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I've raised $200.00
toward my $200.00 goal.
Together we can Stop Diabetes!

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I ride to stop diabetes for two reasons, one personal and the other for everyone who has diabetes.

Personally, I have Diabetes and that's why I started riding.  It took me until I had some problems with neuropathy to finally see the light and get serious about dealing with diabetes.  Riding has gotten me off all my medications and allows me to eat pretty much whatever I want and live like I want again.  But eventually I'll be back on some sort of medication and that will restrict my diet and life style.  Bummer.

Eventually (in twenty years or so) just diet and exercise won't be enough and THEN is when I personally want a cure to be found or to have diabetes control options for the NEXT twenty years!

That may be selfish, but everyone who is in the same boat as me (and there are millions of us) needs to let "enlightened self-interest" spur them in helping to end diabetes.  It not only COULD be you, it IS you.

Is that selfish?  Probably, but if nothing else make a donation and help yourself if no one else!

Secondly, I ride to end diabetes for everyone who was born with diabetes and can't control it with diet and exercise alone.  I have some friends like that and they don't deserve it.  They work hard and still need help and new treatment options. 

I had (yes past tense I'm sad to say) a friend I grew up with who had type 1 diabetes.  I went all through Boy Scouts with him, including several high adventure outings (Philmont, Canoe Base) and I watched as he had to check his blood several times a day, watch what he ate, made sure he ate enough, monitored his insulin levels to match activity, etc. 

I watched as he grew older and no matter what he did, he had issues with hypertension, wounds that didn't heal, vision issues - the whole gamut of the bad effects of diabetes.  Now here was a guy who I KNEW did everything he could, but it just wasn't enough.  And folks, that's just not fair.

Finally he died of a heart attack at age 45.

So that's why I ride. 

Whatever it takes, please donate to help end diabetes!


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