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2014 Kennebunks Tour de Cure

The Works Rides

We ride to Stop Diabetes! 

The Works Rides is a community team made up of people connected to Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, The Works Family Health and Fitness Center, and those touched by diabetes in the Seacoast area! Last year 100 riders came together as our team and raised $37,000 to help end diabetes in our lifetime. If you are looking for a team to ride with, join us! If riding isn't your thing, donate to our efforts or volunteer on the day of the event!

By making a donation or joining our team, you will be helping the Association provide community-based education programs, protect the rights of people with diabetes and fund critical research for a cure.

As a team, united in our desire to Stop Diabetes, we are asking for your support. Please make a donation to one of our team members or become one of us by joining our team. When we bring together dedicated team members and kind donors, the power we have as a group far outweighs what any of us could do alone.

We are determined to reach our team goal, one rider at a time. So let's get in gear and ride to Stop Diabetes!

The Works Rides - Join Team Raised
Champion on a Mission Self Donor Michael Davidson $2,604.00
Self Donor Benjamin Abbott $188.00
Christopher Aiken $0.00
Self Donor Charlie Albert $55.00
Self Donor Gabbe Albert $75.00
Mary Alexander $104.00
Self Donor Sara Allis $208.00
Self Donor Abby Aucella $146.00
Self Donor Christopher Bergeron $26.00
Self Donor Ryan Bergeron $78.00
Amy Bevan $79.00
Self Donor Andrew Bevan $52.00
Amanda Brennan $0.00
Adam Brickner $0.00
Alex Brickner $0.00
Ryan Burnham $162.00
Dave Butler $126.00
Self Donor Heather Cook $52.00
Gearing Up Self Donor Justin Cook $913.00
Self Donor Travis Cook $26.00
Jack Costello $0.00
Self Donor Libby Davidson $78.00
Self Donor Meridith Davidson $52.00
Self Donor Paula Dempsey $141.00
Caryn Dunn $104.00
Abigail Dupuis $0.00
Melanie Dupuis $0.00
Self Donor William Fralick $110.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Steven Gagnon $613.00
Shannon Garwich $79.00
Millissa Gass $70.00
Thomas Gass $0.00
Self Donor Mark Glidden $323.00
Michael Hastings $0.00
Sarah Hastings $0.00
Beth Hawley $0.00
Brenda Heon $214.00
Dan Heon $78.00
Chellis Kirkland $0.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Greg Lavertu $549.00
Andrew LeBlanc $0.00
Melissa LeBlanc $100.00
Erika Lee $0.00
Valerie Levy $62.00
Shannon Marcus $157.00
John Masters $0.00
Jacqueline McCourt $0.00
Samantha Merchant $0.00
Self Donor Peter Miller $26.00
Alex Oles $0.00
Lidija Oles $0.00
Matty Oles $0.00
Steven Oles $0.00
Vilija Pauliukonis $0.00
George Christopher Raspa $52.00
Chuck Rhoades $0.00
Self Donor Melanie Rhoades $52.00
Jersey Badge Dawn Sabotka $674.00
Lisa Savoy $78.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Nichole Savoy $667.00
Ryan Savoy $30.00
Gearing Up Self Donor Mike Siciliano $957.00
Self Donor Clifford Somers $316.00
Spike Trueworthy $0.00
Self Donor Mike Turgeon $162.00
Self Donor Lisa Waller $26.00
Self Donor Brian Weeden $214.00
Team Gifts $500.00
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The Works Rides!
The Works Rides!

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The Works Rides
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2014 Kennebunks Tour de Cure: The Works Rides

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