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Keeneland Race Course | Event Details

May 31, 2014

Need more info? Contact:

Lisa Edwards at ledwards@diabetes.org | 1-888-DIABETES x3327

Please mail checks to our local office:

American Diabetes Association
ATTN: Step Out
PO Box 21903
Lexington, KY 40522

National Premier/
Red Strider Sponsor

Novo Nordisk

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Our Goal is $309,250.00. We've Raised $184,945.80. Make a Donation.

Welcome to Step Out 2014: Lexington, KY Walk!



MANY THANKS to all our Teams for their support.  Click here for a complete list!


                             Team Kroger                                                    $21,077.50
                             Corning Diabetes                                           $12,639.60
                             Ben's Bunch                                                      $  7,036.00
                             Keeneland                                                         $  6,748.00
                             BPBG                                                                  $  5,524.48
                             TKO                                                                     $  5,019.00
                             Scoop's Crew                                                  $  4,778.00
                             Walgreens                                                        $  4,214.50
                             KY Diabetes Endocrinology Center      $  3,837.85
                             Big Chuck                                                          $  3,636.00
                             Alex's Family and Friends                          $  3,609.19
                             US Bank Banking for a Cure                     $  3,357.00
                             Quinn's Hope                                                   $  2,826.64
                             Sadie Sugar Shakers                                    $  2,558.35
                             Team Whitman                                               $  2,509.00
                             Katie's Carb Crushers                                  $  2,097.00
                             Act for Presley                                                $  1,921.80
                             Margaret's Mob                                              $  1,844.00
                             Maya's Minions                                               $  1,801.00
                             Muscrat Ramblers                                         $  1,756.00

  • Click here for a complete list of Thank You Gift Levels: You have until June 30th to turn in donations toward your individual fundraising goals.  Walkers who raise $200 or more qualify for a thank you gift.  Look for an email in July with instructions on how to redeem your gift. 
  • Online Post Event Donations:  Continue to send emails through your Step Out Center.  You have until June 30th for donations to go toward your fundraising totals. 
  • Post Event Check or Cash Donations:  Please send check or cash donations to our local office address (PO Box 21903, Lexington, KY  40522).  Please include your name so we can credit your fundraising gift total. 
  • Toast to a Cure:  Join us on Saturday, July 12th for our Step Out Celebration Party!  Click here for more information and to register.  All Toast to a Cure tickets will count towards your fundraising goals through June 30th.  The team that buys the most Toast to a Cure tickets online by June 30th will receive a reserved, Toast to a Cure picnic table and recognition at the event.  Be sure and include your team name when registering online.

Mark Your Calendars!

Family Fun Diabetes Day- August 16th, Whitaker Bank Ballpark
For children living with diabetes and their families
Reserve a spot for your family by calling 859-268-9129

Kiss a Pig Fundraising Event- November 1st, Hilton Lexington Downtown
Purchase tickets or reserve a table by calling 859-268-9129



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Top Participants

  1 -  Leading the Pack Chase Edwards ($3,610.00)
  2 -  Stacking Up Cindy Parker ($2,675.00)
  3 -  Stacking Up G.D. Hieronymus ($2,500.00)
  4 -  Stacking Up Stop Diabetes Chris Coffman ($2,260.00)
  5 -  Stacking Up Stop Diabetes William Tolliver ($2,256.80)
  6 -  Stacking Up Stop Diabetes Jerry Hale ($2,143.00)
  7 -  Stacking Up Stop Diabetes Jennifer Ochs ($2,022.00)
  8 -  Champion to Stop Diabetes Stop Diabetes Tom Musgrave ($1,681.00)
  9 -  Champion to Stop Diabetes Ike Adams ($1,564.00)
  10 -  Champion to Stop Diabetes Stop Diabetes Melissa Robinson ($1,458.64)

Top Teams

  1 -  Corning Diabeters ($6,866.80)
  2 -  TKO ($5,119.00)
  3 -  Team Keeneland ($3,892.00)
  4 -  Big Chuck ($3,636.00)
  5 -  Ky Diabetes Endocrinology Center ($3,092.00)
  6 -  Hale's Angels ($2,491.00)
  7 -  Quinn's Hope ($2,319.64)
  8 -  US Bank Banking on a Cure ($1,985.00)
  9 -  Katie's Carb Crushers ($1,907.00)
  10 -  Team Kroger ($1,865.00)
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