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Together we can Stop Diabetes!

Welcome to Kent Dixon's page

Support Me in Tour de Cure!
2014 is quickly upon us and so will the 2014 Tour de Cure. The Tour de Cure has become a yearly ride for our family. Last year I was not able to participate because of an injury, but I cheered many others as they crossed the finish line. I missed out on the ride, but I was still able to fundraise for the cause.

I ride for my wife Betsy. She has had Type 1 diabetes now for 16 years. She is a trooper. There have been many late nights with paramedics at the house and other scares as this disease has taken a toll on her. But she remains strong and determined not to let it keep her down. She fights it everyday and I am glad to be by her side to help her along.

I also ride for her other siblings that have Type 1 and for my parents that have Type 2. We all know someone who has been affected by this disease. I doesn't seem to be as devastating as cancer, because it is not as 'quick'. Diabetes is very much in the background of most people's lives. Cancer is much more 'In your face'. But Diabetes is just as devastating and just as expensive as any other diasease. Help us help the American Diabetes Association find a cure. I don't want my kids to have to fight this fight everyday of their life.

The American Diabetes Association funds many types of research to help find a cure, there have been many advances to help in the ease and comfort of having this disease, but none that have led to a direct cure. There are many "work arounds" that make the symptoms disappear, the future has many opportunities for those afflicted by the disease, all of this is helped by your generous donations to the ADA.

Please follow the links below and help us reach our goal of finding a cure for Diabetes within our lifetime. Any amount will go to help fund vital research for the cause, please help.





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