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2015 Pittsburgh Tour de Cure

Cycling Fusion Fanatics

We ride because we are proud to do our part to Stop Diabetes. We decided to team up to change the future and make a positive impact in the lives of those who are affected by diabetes. We are looking for 50 Riders to help us raise our goal of $10,000! 

Our motto this year is "No puny goals" 

We are getting down to the wire folks - we still need more riders and more fund raising.  Here is why you should join us:

1.  If you join the fanatics team you will be able to use code "Fusion15" and your $25 registration fee will be WAIVED!

2.  You will get cool "No Puny Goals" button

3.  You will be able to buy a $70 custom Tour de Cure jersey for just $25 (we only purchased enough for the team, so they can't be sold to anyone else)


We are determined to reach our team goal, one rider at a time. So let's get in gear and ride to Stop Diabetes!

If you can't join us, support us!


Cycling Fusion Fanatics Raised
Champion to Stop Diabetes Self Donor Coach Gino Nacey $1,210.00
Self Donor Ray Appleby $200.00
catherine britsch $243.00
Bill Brose $0.00
Self Donor David Carroll $300.00
Sharon Carroll $200.00
Self Donor Mark Dalrymple $200.00
Self Donor Sharlotte DeVere $200.00
Self Donor Chris Dinnin $200.00
Self Donor Tom Dinnin $200.00
Chris Gariti $0.00
Self Donor Heidi Gariti $345.00
Self Donor Michael Hawthorne $90.00
Paula Hawthorne $0.00
Zack Hawthorne $0.00
Self Donor Chris Hays $104.00
Self Donor Caroline houghton $200.00
Self Donor Ricky Houghton $200.00
Hang the Banner Self Donor Sam Iusi $379.00
Self Donor Jeffrey Jordan $200.00
Charles Krugle $85.00
James Logan $125.00
Mary ann Mccarty $185.00
Self Donor Kevin McKeegan $220.00
Self Donor Sybil McKeegan $220.00
Jersey Badge Self Donor Brendan McLaughlin $613.00
Dan Monahan $0.00
Emilio Nardi $100.00
Dan Newcamp $200.00
Self Donor Jeff Patrick $100.00
Dan Pellecho $0.00
Champion to Stop Diabetes Denise Renard $1,475.16
Nate Ricketts $0.00
Regis Ricketts $100.00
Self Donor Douglas Riegner $129.00
Gregory Rymer $148.00
Self Donor Dan Shepherd $287.00
Self Donor Lynn Shepherd $250.00
Michael Smith $50.00
jeff turek $52.00
Self Donor Corinne Vano $250.00
Self Donor Robert Vano $250.00
Andrew Wade $220.00
Robert Wagner $248.00
Steve Wallace $80.00
Self Donor Susan Westwood $60.00
Self Donor Nina Wilczek $200.00
Team Gifts $0.00
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Become a Fusion Fanatic & Ride With Us!
Become a Fusion Fanatic & Ride With Us!

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Cycling Fusion Fanatics
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2015 Pittsburgh Tour de Cure: Cycling Fusion Fanatics

Why We Ride …

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