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June 20, 2014


Dinner time: 


Westin Hotel Grand Ballroom
601 S. College St.
Charlotte, NC; 28202


Pat Higgins
704-373-9111 ext.3266

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2014 Father of the Year - Charlotte, NC

Meet Our Fathers

Outstanding Charlotte fathers and their families, friends and colleagues will join the American Diabetes Association and the Charlotte Father’s Day Council to celebrate fatherhood at the 2014 Father of the Year Awards fundraiser. Every year, the council nominates honorees who meet the criteria to be a Father of the Year. These fathers will be honored for their abilities to balance their work, professional and civic lives with their critical jobs as outstanding fathers to their children. The dinner and awards will celebrate the positive role models these fathers are for their children, and will raise money for the American Diabetes Association to continue its goals to find a cure for diabetes and improve the lives of all those with or affected by diabetes. We hope you will join us to support the amazing gentlemen who will be honored at this year's event!


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Father's Day Council
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