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Together we can Stop Diabetes!

Welcome to My Tour de Cure Web Page!

Last year I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. At 375 pounds 12/1/2012 I knew it was time for a change. I got in contact with a dietician who changed my life and taught me how to nourish my body and love healthy food. I couldn't walk more than 50 yards without crippling back pain and sought the help of a physical therapist. Once able to walk I joined a gym and have been going 5 days a week without fail every week. When I lost my first 100 pounds I got a bike and since then have found a new love for cycling.

Today I weigh 211 pounds, I hit my weight loss goal on 2/28/2014, I am stronger, leaner and happier than I have ever been. My diabetes is still under control and will remain that way as long as I keep doing what needs to be done.

I am currently off of my medication, and able to manage my type 2 with diet and exercise. I am one of the lucky ones that are able to do this, there are nearly 20 million people just in the US currently living with diabetes; not everyone is able to control the disease without medication and insulin. By helping this cause you are making it possible to find a cure! Please join me and support the ADA, together we can make it possible for everyone to live without medication and insulin.

I truly appreciate your support. Together we can Stop Diabetes!

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