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Silicon Valley Tour de Cure

Team Cisco

We ride because we are proud to do our part to Stop Diabetes. We decided to team up to change the future and make a positive impact in the lives of those who are affected by diabetes. We are committed to ride and raise money in this inspirational event not because 26 million people in the United States have diabetes, but because we personally know some of them, and want to do something about it.

If you can't join us, support us!

By making a donation or joining our team, you will be helping the Association provide community-based education programs, protect the rights of people with diabetes and fund critical research for a cure.

We are determined to reach our team goal, one rider at a time. So let's get in gear and ride to Stop Diabetes!

Welcome to the Team Cisco Tour de Cure Community!

2014 Silicon Valley Tour de Cure

Date:  June 8, 2014. 
Start location: 3000 Hanover St., Palo Alto, CA 94304 (Hewlett-Packard campus)
Cisco Team Captains:
Rachel Idikula (ridikula@cisco.com)
Sri Vallepalli (svallepa@cisco.com)

The Tour de Cure is a national event with several local bicycle rides throughout the United States hosted by the American Diabetes Association.  The Tour raises awareness and funds towards the research, treatment, and prevention of a growing epidemic of diabetes in both youth and adults. 
To register for Tour de Cure, click here:
The Participant's online guide takes you through fundraising online and other features once you've registered.
Team Cisco is live on Facebook!


If you're a Cisco employee, check out our internal Webex social page!



Team Cisco Raised
Self Donor Rachel Idikula $261.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Sridhar Vallepalli $626.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Bharat Agarwalla $510.00
Gearing Up Self Donor Gnanamani Amburose $823.00
Self Donor Satish Ananthanarayana $276.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Michelle Bacigalupi $434.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Andrew Ballantyne $432.00
Damodar Banodkar $0.00
Sharan Bhadragoudar $0.00
Self Donor Paul Bonifacio $225.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor GK Catcott $490.00
Self Donor Sid Chakravarthy $133.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Raymond Chan $460.00
Self Donor Ronald Chan $250.00
Self Donor Richard Chang $255.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor Erica Christensen $1,026.00
Self Donor Keith Christensen $50.00
Christian Cortez $0.00
Self Donor Sue Creighton $314.00
Self Donor Mauricio Cruz $230.00
Hill Climber Self Donor steve cunningham $2,000.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Michelle Davis $500.00
Self Donor Gaurav Dawra $250.00
Self Donor Harpreet Dhillon $125.00
Luan Doan $250.00
Eric Donkers $0.00
Self Donor Vivek Doshi $325.00
amir douraghy $208.00
Abhishek Dubey $0.00
Jean-Michel Esnault $0.00
Self Donor Carolina Fernandez $236.50
Champion to Stop Diabetes Jackie Gathright $1,326.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Sudeepto Ghoshdastidar $728.00
Gearing Up Self Donor Jay Gill $765.00
Self Donor christopher henderson $245.00
Chris Hoang $0.00
Hill Climber Self Donor Charles (Chuck) Hodgdon $1,951.00
Tom Huereca $0.00
Phillips Huynh $0.00
Kiran Inampudi $0.00
Lance Ison $0.00
Jersey Badge Rai Johnson $526.00
Self Donor Matthias Kamm $250.00
Nathan Kamm $157.00
Self Donor Rajaraman Karuppiah $250.00
Self Donor Kathleen Kerns $54.00
Arti Khandelwal $0.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Kaustubh Khare $660.00
Self Donor Salil Khare $250.00
Ajay Kini $0.00
Brian Larsen $344.00
Meixing Le $0.00
Champion on a Mission Self Donor Nichole Le $2,603.50
Self Donor Peter Lei $250.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor shinn lin $1,074.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor David Louie $1,231.00
Hong Lu $0.00
Self Donor Kashyap Maduri $255.00
Jacob Manaloor $254.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Cleo McMichael $686.00
Self Donor Bhavik Mehta $232.00
Hill Climber Self Donor Andres Mino $2,514.00
Self Donor Nael Mohammad $52.00
Self Donor Luis Morao $255.00
Self Donor Harsha Nagaraju $250.00
Hill Climber Robin Neydavoud $1,541.00
Steve Ng $0.00
Danniel Nguyen $0.00
Phuc Nguyen $0.00
Leading the Pack Self Donor YenThao Nguyen $4,052.00
Sean O'Brien $0.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Daryl Odnert $700.00
Vanessa Panchal $0.00
Vuong Pham $0.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor Anthony Pinkham $1,349.00
Sailaja Praharaju $0.00
Jagadesh Rachakonda $0.00
Self Donor Giridhar Radhakrishnan $332.00
Self Donor Shad Rahman $250.00
Abhinav Rai $0.00
Hill Climber Self Donor VIJAY RAMAN $1,518.00
Ameen Ramana $0.00
Champion on a Mission Elba Ramirez $2,654.00
Self Donor Pradnya Ranade $256.00
Self Donor Yogi Ranade $251.00
Nick Reagles $0.00
David Remsing $0.00
Jersey Badge Constantino Rosario $500.00
Joe Schwartz $0.00
Champion on a Mission Self Donor Gholam Sheikholeslami $2,670.00
Self Donor Amit Sirsamkar $245.00
Self Donor Roger Smith $250.00
Self Donor Aravind Srinivasan $250.00
Self Donor Joseph Stewart $250.00
Self Donor Chris Tolbert $250.00
Mary Tong $0.00
Anna-Thao Tran $250.00
Anthony-Hung Tran $250.00
Khoa Tran $0.00
Christopher Trinh $0.00
Wendy Tsang $230.00
Keith Venes $0.00
Leticia Villagomez $0.00
Kang Wang $250.00
Akhilesh Warke $0.00
Benjamin Wong $0.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Daphne Wu $362.00
TC Yang $331.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor Walter Yang $1,016.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Melissa Yu $626.00
Team Gifts $9,000.00
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Team Cisco 2013

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Silicon Valley Tour de Cure: Team Cisco

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