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Fundraising Made Easy!

Online fundraising is fast and easy—we’ve already created a personal page for you!

Log-in to your Fundraising Center at and follow the easy instructions. Here’s how to do it in six easy steps! Need help? Once you are in your Fundraising Center, download the guide, watch the tutorial videos, or call our support staff.

STEP 1: Update your personal fundraising goal 
$1,000? $2,000? $5,000? Click on “change” next to “My Goal” on your progress bar.

STEP 2: Select “Personal Page” to customize your personal web page
Personalize your page web address; create a personal title; share why you are Descending for Diabetes; add photos or video; click components to change your settings for your thermometer, fundraising honor roll or to add a personal blog.

STEP 3: Upload Contacts
Import contacts from an existing address book (Yahoo!, Gmail, Outlook or a generic CSV file) or add manually by entering each name and email address information.

STEP 4: Send emails to Family, Friends & Co-Workers
Click “Email”; select a template message from the right hand column, customize, and send to contacts. Important note: Be sure to click “Save as draft” as you are composing so your work is not lost.

STEP 5: Follow-Up with Contacts
The My Progress page will show your donations. Use the drop down filter to see who to thank and who needs to receive a follow up email. Check the box beside each contact and click “Compose” to send an email.

STEP 6: Enter Checks & Cash Received
Cash and checks you receive are “offline donations”. You have to enter them manually if you want to see them in your total. Click “My Progress” and click “Enter Donations” to add your gift. Mail these donations to your local ADA office.


In order to participate in the event, individual rappellers must raise the minimum of $1,000 in pledges to the American Diabetes Association and participants on teams must raise the minimum of $800 each. Please have pledges raised and paid to the ADA by May 5, 2017. If you need any assistance with your fundraising or have any questions, please let us know. Cash donations can be made on the day of the event.

Here are a few suggestions to help you raise the money:

  1. Ask your friends and family to support or sponsor your efforts.
  2. Ask your employer or other companies to sponsor you by pledging or matching each donation.
  3. Send emails to everyone in your address book with the link to your personal Descend for Diabetes website.
  4. Post a link on your Facebook page. Spread the word via Twitter or LinkedIn.
  5. Consider going “Over the Edge” in honor of someone, and let everyone know that.
  6. Hold events such as bake sales or craft sales. Set up a table at Walmart/Sam’s/Target/grocery stores with signs that display the donations are for the fight against diabetes.
  7. We can email you flyers for this event, as well, to place at local schools or businesses. Just send us your requests.

Be sure to let everyone know that 100% of the money they are donating goes directly to the ADA for research, education, and advocacy.

Please remember that the minimum amount participants must raise is $1,000 ($800 if you are on a team) and we ask that you not stop your fundraising efforts at that point. Over the Edge is going to be one of the most exciting fundraisers in our association’s history, and it will make a huge difference in the amount of funds we can grant for research, education, and advocacy. Many participants will be able to raise well over the minimums, individually. And we are extremely grateful for every dollar raised, as it all goes to support the critical programs for research, education, and advocacy,– and hopefully, one day, a cure – for diabetes.