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2014 Northern Virginia Tour de Cure

Team Northstrat

“We are not riders and the training will be challenging, but we are committed to doing it.“ Ricky J. Boyd

Team Northstrat is enjoying our first year on the Tour de Cure and we would like to make a lasting impression. The Tour de Cure is a dedicated fund and awareness raising event aimed at one of our nation’s largest health issues, Diabetes! We have all heard of, and likely know someone with diabetes, but most Americans are vastly unaware of how large of an impact diabetes has on so many people.

A word from Mr. Ricky J. Boyd, President, Northstrat, Inc.:

“As some of you know I have diabetes. It was diagnosed in my mid 40's and I've had some trials getting comfortable with the fact that I'm diabetic (I'd say perhaps I'm not comfortable yet!!). Diabetes can cause many issues and some of them take years to present themselves. As a matter of fact it wasn't until I had a routine physical that I found out I was diabetic. I'm not even sure how long I'd been diabetic before being diagnosed. Twice daily medication helps control my blood sugar count but doesn't do it all. I should exercise more and do a better job controlling my diet but I don't always do that. I'd sure appreciate if they found a cure for diabetes. I'm doubtful they'll discover it in time to "cure" me but I'm hopeful that contributing to the cause will make a cure possible for future generations.”

To boost our team spirit and encourage you to commit we are purchasing Northstrat biking t-shirts, jerseys, and riding shorts.* We will only be ordering these once.*  Here is how you can get this awesome gear.

Join us on the ride! Everyone who signs up to ride will receive a free shirt or shorts of their choosing*.  This is to thank you for your commitment to our team effort.

Donate to team Northstrat!

We would much rather have you join us but if you really can't you can support us with $$$$$.*

For $100 you will receive a Team Northstrat T-shirt.*

For $150 you will receive your choice of a jersey or shorts.*

For $300 you can get the jersey and shorts.*

*The deadline for ordering the gear is February 4th.

Team Northstrat - Join Team Raised
Hang the Banner Self Donor Jeffrey Lindsey $436.00
Self Donor Benjamin Banner $226.00
Emily Banner $300.00
Self Donor Paul Banner $297.00
Self Donor Susan Banner $323.00
Erik Boyd $145.00
Self Donor James Boyd $200.00
Self Donor Rick Boyd $110.00
Self Donor susan boyd $53.00
Self Donor Tom Burkat $130.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Trish Burkat $504.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Daniel Cahoon $387.00
Ketan Desai $0.00
Ian Drury $0.00
Self Donor Kim Drury $250.00
Self Donor Nilsa Gomez $200.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Matthew King $702.00
Self Donor Dana Lando $250.00
Self Donor Leann Lindsey $103.00
Olwyn Meek $0.00
Self Donor Javier Mendez $200.00
Self Donor Joel Rivera $250.00
Roger Stapleton $0.00
Sophie Stapleton $0.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Joe Tosh $433.00
Self Donor Korrie Tosh $136.00
Self Donor Mayra Vargas $250.00
Team Gifts $220.00
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2014 Northern Virginia Tour de Cure: Team Northstrat

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