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Knoxville Tour de Cure

Register. Ask a Friend. Start a Team. Stop Diabetes.

When: 06/28/2014
Where: UT Gardens - 2431 Joe Johnson Drive, Start Line at Jacobs Drive

Registration Fee: 15.00
Fundraising Minimum: 200
Route Distances: 10M, 25M, 40M, 62M and 100M

Contact your event manager, Wendi Mullins: | 865-524-7868 x 3343

Please mail checks to our local office:

American Diabetes Association
ATTN: Tour de Cure
4660 OId Broadway
Knoxville, TN 37918

42 teams. 300 riders. Join us!

Our Goal: $158,760.00 | We've Raised: $136,873.72

Welcome to the 2014 Knoxville Tour de Cure!

Congratulations to the Top Fundraising Tour de Cure in the State of Tennessee

Knoxville - Thank You!

 For all that you did this year to make the Knoxville Tour de Cure exceptional.  Thank you for getting registered early, for kick off your fundraising, reading all our emails, sending out a zillion more, using Facebook to fund-raise, for participating in our fundraising contests, for answering the phone when we called, for joining the committee, for telling us what you think....what you really - really think, for turning your living room into a Tour de Cure showroom, for recruiting your family and friends to help make Tour better, for going to activation events weekend after weekend, for leading and participating in training rides, for riding in the hot, muggy weather, for showing up on June 28, 2014 with funds in hand,


 Thank you for helping us to raise more than $135,532 to date. 

And in case you don't know who I am talking about:

Thank you!  Michael B., David M., Luke G., The whole Guinn Family, Phil G., Dr. Bussey, Dr. Vora, Margo B., Scott H., Janet & Sidney R., Tony B., Daniel D., Dave C., Mike F., Joey B., Steve S., Randy I., Bryan L., Dipakkumar & Karmi P., Patrick G., Robin C., Tasha D., Joyce M., Vick D., Martin D., Bob L., Peter X., Jenny M., Gene F., David C., Dr. Erwin., Nathan M., Eli S.,  Fred L., Johnny S., Tony S., Cecilia P., Ginny H., Art S., Archie B., Hallerin H., Chris M., Mike N., Aaron M., John R., Marty B., Renee P., Trish A., David C., Larry L., Billie W., Dr. Calia, DR Fudge, Joe A., Jason & Emily D., Jodie S., Fountain City Pedalers, Bearden Bike & Trail, Cedar Bluff Cycles, Eagle Team 6, Mary Jane P & Bill M., Cody & Jeremy M., Team Sharpie, Team Lilly, Team Luke, Team Delo Day Tours, Team UT Battelle, Team Red and everyone else out there that supported Tour de Cure.

A HUGE round of applause for: 

Michael Boyle – our 2014 Top Fundraising Champion with over $20K raised so far.  Thank you Michael – you are an inspiration to us all.  Thank you Ball Corp for supporting Michael in the Tour de Cure!  

We are so close: 

With over $135K in we are so close to hitting our goal of $158K.  You can help us close the gap!

Self donate $29 today for the 29 million people living with Diabetes.

Go online to your Tour page and self donate today.

If everyone who registered self donated an additional $29 or more we would could raise over $8700

Tour is not the same without your support.  How you can help:

  • If you have any additional or outstanding funds please get them turned in - by July 28, 2014
  • Please send all additional funds to: American Diabetes Association, 4660 Old Broadway, Knoxville, TN 37918 - Attn: Knoxville Tour, Rider Name.
  • Matching Gifts -  we know that a lot of Companies have matching gift programs and participant programs such as BCBST, Kimberly Clark, Pilot, Volkswagen - to see the complete list click on MATCHING GIFT
  • Have a few ideas about how to make Tour better?  Join the Committee.  We are meeting July 9 at 6pm at the ADA office to recap and get geared up for 2015.  Constructive criticism is always welcome.
  • If your company is looking for a new Wellness program to target Diabetes at Work please have them contact Wendi Mullins at  We have a new program called Stop Diabetes @ Work that ties directly into Tour.  Great way to grow your Team or to start a Corporate Team.  As a rider you have amazing pull to help us get this program activated.
  • Not so much into the Wellness piece – but you love Tour and think your company would get behind it we would love to talk to them about sponsoring the event next year or just signing up as a corporate team.  Drop me a line and let me know who to follow up with,


Event Photography:

Check out our amazing event photography from Jim McCormick –
Event password has been sent to you via email on 7.10.14

MB Thumbs up   Phil Geyer at take off   Sharpie rider and novo rider

Left - Michael Boyle  - 2014 Top Individual Fundraiser with over $20,120 raised so far!  Center - Team Red Captain Phil Geyer.  Right - Team Sharpie and Novo Nordisk Rider

Lady on bike - black uniform  Vick and Missi smiling  Knox Rev riders   

Left - Julia Garrison joining us at the Tour, Center - Vick Dyer and Missi taking Tour on a Tandem.  Right - Knox Revolution and Smokey Mountain Wheelmen riders joining TDC for a great day and great ride.

Celiste Guinn  Getting ready to ride  Rider in plain clothes

Left - Celeste Guinn from Team Luke.  Center - Trish Adams, Benny and 100 mile riders getting ready to take off.  Right - TDC rider enjoying the amazing Tour!

Get Social!

Check out our Facebook page

Check out our Facebook page at

Top Riders & Teams

Individual Fundraisers

  1. Trophy Worthy Self Donor Michael Boyle - $10,016.00
  2. Leading the Pack Self Donor David Mullins - $3,953.40
  3. Champion on a Mission Self Donor David Lambert - $3,013.00
  4. Hill Climber Jennifer Moshak - $2,523.00
  5. Hill Climber David Conklin - $2,387.00
  6. Hill Climber Self Donor Luke Guinn - $2,361.00
  7. Hill Climber Self Donor Aaron Bussey - $2,301.00
  8. Hill Climber Self Donor Phil Geyer - $1,703.00
  9. Hill Climber Self Donor Doyle Inklebarger - $1,604.00
  10. Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor Mike Ford - $1,445.00

Family/Friend Teams

Corporate Teams

Club/Organization Teams

Thanks to our Local Sponsors

+ Our National Sponsors

Our National Sponsors

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