there anything similiar for diabetics? If I have to go through that same humiliating pat down every time I fly...I'm never flying again. It just wasn't worth it.
04/03/2008  When is call to congress 2008?
06/28/2006  Looking for financial HELP for a 41 yr. old man who has lost his home and property because of an amputation (without insurance) in 2003. He is now loosing his business and must change careers due to another amputation in June 2006. Can you help. or point us in the right direction for help?
07/10/2006  I have been on the insulin pump for two years, I was dropped from government insurance program, which alot of other people were too. I have only one week of insulin pump supplies left, I don't know what to do, because any time I've been without it, I get backpain in kidney area, heart pain and very high sugars. Can you help?
11/17/2007  How about stories and insperation
07/02/2006  How does one fight discrimination when the apartment manager is a minority? There is an ongoing problem with minority favoritism with 2 sets of rules. I am an excellent tenant, get along well with my neighbors, pay my rent on time, keep my apartment clean and I desperately need some help. I am in the process of purchasing a major business in town and sincerely do not need this harrassment. The folks in this apartment complex are hesitant to speak up for themselves, fearing reprisal. Example of how ridiculous this is: I am 100% disabled and it is difficult in the heat for me to carry garbage out every day. Two small bags, neatly tied and placed in an open container to avoid odor. I have been told I will be evicted (in writing two days in a row) for doing this. Neighbors doing the same things are not being instructed in the same manner. I do believe this is reverse discrimination and I did have pictures taken and I am contacting the corporate office. Is there anything else that I can do to help myself and my neighbors? Respectfully, Scott Smith
07/02/2006  How does one fight discrimination when the apartment manager is a minority? There is an ongoing problem with minority favoritism with 2 sets of rules. I am an excellent tenant, get along well with my neighbors, pay my rent on time, keep my apartment clean and I desperately need some help. I am in the process of purchasing a major business in town and sincerely do not need this harrassment. The folks in this apartment complex are hesitant to speak up for themselves, fearing reprisal. Example of how ridiculous this is: I am 100% disabled and it is difficult in the heat for me to carry garbage out every day. Two small bags, neatly tied and placed in an open container to avoid odor. I have been told I will be evicted (in writing two days in a row) for doing this. Neighbors doing the same things are not being instructed in the same manner. I do believe this is reverse discrimination and I did have pictures taken and I am contacting the corporate office. Is there anything else that I can do to help myself and my neighbors? Respectfully, Scott Smith
07/05/2006  I am a RVN era veteran and was woundering if any research or actions have been taken in being exposed to Agent Orange here in the United States or by other soldiers from their clothes? They used Agent Orange at Fort Benning, Ga and I have been exposed by other soldiers having it on their clothes. I have seen fellow soldiers shake out their clothes and asked what it was and they would say " oh that is Agent Orange. Hard to get it out of uniforms" or something similar. The reason I ask this now is because I have been diagnosed with type 2 and have no family history of diabetes. When I am at the Veterans Hospital I and others have noticed there is a very large percentage of secondhand exposure and the numbers of diabetic veterans is larger than the general public. Your help is greatly appreciated.
07/05/2006  Im live in ct and I have no medical insurance. Is there anywhere in the area that can help me obtain the medication I so desperately need.
07/06/2006  I have been employed with my employer for 27 years and have worked either 7-3pm, 3-11pm or 11- 7am. For approximately the past five years I have elected to work a 11-7am shift. My shift was changed from 11-7am effective june26,2006. I am now required to work from 3am -11:30am. I am in a supervisory position. I requested to be allowed to transfer to a location that still has a 11-7am shift and was told that No bumping rights(being able to bump someone with less senority) would be honored. I explained that because of my illness it would create a hardship on me. In addition to being a diabetic I have been under doctor's care for a foot injury that has lasted over a year. I wear a brace support on my foot and suffer from tendonitis. I have amedical record of being treated for severe depression as well. I was informed that no doctor would say that I have to work a certain shift and that no accomodations would be made. In addition to this my wages were docked because I supposidly forgot to punch the time clock when leaving work oneday. I was informed that I had to wait until the next pay period to get paid. I suffered a skin irration on my foot and was seen in the emergency room, I take darvocet N-100 for pain and had no intentions of not reporting to work but the medication caused drowiness and I fell asleep. I notified my supervisor the following morning and provided the emergency room slip and explained what happened but I was marked awol for not notifying someone in advance that I was not coming in. I have been refused pay for this date even with medical documentation.(on this date the two employees that I supervise called off work and there is an extremely long gate protecting the facility that I am not able to open which numerous peocomplained about and the employer refuses to do anything about it, had I gone to work I could not gain access to the premises without assistance to open this gate anyway) What relief can I get in these situations? (216) 324-4142
07/06/2006  My cousin is 22 years old, in college in Indiana, and has very severe type 2 diabetes. She needs an insulin pump. Her state sponsered heath insurance will not cover the cost. She has been hospitalized twice within one year due to her blood sugar becoming dangerously out of control. She eats right and gives herself her injections. She works 2 jobs. How can she get this pump paid for? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
07/12/2006  My boyfriend is diabetic and has limited feeling and circulation in his legs. The doctor has advised him to get a good treadmill to walk on everyday to keep the circulation flowing. His insurance will not help with this, and due to all the medical bills and foot and leg ulcer surgerys we are unable to afford one. Is there anywhere we can turn for help?
07/13/2006  I have no problem with the web site but I don't know where else to post this problem. Recently, I was in a hospital and they were filling me with an IV loaded with dextrose and every time they checked my sugar it was high so they gave me a shot of insulin. I am diet controlled! I also asked about a diabetic diet as they sent me grape juice, orange juice and apple juice to drink. When I asked about the diet they told me they did not have a diabetic diet in the hospital. Is there anything that can be done about this?
10/17/2006  Do you have an easy resource for me - so I can know which candidates are on "our side"? I would love to have good info to put on my signature line of my e-mail! Thanx! Hope to see you in Dallas! c
07/18/2006  I am concerned that an RFP for selective contracting for DME & Medical Supplies issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare will limit access to Diabetes testing supplies for Medicaid recipients with diabetes. I would like to understand your position on this proposal. Is there someone with your organization that I could contact to discuss my concerens? The deadline for comments to the state is July 20. Thank you, Tom Barnett Group Manager Roche Diagnostics 317-521-3106
07/19/2006  There are two of us who share an email address, but it won't let me sign up since the address has already been used. How can I do this? I used my work address, but I would really rather have things sent to my home email address.
07/19/2006  Please include legal fact,s for diabetic,s and thier right's as apartment tenant's!
03/04/2008  I need help for my son who is now 31 yrs old and not taking care of his diabetes. He gave up his pump, lost health insurance, just got back to work but no health benefits. He is type 1 diabetic and has been since 19. He recently suffered through a traumatic divorce and left the PA area to live in Ft.Lauderdale with his sister, who is a great support. She has been trying to help him access the welfare dept there for healthcare only until he can get health insurance through a job. he had been going to a doctor, but now has none and will be running out of insulin soon. We don't know what to do. Can you help us to either locate a free clinic for him to see a doctor and receive lantus insuling and his humalog(or maybe it's novalog, i can't be sure)? Please advise me if you can to find someone from that locale to help us. Are there any particular hints as we try to help him get health care through welfare in Florida? Thank you kindly, Cindy
07/20/2006  what area would i click on to find out about finacial assistance with pump supplies? i do have insurance but they do not cover pump supplies?
01/08/2008  I'm currently involved in diabetes advocacy via online. Recently, when applying to college I wrote that I was a youth advocate for ADA, becuase I was unsure what to title my online involvement. I am aware that there is a National Youth Advocate and I just wanted to make sure that it was okay to deem myself a youth advocate. If not, is there another title that I should give it? Thanks, Sarah
07/25/2006  I am an Advocate for Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities, Inc. I wanted to know if you have local Advocates to attend IEP meetings on behalf of students diagnosed with diabetes who are facing discrimination of a 504 plan regarding transporation issues. You can respond on my e-mail address of call 866-275- 7273 ext 212. Thanks Ashanti Keitt
07/25/2006  Survey does not include the ADA magazine, which is where I have first heard of this advocacy group. The magazine should be included. I checked 'event' as the closest match.
07/29/2006  My son is a student at the Univ. of TN. He has type 2 diabets and was told that he could not join the airforce ROTC due to this. My question is would it be a possibility to fight this due to his past activities. His a1c is 6.0. He has always been very active in sports and his diabetes has never interfered and he never had to have any special accomodations due to his diabetes. Please advise. Thank you. Nancy Bass
07/30/2006  I am student of Professor Michael Dukakis and we are working on our class papers regarding a health care memo to Senator Kennedy. The topic of my memorandum is adult obesity prevention. I am suggesting that Senator Kennedy propose legislation similar to S.799 (his bill to amend the Public Health Service Act). I am suggesting that Kennedy provide for the coordination of Federal Government policies and activities to prevent adult obesity. I was wondering if you had answers and/or information to the following questions: 1) Are you aware of whether the American Diabetes Association is working with any federal congressmen on anything regarding adult obesity (which can lead to Type 2 diabetes)? 2) Do you have any specific legislation that your organization would like to put forth regarding adult obesity prevention? Thank you so much for your help. If you have any other information on adult obesity prevention efforts at the government level, I'd really appreciate it. Have a nice weekend, Chris Chanyasulkit
09/05/2006  How do I sign up to become an Advocate?
08/08/2006  Dear Sir or Madame: I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January 1986, at the age of 6. I have not allowed my diabetes to hold me back, especially in my adult life: I am an insulin-pump-wearing runner who has worked on Capitol Hill for two House members (one of whom is in a leadership position) and clerked for a federal judge after finishing law school with honors. I write to remind you that there are two sides to the stem cell debate. In particular, I am deeply disappointed about the ADA Advocacy web page's politically charged statement regarding President Bush and his veto of H.R. 810. The web page fails to mention that the legislation in question (H.R. 810) does not FORBID stem cell research, but merely limits federal funding for such research. In addition, by characterizing the failure of H.R. 810 as a "devastating setback" for all persons with diabetes, the web page connotes that the particular type of stem cell research that was the subject of H.R. 810 is the ONLY type of stem cell research available. In fact, many commentators have opined that adult stem cell research could be more promising than the type of stem cell research that was the subject of H.R. 810. Finally, the web page assumes that all citizens with diabetes support stem cell research when the stem cells are from unborn embryos; perhaps the ADA Advocacy team would be surprised to find that I am one of many Americans with Type 1 diabetes who sees stem cell research as not the most promising of the current cure endeavors, and that stem cell research, which undoubtedly involves the destruction of life, is a due process violation, under the Constitution's 5th and 14th amendments. Moreover, the ADA Advocacy web page regarding H.R. 810 appears to lament about our country's legislative structure and basic principles regarding the separation of powers. I find it unprofessional and inexpert that the web page blames President Bush alone for the failure of H.R. 810. Perhaps the ADA Advocacy team should remember that the executive and legislative branches maintain an important relationship with regard to the enactment of legislation. That is, the legislature must pass a single bill in both houses by a simple majority of each house's quorum; subsequently, the President then has the opportunity to sign or veto the proposed legislation. The bill may then return to both houses of Congress, which have yet ANOTHER opportunity to pass the legislation by overriding the President's veto via a supermajority of each house's quorum. Therefore, the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the Senate and House, not the President. These checks and balances are critical to our legislative structure, as they are designed to overcome potentially unforeseeable political motivations. As such, if H.R. 810 were so promising and would OBVIOUSLY have led to a cure for so many diseases, including diabetes, I would fully expect that the sponsors of H.R. 810 would have been able to overcome the President's veto by securing a two- thirds majority in each house. As you know, they were not able to do this. Overall, this issue regarding stem cell research is extremely controversial, and rightly so. I encourage the ADA Advocacy team to remember that not all persons with diabetes agree with regard to this issue. Statements such as the one on the ADA Advocacy web page regarding H.R. 810 (e.g., "It is sad to know that President Bush took that hope away from all of us") will merely isolate those who may disagree with the ADA, or who may not yet maintain a viewpoint, on this sensitive issue. The ADA has already organized its supporters for this legislation; therefore, I fail to see the value in posting controversial statements on the ADA Advocacy web page after the legislation has failed. Such statements, at best, are of de minimus value. Given the ADA's web page synopsis of H.R. 810, I will now, unfortunately, hesitate to participate in ADA fundraisers such as the annual Walk for Diabetes. I encourage the ADA to remove the aforementioned controversial statements from the ADA Advocacy web page, and refocus its efforts on FORTHCOMING legislative possibilities and endeavors. Sincerely, Katie Inman
08/08/2006  I don't know if this is common practice among doctors or not. Perhaps you can answer my question. I've been without insulin for 3 days now. hen the pharmacy faxed my doctor, they received no response until I left a message on the nurse's voice mail that I needed my insulin now. I called the pharmacy 4 hours later and they said that the until I am to be seen in the office my insulin would not be refilled. Would you please tell me if this is normal practice? They told the pharmacy they spoke to me about this in June, but I don't remember it. Thank you.
08/11/2006  I have a problem with my insurance company. I have been prescribed byetta. Is this not a diabetes drug. I know it is not injectable insulin but I thought in Indiana insurance companies had to cover all diabetes drugs.
03/14/2007  I am unable to send the petitions as you requested. I keep getting the same prompt and that is to complete me address. My address is correct as I enter it on the petition form. Please advise. What you see about IS the correct address. Barbara Mans
03/29/2007  I have a 21 yr old son with type 1 diabetes who is interested in the navy or coast guard. I know there has generally been an exclusion or ban against diabetics,but is there any newer news or options for diabetics in the military. thanks, Dr Anderson
08/15/2006  My granddaughter, age 6, has been diagnosed with IDDM. The school nurse administers glucose checks and insulin shots with 1 back-up nurse at another school.School will not agree to train non-medically trained personnel to calculate carbs/give shots/determine dosage when neither is available or when there is no coverage. There are 4 diabetic students. The school doesn't want to be "liable". Please advise, we have a meeting tomorrow. Thank you very much.
08/22/2006  I am having issues with my child's school. What are my child's rights and whao can give me assistance with the school?
06/21/2007  I am trying to respond to your request that we ask senators to override the veto. The page that I come to after entering my zip code does not include a Take Action Now button. Also, it reads 'if the president vetos'. I think you need to update your website.
08/17/2006  no i have no problem with this web site i just need to know how i can get help with getting the food i cneed to control my diabetes i am on ssi and diabilty and a fix icome food stamps i called them but there is nothing they can do for me.if you know of any programs i could get help.iam having a very hard time controling it even with the 2 insulins and pill.thank you
08/19/2006  I work in a pharmacy and we have a client that has fallen into the "gap" portion of her medicare part D. Do you know of any programs that she is able to use to help her out with her Lantus and her Humalog. She is unable to afford either one of of these medications right now. Please help with any information that you are able to assist us with. Bonnie, Deann, Tammi Pharmacy Tech's
08/19/2006  Sorry, I believe I forgot to leave our phone number. 360-385-2860 or fax info to 360-385-0573
08/20/2006  My ex-husband was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and has no health plan. He was admitted to the hospital and after 1 week he was released. The reason he was admitted was his sugar level was around 500. Since his diabetes was out of control they admitted him to find that he had several boils all over his body from an infection that was resting just above his heart. After extensive amounts of antibiotics and insulin they released him for home care. It has been 4 weeks since he was released. He has lost around 40 pounds and all of his muscle mass is gone, he has no feeling in his left foot, is in constant pain to the point where he can barely walk and will shake and cry from the pain. One week ago he went back to the emergency room again becasue the pain was so bad. They gave him a perscription for pain killers and released him. He is no better off today. My childern are 18 and 20 years old and are trying to care for their father. I do not know where to go or what to do to make this better for him and our children. He does not have a primary care physision and since he has been out of work for so long his finances are limited. The state did pick up the tab for his insulin and antibiotics but I am not happy with the health care he has been given. Where can I go and who can I talk to for advice? I would appreciate any information you can give me.
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08/22/2006  i live in western tennessee moved here from pa.i cannot get my little girl covered for her diabetic supplies or medical costs we cant afford it but tn. says i make to much money les than pa.HELP!!!!
11/02/2007  I thought the following would be most appropriately directed to the Advocacy and Donation aspects of the ADA, because this seems most relevant to those missions. I am writing to express my disappointment in statements made by the Chief Medical and Scientific Officer of the American Diabetes Association at a recent conference on diabetes and technology. Because of these comments, I will no longer contribute financially to the ADA, and I will encourage those I know to switch their support to other diabetes associations. Specifically, I am disappointed in Dr. Richard Kahn's disparagement of insulin pump technology and intensive glucose monitoring. Ignoring the real and profound benefits of tight glycemic control, as evidenced by the DCCC and UKPDS trials, Dr. Kahn stated that there is no evidence that more frequent blood glucose monitoring can improve the health and quality of life of diabetic patients and expressed his concern about spending "taxpayer money" on more frequent testing. I did not realize that the ADA had changed its focus from being an advocate for the lives and health of diabetic patients to being a tax watchdog. Dr. Kahn also dismissed the idea that insulin pumps can improve glycemic control and quality of life. I am an insulin dependent, type I diabetic patient. I have had diabetes since June 1985, when I was five years old. I am not a scientist, so I cannot speak to Dr. Kahn's scientific points, though I would encourage him to re-examine the trials mentioned above and their findings on how glycemic control can reduce the complications of this illness. When I was a teenager, I took my blood sugar Dr. Kahn's recommended 3 times per day. Testing 3 times a day would, on average, allow a person to test every 5 ? hours. Blood sugar can change quite rapidly sometimes in as little as 20 minutes. Insulin dosage is something that many patients need to adjust throughout their lives. In order to appropriately change insulin dosages to respond to patient needs, patients and doctors need information about the body's reaction to food, exercise and other factors. 3 tests per day cannot provide that kind of information. When I tested 3 times per day, my HbA1C was quite high once as high as 14. In his capacity as a taxpayer advocate, Dr. Kahn may be unaware of the import of that number, but the ADA's own website should inform him that this number indicates a severe lack of glycemic control likely to result in complications such as blindness, nerve and circulatory damage, kidney damage, cardiac complications, or coma. I now test 6-10 times per day. My HbA1C has ranged in the past year from 5.4-6.0. I use my test results to appropriately adjust my insulin to the types of foods I eat, the time of day, and my activity level, among other things. Testing before and after I eat gives me valuable information about food absorption. Testing before and after exercise gives me information about how my body responds to exercise and, when exercising differently from usual, can prevent severe low blood sugar reactions. Testing when I wake up gives me information about my nighttime blood sugars and helps me control those better. Testing before bed is essential to ward off nighttime lows that could endanger my life. I would be very interested to know which 3-7 tests Dr. Kahn thinks it unnecessary for me to do and what information he thinks I should stop responding to. In taking a look at my recent blood sugar logs for the past week, I see that on average I tested 7 times a day. On average, 5 of those times required a response an adjustment to my insulin, consumption of food, or a reduction in my basal rate. Dr. Kahn apparently would prefer that I allowed myself to get low or high at those times because there is no evidence that justifies my having that information. If Dr. Kahn truly believes that diabetics need to limit themselves to 3 tests a day, the ADA must revise its HbA1C guidelines in contravention of medical evidence. I take insulin through a pump. While I concede that a pump may not produce significant improvement in patients who are not motivated to test their blood sugar frequently (which is presumably why Dr. Kahn dismisses the pump he believes no one should test their blood sugar frequently), it has produced stunning results in my case, dropping my HbA1C from 7.1 slightly over the ADA's own recommended level to the range I mentioned above well below it. But more than the numbers show, I am a healthier and happier person. Achieving 7.1 without the pump took 10 tests per day, shots before and after meals, and never sleeping through the night so I could take a shot to cover my 3am blood sugar rise. I also experienced frequent and dangerous low blood sugars because I could not control my insulin rates finely enough with multiple daily injections for the type of control I desired to achieve. My blood sugars dropped below 30 several times during this period. Now I can sleep through the night. I rarely experience a low blood sugar. I can go to the gym when I have time and energy, rather than when my disease mandates. And when I want to share a slice of pizza with my husband, my decision is whether I want olives or green peppers on it not whether it's worth testing 2 and 3 hours after I eat and taking one or two shots to cover the slower absorption. I am not a religious person, so I do not thank God for my insulin pump. But I do thank the scientists, researchers and clinical trial participants who made it possible. I thank my insurance company. The pump has not only protected my life and health, it has improved the quality of both of those things. I hope that my experience is illustrative of the diabetic community's strong disapproval of Dr. Kahn's comments. I hope that the ADA will consider its mission and goal and whether such comments are truly in keeping with it. And I hope that one day I will be able to support the ADA again. Sincerely, Mary Nir
08/24/2006  I have a question regarding my 23 year old son. He is unable to find permanent employment with health care. He is uninsured and on an insulin pump. He currently works as a temp for $8. He recently took an employment physical for a new job at $10 w/ ben., but an Occupational Health Clinic Dr. "passed" him with restrictions of no lifting or climbing (after seeing him 10 minutes) and told him he was a Brittle Diabetic, even though he is in good health and his last H1C was 8.0. He's never had an issue in any other job of the same type. We need advice on how to get a job without his Diabetes becoming an issue. Thank you!
02/15/2007  I am an RN CDE assisting a Medicare Patient with limited income in his diabetes management. He has severe hypoglycemia unawareness which has resulted in multiple trips to the ER, seizure activity, and even some mental/cognitive changes. I wrote Medicare in attempt to gain him coverage for the DexCom CGMS device which has been a life-saver in that it alerts him to rapidly dropping blood sugar. He has been "borrowing" our office CGMS due to unable to afford his own. Anyway, I have not heard back from Medicare and I am wondering if there are other options to consider. I'm not sure if it is out of my bounds as an RN CDE to contact government officials on this patient's behalf. Any advice is welcome!
07/21/2007  My problem with your website is that it is never clear how to send messages. In this case I tired to send my own message to Paul Ryan and could not figure out how to do it using your instructions. Also the message you have typed out "to tell a friend" is not constructed properly. The sentence begins, I just took asked ??????
02/18/2008  I applied for call to congress, when will I know if I was selected? and are there any special hotel rates?
08/29/2006  this is a wonderful website. when i found out that my boyfreind has type 1 i started to do alot of research. i have learned alot and now would like to help out. although i am not seeing him anymore, i want to help fight for him.
08/29/2006  Where do I find local advocates?
03/03/2008  Hello, I have never been an Advocat before, but I would like to help others in anyway that I can. Please, let me know as an Advocat what more I can do. I am limit finicially and I can only travel local. Regards, Lisa Borg
08/30/2006  We are looking at a 504 for my son who is a sophmore in high school. We want his teachers each year to know of his disease and what to do in case he needs help. We requested a meeting with the school counselor and whomever would be involved in this process. Unfortunately there was a death in the family and I had to leave town the day before the scheduled meeting. I learned later that the meeting happened any way and my son was told that they( the staff, principal, counselor and district psychologist) had decided that he would be fine without the 504 if he would just take care of his disease there should not be any problem ( his endocronologist feels he is doing fine). It appeared to me that they had decided if my son took care of his disease he would not need a 504. This was not the intent of our requesting the 504. It is his right and I wanted to also make sure this was in his records going off to college whereby we may be able to have some advocacy when away at college, if necessary. I want to know beside reminding the school of my son's right to a 504 where do i look for further advocacy? We were also told to look at Advocacy 88? I am afraid i did not understand this. If you can point us in the right direction I would appreciate the help.
09/05/2006  i need to know where i can fill out a complaint form online.i think my wife was discriminated against.thank you
09/10/2006  I have been looking for details of Health Insurance available to a relative with Diabetes who lives in CA I found nothing of help Is there any Community rated insurance available there?
09/11/2006  My daughter is diabetic since the age of 5 yrs old. She is now 27 and can get insurance thru work, although they have a pre-exisiting condition clause. Is there anyway to get around it, since 7 months before she was working for another co. and had insurance for over 5 yrs. Thanks.
09/11/2006  Is information available on an organization named ushealthcareplans.or a plan called design savers plan, based in florida but headquartered in colorado. Is this a regulated organization?, if so is there a phone number that I can check with the state insurance regulator. thanks. john ostien
09/17/2007  I have a question. I am a supervisor @ a nursing home, my daughter who is now 7 was dx with type 1 and still having problems controlling her,last year around this time, d/t some issues @ work they are telling me that I need to change my hours work, from 5-2:30 to a later schedule of 8-4:30, I really have no one to leave her with that can take care of her on a daily bases, are they aloud to make me change my schedule to work later. My parents take her to school & then I pick her up, which has been working for over a year now. but with the new schedule my parents would have to take her to school & then pick her up. My parents are several doctors that they see on regular bases which they might be able to pick her up.
09/13/2006  HI I'm trying to find out where do i get 504 plan from.
09/13/2006  I am an HOSA chapter member who would like information on how to obtain free pamplets on diabetes for public awareness
09/18/2006  can you provide more info about the case in litigation with state of california and ADA? What legislation is currently in place in calilfornia that helps students. I am not aware of anything.
09/21/2006  my name is ernest wright how can i get help on my disability case for ssi ssd
09/20/2006  i just want to know if u have any advocacy groups
09/20/2006  Hi, I'd like to inform you on a recent problem here in Pennsylvania... Over one year ago the Access Card for all on Medicaid decided to deny Humalog insulin and recently has denied Novolog. Thus there is no short acting insulin available to type 1 diabetics on Medicaid without a prior authorization.. To get a prior authorization is very time consuming and a person does not always get it... There is a BIG problem here....
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09/21/2006  Yes, I am actually emailing for a friend. His name is Brian Jordan and he is a 27 diabetic and his been a insulin dependant juveinile diabetic since he was 7. He was dropped from Tenncare when they did all the dropping, he has diabetic neuropathy and his eyesight is very poor. He is on an insulin pump, but unfotunately he is down to his last maybe month of supplies. He became unemployied about 2 months ago and went to sign up for Tenncare again and they told him NO. He has got over 12,000 just this month in Doctor bills and I can not find him help anywhere. Can you please help me? The last thing in the world that I want to do is to lose my best friend! Please any suggestions, his gluagon kit is over $100. He only gets $160 a week from unemployment. Seriously scared, Patrice Chisolm
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09/26/2006  i need help,,,i have checked every site i can about diabetes trying to find something about what happens to a diabetic when they have surgery,,recently (aug 11) i had an emergency appndectomy,,,a week later i was back in the hospital with an infection,,its now September 26th and i am still building infections and my incision site has not yet closed,,i want to understand this but can find nothing on diabeticas and infection except the ulcers on the legs and feet where can i find better info,,i have to understand and my dr while she seems to care hasnt helped me end this,,,i cant take much more and i need information,,,NOW
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11/13/2006  Could you tell me what being a Diabetes Advocate means? I just raised some money for the ADA in the Nov. 4 walk in DC, and I'm very excited about getting more involved in Advocacy. I talked to an ADA rep for Advocacy there at the walk, so I think that's how I got on her email list, and I just got an email inviting me to invite my friends and family to "become Diabetes Advocates." I have over 130 close friends and family that I will ask to join when I send out my Christmas cards, but I need to know details about what it involves. When a person becomes a Diabetes Advocate, do they make a monitary donation? Does their name go on a list of people that simply support pro-diabetes legislation in spirit? Do they get emails and/or paper mailings? I can do a lot to support this effort, but I need to know what I'm asking my family and friends to do. Many thanks, Lara Coutinho
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09/28/2006  I am really angry. My husband lost his job a couple month ago and his cobra insurance is suspended. I have been turned down for short term health insurance because of a preexist condition of insulin resistance. My own doctors feel that I am not diabetic and refuse to provide me access to diabetic health education and meters while I was insured. Now that I am uninisured I am being denied insurance. Which way is it? Am I a diabetic or not. And if I am not why can't I get insurance. Thank you, RachelGriswold 610*-866-4343
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09/29/2006  The healthcare provider that I am employed with would like to help start up a ADA Chapter in the state of Mississippi. Please let me know what the steps are that we need to proceed with this. Thank you, Lynnie Walker
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10/03/2006  I work for the federal government and have filed an eeo against my agency the faa for discrimination of my diabetices. I feel as if I need some legal questions answered as they are now after filing the eeo several months ago and going formal are comfronting me with dot order 1101.1 and us dot order 1400.12. This seems a little late in my book when they denied my request for some reasonable accomondations for my insulin and supplies and actually made it harder for me to have access. Can you suggest anything for me. Thanks, Jo Ann PS This is my second eeo against the agency for the same thing. Diabetices, first trying to keep me out of the technical field and now making it hard for me to access my meds, since my dosages have increased.
10/04/2006  Dear Sir or Mafdam. I am the Owner of a time-share-rent for a flat in a 5 Star hotel facility on Gran Canaria. A buyer got in contact with me to buy my shares for the American Diabetes Association. He told me, that ADA is planning to build a new Congress Center because of the salubrious climate on Gran Canaria. The Offer was signed by John Richard Moore. I want to make sure now if you heard of the plans from ADA, or could it be, that they want to cheat me. Please answer as quick as possible. Yours sincerly Volker Irle
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10/06/2006  A friend of mine's ex-wife is fighting for full custody of their two boys...and her basis is the fact that he has type1 diabetes (since 10years old)..he is now 38 years old..and an amazing father!..the Friend of the Court "mediator" has asked for his diabetic history and his "current status"..a note from his physician has been requested. Is this legal? this discrimination due to his disability?..he has an attorney..but she is not back in her office until Monday..and he is very distraught..Any suggestions?..thank you, Stacy Acker RN
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01/04/2007  Is some Diabetes caused by an infection?
10/07/2006  I have a question...I hope I'm asking it in the right place. I am a former nursing student. I was recently asked to leave my nursing program, against my wishes. They said that my testing my blood sugar in public (in front of students and professors) and having my insulin pump tubing showing is "attention seeking behaviors". Can they say this to me? Do I have any rights against this kind of statement/treatment? Thanks for your advice, Jenny Sandy
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10/07/2006  Dear friends! I don't have any problems with the Web site, but I do have a question about my legal rights. If you cannot answer the question, please, forward my e-mail to someone who can help me with an advice. I am 55 with diabetes, unemployed. It is very difficult to find a job. Once I had a job and hide the fact that I am a diabetic, and later was in trouble. Now, if I tell to the employer that I am a diabetic, nobody would hire me dispite the fact that I can do any job even better than a non-diabetic. As time goes by, it seems that my husband wants a life without me. He cryes at me without any reasons and every time I ask for money for medicines, he cries that I have to go to job. What happens that my situation becomes worse. When I was working, I did a very good job and felt very good.The problem was that during the breaks I did not sit with the team, but had to hide to take blood tests. They became suspicious and I went through troubles. I want to know what are my legal rights. I think that I can order a protectional order from the court that he stop crying and I can file for a separate maintenance. Or, maybe, you know were I can run away? I would like to run away as soon as possible,but would it be a right choice? And the worse, because he wants to start a new life, he does not want to support me, he spreads lies about me, about our past life. I don't know how to stop this, to go to the court? Any legal advice will be appreciated. Thank you in advance Please e-mail me an answer:
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10/12/2006  I just have questions of where to go for some medical assistance. I dont know if I have reached the right organization. I am 37 years old and have been insulin dependant diabetic for 30 years. I have no insurance and am pregnant. At this piont my husband and I are deed broke with the medical bills growing quickly. So far the baby is 100% fine. I am wondering where to go for prescription assistance and other help for our rising medical bills. Please guide me in the right direction thank you Alex
10/12/2006  As a Type I diabetic of 16 years and a physician assistant, I am quite frustrated at the lack of national awareness towards diabetes. I have made it my personal mission to increase this level of awareness to the level the breast cancer awareness groups have done. I am confused by the multiple colors and ribbons that signify diabetes. Blue bracelets, grey ribbons, red advocacy shirts/merchandise. I believe we need to first unify these discrepencies so we can move forward with a powerful awareness campaign. I would appreciate a response on how to complete this and why the multiple colors for diabetes. Thank you for your time.
10/12/2006  I am a 52 year old , white female Type 1 diabetic. I teach special education and have taught for 20 years. This year I have had to take a 12 week family medical leave act, due to my doctor having to regulate 2 kinds of insulin on me. Our assistant Principal has given me a punitive duty schedule from 7:00 AM until the last child is called for in the PM could be 5:00 or 6:00 PM, no other teacher has to be at school until 7:20 or 7:30 AM and are allowed to leave at 3:05PM..She has discriminated against me I do not know why....I go back to work in about 4 weeks from my leave ,how do I approach this situation? Or, should I retire and draw significantly less than I now make? Please advise me as soon as possible. Thank you , Debbie Lene
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10/14/2006  my name is bill tyler i am a diabetic.i've had diabetes for over 24 i went to two diffent drus stores both refuse to sell me insulin tonight i had to use a used needle and in the morning will have to use it far as i know the state of alabama has no law that i have to have to be prescribed to get insulin i being unfairly theated.please respond 251-675-9202 thanks bill tyler
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10/15/2006  I need help receiving diabetes supplies for my daughter.
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10/17/2006  Hello...I was wondering ,Breast cancer has a pink ribbon as there logo, What is your logo for Diabetes and how can I puchase it?
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10/17/2006  I had a very bad experience in a resrutant. My levels were around 50 and the server refused to serve me any food. Is there a way to inform the resturant on how to respond to this and other problems when people ane in distress because of there illness. Please call me 504 220 6680. I personal fell this resturant should be fined for not assisting the person at a time of a serious medical complication. J Andrews
11/09/2007  Hello my name is Sandra Perez and I have diabetes, I also work for a place called the vehicle donation center located in monrovia ca.We repersent non profits nation wide.We take in donated cars and then the cars are taken to a local auction and then auctioned off.We have been reciving calls for people that would like to donate to a place that can help people with diabetes.We curently do not represent any non profit that works with diabetes.The owners name is John learned and you may reach him at 1800)553-3018 If you would like to find out more about our company. Thank You Sandra Perez
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10/23/2006  What is the standard waiting period to see if blood glucose levels are stable. I had 2 episodes in May 06 of low blood sugar and 1 in Aug., the company doctor has me on 6 months of resricted duty. I can not do my job as an electrician or drive any vechiles in the plant, however I can drive approximately 70 miles round trip each day to get here. Since the middle of Aug. my blood sugars have been excellent. I have gone on the insulin pump and they are great.
10/23/2006  I am a second year med student at Cornell Medical School. This last summer I was in Guatemala, and while there, I observed in a government run diabetes clinic. This sparked my interest in diabetes care, and I want to put together some sort of event for world diabetes day on November 14 at Cornell. Since this year's theme is 'Diabetes Care for Everyone', I want to focus on the diabetes epidemic in new york city; perhaps along the lines of the new york times article series last year. I was wondering if the advocacy division of the ADA knew of someone in NYC who could speak on the diabetes epidemic from an activist or political perspective. I would also like to combine the lecture with some sort of political action (letter writing, lobbying) so that it would be more than just a talk. Thank you in advance for any thoughts you may have on this proposed event. Best, Ian
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10/30/2006  Hello, I've had type 1 diabetes for 45 years. I take no meds or go to the doctors office. my last exam for work posted a 20/15 for vision, cast iron organs and healthy as an ox I look forward to another 45 years of wonderful life and no I do not have a problem with your web site as of yet. So my question is easy, give me a name of a doctor or hostipal that treats me without drugs
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11/01/2006  My mom has diabetes and my dad died recently. The question I have is, is there anywhere that will help her with bills medical and otherwise the insurance companies aren't wanting to pay for anything since he died and she can't even go to the doctor because of it. Also her roof is leaking and there are a few other problems that she needs help with. I live in Ohio she lives in Indiana I help out all I can but I just don't know much about dealing with insurance companies or how to get her help with anything. Any information you could give would be VERY Greatly appreciated. Thank You for your time Trinity Goodman
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11/04/2006  i am sure my son and i are diabetic. where can we go to find out for free? we have no insurance, husband on disability i work part time but have no coverage.ineligible for medicaid. my vision has become blurred in the past few days, mouth dry and heels hurting. i understand these are some of the symptoms but have no idea where i can receive a blood test to find out for sure, nor how to pay for medication if we are. more concerned about my 12 yr old son. nurse says he has signs of diabetes. my assumption is type 1, but once again have no means of finding out. could use some help on this immediately, please. phone number is 972-635-5527. thanks, marcia abernathy
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08/29/2007  I have a question on Call On Congress. If I tell my story, this means, whomever goes to DC, will tell all of our stories, and I don't have to be there, correct? Thank you for your time.
11/04/2006  Hello: I am diabetic, since the age of 1 1/2 years old and am now 27. I have attendended concerts in the meantime, one of which I didn't know would ever come true...seeing U2 live. A question I did have was, do you ever depending on state to state, have a person be the face of the ADA? Especially someone with a story such as mine? Mine was the youngest any one has ever heard of and I am thinking if many young people hear about it, they might think that there is more they can do in life and not just site and be bored. I mean with so many cases being in the world and people not knowing, it might be good for a face of youth to be part of the ADA and I was going to be a part of it back in Colorado but had to move at the time. Right now this is not the case, and I would love to help with this. Maybe more people would see that they can live with it. Just a thought.... Thanks for your time. Jess P.S. I'm a part of the ONE Campaign, DATA, Product (RED), etc. and I love doing community work so that's why I don't mind letting people know there is more to life than just sitting in a room watching tv.! :)
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11/04/2006  Is the association doing anything to reintroduce animal based insulins for the millions of diabetics who can't use human based insulin? My boyfriend has had many cases of a sudden drop in blood sugar, with no symptoms of hypocglycemia. He is currently importing insulin from the UK and although it is very expensive, he has not been to the emergency room in quite some time. Thanks, Rebecca
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11/14/2006  How should I proceed in helping to get funded programs for insurance coverage for the many diabetics out there with no insurance? Many are between the ages of 19 and 64, and most have no insurance due to the high monthly premium rates. I do know that some states currently have funded programs that these high risk uninsured people, (not just with diabetes, but other long term diseases as well) are able to possibly get insurance through at a much lower cost per month to help with the doctor bills and prescriptions. We all know that if a long term disease such as diabetes is well managed, there are much fewer complications later in life for a diabetic due to the high quality of care they received as early as possible upon being diagnosed with the disease. Please send me information as to who to talk to so that we can start taking care of the insurance problems for long term disease care. Thank you! Sincerely, Sandie Hoke
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11/07/2006  I am looking for more information in regards to my child entering the public school system and what his legal rights are in the State of Pennsylvania for type 1 diabetes care and management. I can find plenty of information on his federal rights, but no specific information on the state laws, or the laws in the Sate College School System ( I want to make sure the school is required to administer insulin when needed and wether or not a full time nurse or classroom aide is required if I request it. There will also be 3 other type 1 diabetic children entering the same school,and in the same grade he will be entering if that makes a difference. Thank you.
11/07/2006  I need help. I am a Viet-Nam era Diabled vet with type II diabetes and am being discriminated against due to my disability. I am a Postal supervisor in Ft.Lauderdale,Fl. and am being told that there is no work avilable for me due to limitations from my disability. The Postal Service will not respond to me in writing as they are obligated to as per the Rehabilitation Act and the Reasonable Accommodations Act. Do I have to pursue this through litigation or can I recieve some form of intervention from the American Diabetes Association. Ihave 30 years of Federal Service and am being forced to use all of my personal leave and sick leave in hope that I would feel a financial crunch and apply for disability retirement. Ihave been out of work since 07/31/06. I find this kind of ironic being that my plant manager tells me to give him a week or so on 10/13/06 being that October was National Americans With Disabilities month and November being National Diabetes month as well as Veterans Day! I would appreciate any assistance or intervention. Callme @ (904) 233- 7114. Thank you.
07/01/2007  Hello. My name is Lorena and I have a 5 year old daughter who is Type 1. My family recently attended the JDRF diabetes Expo in Rye, NY and learned more about the cost of insulin pumps. I was shocked and worried. We have a DME cap of $1250.00. Half of that has been used toward strips, syringes, etc. I am not asking for handouts, but a little help. We might qualify for state programs once we exhaust the cap,but there is no guarantee. Thank you for your time..
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11/08/2006  I represent a diabetic truck driver (Mr. Jeffrey Mather) who was fired immediately upon his employer learning that he has diabetes. Since being terminated, he has received a federal exemption from the DOT which permits him to drive interstate trucks again, and he is already back on the road with another comopany as an interstate, commercial truck driver. I have just received his right-to-sue notice from EEOC and I will soon file complaint in US District Court for Southern Maryland. Accoridngly, I read an article about the assitance the ADA provided to attorney John Griffin, and I wanted to inquire as to whether or not the ADA would consider acting in an amicus curiae capacity in the suit.
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01/19/2007  Practitioners and Providers in the Austin area are interested in developing a local coalition initiated by the Seton Network. My school district is within this group. I have volunteered to look at diabetes coalition frameworks to make sure that we start in allignment with the greater organizations supporting diabetes, and that we do not compete with previously existing organizations or coalitions in the Austin area. I would appreciate anything that you may have to offer. Thank you!
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11/09/2006  My six year old was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes type 1 10-27-06,her school she goes to do not have a nurse and it is very hard on me and her dad,because I have to leave work and go check her sugar level every day at 10am and 1 pm while she's at school( Providence St. Mel),I was wondering if there was someone I could write to to see what i can do about getting a nurse,or some competent person to visit her schoolto assist these students with diabetes,because if she needs insuline she can't draw it up and inject herself,but until then I will continue to do it myself.i spoke to the principle,she said they never had a school nurse that the other students check there own level themselves,but what if they need to have insuline,that is my concern,my baby is only six.
11/09/2006  Dear Sir, My uncle has Diabetes. My family live in Bangkok, Thailand. I'd like to know that CINNAMON is helpful for reduce diabetes or not, and if it is helpful, how much my uncle should take daily? Any document support? Do you have any suggestion about meal? I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you and best regards, Walaitip B.A. email address:
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11/10/2006  My son is an inmate at the SCI-Marienville. He has been a type 1 diabetic since age 11. Recently he has been experiencing severe low blood suguars, some as low as 26. He has been written up (punished) by the guards for not standing up for the morning count. He has tried on numerous occasions to tell them that he is low or that he has just eaten something to bring his sugar up. He is now in the "hole" for 20 days. Yesterday, he was written up again because he could not get up for count. His blood sugar level was 40. I dont know what I can do to help him. This problem will not go away. He uses the insulin pump. He was never able to tell he was low, now he just cannot get up or hear the bell to wake him at 6. Please help we are at our wits end. He was even trying to stay up all night to avoid oversleeping.
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11/13/2006  I have a question about how to go about handling a discrimination issue. I need to register to take the ACT exam in order to be accepted into my program of study at college. The test I need to take is in two weeks. I am able to register for this particular test IF I don't disclose that I have a disability (Type I Diabetes). However, if I do select that I have a disability and require special accommodations I am directed to request a registration packet that is mailed and may take 7-10 days to arrive, which then has to be filled out and mailed back, adding an additional 7-10 days to the process. Of course, this process eliminates my ability to register for this test. I am upset that I am excluded from testing on this date ONLY because I have a disability, and for no other reason. What steps should I take to remedy this situation? Thank you, Darlene Bennett 678-316-0399
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11/14/2006  Dear Sirs, I am looking for advocacy support and am not sure this is the right place. Our son's pediatric endocrinologist directed us to use the pump. We "thought" we had met all criteria and proceeded. Anthem insurance, after pump therapy began, declared we hadn't had diabetes training. Long and short, they used this poor excuse as a loop hole to not pay for the pump. We are facing the $5000 bill. Can we get support to leverage Anthem to fulfill their responsibility? Michael H. Wallace
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11/15/2006  My son who has type 1 is an auto mechanic. He has an excellent resume. Because of his diabetes he cannot obtain a CDL license therefore he has gotten through several interviews, tests, but when it comes to the physical & the disclosure of his diabetes he is turned down. Is there any way he can obtain a CDL license on his own then apply for a job with one of these employers?
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11/16/2006  Hello, my Rx plan is discontinuing some of my meds, (cialis, leviatra, viagra...), being a diabetic (WITH E.D.) I need certain meds (at a low cost) to 'help' me in life. Please, find out and let me know why 'they' are discontinuing them. THANK YOU
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11/22/2006  I have no problems with the website. I am interested in finding out how I can access literature to give to people that I come in contact who have diabetes. I work as a home health nurse and I am not really able to access sufficient literature to the clients to which I serve.
06/26/2007  How can I get involved in getting donations or fundraising for diabetes research
11/29/2006  I have been employed at my current position for over ten years. I supervise 11 employees over two separate shifts.I inject insulin twice daily and take 10 or more oral medications. My supervisors gave me an option to demote my to a lower position that would drop my salary by 11,000 dollars with no other increases for the next ten years to retirement. Do I have any other recourse concerning my salary reduction? I can be reached at (313) 224-4652
12/01/2006  For two years I have been trying to get someone to present a program at our senior center about diabetes. We have several members with diabetes. I asked verbaly and was told to write a letter that went unresponded to. Would it be possible to have our local chapter do an educational program for our population?
12/01/2006  Good Morning, just the other day the dr. wrote a script for Byetta 5 mcg twice a day and we learned that because we are in the gap of Humana and EPIC the medicine would be 172.00 a month. This is unaffordable as we are still paying off 5 way heart bypass sugery so therefore medicine won't be purchased. This is very hard as a Christine and an US Citizine it is hard to believe we have to choose between medicine and other living costs. I did write MERCK for help, is there anything you can do or guidiances you can suggest? Thanks
12/05/2006  I have a question,but I don't know exactly where to direct it.... Is there any information on this web site about a diabetic patient's rights while hospitalized? I have been hearing horror stories (and have experienced some ridiculous things during previous hospitalizations) about how diabetics' insulin and blood sugars are managed during hospitalizations. I will be delivering my 2nd child soon, and I would like to know what my rights are when it comes to managing my insulin and blood sugar in the way my body is accustomed. Thanks for any help (links, references, etc.) you may be able to send me! Sincerely, Amy Ross
12/07/2006  Need info to get test strips onetouch type I diabetic for 25 yrs need help
12/12/2006  Are you aware of any protection for diabetics in the work place? My friend is a bus driver for the local school district and they told him if he has to take medication for diabeties he will be fired. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks Karyn Nelsen 928-468-6484
12/13/2006  I need help..I am a Diabetic without health insurance. I need to find out if there is any type of agency that might help me to get a doctors office visit for testing and prescriptions. I am working tmep and I make very little money and I am concerned about my desease. I need info on Pheonix, AZ and if there is a free clinic of some sort where I can be treated? Susan Bean 13214 N 19th Way Phoenix, AZ 85022 602-908-5549 Maybe you can point me in the right direction?
12/20/2006  I'm very interested in opening a diabetic resource/education/couseling center in Michigan. Can you send me information on how to get started and how to get accredited by the ADA and CDC.
12/21/2006  I'm trying to find some guidance on our son's 504 plan at our public school. We are meeting with some resistance from the school administration. They are wanting to punish him if he is found with his insulin pen on him. We disagree, but they are like a wall to talk too. Any help you can offer or who to contact that can help, please let us know. Thankyou, Rod Minter
12/26/2006  The NY Times had a brutally offensive article on diabetes today, where "outspoken advocate" Fran Carpentiere said that she would not hire a diabetes and it told employers of the huge cost of having a diabetic in the workforce. Please do something to balance this story. Thanks.
12/27/2006  A friend of mine as had a partial leg amputation due to Diabetes. I would like to fnd an organization to help him recieve a prostesis. He is on Social Security disability, but hs gotten the run around with them. He wants to go back to work,and could if he could get a prostesis. He doesn't have e-mail, and cannot afford to buy one on his own. Is there a place for him to turn to? He lives in Indiana. Thank you, Janice
12/28/2006  I was recently turned down for disability insurance from AFLAC because I am diabetic. Is this legal? Who can I talk to find out more about this problem?
12/29/2006  Sir!! PLEASE have someone call me regarding a question on the NEW shot to cure diabetes that has been discussed on tv!!!! Please let me know what you know about this and how to get this shot. It is supposed to cure diabetes??? Please call me at 407-380-7106 and cell number is 703-732-4836 or 4837; please do not fail to call me. thanks and God bless marilyn butler
12/29/2006  User Provided No Response
12/31/2006  I work for Kentucky Homeplace and I am the Family Health Care Advisor for Crittenden & Livingston Counties in Kentucky. We help people get their medications, eye glasses, hearing aids, diabetic supplies and anything else they may need. I was wanting to check and see if you all new were I may get free Diabetic Testers to give out to my diabetic clients and if you new of where I could get diabetic supplies for them also. Thank You, Cynthia Phillips 270-928-3321
01/01/2007  Hi, I was trying to take the short survey as to how I heard about this Advocacy but I found it by visiting your website and just looking around. There is no "other" or "internet" place to check. I could not complete the survey but wanted to let you know. Thank you, Paulette
01/03/2007  I am diabetic and my Health Insurance plan make me paid a Deductable at the begining of the Year and $30.00 a month for avandia . Is there a more affordable way to purchase avandia ?? Is mail order more affordable ??? IF so , Can you send me some information . Rennie Bernacet
01/04/2007  I have a patient who is VERY concerned about the DOT guideline regarding insulin use and trans- state transportation. He is on FOUR medications to try to control his glucose values -- currently in the mid 170s. He possibly need Lantus to assist with reducing the numbers - but is relunctant due to being a truck driver with a CDL license.. Is there any action in this area? Joan Bahr RD CDE Thank you....
01/09/2007  My 9 year old Grandson has Type 1 diabetes and he is living in England with his English Step Father and American Mother (my daughter). My daugther wants to come home to the US but is not sure how friendly or (helpful) the US is to children with Diabetes. Her questions start with - Could a potential employeer refuse her insurance because of her sons diabetes? Is there any kind of disability money from the government that he would be eligible for. (In England they have free medical and monthly money for disabilities.) Are any of the insulin, etc supplies free to a child with Type 1 diabetes? I wanted to call someone and ask these questions, is that possible? Carol Rose (951)-769-0135 my phone number.
01/11/2007  I have a question about my daughter who is nine years old and insuln dependant. I need advice on how to deal with discrimination at her school. The school will not accept major details from the 504 plan we would like to have in effect for "Mollys" safety. Thank You
01/12/2007  I have a nephew with diabetes and the school is refusing to have an onsite nurse and he is only in kindergarten! Please tell who to contact to help fight the boards decision to not have a nurse at the school. Thanks. Stacey
01/24/2007  Would like to know more about what people who are uninsured can do to get proper medical treatment
01/17/2007  I have a daughter with juvenile diabetes at Maryville High School. They are makeing my daughter make up "time for time" after missing so much class. All absences are due her diabetes, or illnesses that impact her diabetes. I know under the American Diabetes guidelines for children in the school, she should not be "penalized/punished for her absences due to medical appointments or illness that impacts her diabetes." Can you give me advice to change this policy of making up time . She keeps up with her work and her grades even though she has been absent due to illness.
01/18/2007  Is there any financal help. We have a 1200.00 co-pay We can't afford
01/19/2007  Recently, I filled my son's perscriptions for test strips, insulin, glucogon, and keto strips. I was shocked when I went to the check out and the prices rang up over twice as much as they were last month. The pharmacist told me to check with my insurance. After talking to the insurance company, I was informed that the "formulary" had changed. I assumed that that meant that all co-pays had increased as of the beginning of the year. I had my husband's employer who provides the insurance look into it. I was then told that no co-pays had increased, ONLY THE CO-PAY FOR DIABETES SUPPLIES had increased. The co-pay for test strips doubled, and the co-pay for insulin tripled! Can they legally do this? They are singling out one type of patient and making them pay more. I could understand, perhaps, if the cost of the items had increased. But the truth is, that the cost of the test strips hasn't changed in over a year. The insulin has slowly increased. But why all of a sudden increase my out of pocket two to three times what it was? Can they legally do this to just one patient group?
01/21/2007  To whom it may concern: I am writing to you from Toronto Ontario Canada to let you know about the boyhood home of Sir Frederick Banting (co-discoverer of insulin). The 100 acre property as well as farm buildings and Homestead has been bought by developers. Sir Frederick Banting lived in a small town called Alliston. The Ontario Historical Society (OHS) sold the property and the descendants and supporters are trying to save it. If you can provide any assistance, we would appreciate it. Thank you! Linda
01/23/2007  I currently have insurance through my employer. I have been wearing an insulin pump for several years now, when the pump shut down because of an inspection due, the medical company kept it saying the warrenty had expired and they could not be responsible for the equipment I purchached any longer. I then tried to get a new pump. My insurance will only cover half the cost and at that they have a $2000 a year cap on equipment charges. I can't afford the other $3000 the new pump will cost. I am currently using my old backup pump untill it will be due for it's inspection and I lose that one. I spent a lot of time in the ICU unit before the pump and am not in a hurry to return there. What can I do? Is there anyone that can help?
01/23/2007  I'm not positive that you will be able to answer a question I have regarding diabetic coverage but I thought I'd give it a try. I'm an insulin dependent diabetic residing in NY. We were recently forced to make a change in our HMO. Currently we are insured by Empire Blue Cross of NY. When I went to the pharmacy to fill my prescfription for Insulin I was told that they wouldn't cover insulin. I was under the impression that as of 1993 according to a law passed in NYState all insulin should be covered by insurance providers. It has always been covered by our previous HMO's, even when we didn't have a prescription plan. Empire denied coverage citing that since we don't have prescription coverage they're not responsible for insulin. I'm concerned for other diabetics out there who may not be able to purchase insulin at $70 to $80 dollars a bottle. I would appreciate any information you could give me regarding this issue. Respectfully Catherine Hartung
01/24/2007  Your website is great! A new Interscholastic League rule (5-11-2) was put into effect this year. It says that during a 30-second time-out, no on-court entertainment should occur. That means no player is supposed to be given water. I have a problem with this rule because my 17 year old daughter has Type 1 Diabetes and often needs a drink of water if her BS is high or Gatorade if her BS is running low. With this rule, she has to be taken out of the game in order to get a drink. Doesn't seem right to limit what can be done in a time out situation especially when it effects a players health!
03/23/2007  This is not a question or comment but a plea for help. I am typeI, 41, handicapped and pregnant! We have an excellant insurande plan, thank goodness, that is until the mail order perscription plan had a glich which I thought to make you aware of. Medco Health pushes it's members to use the mail order perscription plan and lures it's members with better prices. It is almost as though you are being penalized for going to the local drug store. We received our first order in December, a very cold day in December I might add! Reorder time in March and I received my insulin at 7PM at night via UPS. In the midwest or Northern States that might not mean a thing but we live in Arizona. The package arrived baking HOT! The two gel packs were liquid and extrememly HOT. I called the customer service line and the woman I spoke to said that there is no shipment on the weekend, I told her I was pregnant and she said "I'm sorry, there is no shipment on the weekend but it will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday of next week. It was Friday, March 9. The following Wednesday rolled around, no package, I opened my final bottle of humalog(I am on the pump) on Friday the 16th at 4PM we finally received a package, It was NOT the Humalog but the Lantus! I was not even using the Lantus anymore and did not need it! The worse part was once again, the package arrived hot with only 1 gel pack inside. I called the customer service again and asked to speak to a supervisor. I felt as though I was speaking to a wall, deaf ears perhaps would have been more sympathetic to the situation! Angela, the rep, said that the only ship UPS and that it is ALWAYS 2day air and there have NOT been complaints in the past from Arizona, New Mexico or Texas. All of which they have clients who use insulin. She asked if I wanted to speak to the pharmacist there. I said yes and asked her to stay on the line that she may understand the importance of the situation. I was so very wrong! The pharmacist from Medco Health told me that I *should* be able to use the insulin, gave me the same line of malarky that the 'rep' gave me and continued to say, "there should be no problem with the insulin." I told her that the insulin arrived hot to the touch and I did not want to jeapordize my health and that of my baby with insulin that I felt was no longer usable. She then said "well if you really feel that it is that bad then don't use it, we will replace it." I said "NO, you don't understand! I am still waiting for my replacement on the Humalog and I no longer need the Lanus! Please! I need that Humalog!" She gave me a heavy sigh and said that the replacement was being processed, I should recieve it...NEXT WEEK! I was mortified! She then (the pharmacist) gave me the standard blow off line for Medco Health, "Is there anything more I can do for you?" and I said no. She dropped off of the call and I continued to ask Angela if there was anyway to guarentee the shipment for early am delivery to avoid the heat on the truck all day long. She said "NO. This is our standard for shipment and we do NOT make any exceptions! You don't understand. If you were to see how your pharmacy receives it's insulin the manufacture ships the same way we do. Is there anything more I can do for you?" I said no but did not leave it at that. I called Walgreens and the woman in pharmacy was shocked when I had said that Medco claims they receive thier insulin the same way, naturally, they do not. It is shipped from the main Walgreens supplier on a refrigerated truck. She added that other perishable items not at the supplier arrive early am via Fed Ex in a special thick stryofoam box with lots of gel packs in it. I called UPS to inguire about their policy. Apparently the lovely little bright red sticker that says "RUSH!! Perishable! Immediate delivery!" does not mean diddly to the driver. The sender specifies how an item is to be shipped and unless they stress 24 hour ship, with early 10AM delivery, it will NOT get there as I need it. Medco ships 2 day delivery, 7PM guarenteed deliver time on the 2nd day. One more UPS tid-bit to add. When my husband and I got married last August we had flowers shipped from California via UPS, on their web site it states that they are NOT respnsible for perishable items and that they are NOT a preferred perishibles carrier. This being the case, why does Medco ship insulin via UPS?? I called back Medco and spoke to Angela again. I told her of my conversations with both Walgreens and Medco. She then said "If you feel that we are not shipping this to your satisfaction I can send you the forms to appeal your case. Is there anything more I can do for you?" That infuriated me! I said no and she then said (word for word) "ok fine! good-bye" and hung up! I cried for an hour after that and naturally the BS was over 200! I called again Monday, March 19th and the rep said that the Humalog had been shipped "special" 24 hour delivery! FINALLY I thought, I made impact! Tuesday I received it at 2PM, hot. Why did this not surprise me. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor...AGAIN. I then got Ceretta. She , like Angela was not interested in my plight. The words life and death ment nothing to her. I was in a complete state and in tears, at that point my husband took the phone. He told her that this situation was unacceptable and that I needed my insulin. She said "I might be able to 24 hour another shipment. Perhaps your wife can do without for one day, would you like to speak to a pharmacist and verify that?" Yes, this is what she said. My husband was livid at that point and asked to speak to HER superior. She said that she is IT! There was NO ONE else we could speak to on this matter!! I was frightened and very worried. I had had an incident the Sunday prior where my site was not absorbing the insulin. In 3 hours I was up to 279! I knew from my past and from experience that without the insulin, in 8 hours I could be in the hospital with ketoacidosis! The odds for our unborn baby would not be good either. He tried to convey this to her. "I'm sorry sir that is the best I can do. Is there anything more I can do for you?" I had told him about the trick line and he then said " don't hang up on me!" She did not, she put him on hold and never answered again. The stress level in our home was over whelming! I was truly worried about myself and the baby. The next day , my husband called again. He spoke to a rep that seemed a little more sympathetic. He agreed to have Medco pay for a 30 day supply at our Walgreens. He also said it would be processed immediately and that our current perscription would be forwarded to them. We were so relieved! Unfortunately we got notification from Walgreens that our request to pick up the Humalog was denied by the insurance company. WE HAD ALREADY RECEIVED A 90 DAY SUPPLY VIA MAIL ORDER AND IT WAS TOO SOON FOR REFILL!! I cried for hours thinking I was soon going to have no insulin and no way of getting it other than paying the retail. Humalog being as pricy as it was would put us in a bind but we had no choice. When we did get this straightend out, the pharmacist at Walgreens keyed it in as a 23 day supply and magicly, it went through! 1 vial of insulin only! Despite a new perscription from my Dr's office that stated I needed 4 vials for a 30 day supply I was ALLOWED only 1 vial of insulin from Medco Health. We picked up the other 4 vials and paid the retail for them, 297.00. I am aggrevated and upset, frustrated and completely worn from this situation! What can we do?? Oh, the appeals forms? One week later and we still have not received them. Apparently it is 7 to 10 days do send and the appeals department has NO e-mail and NO phone number! The only way to contact them is via USPS! Go figure. I have insulin for a month or so... but what then? This can't be it? Are we going to pay the full retail for my insulin from now on because Medco insists that their way works? I am truly frightened that at one point we will experience problems with this. What can we do?? Thank You so much for reading my long note, I hope there is someone there who can help us or get this information to someone who can. There are others who use Medco. I know after speaking to my insulin pump teaching nurse, that this happens OFTEN! Someone uses the insulin from Medco and Apria, the next day, the BS are off the charts! It is a horrid situation, one that needs to be rectified. Three shipments of insulin thrown away and all because they did not want to spend an additional 10-15.00 dollars to ship them. Thank You again, Maryann Maltman
01/26/2007  I believe I have been dicriminated against on my job because of Diabetes, but can not get any attorney to defend me in the city of Sparks,Nv.or Reno,Nv.and the company I am fighting is the second largest Casino the world.Do you have any information that can help me find a attorney.
01/28/2007  I have a question. If we buy ticket travel through an airlines and can not get our boarding passes and we are concerned because our 15 yr old daughter is diabetic and is insulin dependent and we ask and are refused preboard status w/ a drs. note is that not discrimination from southwest airlines. Is Diabetes a part of the American w/ Disabilities Act? What if on a lonf flight she fell ill? Southwest refused us our right to get our boarding passes becuz of the package and refused preboarding we had to plea with other passangers to be able to sit with our daughter. That was wrong please advise. Thanks Carmen
01/28/2007  I have a question. If we buy ticket travel through an airlines and can not get our boarding passes and we are concerned because our 15 yr old daughter is diabetic and is insulin dependent and we ask and are refused preboard status w/ a drs. note is that not discrimination from southwest airlines. Is Diabetes a part of the American w/ Disabilities Act? What if on a lonf flight she fell ill? Southwest refused us our right to get our boarding passes becuz of the package and refused preboarding we had to plea with other passangers to be able to sit with our daughter. That was wrong please advise. Thanks Carmen
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01/29/2007  I am seeking information on Educational Advocacy for students with Diabetes who are on Pump therapy. Is there information out there on policies and procedures regarding what school personnel can and can not do?
01/29/2007  Please inform me of name and telephone number of your advocacy staff person. I have type I diabetes with loss of ability to sense hypoglycemia. Because my insurance carrier will not pay my claim for payments for Dexcom for continuous glucose monitoring, I need your staff to pressure Medicare.
02/08/2007  What is important about NOVEMBER 14 being selected as WDD ? I thought us Americans were the ones with the screwy junk diets.
01/31/2007  I need you help. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes while on Active Duty but they will not consider a Line of Duty because they say it is a hereditary disease. Now I have to prove that my family does not have Type 1 Diabetes and that I was not sick when I entered Active Duty,What else can I do? I'm at the end of the rope. Jesus Enriquez, MSGT USAFR
01/31/2007  I need you help. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes while on Active Duty but they will not consider a Line of Duty because they say it is a hereditary disease. Now I have to prove that my family does not have Type 1 Diabetes and that I was not sick when I entered Active Duty,What else can I do? I'm at the end of the rope. Jesus Enriquez, MSGT USAFR
01/31/2007  I am looking for help. Our daughter is falling behind in school we have asked for an IEP and the school will not budge. advise??
02/03/2007  Love the site, love the forum, great info, easy to use. Thank you! I am just starting out with my diabetic child's education and need to go somehwere for info on how to deal with Special ed committee. Any info on advocacy, legal help, or specific laws for diabetic child in schools. Any thing I research seems as though it's just a "guideline" for schools. My main issue is I want the district to have Diabetes educator come in to train the teachers etc. not the school nurse. The district is saying no. However, they have had diabetes educators come in to school previously for other diabetic children in past years. Don't they have to follow some "past practice" guidelines, in other what they've done in the past for others, is what my child is entitled to. Yikes, I went for a meeting and I felt as though it was 8 against 1!I am in a small suburb outside Albany, New york.
02/04/2007  I would like to ask a question about advocacy
02/05/2007  I have two suggestions to increase the number of people who have diabetes to know that they have this disease. Right now, I believe there are around 14 million people with diabetes that do not even know they have it. 1) One way, is to make sure doctors, and that includes Surgeons, to inform patients when their fasting blood glucose levels are above 129. My husband had a reading of 170 for a 12 hour fasting glucose level. Yet, the Surgeon failed to inform my husband that he was a diabetic or even tell him to make an appointment with his family doctor because his blood glucose level was above 129. So three years later, my husband took a blood test only to find his levels above 300. So for three years, my husband's glucose has been damaging his organs, his nervous system, his eyes, and permanantly destroying his beta cells. I believe his story is very familiar to many diabetics. We need to make sure, by letting heads of hospitals, tell their doctors in all physician meetings, to make sure they check blood test results - that includes blood tests taken just before surgery. 2) With Congress right now trying to pass a new drivers license, the government should also tie into the law, that blood test results for diabetes be taken with the drivers license, or once every four years. It could be the simple glucose test that only takes a quick prick on the finger without a person fasting ahead of time. Then, the drivers license bureau would suggest that the person see their doctor for more formal tests to determine if he or she is a diabetic.
02/05/2007  I am an attorney representing an individual with type 2 diabetes who was denied a job as a sanitation worker with the New York City Department of Sanitation because his glucose level was elevated when he was administered a medical examination. It was determined his diabetes was not under control. In the administrative process we submitted lab tests for three successive months showing his glucose level was well within normal limits as well as a note from his doctor stating that his diabetes was under control. Nonetheless, we lost in the administrative process and are now preparing to file in state court to challenge that determination. Are you aware of any cases in New York State that might be helpful? Also, if a person fails a test only once, does the burden shift to him to prove his diabetes in under control and, if so, how is that done other than producing lab tests and a statement from the person's doctor? Conversely, when the prospective employer is relying on one test given during a 15 year period in which the individaul had diabetes and states it has never impacted his ability to work, is there a burden on the prospective employer to show more than the one test it relies on?
02/05/2007  I want to become an advocate for thte casue. My dad had diabetes.He pass away last year in April. There are other relatives in my family who have diabetes. Can you please send me information on how to become an advocate/spokesperson. Thanks so much
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02/07/2007  My brother (type 1 diabetes) just received notice that his license is to be suspended until 4/07 because he had an accident when his sugar level was low. He drives all day for work as a sales person, so this will effectively put him out of work. He lives in NC. Is there someone he can contact to help him appeal this? HELP!
07/24/2007  please get the price of insulin down.when i first started taking insulin at age 12 i'm now 37 insulin was about 12.00 a bottle now it's 41.00 a bottle.please wife is filing for disablity.and i can't afford my insulin i need help please help.bill tyler
02/13/2007  My grandaughter has had diabetes since she was seven years old and is now 11 years old. She has contacted mononucleosis and is very sick. Of course, this will affect her BS's. The hospital here in Cabarrus County, NC sent her home last week and we found out the diagnosis several days later. She was, however, allowed to return to school. She went to school yesterday, 2/12/07, but needed to be picked up due to a severe headache. Now, she was vomiting again this am and her physician has admitted her back into the hospital with dehydration and high blood sugars. I would like to know why they would even send her home and allow her to return to school? It seems she would be infectious to other students and faculty. I am not surprised she is back in the hospital. It is very hard to control her diabetes when she is sick at home. We try very hard to prevent the dehydration, but I would like to have a doctor's orders to get her started on IV's at home. I am a registered nurse, although I am working in a micro lab at the time. I can start IV's and take care of her at home. Do you think this advisable? Also, do you think she should spend more time in the hospital due to this serious situation. Her liver is inflammed from it and her backaches and headaches along with the vomiting are a real problem. Please advise!
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02/19/2007  I am a public school teacher with diabetes. My classroom is a modular building outside the main campus. Because of that, I have to go long stretches (3+ hours) without access to a restroom. I've spoken with my building principal. I get a nod and sympathy, but no action. I cannot simply leave my class of 8th graders unattended. Do I have any rights in this matter?
02/20/2007  My sibling is in a correctional institution and not being treated well. Prison staff not checking his sugar on a regular basis not allowing him to see a doctor. No proper food being giving. Sugar lows on a daily basis.
02/22/2007  I need help for my daughter with diabetes, she struggle with it. I'm not getting in help. please email me or call me at 551-689-0436
02/23/2007  Where to go and steps to take- When having problems with your childs school. My son has type 1. Has missed a lot of school and has had problems with other students. They refuse to work with me or try to understand about my child's condition with high blood sugars. They want me to send him across town on a public bus with out supervison to wait around 1 to 2 hrs. by himself. I refuse to sign the papers and they will not allow him back in school until he serves for 5 days. What should I do? Where do I go for help?
02/23/2007  my mother is in the hospital. she is a diabetic, she had been taking the oral medication medforminen and recently she had actos added to her regimine. today is friday, on on last sunday she began the new medication, by wed. she was in the emergency room with an undetectable sugar level. on thursday she was taken back to the emergency room unconcious and with a low blood sugar. my question is could this be caused by a change in the medication? and also do you have a doctor that is in our area that specializes in diabetics and takes medical (state provided insurance). Thank you
02/27/2007  I wanted to know where my friend can get a donated lantus inslin pump? He lives in Minniapolus MN. Zip is 55413 If you could let me know, I can tell him. He siad they cost around 10grand. I met him in a Cystic fibrosis support group. (my 2 yr old son has cf) and this man has Cf as well. If you don't know for sure, would yo uplease refer me to someone who might know? Would any of the hospitals near him have a program if you don't? thanks for your time and kindess.
03/06/2007  Hello ADA,My name is Edwin Rivera and I've had diabetes since the age of 14.I am now close to hitting the age of 55 and after so many years of injecting myself it has just gotton me so tired.I am under a doctors care in which I had seen on 3-6-07.I've tried my best to keep my blood level as normal as I can but it's a very frustrating thing to do to balance your meal your activity and your insulin to work together.The doctor then mention the insulin pump he gave me information to read on how the insulin pump works.I had my sister call to just find out the price of this insulin pump if in case someone would wished to have one.I could not believe how much it would cost for someone who might wish to have one who has no insurance.I have Blue Cross Blue Sheild and and spoke to one of the representives to find out how much out of pocket money I will have to pay it will still be draining on me,what gets me so upset and angry is that for someone like me and others who have had diabetes for so long cannot be given the insulin pump since the Medical Association is so concern about people lives and health,so I hope and would appreciate if you maybe able to give me a avenue that I maybe able to have a insulin pump if thier is no way to just be given one for I am not a rich man just like so many others who just wished they could have an insulin pumped,but you know and I know that their main interest is just making money and not truly caring about a person health otherwise they would have made the insulin pump affordable or simply free of charge.I will appreciate your help on this matter or whatever help. Thank You Edwin Rivera
12/17/2007  I'd like to know if there is a way we can raise awareness to the insurance companies about the coverage by insurance for a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System? My husband is a severely brittle diabetic and his doctor is STRONLY recommending that we purchase a DEXCOM CGMS but the insurance will not cover it. How can we get help on this issue.
03/07/2007  My daughter is a type 1 diabetic, her school is trying to manage her and tell me I cannot manage her, I need help. Thanks, Amy Ardoin. (832)675- 1437 or 281-996-8536. HELP!!!!
03/13/2007  My daughter is 4 and half and she currently has to reside at my parents house because I cannot find a day care/pre school that will be accomodating to her diabtes. Kindercare is supposed to care for children with diabetes type 1 but upon reaching them they said they will check her sugar but they will not convert carbs and will not give insulin shots. I am desperate to have her down in Indianapolis with me but I cannot find a day care. Can you please help me?
03/19/2007  I would like some information about corporate sponsorship, fund raising, and affiliate sponsorship. thanks Chance DNA Fitness
03/20/2007  I know someone who is on Medicaid. She is in need of shoes but medicaid no longer pays for the diabetes shoes. Is there an organization or someone that could help her purchase her diabetic shoes?
03/23/2007  How would I become an active diabetes advocate? Are there meetings in metro Atlanta for advocates?
03/24/2007  I have a friend whose son is a diabetic and needs an insulin pump to survive. He is in the ICU unit at Deaconis Hospital, Evansville, IN. He is 19 years old and was lifelighted there after his sugar went up suddenly skyrockeded up over 700. He lives with his mother, they can't afford insurance, or the price of an insulin pump. PLEASE HELP HIS CONDITION IS DIRE>
03/26/2007  I'm trying to file discrimination and harassment charges ,against my employer. I called your 800 number this morning and spoke to an advocate. She said she would email the forms to me . I tried looking up the information on your web site . I wasn't able to locate them. Please can someone respond to this email or call me at 317-446-9270 . thanks for your help, Jeff Walford
03/27/2007  No problem with the web site. Background to my question is: my boss/company required me to work 17+ hours, get 4 hours sleep, then was requiring me to work another 14 to 18 hour day. My boss knows that I have diabetes, high blood pressure and had a cardiac problem in 2004. Questions: 1- was I wrong in refusing to put my health at risk by not working the overtime the next day? 2 - is there protection for me from such actions in the future?
03/29/2007  I want to answer the survey on how I was referred to the website; however, there are no answers that fit my option of being referred by the website.
03/30/2007  I am currently an older aged college student on medicaid. I was originally put on medicaid due to cataract surgery. Then, was diagnosed with diabetes. Through various incidences (incurred pain due to three surgeries in four years, being physically attacked and, my mother dying of a terminal illness) my sugar levels rose uncontrollaby and put on two insulins, then recently discovered with kidney disease with possibility of glucoma. Medicaid is trying to get me off their disability rolls. What are my options? This is extremely stressful since I am currently trying to finish up my bachelor's degree within 3 semesters (I only have two more semesters to go). They refuse to recognize this is such a short time to complete a degree. They would rather have me work a low paying minimum wage job (predictably without benefits) than attempt to try to get a more secured position with a degree. Even though I maintain my health using insulin and kidney meds, the county doesn't consider it disabling if I go without insulin if I can't afford it. Even if I work, the cost of necessities (rent, utilities, food and commuting costs) plus paying for my meds and doctors would overwhelm me since my medicines only exceed $400 a month. How would I cover my other bills? (Add in I have been in living at the YWCA all these years, I haven't been able to move out since I can't afford the high cost of rent in the area.) Where can I get low-cost if no cost medicines, supplies and find doctors? How can I obtain insurance once I am dropped from medicaid? Won't this make obtaining insurance more difficult with a pre-existing condition? Wouldn't this make it more expensive and possibly keep me from getting it? I am scared since I have been actively trying to find out my options and have only found out limited information (someone with a family, recently unemployed) nothing pertaining to me (single, woman, and college student with diabetes). What do I do? Wait until the rug is pulled out from me at the last moment and literally get ill from lack of meds while trying to complete college? Or drop college right at the end of finals week (my gpa is 3.5). Go get a minimum wage job with no benefits watch as I get older and sicker, then get benefits more ill as a result?
04/02/2007  How do I find out if there are any legal precedents involving an insuling dependant diabetic not being hired as a police officer due to having diabetes? Thanks very much for your help, Ryan Stinnett
04/02/2007  I would like to have a "walk for diabetes" here in the Belmont County ohio or Wheeling WV area. We've had cancer and leukemia walks but no diabetes walks to raise money! Let me know how i can help. I am a registered nurse.
04/03/2007  Hello, I wanted to let you know about a news story I saw this morning, regarding the Redwood City Police charged with misdemeanor assault and resisting arrest, while experiencing Hypoglycemia. Here is the link to the news site: Please let me know what you think or what action can be taken with this unjust charge. Thank You Andrew Klein
04/04/2007  I need information on cases concerning Bar Examination Special accomodations?
04/04/2007  My daughter has type I diabetes and is interested in becoming more involved as an advocate. Chloe has never let diabetes slow her down, she competes on her high school rowing team which recently won the US Rowing National Youth Championship and the Scholastic National Championship. She'd be a great advocate, how can she get involved?
04/07/2007  I am totally disabled; Medicare/Medicaid beneficiary; impossible to find ophthalmologist willing to accept insurance; local hospital clinics require being a clinic patient--fortunate to have private internist. Please advise ASAP
04/09/2007  Please Help. Pur 16 yr old daughter was diagnosed with type 1. Can you direct me to someone who can help financially? My husband and I are both working with another daughter as well. The fees are too hard. Please help.
03/11/2008  i need help i am abused by my provder becuse deabttis they say i make them a lot of bills they refuse to get me insolin pump my sugar will be more then 500 not less 300 i am taking more then 500 unent of insolin a day amergruop hmo must pay for insolin pump they dont pay dr hospitals bill i am going to lose my apt on 1 april landlord dont want to renew the lease i dont get any help i am losing my eye vision help jacob
02/21/2008  i am looking for lawyer from ny state isuee my provder abuse me did not get me care i need there for i got all side afect of deabtis need lawyer badly
04/10/2007  please help my dad is 55 and newly diagnosed diabetic during a er visit last week he also diagnosed with hep c he has no medical insurace and the bills are extremly high so he may not be able to go to his follow up what can we do? gen
11/28/2007  Hi, I'm the legislative rep for my region's diabetes educator chapter (CAADE). I've been planning to attend the Call to Congress in Washington, DC, April 30 through may 2, 2008. I can't seem to find anything about it on ADA's website. Can you help me? Thank you, Karen Beer, PA-C, RD, CDE 2426 E. John Cabot Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85032 602-525-6676
04/14/2007  An end to discrimination based on a person's diabetes is one of the goals stated on this web site. Person' daughter Kara Mattingly is not being provided medical care. Her Cbl's are averging over 300. Thismorning 527. You have denied her help. Take out that statement or stand up and help.
04/16/2007  The NINA Foundation is a non profit health club for kids. We offer personalized training, homework assistance and mentoring for kids in our Fit For Education After School Program. We are adding a quarterly newsletter as a family involvement project, and one of our goals is to promote healthy living for the families that we service. Is there any way that the ADA would be able to collaborate with a small organization on advocacy and awareness? Most of the children that we service have more than one risk factor for type two diabetes. Are there any posters, pamplhets or other information that the ADA has that may help us to broaden our advocacy? We also have space to provide for guest speakers and workshops. If you don't have the staff available, we would love to provide your information within some of the networks that we are in. Thank you for taking the time to respond to this question. Kimberly Haynes
04/19/2007  I do have a problem with your web-site. Your position on Stem Cell Research is not "the wishes of the people" as you indicate. I am not going to get into an ethical debate with you. However, I believe that using embryonic stem cells from killed fetuses is wrong. Why don't you ask the "people's" opinion before you assume everyone is pro-abortion. Rather than kill the innocent and helpless, why not use your energy promoting adult stem cells taken from the individuals bone marrow? Which is currently offering hope to millions of cardiac patients. I work as a family nurse pratitioner with diabetics every day. Why don't you promote diet and exercise which can prevent diabetes. Look at all the over-weight children we have right now. It is a national epidemic as you should know...
04/19/2007  I wanted to speak to someone about my concerns at work. What can I request or expect from my organization. I have been a diabetic for a little over a year and I don't want to be a bother to my organization, but I am concerned about my health. My concerns are all of my Doctor's appointment and I had requested a refrigerator for my emergency kit and healthy snacks instead of using the refrigerator everyone using. In the event of an emergency, the last thing I want to worry about is if the person looking for my kit can find it. Our community refrig is also cleaned out every week, so I am always having to buy more stuff to store. What are my rights? Yari
04/21/2007  Difficult to navigate. I couldn't locate e-mail information for my Federally elected officials.
04/21/2007  It seems that ColdStone Creamery has pulled their nutritional information from their website. When you call the customer service number listed to request the information, they still can't give it to you. It has something to do with a new New York City Health Code they are unable to comply with so they've pulled all the information. Well, I live in North Carolina and they've pulled the information from me as well. My son is on an insulin pump. We went to Cold Stone as a treat and now we can't find out how many carbs were in his ice cream. I was transferred from person to person. Spoke to every supervisor "available" to me and got the same run around from everyone there. I was given the Corporate number for ColdStone but was also told that they were closed because it was Saturday evening. It seems that no one understands this is unacceptable when you have a child with rising blood sugars because your best guess about what he just ate isn't good enough. We've always used the website in the past to secure this information. How can they legally pull this information? How can they publish a number to call to get the information only to be told it is not available? Is any of this legal? I am very upset and felt that what should have been a nice family evening has been ruined due to misinformation and the unwillingness of ColdStone to release this information to me. I was told that customer service no longer has the nutritional information either. The statement about calling them on the website is only so they can email a liason that will then "contact" you with appropriate information. So they never actually said I could get the information. Of course, this is only during business hours for whom ever this mysterious person is that "may" hold all the nutritional information. Can they really do this? Do you have any suggestions of what can be done about this other than to avoid ColdStone Creamery (which of course my son loves as a treat!) ? None of this seems entirely legal to me.
04/23/2007  I am the vice president of my local union with the City of Detroit, SAAA. I have an employee who is a diabetic. She has problems with incontenence and body odor which has been documented by a physician. She has been suspended from work twice by management for poor hygene, which is not the issue. She is currently suspended for 15 days without pay. they are attempting to document this to terminate her employment. Under the AM with Dis Act, I do not believe they have cuase but I am looking for additional material to present at a hearing on her behalf. She is insulin dependent and on an oral agent as well. Under extreme stress her sugars are going up not down and this has become a real threat to her and her well being as well as her continued employment. I need some serious information, court decisions, arbitration decisions, anything I can get my hands on to defend her and get this all removed from her record. I am an insulin dependent diabetic myself for over 40 years so in addition to empathy, I have experience. Please contact me at: or 313-267-8051, my desk phone, I will be here until 5:00 PM EDT today. Thank you. Ella M Norman
04/23/2007  I have had Type 1 diabetes for 33 years now. Due to lack of finances and lack of insurance,I have not been able to manage it very well throughout my adult life. I entered into the workforce at 21. I had numerous jobs, but was seeking one that would provide me with afforadable insurance. Throughout the course of about 8 years, Ihad finally found one at a factory that would provide such after 90 days from date of hire. However, by the time I had achived the goal of finding this job, I could not work it due to the fact that my body just could not take anymore, nor could it wait for 90 day period for the insurance to take effect. They had to fire me due to poor job performance. I then applied for disability, got on Medicaid, and was able to start treating the diabetes. However, while being denied over and over for my disability, I had lost my car and could not find rides to my apointments. Thus I was in the same situation as I was without insurance. I received my final denial of the disability insurance in 2000. I was weary of fighting the SSA, so I did not apply for it any further. Even with the Foodstamps and Medicaid, I could not afford fresh fruits and vegetables. I could not afford at times the $3.oo co-pay for my medicaitions. I could not afford paying bills. Currently, I am looking for work and actually have a job waiting for me, but my car is broken down and I have no money for paying someone to take me to get fill out the application, nor to take me to the job when I do get hired. To sum all of this up, my question is this: is there any help out there for situations as these specifically for people with diabetes? If not, then why? I heard of a lady who has diabetes that has not been to a doctor for 5 years because she cannot afford it, and she has been denied medicaid due to her supposedly owning a house, although her daughter is paying the house off. I know that there is some help in getting certain diabeteic supplies and medications from the manifactures of the drugs and products, however that does not help someone who may need to get to the store but doesn't have a car because they can't afford one, Or, if they do have one they cannot afford the gas.Even people on supplimental incomes cannot afford these type of things after paying bills. I think that it would be a good idea to advocate programs that specifically target these issues for people that have Diabetes, on a local, State, and Federal level. I don't know of any programs of such nature. If there is, please let me know. I would be willing to help get this in up and going in any way that I could. I see too many people with this disease are hurting more than just medically to just turn a blind eye to. I have seen and appreciate what ADA has done, keep up the good work, but I beleive that it is the people out here, along with orginaztions such as the ADA, that need to push to get these kind of programs funded by the Government and anybody else who has the resources for these type of things to get put into place. I apologize for such a long correspondance, but I see a BIG need here that really has been overlooked as far as to what I have seen in my personal experiences. Thank you for reading this and Godspeed, Respectivly, Rob Myers
04/25/2007  I have a family member that is currently employed and just found out that he has diabetes. He doesn't make a lot and cannot afford to buy his medicine. What are his options? Thanks.
04/26/2007  My husband works for a potato chip company as a delivery/route driver. Company doesn't require a CDL. His immediate supervisors were aware of his diabetes (Type 1), he did not make a point of telling anyone at the home office (wasn't hiding it, just never came up). He was at the warehouse a few weeks ago, loading his truck and had a reaction, paramedics were called, he was okay. Since then, a VP in the company has: requested he go see a doctor and have a medical release signed, pestered him about going, and now has said (in front of witnesses) if my husband has another reaction and the paramedics have to be called, he will be out of a job. Isn't all this against the law!? Threatening to fire him is blatant discrimination as far as I can tell. What about requesting the medical release? Since they don't require a CDL, can they require the medical release? They haven't asked it of any other employee. I'm starting to look through the laws, but I'm not finding anything specific enough and there is so much to look through. Can you give me some advice? or at least tell me which specific laws they are breaking?
04/27/2007  I am unable to locate information directly related to the rights of diabetic children (elementary age)with regard to necessity of nursing staff/trained personnel for insulin injections, testing, etc. We were advised that MD. had a Medical Directive that allowed for trained personnel to assist with non-emergency injections. This is not the same information that our school system is presenting to us. Please help us with any clarification you can. Thank you.
04/28/2007  What all does this entail? I am currently an Employee Advocate and work all three shifts. Is this basically writng e-mail to congress to promote positive moves for diabetes? Thanks (Sue) Leota Bornick
04/29/2007  I am a Parkinson's patient. I also belong to a local Democratic Club. Each month we have a different forum. Last month was Global Warming. This month I am putting together a forum on Stem Cell Research. I have someone from Columbia University Medical Center (NYAMR) coming to speak on this topic. Do you have someone that might come to speak or to answer questions. Tuesday May 8th @ 7:30 PM in Merrick. If not, do you have literature you could send me on the Diabetes Assoc. stand on stem cell research and why it is so important. Thank you for any assistance you can give me.
04/30/2007  Hello, I am a 58 year old male with type 2 diabetes. I had osteomyelitis in my right foot resulting in mid-foot ammputation. I also suffer from Charcot Foot in my left foot. For the last 4 years my proffession has been an "over the road" truck driver. I have 2 issues or comments. 1.) Why are the doctors, especially podiatrists, unable to detect or inform the patient of Charcot Foot? I was seeing a podiatrist for a pain in my left foot. I thought unusual because of neuropathy (sp), it was dismissed as a sore foot and I was given a shot of cordizone. In less than 6 weeks the pain was unbelievable and the foot had deformed. I saw the doctor and then I was told I suffered from Charcot Foot. Should doctors be making their patients aware that there can be a possibility of Charcot Foot? 2.) As a professional truck driver now aware of most of the "side effects of diabetes. I believe much stricter rules regarding the operation of an 80,000 lbs vehicle by drivers diagnosed with diabetes should be in effect. Upon an accident involing a commercial vehicle the authorities check for alcohol, and drugs. I think they should also test blood sugar levels. Most of time the authorities say the driver fell asleep. they have not been in a truck stop to see the overweight condition of a large number of drivers, or their dietary habits, sugar and carbs. Get the D.O.T. involved in this issue. Thank you,
05/01/2007  Well, right now I am trying to find an advocate for a student that goes to the district that I work in. I brought these types of issues up with my employer before and found myself fighting for my job. This particular student is not being allowed to go to the BR on request, has been denied access to the nurse's office, has been told she will not graduate (she is a senior, has been in foster care most of her life, is now 19 living on her own, but is struggling, lost her pump due to loss of insurance, accessed Indian Health Care system, long story...) but she fell through the cracks and did not have insulin for 8 months. She needs an advocate. Help. Please.
05/01/2007  Your website is so easy to find what I need. Thank you and God bless all who help the ADA. My son is 24 and a Type I diabetic. He and his family have recently moved in with us. He has just started a job, earning less than minimum wage for a probationary period. He has no medical insurance and has been told by DHS that he does not qualify for any medical help. He cannot afford his insulin or test strips. Please help us if you can. Arkansas has extremely poor medical coverage for people who need it. I would appreciate any help you can give us concerning this matter. I thank you in advance for your help in this matter. I myself would enjoy being an advocate for this cause. My husband is on disability and I do not work so our income is extremely limited. But perhaps there is something I can do to help. I nearly lost my son twice from this disease and I am willing and able to help however I can. It is only by the grace of God that he is with us today. Again, I thank you in advance for any help in this matter. Sincerely, Susan McIntire 21 Farm Rd Conway, Ark. 72032 (501)764-1269 home (501) 470-8094 cell
05/04/2007  My daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes in January. We moved to a new school district in March. I'd like someone to help me set up a 504 Plan here at the new school, and to advise me as to what the school HAS to provide for her by law regarding nurses, field trips, etc.
05/04/2007  I would like to know what is going to be done with Privacy Act. My son is 19. He is away at college. He was hospitalized twice for illness related to his diabetes. The first time he spent the day there and called me later that day. The second time he was in intensive care for a few days. He told the school administration to call his parents. My problem is that he is not usually thinking correctly when he a has a health problem. If he had not specifically told them to contact us, he could have been hospitalized with us have any knowledge that his health had been compromised. One other example similar to this happened to his room mate. His room mate tried to commit sucide. He left a note and cut himself. He was taken to the hospital. His parents were not notified. This was a Saturday night. On Tuesday, his parents called my son's cell phone to find their son. My son was put in the position of telling them that their had been in the hospital since Saturday. This is all happening because after the child turns 18 we can give all of our information for any form of financial aid and our health insurance covers the child, however the parents can no longer be given any notification unless the child specifically requests it on a case by case basis. Who is this really protecting? Certainly it is hindering my child getting the proper care. If my child was really a separate entity he would no longer require my financial information, finances and insurance coverage. This act is so one sided. We need recourse.
05/10/2007  I am a great writer...however, I would like to know if there is a way you can send me your templates for all of the letters on this site. The terminology you use is great and I would like to use it, but I would also like to add my little twist to each letter before sending and can not see the print real well in those little bitty boxes. Even if you have to mail them to me it would be ok. I am about to be very creative in my letters trying to stand out from the other letters they receive. I appreciate your help. Meredith
05/12/2007  My Alabama driver license was indefinitely suspended due to a doctor's report that my diabetes is poorly control with possible hypoglycemia. I have been driving for 25 years or more as am insulin dependent diabetic without ever having an accident or traffic violation related to my diabetic situation. I had safe driver on my Florida license along with insulin dependent stamped on it also. I feel this is an unwarranted action and discriminatory. Need advocacy.
09/24/2007  I just got a written warning at my job for excessive absences. I cannot miss any days for a probation period of 30 days or else I will be terminated from my position. I have been diabetic for 37 years, since I was 7 years old. I am insulin dependant. I have been experiencing some problems with gastro parosis (sp)?, fluctuating blood sugars, and a great deal of stress due to recent events in my life. My husband lost all kidney function a little over a year ago and is now on dialysis. My brother died suddenly last December at the age of 41. I know everyone has issues in their life but I am really struggling right now. Do you have any suggestions on how I can keep my job? Can I really be fired for having complications due to my diabetes? Please send me an answer via e-mail if you can.
09/07/2007  My Daughter is attending a school that shares a nurse throughout BEA School District. We had our 504 meeting and nothing was accomplished. They want me to transfer her to another school in our district where a nurse would be available. I just wanted to know my rights for this action that want to do? I do know this is not a good idea, as per we moved here 2 years ago from out of state. And to do this would be harmful. She is undergoing a pyschiatrist at this time dealing with separation of me and my husband and her leaving all of her friends. thank sara stanton
06/14/2007  I am not an advocate and I will not be as long as you advocate research into embryonic stem cell research. If you read and listen to actual scientific research you come to the conclusion that the great hope is not in embryonic but in adult stem cell research and in fact, embryonic research suggest that those types of cells hold more potential for harm than good given their "free radical" nature. I think your advocacy of ESC research is irresponsible and, yes, immoral no matter what the federal guidelines are. Question: Why do you seem to ignore that risk?
10/16/2007  I am a 51 year old male who, several years ago, was diagnosed with diabetes. I am on oral medication (metformin) and trying to lose weight. My current job is in the optical retail business at Davis Vision. My hours are as follows: Tue: 10-6:30, Wed: 12-8:30, Thu: 9-5:30, Fri: 12-8:30, Sat: 8:30-4:30. Because of the varied hours, I am unable to keep my sleep pattern consistent and, therefore, feel fatigue often. I also have difficulty taking medication, required after meals, at the same time every day because my meal times differ each day. I also have problems seeing at night which creates a problem driving home from work in the dark. I would be better able to care for my health needs if I could work 9-5:30 during the week (other employees have more than one 9-5:30 day scheduled). Is this an unreasonable accommodation to ask of my employer?
10/16/2007  I am a 51 year old male who, several years ago, was diagnosed with diabetes. I am on oral medication (metformin) and trying to lose weight. My current job is in the optical retail business at Davis Vision. My hours are as follows: Tue: 10-6:30, Wed: 12-8:30, Thu: 9-5:30, Fri: 12-8:30, Sat: 8:30-4:30. Because of the varied hours, I am unable to keep my sleep pattern consistent and, therefore, feel fatigue often. I also have difficulty taking medication, required after meals, at the same time every day because my meal times differ each day. I also have problems seeing at night which creates a problem driving home from work in the dark. I would be better able to care for my health needs if I could work 9-5:30 during the week (other employees have more than one 9-5:30 day scheduled). Is this an unreasonable accommodation to ask of my employer?
05/15/2007  I am writing in regard to a policy of the MA police association.An article in the Boston Globe"Insulin pump presents hurdle for aspiring officer"notes that a young man was refused a position as a police officer based on the fact that he wears a pump.It states that a firefighter can be hired and that a police officer, once hired may wear a pump but that at the time of application you can be refused. How does such a policy exist in a state know for it's medical research? I do not know this man but am enraged that such an archaic policy is allowed. I am asking that you look into this matter.It is not just this man but all of us trying to live"just like everybody else" that it hurts. Thank you for your time,
05/16/2007  Hi, I'm trying to help my mother who has insurance but the insurance won't cover her diabetes supplies.
05/17/2007  MY daughter wants to become an advocate for Diabetes she has Type II and is insulin dependent. Please send some information so she can become apart of the process. Especially in the school system. the School system needs to be change especially attendance policy for chronic ill students.
05/18/2007  On 1/22 I called EEOC and told Lace my story of discrimantion at Walgreens, she sent discrimnation papers. On 2/1 I called ADA to request help with the same discrimantion claim. After telling my story to Elvia I received a packet that I filled out and returned 3/5 to ADA and EEOC. Now I have contacted EEOC two more times and was told that I would be contacted. I still haven't. This is the 1st email requesting assistance from ADA. Please let me know that my papers have been received and that my 180 day time period won't expire before I have a resolution to my complaint.
12/03/2007  How can I become a diabetes advocate in my area for school aged children? I work at a school and see needs all the time regarding support for families new to this world. Questions regarding rights, IEP's, 504's, camp, etc. Sarah I Phillips
05/19/2007  My daughters school is telling me she will not graduate because of absenteesim due to her diabetes. This has been a long ongoing discrimination by her school and teachers because of time missed because of her diabetes and hospitalisations. Please help us.
11/11/2007  I am just very dismayed by Dr. Kahn's speech. I am sure you know which one I am refering to. Who is he advocating for? Diabetics or insurance companies? I have just filled my basket at the shop in hopes that every penny I spend will help diabetes and diabetics, while Dr. Kahn pulls the rug out from under them. My suggestion? Replace Dr. Kahn with a diabetic Dr. Not a Dr that talks about "diabetics" and their cost effectiveness, but rather a real diabetic that lives diabetes and understands it.
11/01/2007  I am having a problem with the school that my diabetic child is attending. Could somebody please e-mail me and I can go into further detail.
05/21/2007  my son, tyler, is 14. he has type 1 juvenille diabetes over 4 years now. we have alot of medical bills and most of the problem with our insurance covering most of his daily needed supplies. we just have been putting all his expenses on credit cards,which has put us in alot of debt.because of our income, we are not eligible for help from our state(which in wisconsin is badgercare). is there any other places to try for help with all this expense???????
05/22/2007  I am a principal and have a question about advocacy. I am hopeful you can put me in contact with an advocacy agency in Lenawee County, Michigan
05/23/2007  My daughter (Audrie)_will be starting Kindergarten this coming fall and we are in the process of establishing/setting up a 504 plan for her. The principal of the school will not allow and is adament that Audrie's regualr classroom teacher not check Audrie's blood sugar or touch/handle her pump. According to him, this is the nurse's duty. While the school does have a full-time nurse, I would like to know if this is right/legal.The nurse will have to come to Audrie in the classroom/outside, etc. to test her blood sugar, bolus, and administer Glucagon (this includes snacks eaten in the classroom). I am concerned that if an emergency would occur (an extreme low), especially during recess and/or PE, that time will be wasted waiting on the nurse to respond. She is often times not in her room and has other people covering her desk. Audrie just started pumping last July and does not know or realize yet when her blood sugar is high or low. She is also not yet regulated and her blood sugars fluctuate greatly throughout the day, as we are still trying to find the correct basal rates. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Wendy Nixon
05/23/2007  I have been working at my current job for almost a year now. I work one evening shift a week and take a dinner break during that shift. As with any meal, I would always have my food prepared in front of me and would then administer my insulin injection by opening a single button in my shirt to expose a small portion of my abdomen. Afterwards, I would pack up my used supplies to take home for disposal. I was recently told by my supervisor that I am not allowed to test my blood sugar or administer my injection in our kitchen. I have been told that I need to use the public restroom, which I consider very unsanitary or my office, which I consider too far from the kitchen and my food. The walk from my office to the kitchen would take me through the public areas of the workplace, possibly subjecting me to being stopped by a patron for service, which I consider unsafe if I have just taken insulin but cannot get to my food. Do I have any recourse in this matter or do I need to comply with my supervisor's wishes? Thanks. Sincerely, Jeremy A. White-Zeager
05/25/2007  I have signed up to be an advocate, but I don't know where to begin. I am interested in making insurance and coverage more avalible to those who can't afford it. My son is currently 20 years old and a student. What happens when he turns 24 and can't get good insurance?
05/26/2007  I am a 56 yr old woman living on a very smaqll social security disability and ssi Which total $624.99 a month. I have Medicare A, B, and D. also Medicaid. I have emphyysema, Osteoarthritits, and Type 2 Diabetes. I am homeless anbd divide my nights between three friends homes. This is taking a terrible toll on me. I am currently on the waiting list in Norfolk for public housing . Are there any other agencies which could help me get into my own home to stablize my conditions and o keep me safe?
05/27/2007  I am almost out of insulin,my Docter have dismiss me,and have very little money is there any place I can go for aid in this matter,HELP
03/05/2008  My son, Elias Hansen, had a representative that was handling his case and i have lost her email. Is there anyway that someone can send it to me via this email. There has been a problem arise in his school and i need to know what i need to do. Thank you... Shan Hansen - 423-332-0028
08/06/2007  I am trying to get a job as a correction officer. I have type 1 diabetes. I called to ask for assistance of my having to manage my diabetes with insulin and my need to use insulin and a meter. I told human resources I needed to bring in my stuff and she told me she didn't think it would be a problem and then she tranfered me to the training officer at the training academy because she wasn't sure. This person told me I would probably have to leave them in the car and could not bring them in. He said, "it was because hypothetically jails and prisons are a controlled environment but that every place was different." I did not get a locker offer from this guy. What can I do because now I am uncertain. I really do not want to make these kind of complaints formally because the agency is hiring and I am in the selection process. Educationally, I can not wait until a medical evaluation or such time to talk about this. My question is can people who need to use medications for their health such as diabetics bring their meds into these places if they work there because I do not find it reasonable to leave it in my car.
06/06/2007  I need some information. My 26yo daughter in Fla. is a type one diabetic with a medtronic pump. Before she got it she contacted both her insurance company and medtronic. Medtronic told her the pump was covered except for $100 copay. Now the insurance company has paid all they are going to pay and Medtronic says she owes $2700. They are delaying as she is appealing the charge. She had a similar problem with annimas with her first pump. They seems cruel to people who already have great expense and health issues to deal with on a daily basis. She budgets and would not have purchased the pump if it were not affordable. Is there any help for situations like this other than get everything in writing and pay them?
07/11/2007  Hi, Thanks very much for your leadership in the area of diabetes advocacy. I work at a diabetes care pharmaceutical company, and became aware of the ADA through events my company enthusiastically supports, such as the Tour de Cure. I was a bit surprised, however, when I looked on ADA's Advocacy page and didn't find any reference to the Farm Bill presently under debate in Congress. In short, this legislation has historically driven down prices of junk food, which in turn has helped fuel the epidemic of diabetes we're facing today. This dynamic has been popularized in such books as "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollen, and "FoodFight" by Daniel Imhoff. The following passage from nicely sums up the situation: *** It only takes a stroll down the supermarket aisles to understand how Farm Bill dollars flow into the country's food chain. A dollar buys hundreds of more calories in the snack food, cereal, or soda aisles than it does in the produce section. Why? Because the Farm Bill favors the mega-production of corn (resulting in cheap high-fructose corn syrup) and soybeans rather than regional supplies of healthy vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Unfortunately, eating a diet high in calories doesn't necessarily ensure that one is well-fed -- even if that food is cheap... Our challenge may not be to abolish government supports altogether, but to ensure that those subsidies we do choose to legislate actually serve as valuable investments in the country's future and allow us to live up to our obligations in the global community. How we get there is still to be determined. But most observers agree that the era of massive giveaways to corporations and surplus commodity producers must yield to policies that reward stewardship, promote healthy diets, secure regional economies, and do no harm to family farms or hungry kids and their families. *** I had hoped to rally my colleagues here at work to action by pointing them to your website. Does the ADA have any plans to weigh in on this very important legislation? Thanks again for all your great work, and I look forward to hearing from you. Best, Jim Borninski
06/12/2007  I'm writing an article for the National Catholic Register on stem-cell research and the new skin cell reprogramming from Kyoto, and I would like to sepak with Dr. Darlene Cain or another spokesperson for the ADA about these issues. Specifically, what hope does embryonic stem cell research hold for the regeneration of Beta cells (or other diabetic cures) that the new discovery or adult stem cell research do not? Please tell me who I can call, where and when. I'm on deadline, naturally. Thank you, Paul Barra
06/12/2007  To learn more about the different types of diabetes. I lost my mom 10 years ago in 1997 and just about two years ago my old sister pass away from diabetes. i do not have it, But I know it run in the family. Try to keep me from getting this.
06/18/2007  im not sure if ih ave the right place ineed help can you please direct to the place were i can get it im a type 1 diabetic for 40years im49 now lost my leg and have two heart attacks all from diabetes my wheel chair keeps breaking and i cant push it takes them months to fix it is ther any wher yoy can help me get one that will work please ive tried everything cant get any where im afraiad im going to push myself into a fatal heartattack i have ny state medicaid who pay for the chair 4and 6 momths ago thank you very much steven hartman
06/19/2007  is it possible to obtain a Commercial Drivers License in the State of Vermont for intrastate or interstae truck driving? I have owned and operated trucks for many years that were just under CDL limits but am now persuing employment and a CDL would be a big help both to my resume and salary.
07/21/2007  What about college age students who want to further their education, have to quit their jobs in order to attend full time college, cannot get private insurance> It seems this age group falls through the cracks. My daughter lives at home (this makes her ineligible for low-income), she is 24 years old and wants to get her degree in 2 years. No one will take her because of her pre-existing condition. This age group has nothing to help them when they are trying to better themselves with education, no employment that offers insurance and cannot get anything on their own. We even tried through the college, no help. Everything seems geared for the elderly or young children but not this age. Any suggestions????
06/25/2007  Question: my employer, the Illinois State Police, has determined that I am no longer qualified for a forensic science position I've held for 20 years at this agency. I'm no longer allowed to do casework until a final determination is made after I submit to a company doctor physical and sign away whatever privacy rights I may have so my doctors must reveal my medical records to the state. What are my options? Does diabetes really cause cognitive disfunction of some kind? Or is this a smoke screen for some other agenda?
09/18/2007  I am also the Advoccacy Representative for the Jacksonville Association of Diabetes Educators Could you also send me the information for the Flordia Reps. So I can forward this information on to the JADE members. Thanks
06/28/2007  I would like to know more information on how to alert the public about diabetics in shock. I am appalled at how some diabetics are treated. I just read an article about how Amtrack left someone in the middle of no where. There was also a recent altercation with MR. America when he was in a diabetic shock. This goes on more than people realize. I know my father has had a couple of problems. He was almost arrested for being drunk in public at a 7-11, but one of the workers knew what was going on and was able to intervene. This type of incident could turn into a deadly situation.
07/03/2007  If a child has a 504 in CT does the school need to provide someone who can administer glucagon at all times including on field trips and before and after school activities as offered by the school? Also, what if the student has a medical order from his/her doctor stating that he/she must have glucagon with him/her at all times because he/she suffers from hypoglycemia unawareness...then doesn't the school have to have someone with him/her at all times that can administer it if needed?
07/05/2007  hi my name is deana , and i would like to start a diabetic organization invoving free heath care and treatment in my local community i would like to involve local doctors for treatment. I also would like to offer free test strips for meters and lancets as well. need help to make this happen . I'm low income family with no insurance who has type two diabiates. thanks for any help or information you could give.
07/11/2007  a. i am writing a diet manuasl, based on 10 years as a typeII, but it's a non-standard approach....hey, worked for me! can youu help me get it published? will you help me tell legislators what to do and not do, to help folks avoid diabetes? b. i am in the WA Veterans Home.... they need to increase food [and staff] budgets, partly to help the many diabetics here, instead of [seemingly], giving us lots of carbs, plus insulin c. the 'tip' about blood sugar lows did not mention glyburide...i am very sensitive to my owen insulin, so even 1.25 g of glyburide can put me in a 'low'..... bet way OUT of a low should also be in such a 'tip', yes? glucose tabs? or?
01/12/2008  I enjoy participating in the walks for diabetes but unfortuantely there are none ever scheduled in my town. I must drive at least 100 miles to participate. How can I get one scheduled herein my own town?
07/12/2007  I need some information on who to contact concerning job related incidents. This information concerns my husband. On his current job they are working him excessive overtime. I'm talking hours like 7: am until 11:pm 7 days straight, and with no break in the work schedule his regular duty calls for, most of the time 12 to 15 hours a day. Pay looks good, but my husband is diabetic. His HBA1c is at 11. His eyes are always running and cloudy looking, and he is extremely tired. Every third week he has to work 12 days straight. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have about this situation, short of quitting.
07/13/2007  I am a single mother that is insulin dependent type 2 dibetic!I work for a major manufacturing company and have insurance with them, but on a single family income,I have no extra money to visit my doctor,Which is a must! I've tried to cancel my insurance, but, not until open enrollment in Oct/Nov I was told that it won't happen. I cannot sign up for public assistance because I have insurance and thay feel I don't need help! Is there any where that could help me ,? So I can get my sugar down where I don't have any extra complications that have been trying to arise along with my diabetes! Also to get it where I no longer have to take insulin.THANK YOU!!!!! MS.SHARON MCKENZIE
08/03/2007  how many kids does the effect.
07/17/2007  I have a question about my daughter who was diagnosed with Type I in March 2007. Her father is to pay 55% of medical bills not covered by insurance, but I never get anything from him. For the past 9 years, I have fought our state's child support enforcement, but they don't follow through with collecting. Now that her bills total over $150 a month, it has become imperative that he assist. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you, Pam
07/18/2007  I am a type 2 Diabetic,and have lost most of my Teeth due to Diabetes. I need to have Dentures made very badly as I only have about 3 Teeth left in my Mouth. Living in Florida,and being on Medicare,and Medicade,I can't find a Dentist that will take either Insurances to have Dentures Made. I am also living on a Limited Income,on Social Security Disability. It seems I have nowhere to go to offer me help with getting the Dental work done I need I hope your Orgainization can point me in the right direction,as to this is very ergent.
10/12/2007  I received an Action alert for S. 1494 today. I clicked the link for "take action now" and put in my information. When I submit, the website tells me that my senator already supports the bill. However, my senator is NOT in the list of supporters. I am afraid that a website error is causing all Alabama users not to encourage our senator to support the bill. Does my senator support the bill or not? If he does not, then there is a problem with the website causing people not to take action! Thanks, Charles
07/19/2007  i am a service worker who just recently was put on insulin.I need my class b in order to work.Ca.DMV denied me the license.Is there anything I can do to keep my job?
07/20/2007  I have received numerous request to collect money for diabetes from a call center in the Philippines. I strongly think the AMERICAN Diabetes Association should get their call center back in AMERICA. There are many citizens in my are of high unemployment that depend on these jobs. I am going to notify my congressman about this concern. Thank You, Karen Kimmel
07/20/2007  I have difficulty placing information into the letter form that I am being ask to send. I can't delete the prompts to put in my congressman's name or my name at the bottom. Am I doing something wrong? I would like to know how to do this. Thanks.
07/30/2007  Hi there, I hate bothering anyone, but I am having a personal problem in relation to my diabetes and my employment. I am having a problem finding an advocate to speak to. Can you assist or direct me to assistance? Thank you in advance for your time, Eric
07/24/2007  Your "Tell a friend" letter has a typo/ grammatical error in it. Please review if you'd like!
07/25/2007  can a person with diabetes get a handicap tag for their car.those of us with neuropathy have a hard time walking.thanks. ruby d martin
07/27/2007  My daughter is going into 8th grade in Dub. Ia. She has autism and type 1 Diabetes. She has a health care plan and an I.E.P. unfortunately in Iowa her health care plan is not a legal document but in her states under support and related services it states'daily blood sugar mngmnt per physician and parent request'. So we have had trouble all last year getting them to do what was asked of them; such as sending her lunch blood sugars home following her daily exercise plan,she fell asleep twice at school,did not take her to the nurse to have her blood sugar checked[although her c are plan clearly states she should ,she carries that around with her in her agenda] they also did not give her a scheduled afternoon snack because she was at an assembly. I repeatedly had to ask for info on what they were doing in P.E.[she has it every other day] no anser from her paraprofessional so I chased the gym teachers around all year.She has 1 more year at that school. How do I get these people to comply? Plus it's difficult to get good blood sugar control if I don't know what's going on at school . Also am very nervous about sending her back there if they can't do the things that are written down in front of them.They also gave her chocolate milk instead of white at lunch for 2weeks when I had white written down in her agenda. Her A1c was 7.7 at beginning ao school year went to an 8.4 then 8.9 she has always passed her A1c's until this year. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. tank you.
07/30/2007  I sent an email a while back concerning my Son who was arrested while on a camping trip. I was told to fill out a form and send to I have done so but have not heard back from anyone. Does anyone monitor that email address? I sent original email on 7/13 and a follow up on 7/23 and have received no feedback. I would appreciate some feedback on this matter. Thank you, Bernie Martinez
08/06/2007  We just returned from a trip to Club Med. Our family signed up for scuba diving lessons and a scub diving trip at this Club Med. My son, Gabriel is 18 and Type I diabetic since age 10 and successfully uses an insulin pump. His HBA1C is always below 6.7 Gabriel informed the diving staff immediately that he has diabetes and spoke with the physician in charge. He showed the doctor his insulin pump and explained how it worked. She told him there was no reason to keep him from diving. Gabriel did the first scuba lesson in the Club swimming pool with the rest of the family. Coincidentally, the diving instructor was a Type I diabetic for eighteen years and had been diving safely for sixteen years. The lesson went well. The next day, Gabriel and the family returned to take the second lesson. Gabriel was informed abruptly that he COULD NOT scuba dive because he had diabetes. Gabriel was told that he was "too much of a liability" for diving. Later I spoke to the diving staff. Apparently, the manager of the scuba office had downloaded information stating that the pressure underwater could effect insulin levels and that a person could become "unconscious" from too much activity. The manager was totally misinformed and thought that Gabriel needed access to additional insulin underwater while diving and exerting physical effort. I tried to explain to the scuba staff that Gabriel knew how to adjust his blood glucose to accomodate activity and that he did not need insulin, but extra glucose if he was active. The scuba manager, John Lee, replied that this had "nothing to do with blood glucose" but was about insulin. He was under the impression that the symptoms of low sugar he read about on the website required more insulin. It was unimaginably frightening to think that a diabetic with hypoglycemia would be given more insulin. Neither the physician nor the staff knew what glucagon was and they had no idea how to treat a diabetic emergency. They had no emergency glucose supplies or insulin on hand. Gabriel researched the criteria for safe diving for diabetics on the Divers Alert Network (DAN). Gabriel met the age requirement, the HBA1C requirement, the average blood sugar requirement and understood the requirements for blood glucose on the day of the dive as described by DAN. Gabriel explained this to the staff, but they ignored the information even though DAN is the main source of diving information for Club Med's staff and DAN certifies their scuba program. Club Med cannot discriminate against Gabriel like this. There was no reason to keep him from diving and he was quite distraught and embarassed, as was the rest of our family. The ignorance and the fear of the diving staff was unacceptable. The Chief of the Club Med village was just as uneducated about diabetes and could not give us a reason why this happened. We want to take legal action against Club Med, but most urgently, we want their Diving Certification cancelled until their staff has a basic understanding of diabetes, diabetic safety and the actual requirements for safe scuba diving for persons with diabetes. Respectful and educated treated of indivduals with diabetes is a must for Club Med and all organizations. Please advise. Thank you Marion Arom, Ph.D.
08/06/2007  In a recent Diabetes Forecast article re qualilty health care for all, several national groups were given credit for working together. I just wanted to make you aware of another organization. OWL, The Voice of Midlife and Older Women (formerly the Older Women's League)has advocated for health care for all since the early 1980s. The national office is in Arlington, VA with local groups in 23 states. Their most recent effort was the 2007 Mother's Day Report entitled "Give "Em Health: Medicare-For-All", released to Congress in May. While OWL works to raise awareness of health care issues facing women, we live and work with families. Women have a high stake in the debate surrounding health care. Many are among the uninsured or underinsured. I recommend that you look at their report and include them the next time you organize an advocacy effort. The National OWL can be reached at 703-812-7990 or contact them through their website: Thanks for your continued advocacy. Maybe if we all join together, we really will be heard in Congress and the White House.
08/07/2007  My friends and I are in the early planning stages of a cross country bicycle trek. It occurred to me that we may be in a situation to raise funds for a charity with our venture. One of the early obstacles we have encountered is the cost of an organized (supported) tour. It can run as much as $6.5K to $9K per cyclist. If we can raise a sufficient amount of pledges can ADA help us with some of the expenses? Thank you, Bill
08/08/2007  I read about the BRANHAM case. Has any changes been made? I was interesting in pursuing a career but was unsure if the BRANHAM case changed anything thank you
08/09/2007  My husband is no longer working and we have no insurance. I can't afford my test strips. Is there some agency that can help me with the test strips? Thank you, C. Williams
08/10/2007  I was in training to be a substitute bus driver for the City of Arlington, WA. I was in their classes for about 2 weeks. During this time upon their recommendation I paid for and took several tests required to become licensed. When I called to schedule my required physical I was told that I could not obtain a school bus driver's endorsement for my CDL license if I was insulin dependent. About 6 weeks ago my ACL1 was 6.1. As of today my sugar averaged 100 for the past 2 weeks and 104 for the past 30 days. I drive my car everyday and take great care not to go hypoglycemic. I golfed 18 holes problem. I'm 59 years old and have been looking for employment for the past 3 years. I was excited about finding this position and being invited into the training program. At the time of my interview nothing was said about insulin nor was possibility of exclusion because of insulin ever mentioned in the class room or class room printed materials. I would not be an unsafe driver. Can you help me?
08/11/2007  I attended the 2007 ADA meeting in Chicago. I need to show a document summarizing the things I got for the registration fee to the administration of our university for reimbursement purposes. Unfortunately no such text is included in the program book. Could you send me please such a document?
08/17/2007  I would like to volunteer to be a part of any delegation that goes to Tallahassee to forward the cause of Diabetes.
08/30/2007  Is there an organized visit to the state legislature or Capitol Hill? If so, I would like to volunteer to be a part of that.
08/29/2007  I do not have a problem -- I enjoyed reading information on this. My sister has diabetes, Type I -- I am interested in learning more about stem cell research -- I read one of the articles I found about this with the pancreas which sounds like it needs alot of work. I just wanted to sign up for the Advocacy Alerts but if you know of good site for stem cell research or other promising research being done I would love to read more. Thanks, Cheryl
08/15/2007  Hi there, I have been writing for years with your help to my representatives regarding the issues with Diabetes research. I have a question that has nothing to do with advocacy. I have heard through the grapevine, but never been able to get information on scholarship opportunities for college bound kids with diabetes. Are you able to help get such information? I very much look forward to hearing from you regarding this matter. Sincerely, Suzanne Marquardt
08/15/2007  User Provided No Response
08/16/2007  I would like to know who is calling our house at all hours of day and evening, running us to answer the phone for a diabetes survey. Is there anyway to stop this? The phone number where the call is coming from is 214-269-3642. I would appreciate any help you can give us; Thank you
08/17/2007  My son's girlfriend has juvenile diabetes. She is 15 and is very great about taking care of herself. In a few years, she will be getting ready to go to college. Is there any type of scholarships or grants that can help? I would very much appreciate any information you can give me. This young lady is a wonderful person, and she is an inspiration to me and my family. Thank you for reading this. Karen Matney, Disabilities Manager McDowell Co. Head Start
08/18/2007  Do you have a brief bank, or searchable link to ADA reporter? I need research to support an interlocutory appeal of denial of a preliminary injunction against Mobile County Alabama School Board for discrimination against my child with diabetes.
10/12/2007  I have two profiles at ADA. One is user name glennw1173 which uses e-mail address The other is user name that uses the same e-mail address. The Comcast address is now invalid (due to cable company change), so please merge the two records together. By the way, I take action on both JDRF and ADA advocacy alerts. Thanks, Glenn
08/22/2007  I am in need of counsel for my 6 year old daughter who is a type 1 and is a kindergartener in a public school system that is being denied health care by the school district. An email link to voice questions would be great. So that a line of communication could begin.
08/23/2007  Why is there NO assistance for low income working families with minimal insurance who still must pay exorbitant co-pays for new insulin medications? My grandson is on oral medication but still requires 4 insulin injections daily. Co-pay on insulin alone is 300.00/month; with oral meds, it's over $600/mo.which is 75%-plus of monthly income. Is there no help on this? He goes without sometimes because he can't afford it. Is there any help?
10/15/2007  How come people who live in San Diego, do not want to help people with Diabetes, it is as if they want us to die or have complications, their food at their Senior Centers is old and moldy or it is all bread, lots of sugar products, that you have to pay two dollars for. Lots of salty foods things that have high fat content. Were I live in Fallbrook, the Meals on Wheels program will not come there, it is to far for them., we have to pay a high rent to live there the waiting list is 5 years away. People are dying from this disease in Fallbrook,CA which is in San Diego's north county. What has happened to people I tried to get a lawyer for help , if we do not have money you have no rights, someone who used to be a judge and lives in our complex and used to work for the military was told that Seniors in San Diego have no rights. I want to change that. People in Long Beach,CA are warehoused into board and cares, if they can not pay the rent they are thrown out into the street. They do not dare to fall a sleep at night, they get a ticket, Or they put them in jail. This is very unsetling to me. Does this make you upset. They do not want to hire you because of insurance reasons. It seems that Seniors are not wanted anymore. They no longer have any dignity,people with Diabetes, it is even harder. What are we going to do about it.
08/24/2007  I am attaching a letter written to a sales represenative at Mini- Med. I am a pump user and have been for 8 years. I was fortunate to live in Massachusetts and not have to pay for my pump. A year ago I moved to the state of Maine and am employed by a Quality Assurance company in New Hampshire. My pump is out of warrenty and the letter will explain how I got into that situation. My concerns regarding pump users are the out of pocket cost in states other than Massachusetts. The ability of the main pump supplier to change the up grade policy without notifying the customer. The ability that the pump supplier has to upgrade the pump without backing up the new pump. The profit of the pump companies is in the supplies. How is it the insurance companies have the permisssion to acept or deny somone a pump. How is it when the pump is able to contain health care cost it is being made so difficult to obtain. What are you doing about it? How is it you are not more pro active in regards to pump users. How is it that the benefits regarding diabetic supplies in the Commonwealth of Mass have not been duplicated in every state? What holds you and others hostage to the insurance companies and the suppliers? The following is the letter I wrote yet again expressing my frustration at the system that provides services to diabetics at the diabetics expense. Mike Norwood Diabetes Management Consultant Medtronic MiniMed Dear Mr. Norwood, Hello, I hope all is well. Please excuse my delay in responding to your e-mail about the change in policy about Medtronic's updating their customers for pump upgrades. Each of us faces choices in health care. For some of us it is a choice regarding whether we live or die for others it is a choice of profit. Choices and decisions abound in today's health care. COI estimates are often cited as an important element in the choices made about diabetes care and management. Health care industries and pharmaceutical companies use the COI report so they can project their market so they can make their profit. Government and insurance companies use the COI report to project cost. In regards to your company your profit projection for 2007 is as follows, for diabetes: MEDTRONIC, INC. REVENUE BY OPERATING SEGMENT - WORLD WIDE ($ Millions) 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 FY 06 FY 06 FY 06 FY 06 FY 06 FY 07 FY 07 FY 07 FY 07 FY 07 QTR 1 QTR 2 QTR 3 QTR 4 Total QTR 1 QTR 2 QTR 3 QTR 4 Total DIABETES $ 173 $ 178 $ 182 $ 188 $ 722 $ 196 $ 212 $ - $ - $ 408 The Direct cost of diabetes estimated to have risen to $137 billion per year. · Diabetes alone represents 11%of the US health care expenditure. People with diabetes have medical expenditures 2.4 times higher than they would if they did not have diabetes. Medtronic cites that with the use of the pump they have proven they have reduced health care cost for diabetics Yet, in your letter you cite that "you have to tred lightly with insurance companies"... I am puzzled. One of the managers at your company related to me the insurance companies where Medtronic's customer as that is who paid you. I all along had believed I was the customer as I pay you as well as the insurance company. Yet, another representative of Medtronic's told me that several people had voiced complaints regarding the fact that your company made the decision not to notify pump users when they could upgrade and that your company did not notify its customers that they made that decision. The insurance company that I deal with profit for 2006 was and the projection for 2007 * Medical enrollment grew to 34.9 million members, increasing by 774,000 members during the quarter * Net income was $1.26 per share, exceeding prior guidance * Operating cash flow totaled $2.0 billion, or 2.5 times net income * Full year 2007 earnings guidance raised to $5.54 per share INDIANAPOLIS, April 25, 2007 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX News Network/ -- Well Point, Inc. (NYSE: WLP) today announced that first quarter 2007 net income was $783.1 million, or $1.26 per share, representing 16 percent growth over the first quarter of 2006. Net income in the first quarter of 2006 was $731.8 million, or $1.09 per share, including $0.01 per share in net realized investment losses. Your Company's: Code of Conduct is as follows: The Medtronic Mission To contribute to human welfare by application of biomedical engineering In the research, design, manufacture, and sale of instruments or appliances That alleviates pain, restore health, and extend life. To direct our growth in the areas of biomedical engineering where we display Maximum strength and ability; to gather people and facilities that tend to Augment these areas: to continuously build on these areas through Education and knowledge assimilation; to avoid participation in areas Where we cannot make unique and worthy contributions. To strive without reserve for the greatest possible reliability and quality in Our products; to be the unsurpassed standard of comparison and to be Recognized as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity, and service. To make a fair profit on current operations to meet our obligations, Sustain our growth, and reach our goals. To recognize the personal worth of employees by providing an employment Framework that allows personal satisfaction in work accomplished, Security, advancement opportunity, and means to share in The company's success To maintain good citizenship as a company. I am again puzzled. How is it that you maintain good citizenship as a company when you do not honor your true customer? The cost of a new pump for me is $6,500 not including supplies. I would have been able to upgrade for $300 to $800. I was 3 weeks off in phoning for the upgrade, as I had not been notified during my warranty period as I had been in previous years when I upgraded. Yes, my insurance company will pay up to $3,500 in durable medical yearly then who pays for the supplies? I am disappointed by your response. It does reflect a change in the times as you stated in your letter. A change in attitude and treatment of the true customer. Companies should make a profit. The issue is at what price is the profit made. Is using situational ethics the way to make a profit? I cannot help think that if you and your company stood up for your true customer, the person who has diabetes you would have an increase in profits based on your integrity. If what you say is true about reducing health care cost due to pump use and you prove that to the insurance industry do you not think that they would be promoting the pump as well? Or are the for profits so entrenched in the profit margin that the fact that diabetics can reduce their health care cost by using the most current technology in pump therapy a foolish idea. You make most of the money off supplies and if you created an on going pump exchange program your goodwill would increase volume by increasing profit of supplies. You could reduce the cost of the pump to the diabetic. Your customer who wants to use the most current technology to stay alive. Not lose his or her feet, not go blind, have a heart attack, suffer from early dementia and the list goes on. The cost to treat the secondary diseases caused by diabetes is astronomical. So why is it you are stuck in the box. You and your company have to ability to be leaders in the industry, by doing the right thing. Making the customer the Diabetic. Negotiating with me regarding the pump has occurred only because I am currently involved in the system of health care. What about the millions of diabetics who could be your customer who is lost in the diabetic health care maze. You and your company should review The Medtronic Mission and put it into action not words on a piece of paper.
08/27/2007  My 17 y.o. son Andrew had an incident when flying home from Paris to Los Angeles on his own with Air France. They took his needles away from him even though the prescription was on the box and I had registered all of his diabetes needs with his reservation. He was called a liar and told he would not be allowed on the flight. Distraught, angry and not wanting to create a scene, my son went to his seat and flew home without his box of needles. Luckily he had a stray needle in his packpack which he used for his Novolog and Lantus during his long flight home. I have written in more detail to Air Frace customer relations, but I thought your group should be made aware of this deplorable incident as well. Sincerely, Nina Hammerstein
08/31/2007  I have a question about discrimination. I have type II Diabeties that developed because of me having PCOS. I use exercise, diet and medication to control my blood sugars. I was thinking about participating in a body building contest so I decided to hire an very experienced trainer in my home town. She was more than eager to start training me, she sent me numerous emails stating how interested and excited she was to train me for the competition. The trainer asked me to stop out and fill out a health questionare. After she read my questionare, I never heard from her again! She didn't return any of my phone calls or emails. Despite me having a serious disease, I am in very good health. My question is what should I do about this person. Should I send her a letter stating that I feel she has discriminated against me or talk to her employer. I'm so angry about being treated like this. Any advice you can offer me will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Lori Corbin
09/02/2007  can you send me a letter to help donate money AMERICAN Diabetes association
09/02/2007  i would like to know why are school nurses are not required to be trained to take care of children with are school in vincennes ,in. i have fought the school board since aug.13,07 tring to get them to listen to me about how to take care of my 12 year old daughter. who is a type 1. all i get is we are doing what we can. i ask for the nurse to be trained to take care of my child. they told me she is. thats why my child went without meds for three mornings at school because she new what she was doing.
09/04/2007  Am looking for a diabetes nutrionist to come to our group at a senior living facility in Flushing, New York. I am a resident and have started a group of residents who have diabetes. We want to learn what choices to make from the menu here at our facility. We are served lunch and dinner...thank you for your assistance in this matter.
09/06/2007  Can you direct me to an agency or foundation that helps low income or poverty striken people to get a blood testing machine for my friend in Merritt Island,Fl.
09/07/2007  I use the OmniPod insulin pump. My diabetes is better controlled than ever since 1973. I was swithched from Blue Cross to Medicare in July and now I find there in no "contract" between Insulet corporation and medicare. how can I get help with this?
09/07/2007  I would like to know if a person with diabetes is considered as having a disability?
09/10/2007  Is there a program that can offer financial assistance to a diabetic with no medical insurance and who does not qualify for medicaid?
09/12/2007  Hello, I very much appreciate the help you are giving to people and I hope to become an advocate soon. First I need to get through my discrimination case with my former employer. I have a question about a legal issue, is there a format that I can send in a question or post a question? If so, please inform how to do it. Thank you Dave (future advocate)
09/13/2007  I dont know where else to turn. I was disagnosed Type 2 in March 2007. I was laid off from my job in July 2007. I opted to take the COBRA coverage and then found out one payment into it that my prescription coverage had reached it'd maximum and wont renew until Jan. 2008. The medications I take are very expensive and I am living on unemployment and I cant afford to pay the 306.00 per month for the COBRA and the 100% prescription prices. If anything happens and I need to go to the doctor I will need the COBRA so I figure I cant let it lapse but what do I do about my medications and supplies? I havent been taking any of them properly to try and stretch them out and I haven't been testing because of the cost of the supplies! Help please!!! I've contacted some of the drug companies but you have to be without insurance to qualify. What do I do?
09/13/2007  I dont know where else to turn. I was disagnosed Type 2 in March 2007. I was laid off from my job in July 2007. I opted to take the COBRA coverage and then found out one payment into it that my prescription coverage had reached it'd maximum and wont renew until Jan. 2008. The medications I take are very expensive and I am living on unemployment and I cant afford to pay the 306.00 per month for the COBRA and the 100% prescription prices. If anything happens and I need to go to the doctor I will need the COBRA so I figure I cant let it lapse but what do I do about my medications and supplies? I havent been taking any of them properly to try and stretch them out and I haven't been testing because of the cost of the supplies! Help please!!! I've contacted some of the drug companies but you have to be without insurance to qualify. What do I do?
02/01/2008  I'm a TypeII diabetic. I am 66 years age, I was using my glocometer in the lobby of Bob Evans Restaurant in Centerville, Ohio. There were no customers who could possibly have seen me doing it. An extremely rude assistant manager, (Cathy) stormed into the foyer in the witness of the cashier/hostess and yelled at me..."do you know how bad that looks in front of our customers? That belongs in the doctor's office" Totally ignorant of what I was doing, she went out of the way to observe me. 'Follow up... I'm sick of "you people" (reference to several diabetics who come in their unit on a daily basis). The profile of their customer base is largely over 50's and several regulars are insulin dependent or use Byetta and the like, but they check their blood glucose levels before they eat. They all try to keep the AccuChecks etc concealed, but kids see it and rudely go out of their way to bring attention to the situation when they see it. She is insensed over it an gives everyone very hard looks. She has even told her servers not to wait on us unless we demand service. Her lack of knowledge and sensitivity is completely Cretin. I brought this to the attention of their corporate personnel guy in Columbus, Ohio. She was immediately given a promotion and a reassignment to another unit on Col.Glenn Highway in Fairborn, Ohio, across from Wright State University. Obviously the company has endorsed this ignorance and lack of sensitivty and has not taken an effort to educate people with special needs. The "you people" categorization tells me that she has a clear bias against anyone who has to monitor their sugar levels. Their menu is another clear example of complete ignorance. I cannot help wondering how they relate to their own diabeticemployees who get very irregular workbreaks and operate under terrific stress levels. I guess they have a way of dealing with "those people". I have not been in a Bob Evans store in several months, and I have asked my diabetic friends to boycott the place. Sincerely, Ron Kuczak 937-848-7700
01/15/2008  I am trying to get a 504 Plan in place for my son at his school and am running into walls. What exactly is the ADA's position statement on 504s? Are there any circumstances where a school can refuse to do a 504 for a student with diabetes? Thank you for your help. Holly Six
09/17/2007  President Elect for Georgia Association of School Nurses. Would like to pursue legislation for Safe schools in Georgia as relating to diabetes. Need numbers of Type I and Type II that are in our schools? Would then like to cooalate with @ of school nurses in Georgia. Do you have this info? If not, would you be open to working with us? Thank you for your attention. Lisa Byrns, R.N.
09/19/2007  Hello, I am a pharmacy student on a Diabetes Committee with American Pharmacists Association. My fellow students and I are planning a big screening, and I was thinking about the possibility of getting some literature from ADA to give out at the screening (bilingual literature would also be helpful if available). Please let me know if any can be obtained! Thank you so much, Leena Amine Doctor of Pharmacy student Class of 2010 Mercer University
09/20/2007  I have submitted a doctors request as well as a personal request for resonable accomadation to my Human Resources office. I am a mailhandler with the Fort Worth USPS. It is into the third week now with no response. I have called Kathy Dowden (817-317-3388) the HR person who has my letter. She has said that she will respond to it. I am still waiting. Sent all communications that are involved with this fiasco to the Plant manager. Have also contacted the Americans with Disibilities. All I want is a daytime work schedule instead of 5:00PM to 11:00PM. So I can maintain my glucose with more efficiency. It would be very helpfull if someone from your agency could contact Kathy Dowden and explain to her that while I'm waiting for her to make some kind of a decesion my sugar levels are very hard to control!
09/23/2007  I am a diabetic,however I do not use medication yet,I only monitor it with a monertoring devise,but Medicare refuses to pay for achahol wipes needed. nd this is needed to maitain the montering when skin is punchered for testing.What do we do about this?
09/24/2007  For several years I have been getting my medication, which included Metformin, Lantus and Prandin, from the pharmaceutical company producing each medication. Now I'm told that because I am eligible for Medicare D (I am disabled) the will no longer provide the necessary medication. I've explained to them that I live on a minimum income and that the premium for the medicare D as well as the copays for the meds are just too much for me to handle. They still refuse. Do you know of any other source for necessary medications? Thanks.
09/24/2007  I need to get some information concerning my daughters 504 plan"field trips"thankyou
09/24/2007  We are the parent of an 8 years old who was diagnosed 3 years ago just before she began Kindergarten. Through K-2 grades there was a NURSE at my child's school. The district moved the MH classes out of our daughters school so a "nurse" is no longer required. So, this year there is NOT a nurse at our school. There is a full-time health aid. The health aid has been doing this for 14 years and NEVER dealt with a diabetic child. There is a nurse who oversees our school but is not housed at our school. I (mom) have been sitting at my child's school 7 hours a day EVERYDAY since school began on August 23rd. I have left for ONLY brief times over the past 4.5 weeks. OUR QUESTION: WHY do the ADA and our Endocrinologist's NOT support having a NURSE in schools where there are children with Type 1 Diabetes? WHY? Our school health aid is being "trained" by the nurse a little bit here and there. The nurse has "identified" a "core group" of school personnel who want to be "trained." We've also been told "nothing is going to happen quickly." Please do not misunderstand, my husband and I totally believe in training people in how to handle a diabetic emergency. Much like people are encouraged to train in CPR. HOWEVER, is this "training" suppose to make us feel confident that we can leave our child at school and she is completely covered for those 7 hours everyday, 5 days a week? A building that houses over 400 other students? After this "training" the nurse is going to be able to handle whatever diabetic emergency comes up along with all the other health duties that need to be handled ? ? ? ? WHY is type 1 diabetes, in our schools, being treated with such insignificance? WHY are "trained" lay people considered appropriate healthcare for our Type 1 Diabetic children? AGAIN...OUR QUESTION: WHY do the ADA and our Endocrinologist's NOT support having a NURSE in schools where there are children with Type 1 Diabetes? WHY? We are TRY so hard to wrap our minds around this and finding it IMPOSSIBLE ! PLEASE help us understand ! Larry and Dianne Dysart Central OHIO
09/26/2007  My son Sam 15 years of age was diagnoised with type 1 diabeties three weeks ago. He is at a boarding school, I styed with him for 3 weeks to insure he knew how to manage. I have since come home and a few time Sam has drop really low and this has cause him to have to stay at the schools wellness center overnight so they can check his levels during the night. I got a call today saying they had a meeting and that there maybe a possiable that he would have to come home, that it may be to much for them to handle. Can they do this? He's so happy there and it would break his heart if he were not allowed to stay. Thanks so much Sherry Molina
09/27/2007  We need some advise. my grandson is 16 and been diabetic since 5 yrs. on a dare yesterday at school he put his hand down his pants and put his finger out through his zipper and was EXPELLED from school. His sugar was low. Please get back to us as soon as possible as he needs to get back in school. Thank you , Margaret E. Reynolds
09/29/2007  My questions are as follows: Is your organization a non-profit non governmental agency? And is your organization working along side the National Program of Healthy People 2010? Are you addressing their objectives in Diabetes Education? Sincerely, Jason Lindsey
10/01/2007  Hello, I am very concerned about my grandmother who has diabetes. She has had an open wound that the local hospital has been treating for 2 months now. They have now told her that if the infection doesn't clear within this week that they will have to remove her leg. My question is how do we know that this is the only option for her? She is 96 years old and the pain is just killing her. She has had open heart surgery and now has a pacemaker. I am very concerned as we live aways away from bigger facilities with more experienced doctors and just want to know if there are other options for her. I really can't see her making it through the surgery let alone just being put under. The wound is about 3 inches long and 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide, it is almost greenish looking and they are just treating it by changing the dressing every other day and it has no had air since they have started treating her. This has been for 2 months now. I still think that maybe a heat lamp or something would help to get a little air instead of constantly keeping the wound dressed. Please if you have any idea if there would be another option I would greatly appreciate it. Also if there is any further information I could send you I would be more than happy to. Thanks So Very Much, I love my Gram very much and hate seeing her in pain as well as living with the idea of losing her leg. Paula Levasseur
10/03/2007  No, I do not have a problem with the website.
10/03/2007  I received advertisement for the following people. Please delete them from your list, They are not at this address or company Jim Coe Bryan Dietner Akahi Droskey Amber Droskey Ron Fujimoto Braeden Joines Richard Jones Arlene Keanini Akahi Keanini Lincoln Keanini Reginald Kirkman Kathy Lagundimao George Mann Venus Mann Rex Murray Audrey Murray Lori Navaja Kelly Spears Gregor Thomson Claire Yara
10/04/2007  I just signed up to be an advocat. I will i know if it went through pat utzke
10/24/2007  I've been released from my job because in a month 3times i called in late and 1 time i did not call in because of hypoglycimic shock in my sleep.Where do i go and what do i do?
10/04/2007  I am interested in being a parent volunteer/advocate for my county How can i go about doing this?
10/07/2007  Hello, Please tell me if this falls under ADA. I am covered by my husband's medical ins. However, they only cover 50% of my Diabetes testing supplies; so I no longer test. 50 cents per strip is just more than we can do. Any thoughts. We do not qualify for any programs. Pharm companies won't help as we have insurance. Thanks so much and wish you a pleasant day. Mrs. Olszak
10/09/2007  i am wondering how our center could get information for SDPI programs for hypertension and diabetes programs. i was reading about one on the flathead reservation in diabetes forecast. thank, ida reighard north american indian alliance urban center
10/14/2007  I have a friend whose son is imprisoned in Connecticut. He is hospitalized with a BG reading of over 700. The diet they are giving him consists of grits and white bread. My friend is beside herself with worry as there is no way for her to advocate for her son's care. My son is a diabetic and the care she's describing seems completely contraray to established standards. Is there any way you can advocate for her? Her lawyer says there is no legal way for him to become involved. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
10/16/2007  i need a source of emergency financialhelp
10/17/2007  where can i find help with my diabetes that is killing me. MY dr told me that If I do'nt get lapband I will not be here in a few years. the more insulin I take the more weight I put on. I will be gettinh medacal by the end of the month but cant find hospital that will take medcal for the lap band . needing HELP BILL MCCUNE 530 246 3362
10/18/2007  Health Insurance: I recently relocated to take a job in Fla. The health insurance plan has a 1-yr pre-existing illness clause, unless I can provide proof of insurance coverage w/ i the last yr. My last insurance coverage ended 13 mos. ago. I now cannot be covered for any diabetes-related expense for the next year. My ophthalmologist is recommending treatment for retinopathy -- which it seems I'll have to pay out of pocket. This hardly seems equitable to me -- under this ins. plan, I could obtain immediate coverage if I was pregnant. Or, I could quit my job and obtain Medicaid coverage. I could not afford the $600/mo cobra fee when my last insurance ended and thought I would find work more quickly than I did. When I applied for the state insurance pool where I was living, I found out I would have had to apply within 6 mos. of losing my insurance. Indeed, I did investigate the pool within that time period, but delayed deciding upon it, because it could not inform me if it covered diabetes supplies. I also had difficulty locating a private insurer who would cover me. It seems I've suffered from a lack of information -- had I known about the pool's requirements, about the pre-exisiting requirements, etc etc. -- perhaps I would have made different decisions. It's easy to fall through the 'cracks', despite one's educational level. The system feels discriminatory -- why should I be prevented from seeking care for the only issue that threatens my health -- and is not induced by poor health habits? I'm still trying to figure out how I'll pay for laser treatment ---- thanks for listening --- A. Neil
10/19/2007  Hi, My daughter is a kinder student. She was recently given the California English Learner Development Test (CELDT). The school did not advised me that she was going to be taking a test. Thus, in her 504 plan I just requested to have my daugther moniter and injected for lunch time. Initially I was up set because my daughter speaks english fluently and I knew she did not meet the criteria to take the test according to the state. However, Los Angeles Unified School District has been testing children that are exposed to a second language even though the children are fluent in English. My daughter did not pass the test. When I saw the results something tells me that her test is not congruent. She responded well to all the sections except in the category where there were 20 questions, She scored 0. Thus, first of all she is a kinder with a short attention span but additionally she has diabetes type 1. I called LAUSD to let them know that I felt my daughter was in disadvantage becuase I did not request any test accommotations. Basically they said that she could not repeat that part of the testing. Pretty much I feel that they did not care for not be able to meet her needs. My daughter failed the test with about 13points. Thus, now she has been labeled an English learner. According to the state that program is for children that do not speak English at home but LAUSD has taken advantage of the freedom that the state gives them to implement the program. What else can I do? At school they feel I am making a big deal but I honestly feel that my daughter could have done a lot better if she would have been given the proper acommotations. I did not expect her to be tested in kinder. I do not know if she got stress due to her diabetes or if she was just being a normal kinder student that lost interest after 15-20 minutes. Thus any how I feel that it is a ridiculus test for kinders to take and many teachers and parents feel that the test is not accurate. Please help! Yesenia Castellanos
10/20/2007  I think you need to advertise more - I was looking for Diabetic Testing Equipment - and found your site! You have alot of information that needs to be out there more :) Best Wishes!
01/02/2008  What costs/expenses should I expect to incur while attending the 2008 Call to Congress (if I am invited to attend)?
10/23/2007  can we change our password i will never remember the one you sent me.
10/24/2007  I received a call today from a Sabina or Sabine from the Long Island reference to a fax letter I sent them. She recommended sending it to the Advocacy group. The letter is below. Please forward to the correct people or let me know the email address. Thanks. October 24, 2007 Paula Grandin, Manager Davis Vision 536 Rt. 111 Hauppauge, NY 11787 Dear Paula: I am writing to formally request a reasonable accommodation for my disabling condition (diabetes) that is recognized by Federal and State laws governing reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities. Although I am otherwise qualified for my position, my varied work hours limit my ability to follow a regular pattern of sleep, diet, and medication, (causing fatigue and blood sugar complications due to meal times and the inability to take my medication during regularly scheduled meals). I am requesting a weekday schedule of 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM to alleviate complications caused by my medical condition. In addition to alleviating diabetic problems caused by my current work hours, a schedule ending before dark will also alleviate my vision problem while driving at night (which may or may not be affected by my diabetes). While there are other obstacles associated with my condition, I have, so far, been able to work around them and foresee no further complications (at this time) should I receive reasonable accommodation. According to the American's With Disabilities Act: Employers are required to make "reasonable accommodation" if requested by an employee with a disability, unless the accommodation would cause an "undue hardship" on the employer because of significant difficulty or expense. The accommodations that people with diabetes need are usually easy and inexpensive. For example, a person with diabetes might require accommodations such as:  Breaks to check blood glucose levels, eat a snack, or go to the bathroom.  The ability to keep diabetes supplies and food nearby.  The opportunity to work a modified schedule or to work a standard shift. From my experience with Davis Vision, I know that a modified schedule that I requested would not put an undue hardship on the company since there are employees who work several days at the time I requested, at least one employee scheduled for three 9-5:30 days. If you would like medical verification of my disability, I can provide you with the appropriate documentation upon your request. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I would appreciate a response to this letter within one week so that I can be as efficient in my job as possible.
10/26/2007  is there any facility for a free diabetes testing please let me know i live in elizabeth new jersey
10/31/2007  Can you tell me the current status of the Americans with Disabilities Act Restoration Act? Thank you
11/02/2007  I have a question? I am currently unemployeed. I worked for Wal-Mart for almost 5 years ever since I started working for them I was given a hard tome they refused to give me breaks and one instance they told me it was not lunch time even though I explained to them it had been more than 6 hours since I took my insulin asnd ate breakfast and the manager at that time said he did not care and I ended up having an accident hurting my arm and shoulder. They tried to fight it but lost. Efer since than they made it hard on me. Finally last year they fired me first saying I did not do my job correctly tney forgot I was on security cameras when the job was being done and they had to pay unemployment .They than accused me of micondut and again lost thier case but I am still unemployeed and can not find a job. Last month my insurance ran out and I am now unable to afford my medications and am putting a hardship on ,my parents who are on a fixed income they are both retired I need help Ray
11/06/2007  My niece is 25 and has had Juvenile Diabetes since she was 10. She is married and has one child (very difficult pregnancy and early c-section). Her husband's insurance through his work has changed to BC/BS and they will no longer pay for her insulin. It is $400.00 per month and they do not have the money for this not do any family members. What options are available to her? She will not live without her insulin. HELP
11/07/2007  Is there any events at congress in the new future where they will advocate for diabetes support? I would like to bring me son.
11/07/2007  my lil girl w type 1 passed on july 13,2007 im a mom still waiting for the autopsy reports she 13 CHEYENNE R PARLIN
11/07/2007  Quick question - My employer-University of California-has a yearly monetary award program for employees that do not use sick leave. Most of us with pre-existing conditions never qualify do to illness, appointments, etc. Is a program like this acceptable? Thank you
11/08/2007  I was recently released from prison, my conviction overturned by the Supreme Court. I am without any health insurance and, in fact, the prison lost my wallet and I have no id, ss card or anything else. I have no means because of this to receive help for supplies and medications. Because of 'red tape' it is going to take several weeks to gather documentation. The only thing I have is a certified birth certificate. It would be good to see a special department on the web for special problems such as mine. In addition, the diabetic who died because he could not get his meds in the Ramsey County Jail - I experienced the same thing in a Kentucky prison!
11/13/2007  Need information that will help me get an I.D. braclet in my area. Also interested in free cookbooks that TennCare or Medicaid will cover.
11/13/2007  this web site is great, my husband is a brittle diabetic and at 26 has already been diagnosed with new illnesses from the complications of diabetes. I wish there was moe the government would do gor these people. I have to pay for all his meds out of pocket because since he started to receive SSI we now have a spend down that i usually reach, considering he is in the hospital every 3 mths to get nutriants put in his body to saty alive. Thanks for the support, Keep fighting!
11/16/2007  I am a Type I who struggled through the early days of the insulin pump in having it approved for my care 26 years ago. After 45 years with the disease, nerve damage has left me with hypoglycemia unawareness so as soon as glucose sensors became available to anyone who would pay for them, I signed on, and they have literally saved my life on numerous occasions. I've been fighting Tricare (military) insurance to cover costs at the same rate that my insulin pump is covered. They claim they can't because they're too new, unproven, and "luxury" items. I got nowhere writing the Surgeon General (who wears an insulin pump) and going through a lenghty appeals process, with denial after denial. I can no longer work and am still in the Social Security Disability appeals process waiting for a hearing date for over a year. Meanwhile, my teaching retirement is only $300 per month, yet my retired Colonel and I find the sensors too important NOT to have, so the $365 for 10 of them (a month's supply) takes priority over all else. One agency, Foundation Care, covered them for one month recently as part of my pharmacy benefit for the usual $9 co-pay, but now they and Tricare say they can no longer do that. Tricare says they made a "mistake". I'd like to hear how the ADA might advocate for people like me who need these sensors. If we need to start a group, I'd be willing to head it. I just need some direction. Thanks.
11/20/2007  I am not an advocate but I am a person living with diabetes and have been discriminated against in the workplace because of my diabetes. I currently have a claim with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing against the Los Angeles Unified School District and was wondering if your association provides any sort of support in such cases.
11/28/2007  I am looking for qny kind of help concerning the insulin pump. My Medicaid will not pay for one and my docotr feels that I would benefit from this more than the regular injections. If you have any infomation on any kind of help that is available, please let me know. Thank you!
11/29/2007  My daughter is in a correctional facility. She has been sent to ER 3 OUT OF 4 NIGHTS for hypoglycemia.She had a seizure and no recollection. Her coverage was cut each time. Out of fright she ate before bed including a bag of M & Ms and still went low?I'm scared with her. Any one out there who can help or advice us
12/01/2007  I havw done allot of resarch regarding this disease....Is there any seminars in my area that I can speak at?
12/01/2007  Hello, I'm Kristina and I have 1 type diabetes but I'll come at USA next summer, please, tell me what I have to do the first to take medicine and insulines for my life. Where I need to go? And what I shall to do? Because I'm not a citizen of America yet, so thank you very much!
12/03/2007  no problem with the web .i need help with a on going court case with a child support judge i am on disabiity my children recieve monthly checks now the state is making me pay more out of my check he issues monthly warrents for due to me not being able to appear in his court room which is a 110 miles away ive explained to him that i have neuropathy in my feet and have doctors orders not to drive also does not allow me to use cell phone to appear and with rent and child support i have no medical or no medication for my diabetes for the last 3 months please can some one help me thank you henry avalos
12/03/2007  G2 Promotional Marketing is teaming up with Kraft Foods and Winn-Dixie Pharmacy to deliver a series of in-store health fairs, in an effort to educate shoppers about Diabetes and to offer food and meal solutions for those who are living with Diabetes. More specifically, our agency is creating a booklet to hand out at these in-store events that includes healthy living tips, diabetic-approved Kraft brands and recipes, and coupons all of which are geared towards improving the quality of life for those living with Diabetes. Winn-Dixie is interested in including the ADA logo on the booklet to further educate shoppers about the resources available for those living with Diabetes. My question for you is, what sort of approval process is involved in gaining rights to use the ADA logo for this particular booklet? If you are not the appropriate contact, could you please point me in the right direction of who might be able to provide the approval process/requirements for using the ADA logo? I have been searching the ADA website, but have not been able to find anything related to logo usage. Any feedback or assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated! Please feel free to contact me at or 312-229-8510. Thank You, Jennifer Jennifer Cook Associate | Account Management G2 Promotional Marketing 225 W. Illinois Street Chicago, IL 60610 / USA T +1 312 229 8510 F +1 312 229 8686 E
12/04/2007 This is a link to Howard Co schools which has banned all outside food and drink from all sports events and all events of school grounds. Diabetics needs are not provided for,
12/06/2007  HOw can I /we get assistance to change the Department of Education regulations about IDDM, bus drivers??? By their regs, My husbands HA1c had gone from 5.4 to 6.2 over the past year. I have explored all available to me about the Oregon Administrative Rules governing CBG testing and numbers needed to be able to drive. In order to raise his CBG to be within their limits he has to NOT take the Lantus insulin. The oregon admin rules are: 581-053-0002(5)(C)(b) page 6(F)(i) Lines 36,37,38. Page 7,line 7,8,9, HbA1c test values of between 5.9 & 9.6... HELP. These state regulations are the PITS. While he is within these guidelines, his diabetes is not in as good control as they used to be... Thank you for your help,
12/09/2007  My daughter is a member of ADA. She has been a Type 1 diabetic for 12 years, and strives for tight control. This year she is attending graduate school at Agnes Scott College, a small private school in Atlanta, Ga. She was told by the person who handles disability students at Agnes Scott that she looked healthy, and that 504 plans did not apply to Agnes Scott since they are a private school. The disabilities person explained the way Agnes Scott College handles disabilities. My daughter was told to go to her teachers and explain her medical condition. If the teacher wants to make accommodations it is up to her/him. Whatever happens, the teacher's say is always final. We never had these problems at the University of Georgia when she was an undergraduate student. She had a 504 plan and used it twice in the 4 years it took to get her biology degree - once when she had biochem and organic chem finals back to back on the same day, and another when her blood glucose level was exessive. My daughter feels uncomfortable discussing all the nuances of her medical condition with her teachers. She already ran into one problem with a cell biology exam she had to take when she was running a blood glucose level of 480+. The insensitivity is new to us and my daughter does not even know if it's legal to require her to discuss her medical condition with her teachers. Are there advocacy groups in the Atlanta area that you could direct us to? I couldn't find this on the website. Thank you. Gayle Esposito
12/11/2007  I have a question about the information requested for a new Florida drivers license. On your website you mentioned briefly that Florida used to have specific guidelines for diabetes but had dropped the policy (not quoting). When I tried to register online there was a specific question about whether I was "insulin-dependent". I've taken insulin for 42 years and am extremely reponsible about testing glucose and driving. I am concerned that this is placing me into an "impaired condition" with the state of FL that I don't wish to be placed. It is very unclear as to how the info is used. They state in the general license info that one may "request" to have insulin-dependent noted on the license...which I think is a good idea for emergency personnel. But, is that information placing me in a negative category with the state and will it require further medical backup each year? The info is very vague on the website. I would like to know more about how Florida deals with insulin-dependent drivers (with a good record) before I visit the DMV. Thanks, Catherine Whitt Type 1 - 42 years and a perfect driving record!
12/12/2007  We need help. My daughter was employed by Frederick Memorial Hospital (Frederick MD) as a CMA for a doctor's office in Union Bridge MD. She was in her 90 day probabion period when she became sick from diabetes realated health issues. She had never been sick or missed work because of diabetes before. She was hospitalized twice within 2 weeks (4 days each), then contracted C-diff (antibiotic resistant infection). Her doctor and the CDC would not allow her to return to work for two additional weeks. The hospital fired her for "missing too many days" upon her doctor's note that she could return to work. I have no doubt that she was fired because FMH is a self insured organization and she was costing them too much money. She is in the COBRA program, but they have began to deny her bills. Her pancrease is dead and she was prescribed an insulin pump--which the hospital's insurance front deemed "not medically necessary". Who can I get help from?
12/13/2007  Dear Sir or Madam: I have a question in regards to my legal rights. I recently went for a pre-employment physical. I have uncontrolled diabetes as I have not been monitoring my diabetes as I should. The doctor that performed the physical stated that he will not sign a paper saying that I am physically fit to work until I get my HG A1C below 8. I do not know my level as it has been a while since I have seen a doctor. Other than my diabetes I have no other physical ailments. I am perfectly able to work. I feel that this doctor is discriminating against me. I understand I should see a doctor and keep my diabetes up, however, I do not feel that a doctor should have the right to state that I am not physically fit just because I have no seen a diabetic doctor. I have had to borrow money from family to get an appointment with a doctor and to get the blood work done. If the blood work comes back at the level the doctor doesn't like, then it is highly likely that this doctor will say I'm not physically able to work. I feel that this is completely ridiculous and discriminates against diabetics. Doctors are not cheap. $70 for an office visit and about $80 for lab work. This is not even taking in to account the costs for purchasing a machine and strips as well as regular diabetic necessities such as insulin and needles. I find it easy for doctors like the one I encountered to have such a harsh attitude when they don't have the financial burdens I have. I would like to know if there is any legal ramifications on my part? Regards, Nicholas P. Hillebran
12/16/2007  My 19yr old child with type 1 diabetes was put on standby for a flight. Her original flight was delayed due to airline staff issues. When she was on the jet way she was told she could not take on her carry on. She informed the staff she had medical supplies and it could not be checked. They said they didn't care, she had to check the bag. She didn't know what to do so she left the plane. This caused her to miss an international flight and delay travel by three days. What were her rights if any? I would like to know as she does travel and this issue could arise again.
12/18/2007  how do i apply for the call to congress in 2008
12/21/2007  I'm a SW at a VA outpatient clinic and a new diabetic patient would like to get more strips to check her blood sugars, as she only gets two a week from her health care provider. She doesn't qualify for Medicaid but is low income. Can you suggest a program or way for her to get more strips for free? Tracy Mahoney
12/28/2007  Question? My daughter, Sarah - 6yrs old - 1st grade, attends a private religious school in Paterson, NJ. They only have a nurse present 2 days a week for only 3 hours each day. 3 days there is no nurse and no nurse the mornings or afternoon even on days she is there. Either my wife or myself take care of Sarah's diabetes needs during non-nurse times. How can I get the school to have either more personel trained in diabetes care, they are unwilling, or get more funds to have more nursing services? What are our rights? I don't know how to find out if they receive federal dollars for sec 501?
12/28/2007  I have a patient whom Lives in Apple Valley, Calif. He was receiving strips for free and the magazine. Now he has nothing, and does not remember how to contact the correct source. His name is Arthur Erivez and DOB 7/29/55. Please contact me ASAP!!!!!
01/01/2008  Hello. I have a question. I need to take the assessment/placement test at the community college. The test is timed. I get 5 hours. I explained to the adviser that I am a diabetic and will need to take a break during the test to eat at least once maybe twice and asked if I could have extra time on the test to make up for the time i need to take to eat, since i HAVE to eat,it's not a option. The adviser told me No,I do not get extra time on the test. What are my options? There has to be some law that allows me to make up this time! Is Diabetes mentioned in the americans with disiabilities act?
01/07/2008  I have a question regarding reasonable accomodations in the workplace. My husband is a type two diabetic (actually they suspect that he is a third type of diabetic that starts as a type two and then medically mimics a type one). In spite of the fact that we take his diet and exercise very seriously, his illness seems to progress. Presently he tests 4 times a day and takes insulin 4 times per day. My husband works as a correctional officer. Recently he was put on a fast acting insulin. Up until this point he was able to keep his supplies in his car and test when needed. However, he was recently put on a fast acting insulin and now has to worry about going low very quickly. My husband approached his employer about identifying a location in which he could test and administer insulin in private. He was told to keep his medical supplies in his locker and do whatever he needed to. Maybe this is as good as it gets in the workplace. I am a teacher and very familiar with 504 in the school setting. Our concern in that other staff members should be able to access his insulin and tester if he becomes unable to do so himself. In addition, he wants privacy and does not want others to see him. I am concerned at the sanitary conditions near the lockers. My question is whether or not it is reasonable to request a private location and that coworkers are aware of the location of his supplies in case he goes low and can't access them. We do not want to impose on the system or cause unnecessary stress on others. There is a medical clinic at the jail. My thought is that this might be a good location for storing his supplies and testing. In addition, other staff members could be made aware to call the medical unit if he is in trouble. I appreciate your thoughts on this matter. Thank you in advance for your help. Sincerely, Beth Green
01/09/2008  I would Love to both Doante and Become a Advocate, Only One Problem? Is the ADA doing Anything to Lobby Our Federal Goverment to allow T1 Diabetics to Get Medicare coverage, regardless of their Age and not have to wait until Retirement age? I am fully aware of all the other Limited Coverage programs, just direct your reply as a yes or No Please.. and if No, why not? Thank you
01/11/2008  I have a friend in prison who would like to receive diabetes information and assistance. His blood sugar has been regularly in the 600s despite oral medication and insulin injections. He may not be receiving proper dietary considerations. He is also unaware of what he can do to help himself. For instance, they ordered a pizza and he did not know he should not eat it! I sent information from the web site when he was in jail, but he did not receive it. Can he be sent an information packet directly from you? He would like 1) information about diabetes care and 2) would like to be in touch with you for support at the prison. Address: KEN RAVEN #67105 H2A 215 LCCF 69 W. Millew Drive Hobbs, NM 88244 We would be grateful for your help. Please let me know if you are able to help. Thanks, Raven
01/31/2008  N/A
01/15/2008  Do you have an office in Wisconsin or nearby that would be interested in supporting a bill for waiving Wisconsin's sovereign immunity to suit under the ADA that will soon be introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature (Assembly). You can call me at (608) 662-2285 Thanks, Steve Porter
01/17/2008  My wife has been diabetic for over 40 years. Over the last three weeks she has had big problems with low blood sugars.Finally we decided to try a new bottle of insulin, but the same batch number, No change!! We then tried another bottle with a diferant batch number, Now she is getting better. the company says there is no recall on this batch A357808 Date 12-2008 . Maybe there should be!!! Pleas look into this. THANK YOU!
01/20/2008  Do you have advocates in the Philadelphia, PA area that can help with an appeal to my insurance company for coverage? I need to know ASAP as they say i have 15 days to appeal the denial
01/20/2008  I would like some help,please. I resigned appropriately from my former job & they are not sending my Cobra paperwork. I was told "just get your own ins"-I was refused coverage & would just like my cobra. It has been since 10-31-07 can you help??
01/21/2008  My son is a Type 1 diabetic. His insurance company sent him a notice that his insurance would increase when he turned 30 yrs. I don't remember exactly how much the increase was, but it was substantial. He is not covered by any group insurance because he is an independent contractor. Is there anything he can do to challenge this increase? Thank you for your response. Delia Borruso 916-543-3035
01/22/2008  My husband has diabetes and has been turned down for a lap band procedure to lose weight. We want to file an appeal. What is the best way to do this?
01/22/2008  I was recently in a jail in Picayune, MS. I am a 37 year old type 1 diabetic. I was refused my insulin several times which means I couldn't eat in order to keep my blood glucose down. I was also denied my high blood pressure medicine and in the proper dosages. I slept on a stone platform, no pillow or blanket freezing cold. They had NO resource to check my blood sugar as I had requested. They simply asked what do you take? I stated my insulin is based on a sliding scale based on a test of my blood sugar. I had to "guess" as to what my sugar was doing. I know that I would have died in there if I stayed any longer. Do I have rights under section 1983 part 42? This made me quite ill while being there. Is there any legal recourse for me? I don't want this to happen to anyone else. Hearing cries for medicine and better conditions was enough. Thanks Craig Shofstall
01/24/2008  I was recently declined through Prudential Life Insurance company for life insurance because of having type 1 diabetes, and that was the only reason. I have been in excellent health over the last 10 years, my A1C has been under six for the last five years. I need to know if there are any life insurance companies that will insure a type 1 diabetic in good control with otherwise a healthy life style? And, how do I get in contact with them?
01/26/2008  I was looking at your web site and find it very interesting. I have a problem maybe you can direct me in the right direction. I just found out I have type 2 Diabeties. My problem is I have no insurance to help with any of the medical supplies. Is there a program or company out there that will help me get what i need to take care of myself? Thank You Brenda Grimsley
01/27/2008  My 7 year old daughter has type 1 diabetes and we are looking into getting her a pump. BCBS will pay $1500. for DME and the pump is $6100. How do they get away with this??? Her MD would also like her to have a CGM as she has hypoglycemia unawareness, that is an additional $1000, that doesnt even cover the monthly supplies of over $300. My husband has MS, he is disabled, we self pay for insurance $1700 a month and have to chose between a wheelchair for him and a pump for her. Its heartwrenching! How can we get our insurance to pay more! thanks Jackie
01/28/2008  I believe the ADA website has alot of info for the families with diabeties. But the google would not let me look up diff. type log sheets or even insulin? Hope they are really working on filling in all thier info fully. I think that the hosp.,Doctors,ie:medical,eyes,dentist...etc assoc. with diabeties are taking advantage of state and federally provided ins. monies of children with diabeties. Example: my son seen eye doctor for check up and was issued glasses he did not need. The prescription was boosted for the sale not his own benefit. Please advise an be aware!!
01/28/2008  I need information on how to apply for a grant or donation of an insulin pump for my daughter that has type 1 diabetes and no insurance. She's 24 yo, uninsured, and has experienced significant complications from diabetes. A physician told us there may be an opportunity to get a donated pump. Thanks, Kristi
02/01/2008  Actually I have a question. I am insulin dependant diabetic, recently I lost my job for false positive on breathalyzer. Had reading of .005 and .004. I do not drink , after I left the plant I went directly to the doctors office and had blood work done which came back 0% ethenol. I am as you would imagine fighting for my job. I have found several articals that support that diabetics can have false positives. I know if I file for unemployment with my test results I will win that claim. My employer was informed that I had diabetes when I was going through physical for pre employment. Based on zero tolerance I have lost my job. If I do not win my job back is there anything else that I can do? I can's help that a diabetic's body chemistry is different than other peoples. I also know that if I have to find other employment this could be an issue again, not just for me but other diabetics. If you could please assist me I would greatly appreciate it.
02/02/2008  Is there any resource to obtain medicals & doctor visits etc for lower cost? My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 2 year ago. The co-payments are $50 for doctor visits medicines Etc. He is 15 yrs old .I would like to know if there are any resources to help us financially? Are there any low cost summer camps? They are barely getting by with all the extra cost of the medical care & drugs etc.We live on the south shore of Nassau County, Long Island NY.
02/06/2008  I have agroup of members of a diabetis fundation in Ecuador. They are tring to get funds to continue tha assistence and awareness of the desease in their country . They have ask me to help them ,to put them in contact to get assistance of any kind with medicenes, wheel chairs etc. Could guide me to where I should go to get them assistance? Sincerely Mrs. Maria Y. Hogan
02/07/2008  i am a disabled veteran but because i donot treat my diabetis with injections the veterans Administration will not provide me with monitoring equipment i can get a free monitor but are unable to get the lances and test stripes. is there a mens to get these items provided. i can not afford to buy the items because with my income i donot have the dollars to raise from the poverty roles.
02/10/2008  I'm a long-time (28 years) Type I diabetic, who is under good control, but suffers from hypoglycemic unawareness. Recently I suffered a severe hypoglycemic episode at work. I have almost no memory of the events that took place, but a female employee present during the episode has since filed a sexual harassment complaint against me, apparently based on my using "inappropriate language" during the episode. My employers know I am a diabetic (I was hospitalized about a year ago for a similar episode), and asked me what to look out for. I told them to be aware of odd behavior, etc. I don't know what to do about this; I feel I'm treated as a harasser, when I don't know (and noone will tell me) what I said or did during the episode! Can you give me some advice or tell me who to contact for help? Thanks.
02/12/2008  I have 4 yr old who should be in pre-school in September. I have plenty of preschools in our area, however none receive federal funds, except the public preschool. The private preschools will take her, but none are willing to test or give her medicine if needed. The public preschool has refused her, saying she doesn't fit the criteria for admittance, i.e- financial need. Is there anything I can do to gain her admittance. I understand financial need, but I feel that the result is the same even though we can afford private preschool- she cannot go to a preschool under her condition without someone trained in Diabetes on site. If you could steer me in the right direction i would appreciate it.
02/26/2008  Hello, I am already an advocate. I recently had the email address: I applied for the Call to Congress under this email and I am worried that a response will not get to me due to the email address changing. My new email address is: I really do want to go to call for congress this year. I am even working at a Diabetes Center in Brentwood, Tn and doing a lot with this company for Diabetic Patients over the age of 65. My updated phone number is: 615-739-6230. Can you get me to the right place?
02/18/2008  Im trying to find out a contact number of someone who helps people deal with employment discrimination.i have many questions due to a situation i am involved in.i was let go from my job after a maternity leave because they said i couldnt perform my job anymore because i remained on insulin. thank you in advance.
02/19/2008  I was needing to know where a disabled person with no medical insurance and no income could possibly get syrings and testing strips for free?
02/20/2008  No
02/25/2008  I would like know if there is a local advocate in Louisville Kentucky with the American Diabetes Assoc. My ex-wife and myself believe that my son is being discrimated against in his school. Summary: The Special Education Group believe the reason my can not learn is because he is a diabetic. His diabetic specialist wrote the school that diabetes is not the reason that our son can't learn. Now our son per them is not qualified to recieve any additional help in school. Please inform me of any local Advocate that would be willing to listen to our case. Thank you for your time.
02/26/2008  I have son in a military academy that was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of 19. I am looking for a diabetes expert that can help establish his fitness for duty to serve in the military. If that is reasonable. His desire is to complete his academy training and become an active duty officer. The service is considering his early dismissal.
02/27/2008  Maybe you can help me. I'm 63 years old without any form on insurance. My insulin is costing me $98 a month. My income has been cut in-half due to going from 40 hrs per week to 20 hrs per week. I thought I would qualify for a medical card but I was turned down. I now must wait until I'm 65 or cut more hours. I certainly cannot cut anymore hours. I just had a mini stroke and my blood sugar was over 800 when I went into the hospital. Is there anywhere that I might obtain assistant to help with my insulin. I have no idea where to turn. Thank you for your time. Sincerely Ella Gregory
03/04/2008  I am trying to personalize the letter to decision makers,and the computer allows me to highlight the areas that I am supposed to personalize, but won't delete these areas or let me type in what I want. Any suggestions?
03/05/2008  Do you have any information as to why this year 2008 Medicare moved Byetta from a levil 2 to a levil 3 medication causing a monthly cost increase of $170.00. No one at my insurance company knows who makes these decisions only that they get a list from the state telling them what levil drugs are to be copayed on. The state of Va who negoates my insurance as I retired from Va goverment service. tells me the same thing only they get there list from Medicare. But dont have a contact person at medicare. Medicare tell me that the only waay they change drug coverage levils is if there is a generic or the drug is found to be dangerious or inefective. According to the pharmacist he has no information to either or these conditions exhisting. A response would be appreciated.
03/05/2008  need help with schllo issues we were turned down for a 504 my child is in 6 grade novi meadows novi mich HELP///moms cell 248-719-1185
03/11/2008  Love your web site- thank you for your tremendous efforts! I have been personally afflicted with Type 1 for almost 40 years now and would love to help any way I can!! I stand proud and healthy because of your efforts!!
03/13/2008  I don't need any advocacy with my diabetes I need adocacy with my other medical problems that I have
03/18/2008  I would like to speak with an advocate in regards to getting the proper care through my HMO.
03/20/2008  My husband may have been discriminated aganst. Who can we contact for information on this subject. He is a type 1, on a insulin pump. He was sent to the hospital with a psychological problem. The hospital that could help him would not take him because of the pump.
03/26/2008  Why can't diabetic adults with Medicaid primary receive a pair of shoes yearly as do those on Medicare? Wouln't it be cost effective as a diabetes preventative to issue a pair of shoes? As a Certified Pedorthist, I have to turn away several people a week who are Medicaid primary. These people need a thorough exam, education on foot care, and properly fitting shoes to help prevent amputations. A pair of shoes (which includes an examination and education) is much cheaper than a hospital stay/and/or amputation.
03/28/2008  can i change my passworrd to something i want it to be?
03/31/2008  I am contacting you to find support for my cause. I am the mother of a 7year old who has type 1 diabetes. He was diagnosed in August 2007 and started school as a first grader in the the same month. I am currently advocating for a full time nurse in his school. He has a nurse who splits her time between two schools here in town and is not always available at my son's school. I have had to go in and train the school staff on caring for my son. The staff is not comfortable to be able to care for him in times of need. To complicate his needs, he also has a peanut allergy and needs an epi-pen and a school plan for that as well. I understand that the national average for nurse to student ratio is 1 nurse per 750 students approximately. I also understand that here in Wyoming we beat that average, but that number does not take into account how many of those students are special needs and the distance that the nurse has to travel to meet the needs of all the students. I have been told by our School Administration that there is not room in our budget for a full-time nurse, as our budget is based on enrollment. I am currently seeking other funding for this cause and would like some help. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Jamie DeVries
03/31/2008  I have diabetes and my manger including my management chain is aware of my disease. I currently have Family Medical Leave Act paperwork filed with my employer. In a recent (with the last 7 days) 2007 annual review of my performance, I negative assessment, for what my manager perceived as not providing customer service to my peers. This refers to days I was absent from work because of my diabetes and using FMLA leave. I believe this to be discrimination on the basis of my disease? My manager has indicated that the days I were absent and on FMLA leave a directly related to the negative review. Please advise?
04/04/2008  It has been my experience that the ADA is not very good at answering inquiries.
04/07/2008  I'd like to volunteer for advocacy, but I can't seem to find the right place. The Advocacy Action Center link tells me to click here to register as a Diabetes Advocate, but after I click it, I don't see where to register as such. I'm probably missing something obvious. Please let me know how to sign up.
04/23/2008  I am participating in Louisiana's Outstanding Teen and my platform is "Preventing Complications of Diabetes". I would like to contact my state legislators and ask for their support of the "Safe at School Campaign". Do you have a sample letter for me to use. Thanks and I would like to contact them soon if possible.
05/30/2008  May 30, 2008 To whom it may concern: I am a registered nurse with great interest in diabetes care. There are efforts to improve care for patients with diabetes through the bills introduced on the federal and state level. The National Diabetes Coordinator Act of 2008 (S 2742/HR 4836) introduced in the senate this year is one of concern to me. This bill has good intentions of reducing incidence, progression and impact of diabetes by appointing a National Diabetes Coordinator to be an advisor. However, if one appoints a national coordinator for diabetes, other national coordinators for major diagnosis may have to be considered as well. I believe that instead of spending funds on a new position, the funds for existing programs should be increased to improve the quality of care offered to patients with diabetes. Please consider opposing the National Diabetes Coordinator Act of 2008 (S 2742/HR 4836). I would appreciate knowing your position on the bill. Sincerely, Chie Newsom, RN
06/01/2008  I am a former civilian employee with the Department of Defense Police-Air Force stationed at Homestead ARS, Florida from march 1994-apr 2001. I was informed by my doctor in 1995 that I had type 2 diabetes, I voluntarily resigned my position in 2001 when my wife was hired by Immigration and naturalization service in 2000. I am having problems in getting my position back since i was told by OPM that since I had 6 years invested I am eligible for reinstatement rights. All i want is my federal job back.
06/23/2008  No
04/13/2006  Who do I contact to complain about the way the insurance companies are mandating care given to our patients that have diabetes? It is not right. Please respond. Thank you Joan
09/20/2006  Will there be a Call to Congress in 2007
04/24/2006  On your survey about the school nurse problem, there was no column that said: I am diabetic! You have: I am the parent of a diabetic child. But, there simply was no space for that or for being a teacher who is diabetic? Just a comment.