Team Fundraising Goal: $200.00
Amount raised: $240.00

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Why This is Important to Us


ADA DIY Fundraising - Community Walk (2020)



We are now part of Team Diabetes and are fundraising to support the American Diabetes Association! 

We joined Team Diabetes because today alone 4100 peoplewill be diagnosed with diabetes and because more than 30 million adults and children in the United States are living with this terrible disease.

Please help us reach our goal!

By participating and raising funds through Team Diabetes, we will be helping the American Diabetes Association train school personnel to keep children with diabetes safe at school, fund critical research to find a cure, provide assistance to individuals who are being descriminated against because of their diabetes, provide support to people who are newly diagnosed with diabetes and so much more.

We all know someone who has been affected by diabetes and already know how important it is to stop this disease.  

Participating in Team Diabetes shows us that beyond our own support systems there are thousands of compassionate people dedicated to fighting diabetes by participating and raising money as a community.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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