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Tour de SECure

What is Tour de SECure?

The Tour de SECure is a large-scale bike ride through the SEC West campuses: starting in Arkansas and riding southeast through Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Alabama and Auburn before turning west to ride to LSU and ultimately finishing 1,700 miles later at Texas A&M. All fundraising & support will benefit the American Diabetes Association of North Texas. The ride will take place from July 13 to August 5, 2018.

Who is Ford Baker?

Ford Baker is the founder of Today I Can and the organizer of Tour de SECure. He is also a CPA and a 1986 graduate of Texas A&M University. Over 20 years ago Ford was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and had a host of other health issues that came with an unhealthy lifestyle. Shortly thereafter, his daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 13.

In 2012, Ford committed to making healthier lifestyle choices and started exercising daily while cleaning up his diet. He started cycling, and over the next few years, he lost over 150 lbs and even started riding long distance tours. In 2014, he rode from Canada to Mexico down the Pacific Coast Highway and was off his medication and prescriptions completely.


The SEC is in the heart of the diabetes belt, 95% of diabetics are type 2 and the percentages are higher in that fanbase than just about anywhere in the country. As a graduate of Texas A&M he is a new fan of the SEC and “is 100% committed to helping the ADA find a cure for type 1 diabetes.” Ford learned the difference between his daughter (type 1) and himself (type 2) when she was diagnosed. Armed with that knowledge he now wants to encourage folks to ride for themselves and a cure by signing up for their local Tour de Cure.

Said Ford Baker, “You may not be a super-athlete or even comfortable on a bike, but that’s okay. Tour de SECure is about helping defeat type 2 diabetes through their own efforts by signing up to ride in their local Tour de Cure, while raising support for the ADA to find a cure for type 1 diabetes.”

How can you help?

Ride! The Tour de SECure is happening all across where you can also find a Tour de Cure. Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas all have access to rides in their area. Ford would love for local fans of the SEC to ride with him, sporting their teams colors, as he rides from campus to campus. You can copy www.TourdeSECure.com and paste it into your browser for a schedule and a place to sign-up for more information.

If nothing else, please donate! Please help us raise our goal of $100,000 to help the American Diabetes Association fight type 1 diabetes.

Let's SECure the cure, together!

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