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2014 North Shore Tour de Cure

Jen's Comprehensive Racers

We ride because we are proud to do our part to Stop Diabetes by showing the world that you can make a difference by doing what you love! Comprehensive Racing is a team of triathletes, cyclists, runners and snowshoers who love to train and compete, but most of all love the idea of spending time accomplishing athletic goals with great company. We have a great team overflowing with support and enthusiasm and we value the idea of giving back.  Our team captain, Jen, is a Type 1, and does not let that limit her participation in anything she sets her mind to. This is our 5th year riding as Jen's Comprehensive Racers and we can't wait to ride on May 18, 2014 in force to enjoy a faboulous day of riding for a worthy cause in hopes of improving the lives of all affected by diabetes.

Come join us!  You pick your distance and you will have company no matter where you set your goal!

If you can't join us, support us! You can click on any team member name to sponsor an individual, or sponsor the entire team by clicking the link under the progress bar!

Thanks in advance to our friends, family, teammates and all our sponsors be it a cash donation or a cheer from the sidelines or volunteering at the event!  You help us make a difference and we couldn't do it without you!

By making a donation or joining our team, you will be helping the Association provide community-based education programs, protect the rights of people with diabetes and fund critical research for a cure.

As a team, united in our desire to Stop Diabetes, we are asking for your support. Please make a donation to one of our team members or become one of us by joining our team. When we bring together dedicated team members and kind donors, the power we have as a group far outweighs what any of us could do alone.

We are determined to reach our team goal, one rider at a time. So let's get in gear and ride to Stop Diabetes!

Jen's Comprehensive Racers - Join Team Raised
Self Donor Jennifer Linnane $240.00
Megan Bouchard $0.00
Self Donor Casey Brennan $26.00
Timothy Clarke $125.00
Dan Cooper $110.00
Self Donor Ana Curley $26.00
Self Donor Jay Curry $240.00
Self Donor Colin Doherty $66.00
Eric Finney $0.00
Self Donor Stu Greeley $201.00
Nancy Hatfield $26.00
Christen Johnsen $0.00
Jersey Badge Bill Linnane $611.00
Self Donor Kristen Lukach $26.00
Maura MacLean $0.00
Self Donor Kurt Maw $297.00
Mironda Meyer $0.00
Self Donor Jennifer Minery $136.00
Charlotte Moore $0.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Bill Morse $550.00
Kathey Moskal $234.00
Denise Murphy $0.00
Kristen Nobles $0.00
Self Donor Scott Nobles $26.00
Self Donor Anne Noga $152.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Michael Passanisi $547.00
Self Donor George Randall $76.00
Self Donor Joseph Remy $52.00
Theresa Ridgway $0.00
Self Donor John Rolfe $104.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor Patrick Smith $1,141.00
Team Gifts $0.00
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The 2013 Crew!
The 2013 Crew!

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Jen's Comprehensive Racers
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2014 North Shore Tour de Cure: Jen's Comprehensive Racers

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