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Silicon Valley Tour de Cure

Lockheed Martin - Silicon Valley Riders

We ride for fun.  We ride because it’s green.  We ride for the adrenaline. We ride because of the challenge.  But the real reason why the Lockheed Martin Silicon Valley Riders ride is because we are motivated to end Diabetes.  Like you, many of us have friends, family, and associates who currently suffer or have passed away from this disease.  Lockheed Martin is committed to doing something about it.  Our corporate motto is, “We never forget who we’re working for.”  But in the case of the Tour de Cure, “We never forget who we’re riding for.” 

There are two ways you can support the Tour de Cure through the Lockheed Martin Silicon Valley Riders.  The first is to join our team and participate in the June 8th, 2014 Silicon Valley Tour de Cure.  Our goal is to build a team of 300 dedicated riders pedaling for the ADA.  All team members who raise a minimum of $225 will don a free Lockheed Martin team jersey.  How cool is that? Friends and family of Lockheed Martin Employees are all welcome. Together with the ADA we will help train you, show you how to raise money, and have you looking great in that awesome bike jersey!  The second way to support us is to make a donation directly to the team or one of our team members. By joining our team or making a donation, you will be helping the Association provide community-based education programs, protect the rights of people with diabetes and fund critical research for a cure.

While we relish our position as the current #1 corporate team of the Tour de Cure Silicon Valley, we welcome all challengers. Our attitude is not one of arrogance.  Rather, we see the big picture and know that more participation means more support for the American Diabetes Association.  So dust off that bike and join us, won’t you?  The Lockheed Martin Silicon Valley Riders want you to get in gear and ride to Stop Diabetes.

Lockheed Martin - Silicon Valley Riders - Join Team Raised
Hill Climber Lito Valderrama $1,523.00
Self Donor Pauline Aguilar $52.00
Self Donor Shaw Alexander $130.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Richard Amith $356.00
Self Donor George Anderson $50.00
Jersey Badge Gregg Anderson $703.00
Sarah Anthony $26.00
Self Donor Steven Anthony $77.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor James Arriola $526.00
Regina Augustine $160.00
Dan Azar $0.00
Lisa Azar $0.00
Linda Baek $0.00
Self Donor Elizabeth Bagarino $100.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Robert Bagarino $478.00
Gary Baker $0.00
James Barrett $0.00
Hill Climber Self Donor Michael Bastiaans $1,692.00
Self Donor Dan Basuil $46.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor David Beebe $351.40
Self Donor James Bell $244.00
Kimberly Bennett $0.00
Mike Bennett $0.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Jeff Bond $593.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Jennifer Bradley $459.00
Jennifer Brandt $0.00
Hill Climber Self Donor Sue Brockschmidt $1,537.00
Kevin Burns $0.00
Teo Cabacungan $0.00
Denise Case $245.00
Gearing Up Self Donor Marshall Case $804.00
Lloyd Cha $0.00
Robert Chortek $0.00
Arden Chu $0.00
Randy Corpuz $251.00
Self Donor William Costello $226.00
Cindy Cotton $0.00
Shradha Cripe $0.00
Tyler Cripe $0.00
Gearing Up Self Donor Stephanie Cross $911.42
Lance Cushenberry $110.00
Self Donor Philip Decker $110.00
Self Donor Jesus Del Real $110.00
David Delucchi $182.00
Jersey Badge Diane Delucchi $693.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Daniel Dimich $1,053.00
Self Donor michael dittmer $114.00
Susan Domingo $0.00
Barbara Downs $0.00
Jersey Badge Patrick Dunaway $723.00
Self Donor Alan Duncan $225.00
Debbie Ebright $26.00
Matthew Edwards $0.00
Self Donor Holly Ellison $26.00
Susan Ermer $0.00
Self Donor Karen Espitia $318.00
Katie Fischer $0.00
Self Donor Scott Fletcher $26.00
Self Donor Troy Folkner $225.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor Deanna Frazer $1,288.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Katie Frazer $1,288.00
Gregg Gadd $0.00
Alphonse-Marie Gokey $26.00
Michael Gokey $0.00
Zac Granger $0.00
Self Donor Jeff Green $21.00
Self Donor Phyllis Gunderson $52.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Bret Harris $388.00
Self Donor Murray Harris $52.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor Joyce Hasebe $1,086.00
Katie Heaney $52.00
Melissa Henck $114.00
Hang the Banner Victor Hernandez $380.00
Self Donor Jeff Hogue $26.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor James Irwin $513.00
Ameet Jani $0.00
Shilpa Jani $0.00
Self Donor Keith Jones $344.00
Self Donor Denise Kato $252.00
Self Donor Randy Kays $52.00
Bruce Keeney $0.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor Don Kinell $1,100.00
Self Donor Sam Klooster $26.00
Self Donor Connie Krashoc $26.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Tracy Kubo $376.00
Jeff Kuhl $0.00
Self Donor Kraig Kurucz $52.00
Eric Kvamme $0.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Diane L'Heureux $505.00
Self Donor Julio Landgrave $318.00
Gearing Up Self Donor Jimmy Lasecki $902.00
Leo Laux $0.00
Self Donor Kristine Lawrence $210.00
Self Donor Russ Leese $337.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Paul Lerma $1,144.00
Jersey Badge Chuck Leto $720.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor Lisa Leto $1,000.00
Self Donor ron levi $245.00
Jamie LoBue $0.00
Self Donor Dennis Lowe $262.00
Dena Maionchi $0.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Dan Marshall $1,185.00
Casey Martin $0.00
James McCann $0.00
Self Donor David McCormick $112.00
Self Donor Tom McCormick $100.00
Self Donor Shane McGuire $26.00
Self Donor Chuck McLeod $51.00
Self Donor Dorothy McMahon $146.00
Self Donor Edward McNamara $100.00
Self Donor Leah Molinari-Jones $26.00
Hill Climber Self Donor Bob Myers $1,740.00
Self Donor Theresa Nast $50.00
Gearing Up Self Donor Jim Newton $883.00
Jonathan Ng $200.00
Phil Nicholas $52.00
Seth Niesent $0.00
Self Donor Teresa Ojeda $26.00
Self Donor Alice Palmer $52.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Heather Panagopoulos $400.00
Self Donor David Parker $26.00
Jersey Badge Joyce Parr $535.00
Curtis Peterson $0.00
Self Donor Alexander Price $225.00
Jersey Badge Linda Puzas $548.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Linda Rogers $435.00
stacy rue $0.00
Self Donor Bruce Sarsfield $72.00
Franklyn Schumacher $234.00
Hang the Banner Jayme Schumacher $360.00
Self Donor Ross Shaw $110.00
Gearing Up Self Donor Gary Simmons $833.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor Allan Sison $1,096.00
Ashley Sison $67.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Keith Smith $657.00
Daryl Spano $0.00
Laura Spano $0.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor David Spencer Spencer $391.00
Self Donor Thomas Sumpter $110.00
Self Donor Dawson Sweat $26.00
Self Donor John Sweat $26.00
Self Donor Christian Patrick Talaue $214.20
Michael Tam $0.00
Ray Taylor $0.00
Christopher Thomas $0.00
Self Donor Gordon Tibbs $52.00
Self Donor Marcus Valderrama $225.00
Champion on a Mission Self Donor Anthony Van Son $2,715.55
Self Donor Stephen Walker $226.00
Self Donor Douglas Wardian $26.00
Self Donor Kenneth Washington $110.00
Carl Wellstein $0.00
Hill Climber Self Donor Elizabeth Wilems Clark $2,499.00
Gearing Up Marissa Wingate $983.00
Elda Wonders $52.00
Randy Wonders $26.00
Deidre Wong $0.00
Reid Yokoyama $0.00
Alex Zonoff $0.00
Team Gifts $0.00
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LM Silicon Valley Riders

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