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Hello Friends and Family!

This is my fourth  year participating in the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure.  Usually I dont personalize my page and just use the format that the ADA provides.  However, last year a  friend insisted that I write down the reasons why I ride.  I guess I have not done this in the past because putting my reasons in words is difficult for me but I am going to try.     I started cycling late in life.  I have never been an athlete and taking on a long ride was definately one of the biggest challenges of my life.  However, three dear friends - David S, Ken M, and Russell S were an invaluable help in teaching me the ropes of cycling.   Gear changing, cycling ettiquete, proper clothing attire.  There is more to cyling than one would think.  This group encouraged me and kept me going even when I didnt always feel like going.     I can remember Ken circling back to make sure I was still chugging along.   These men  are diagnosed with diabetes.   They invited me to participate in the event and are a constant inspiration to me because they are doing something to put a stop to this devastating disease.      They have done countless tours all over the country and have all been top fundraisers.   

Fortunately, I do not have diabetes but I have been affected by it.    One of the earliest memories I have of the impact of this disease was when I was a cubscout leader and found out that one of my scouts was diagnosed.   I was devastated and felt so helpless.   A child having to worry about blood sugar, using needles, having to be especially careful of what they ate - foods that most kids dont even think about.  I was amazed with his strength and the strength of his parents.   He is 15 years old now and has moved away.  Occasionally I see pics of him on facebook and he is growing to be a fine young man.   I am so  proud of him.   It has always been difficult reaching out to people but I do feel people's pain and want to try to make a difference.   In my journey I have met so many people who have shared their stories on how they have been affected by diabetes.   I ride for David, Ken, Russell, Christine, Aurora, Olivia, Hannah, Cindy, Carmen, John, JR , and in memory of Bobby  and all who are affected by this disease.   Unfortunately the list of reasons why I ride keeps growing.   I am doing what I can to raise money for research, programs, support.  Please help me in my efforts and lets work together to put a STOP to Diabetes.

Please support me in this very worthy cause and make a donation to the American Diabetes Association!

Thank You!

Anna Marfin

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