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2018 Tour de Cure: Wheels to Weston
9/9/18 @ English Landing Park
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English Landing Park
English Landing Park, 8701 McAfee St, Parkville, MO 64152
2018 Tour de Cure: Wheels to Weston
63 Mile, 45 Mile, 25 Mile, 11 Mile, 5k Run/Walk
Registration fee: $30.00
Fundraising Minimum: $200.00
Michelle Payne
(913)383-8210 Ext 6845
Mail checks to:
American Diabetes Association
ATTN: Tour de Cure
7285 W.132nd Street
Ste. 160
Overland Park, KS 66213

Welcome to 2018 Tour de Cure: Wheels to Weston


Thank you so much for attending the Wheels to Weston Tour de Cure! Over 130 participants came together to help raise over $40,000 (and counting) that will help send kids to diabetes camp, fund research, and coordinate advocacy programs. 

We sincerely appreciate our participants, committee members, sponsors, and volunteers who helped make this one of our best events yet! 

We will be sharing a link to all of our event day photos in the next few days on our American Diabetes Association - Kansas City page.  Be sure to"like" the page to get updates & share your photos too!

Those who earned additional recognition items or did not already receive them will be contacted later this week!  Remember, you still have the next 30 days to reach your next gift level.

If you still have remaining funds to turn in, please drop them off or mail them to us by October 9th.

ATTN: Tour de Cure
American Diabetes Association
7285 W.132nd Street, Ste. 160
Overland Park, KS 66213

Thank you for your incredible support!

Your Wheels to Weston Tour de Cure Staff
Michelle Payne

Our goal
Raised so far

Leader Boards

Top Individual Fundraisers

  1. Mark Feit - $3,285.00
  2. Gary Sheumaker - $2,310.00
  3. Craig Sheumaker - $1,800.00
  4. Ashley Wolfe - $1,325.00
  5. Charles Grant - $1,007.00
  6. Sally Sheumaker - $1,000.00
  7. Doug Semisch - $1,000.00
  8. Arthur Berger - $1,000.00
  9. Greg McNown - $915.00
  10. Al Cowan - $865.00

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Primal Wear


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