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I've raised $735.00
toward my $3,500.00 goal.
Together we can Stop Diabetes!

Welcome to Herb's Tour de Cure Web Page!

Why do I ride?

The answer is simple I HAVE TO!

A number of years ago I was diagnosed as diabetic just like so many other Americans have been and sadly will be soon. I went to my diabetic classes changed my lifestyle lost weight and got my numbers looking good. No meds. Life was just ticking along.

Sounds like that's were this journey should have ended and diabetes would no longer be a problem for me right?


After a few years I just slid back into my old habits lifestyle and regained weight. Next thing I know my health is all out of whack numbers off the chart and headed for trouble. Here we go... meds and I mean lots of meds. Orals and injections multiple times a day. Doctor lays it out plain and simple take care of your diabetes or it will take care of you.

What's the difference this time around? I'm COMMITTED but it's a battle everyday. Through hard work dieting exercise support from family friends and great group of professionals I've been med free for almost three years.

Two years ago I started cycling as part of my exercise program and that's when I discovered the Tour de Cure. What a wonderful way not only help myself but to help the 26 million people in our country battling diabetes everyday. Every dollar raised helps those less fortunate receive the education and medical care I have sends Louisiana children to the diabetes summer camp and helps with vital research to find an end to this terrible disease.

Please make a donation on my behalf join my team or consider volunteering for this incredible event.

I truly appreciate your support.

With your help we can start a chain reaction and together we can STOP DIABETES!

Thank you

Herb Sumrall Jr.

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