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2014 Kennebunks Tour de Cure

Team Red- Kennebunk

We are the COMMUNITY TEAM of individuals, duos and friends who do not have enough people to create a team of their own.  Instead of being alone... join Team Red!  (We have wicked cool riding jerseys to boot!)

We are a team who have choosen to ride which is made up of diabetics and loved ones of diabetics who are human, dog and feline. 

We have a Bi-State Team Ride happening the day of event.  Captain of our PA branch is Celeste Curfman, Captain of our Maine Branch is Deni Tirrell.

You will meet people who will be out riding the same route you will be riding.  You will meet people who can help support you, train with you and fundraise with you.  We are stronger TOGETHER than on our own; just like the fight to find a cure and Thrive with Diabetes.

We are going to have some fun this year, burn some calories and make life long friends all while riding to do our part to Stop Diabetes. 

Friend us on Facebook or even just stalk us to see what we are up to:



June 8th at Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm in Wells.

There are multiple routes, 5k, 25k, 50k, 100k, 100miles.  Registration fee is $25, if you are a brand new participate, e-mail teamredcaptainkennebunks@gmail.com for a promo code for a first time rider discount of $5.

Remember, there is a $200 minimum fundraising amount to participate.

If you can't join us, support us!

By making a donation or joining our team, you will be helping the Association provide community-based education programs, protect the rights of people with diabetes and fund critical research for a cure.

As a team, united in our desire to Stop Diabetes, we are asking for your support. Please make a donation to one of our team members or become one of us by joining our team. When we bring together dedicated team members and kind donors, the power we have as a group far outweighs what any of us could do alone.

We are determined to reach our team goal, one rider at a time. So let's get in gear and ride to Stop Diabetes!


Team Red- Kennebunk - Join Team Raised
Hill Climber Self Donor Deni Tirrell $2,192.14
Hang the Banner Celeste Curfman $451.00
Self Donor Linda Burns $87.00
Self Donor Rob Coburn $209.00
Self Donor Karen Connolly $201.00
HUNTER Curfman $102.00
Mike Curfman $200.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Deborah Danforth $367.00
Thomas Egan $0.00
Self Donor Greg Finch $200.00
Susan Forcier $0.00
Self Donor Tina Marie Guenette $52.00
Kimberly Hansen $26.00
Self Donor Scott Harris $200.00
Self Donor Janine Henahan $286.00
Jason Henahan $50.00
Self Donor Jeff Herbster $302.00
Jillian Hilton $10.00
Donald Holsinger $50.00
Self Donor Patricia Holsinger $228.00
Jeremy Jacobs $162.00
Gearing Up Self Donor Michael Kelly $906.00
Sydney Kelly $104.00
Aimee Martel $200.00
Pat Mockler $200.00
Rick Mockler $200.00
Gearing Up Sandra Morin $890.00
Kristine Reading $0.00
Michael Reading $0.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Nicole Richard $604.00
Self Donor Karen Smith $30.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor Scott Tirrell $1,000.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor Jim Whitton $1,001.00
Team Gifts $0.00
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Team Red
Team Red

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Team Red- Kennebunk
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2014 Kennebunks Tour de Cure: Team Red- Kennebunk

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