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Welcome to My Tour de Cure Web Page!

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For the fourth consecutive year, I will be cycling in the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure fundraising event. Please support me with a donation by selecting the "Donate to John" button above. My efforts will help to Stop Diabetes!

Help Make a Difference in the fight against diabetes!

The American Diabetes Association will use the funds I raise in the fight to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

Your generous gift will help improve the lives of more than 23.6 million Americans who suffer from diabetes, in the hope that future generations can live in a world without this disease. Together, we can all make a difference!

Thank you your generous contribution to this cause!


2013 Training Update (May 24)

It's been about two years since I started cycling to work every day.  I don't miss the traffic congestion and like having a parking place right inside the Building 5 lobby there at KLA-Tencor.  Cycling constantly keeps me in generally good shape but this month (Bike to Work Month!) I've been adding extra miles to help ensure that the Tour de Cure ride goes well.

2013 Training Update (May 28)

I cycled 140 miles over the three-day holiday weekend.  Perhaps that's why my legs were reluctant during my commute to work Tuesday?  I admit the weekend rides were almost entirely flat.  Conditioning!  (I'm just sayin'.)

On Aging Bicycles (May 29)

Once again, I'll ride my Centurion Ironman 12-speed in the Tour de Cure next month.  It's survived the Tour the prior three years, so why not one more?  I don't want anyone to think I have some kind of sick attachment to this old two-wheeler I bought before my last year of college, though.  For example: while said bike awaited minor repairs earlier this year, I commuted for several weeks on my other bike, a Specialized Stumpjumper that's a mere 24 years old!

Training Update (June 1)

May 2013 is the first-ever calendar month in which I rode over 1000 miles.  (I'm taking today off.)

Wildlife Report (June 2)

For this year's Tour de Cure, I've done only one significant training ride (an extended ride with long climbs): that was today when my friend and fellow T-de-C rider Bill Delveaux and I rode up to Skyline Road by way of Old La Honda Road.  On the way through rural Palo Alto, we saw a doe and two small fawns cross Arastradero Road. It's nice to see a new generation of wild critters coming along on the fringe of the Silicon Valley sprawl.

Descending Kings Mountain Road, a suicide squirrel nearly ran under my front tire.  This happens to me probably once a week and every time it does, I yell "Squirrel!"  One of these days I want to see the little manic rodent look back over his furry shoulder and squeak "human!" or maybe "bike! bike!".  It hasn't happened yet.

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